NYT Krugman Tweets For WWIII and Coup Against Election Winner Trump


The New York Times tried hard to be semi-sane last week but now has decided to go nuts as all the conspiracies to prevent Trump from entering the White House have collapsed like a house of cheap cards. So they have resumed full attacks and constant lies.  This is pathetic.  If it works, it is doubly pathetic.  But then, has there ever been a Bilderberg/CIA coup the NYT didn’t love?  Of course, they are key to coups.  The failure of the Turkey coup has freaked out our Real Rulers and they fear this coup may fail, too.


Krugman had a meltdown today.  He is a twitter twit.  He is also trying to start WWIII with Putin and China.  This fool should retire before he gets arrested as a war criminal since he and his ilk at the NYT are all war criminals already along with their buddies, Hillary C. and Obama.  Today, Trump decided to whip the Fake News crews across their rumps:


The ‘Civil Rights Icon’ who we treated fine for 8 years has decided to try to top Trump from entering office.  He is now an anti-civil rights for he is stealing the voting rights of many millions of Americans because he disagrees with who we voted for.  This is outrageous.  When Trump defied him, he pretended this was Trump attacking him rather than he attacking Trump!  Talk about warped.


‘Economic forces ‘ is Bilderberg talk for ‘global dictatorship’.  They did this.  It was quite deliberate.  As it systematically destroyed many economic systems, we were told that cheap consumer goods from communist China would make flat or declining wages OK.  Then the jobs began to really seriously vanish and wages didn’t stagnate, they began to fall…and fall fast.


So these clowns invited in millions of illegal aliens into Europe and the US.  Chaos ensues and they created this and are furious we are noticing this so they want a ‘war with the Kremlin’ to keep us all in line and to my horror, ‘liberals’ fell hook-line-and-sinker for this crap.


Here are some tweety tweets from Krugman:

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-7-58-15-pm screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-7-58-31-pm screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-7-58-45-pm screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-7-59-41-pm

Krugman is not only ‘anti-intellectual,’ he is stupid, too.  In his last dumb tweet, this twit suggests that Trump might start a war to cover up a bad election.  WHAT???  I see Krugman and his goofy gang joining in a conspiracy with this election’s losers, starting wars!  This is why I can say with confidence, Krugman is one of the stupidest people writing editorials at the NYT and he has a lot of competition, I have been making fun of all of them for years.

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6 responses to “NYT Krugman Tweets For WWIII and Coup Against Election Winner Trump

  1. KHS71

    If I had my way, I would put the new media in a tent out back and give them a porta potty to share. In my opinion, 90% of the media is against Trump and will twist his words to make them appear negative. Krugman needs to look in the mirror if he wishes to see someone who is corrupt and mentally unstable.

  2. Christian W

    People like Krugman and the MSM are run by the CIA. That is how you get Noble Prices and journalistic awards + a cushy career.

    Trump just came out and said NATO is obsolete. A Trump that creates peace across the world is the elite’s worst nightmare. If Trump persists with such opinons he will have CIA contracted assassins after him sooner rather than later.

  3. Moe

    I’ve been holding my breath until the inauguration, anything can happen in the interim. Of course, Trump won’t be safe post-inauguration, but at least the Obummer and crew won’t be at the helm.

    Krugman truly is a moron. CW pegged it: if you’re ‘connected’ you get promotions, inflated income and accolades. The merit system doesn’t work in the beltway or other bastions of power.

    “May we live in interesting times.” F#ck that, give me dull and dopey. Please.

  4. emsnews

    All the other coup attempts failed so far. The stupidest was the attempt to have the entire electors system implode by having many of them vote against the Will of the People, it backfired badly after many more Hillary electors defected than Trump! HAHAHA.

    Then came the latest smears based on nearly nothing at all: boom. Total failure. Now, they have only one way left: to blow everything up which is why so many DNC clowns are claiming they won’t be there on Inauguration Day.

  5. Lou

    When QE and Tarp happened, almost a decade ago, Krugman wrote.

    ‘QE 1 should have been more’—Indeed, it was. Now it is trillions in QE.

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