Media And Bilderberg Hyenas Howl At Trump Lion



Trump and the CIA (with its hyena/Fake Media) confront each other.  The hyenas are a gang and the lions have a family force but are much quieter.  Hyenas scream all the time.  Well, we have the latest Davos Meeting in Switzerland that is the open end of the Bilderberg gang’s operations so people can come in and listen to lectures about all kinds of things like free trade and who to enslave workers.

The rich Bilderberg meet with their servants at Davos Switzerland this week to discuss stuff like this lecture from last year, ‘A world without work?’ which talks about replacing humans with robots and how to oppress workers even more than today.


Lovely, no?  The circle of men talking to the breathless, feminine Japanese lady who nods to everything they spit out, they are the working face of the Real Rulers and none of them protest the dynamics of how society is being twisted and workers enslaved.

Pleasure robots & dolls: Japan love bots, real dolls and Virtual Reality girls compilation – YouTube shows the model for the Japanese lady at this discussion.  A robot would have filled in perfectly fine.


Here is an example of how things have changed ever since global free trade took over and destroyed labor in first world countries especially the USA.  Foreigners are brought in to bring down wages and the place where I used to work, in graduate programs in Universities, is the leading edge of the destruction and enslavement of labor especially females who are now the basis of cheap university labor.

Higher Ed, A Pyramid Scheme – YouTube


This next video is revealing:

Part time Professor Video which is an ad asking people to become part time adjuncts and ‘make more money!’  It is not a joke.

Why adjunct professors are struggling to make ends meet – YouTube

Very sad, how ‘professors’ who are very highly educated, be so stupid.  They are very stupid.  I jumped ship way back in 1975 when it was just beginning to sink and one of the first fields to be tossed overboard were German studies.  Right in the middle of the Cold War, of course.


I decided to go forth and simply do as I pleased and spent the vast majority of my life as a boss, not a servant.  Hard work, decent pay, made my own hours, took off most of the winter months.  Had lots of fun and time to do things that would upset our Ruling Elites and they couldn’t stop me because…I was my own boss.  Ha.


The point here is, our Real Rulers hate us.  And they hate the very educated the most.  These people, if not enslaved properly, could menace the powerful.  So look at the stupidity of the election with the very people being oppressed by the university system, running to Bilderberg/Goldman Sachs Bitch from Hell, Hillary!  Talk about STUPID.


What they must do is form alliances with truck drivers who are going to be eliminated by robots soon.  And coal miners which Gore and Obama and Hillary dumped into the trash can.  And other ‘dirty people.’  Come on, wake up.  Your heroes are hyenas!!!


Some cheeky young men make fun of the professors here:  HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS VS. COLLEGE PROFESSORS – YouTube



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9 responses to “Media And Bilderberg Hyenas Howl At Trump Lion

  1. KHS71

    Check out Charles Hugh Smith today. Preaching the same about the elites and deep state.

  2. Petruchio

    “The point here is, our Real Rulers hate us. And they hate the very educated the most. ” For fun sometime, readers here should go to YouTube and search, “just how stupid are Americans?” There’s a ton of them on the YT channel. Judge for yourself just how far down the average intellect has gotten.

  3. Christian W

    @ 3 Pet

    Things won’t get any better if Trump’s choice for Education is accepted. Betsy Devos is a Christian Fundamentalist and Erik Prince’s (of Blackwater infamy) sister.

  4. Jim R

    World’s Largest Education Company Crashes After Dire Warning, Warns Of “Unprecedented” Business Decline

    by Tyler Durden
    Jan 18, 2017 5:57 AM

    British education group, and the world’s largest education company, Pearson PLC lost a quarter of its market cap in an instant this morning after it issued a dire warning about the state of the textbook business, cut profit forecast, and warned of an “unprecedented” decline in its North American business.

    The article said they used to own FT and recently sold it to Nikkei. Interesting times…

  5. emsnews

    What are our children learning in school? BOTH parties have heavily interfered and destroyed ‘education’ to the point a high school diploma which used to mean something is now useless.

    The dogma/propaganda business has infected everything fatally and I had to move my children several times…30 years ago! To avoid crappy schools in NYC and NJ and then to a rural school that was much more ‘laid back’ in the ideology and strong on discipline.

    And note the ‘discipline’ part was by far and away, the most important element in my long quest for functional schools.

  6. Petruchio

    @#4 Christian W: I don’t know anything about Betsy Devos, but a Christian Fundamentalist?! Oh Brother……. Anyways, Imho it is going to take more than reforming the Education system. We as a country need to combat the VERY bad influences on young people you see over and over and over again the popular media. With some music, with some videos, maybe there should be as there already is with movies: age restrictions. You want to listen to music about cop killers or about how women are ‘ho’s’, ya gotta be 18 years old. Of course to do this, you have to combat the jewish control of the Entertainment Industry. Kids have to receive positive reinforcement for becoming responsible adults. They need to get a continuous stream of messages that push them away from all the things that have turned them into the ignorant, uneducated idiots a lot of them are now.

  7. emsnews

    Imagine this song from 1958 sung by lovely black women, being made today.

  8. Jim R

    Elaine, how are your grandchildren faring in school? It must be harder to find decent ones after these last several decades.

    Of course, this stupid ‘no child left behind’ crap is one of the biggest factors ruining schools. It is based on the erroneous notion that children are all the same, which they decidedly are not. Between NCLB and irresponsible parenting, where they do nothing for their kids at home and expect the school to raise them, we are pretty far down the Idiocracy slickyslide already…

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