Project Veritas Films Radicals Plotting To Stink Bomb Trump Inaguaration Party


Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration – YouTube: yes, they chose to go to Comet Pizza to plan CRIMES against people supporting Trump.  The undercover people filmed the hard work these leftist are planning.  This is very similar to the plans of the DNC operatives during the election who worked on plots to break election laws.



This Veritas undercover job went to a number of meetings and filmed the conspirators and ALL the actions these people planned are utterly and totally ILLEGAL and just like the voting actions, these people have names and ID and the police can and must arrest them.


I feel they should be charged under the Civil Rights laws because they want to destroy people or harm them because of WHO THEY VOTED FOR…yes, these disrupters who under Obama, were allowed to terrorize Trump supporters at rallies still think they can do as they please the hours AFTER Trump is President.


There are deeper and much, much nastier plots afoot: the DNC gang is finding and deliberately creating ‘insults’ so they can openly refuse to be at the swearing in so that someone can use a drone or have a suicide pilot fly a machine with explosives or fly a military jet or whatever, into the podium as Trump is sworn in and this way, kill all the top GOP and then have a DNC coup.


Yes, a coup.  Some smart person could position themselves beyond the crowd and film what is going on in the opposite direction and this way, will have credible film of the attack.  Will there be an attack?


I am convinced due to all the DNC people suddenly finding every excuse to avoid being there. Plain as day or as dark as night, as I might add, this isn’t all the difficult to arrange.  I have had a military jet flown by a Saudi land on my former house and on 9/11 one of the hijacked jets flew awkwardly over my little mountain and I thought it was going to hit me.


This way, it is an ‘accident’ or if a foreigner, a Saudi, well…it will be excused for ‘Trump hates Muslims’ will be the excuse.  Will someone be motivated enough to do this? YES, it is quite possible.  It could be one of the guards, heaven help us if it is a black police officer or even a black politician.  Someone or even more than one person could be groomed or brainwashed by the Bilderberg geniuses to do this.


The chances are very, very high.

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6 responses to “Project Veritas Films Radicals Plotting To Stink Bomb Trump Inaguaration Party

  1. Jim R

    And of course, the air defense system cannot detect a passenger jet if its transponder is turned off… and anyway, those sneaky jihadists know how to disable the whole system and send the interceptors off in the wrong direction…

    But if any one of us were to fly a butterfly-sized toy drone over the DC Mall, we’d have the park police, SWAT teams, and a couple of military detachments all over us inside of five minutes.

  2. Jim R

    As for the stink bomb plot, “Project Veritas” has a checkered history of creating misleading videos. If only it were limited to a stupid stink bomb.

    But, Elaine is not the only one who has predicted at least a coup attempt. Ever since the election, the rhetoric out of non only Hillary fans, but presumably respectable congress critters, and the lamestream media, has increased in pitch and volume every day. Other bloggers have noticed this, too. Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed.

    The CIA, which is theoretically supposed to operate in secret, has come out with public statements denouncing Trump. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.

  3. I have full faith in Project Veritas. Can’t wait for Part 2.

  4. emsnews

    I grew up inside the CIA part of the government. The Dark Arts part. The ‘Nazi rocket death caves’ part.

    Look, there is NO WAY IN HELL our Real Rulers will let Trump hold power for even one minute. He already declared war on the CIA. They have many ways of triggering violent events and these are now in motion.

    The meetings of the creepy kiddies are cover. They will riot and rage and the Real Rulers HATE THEM. But the Real Rulers do not fear them.

    THEY FEAR TRUMP. Greatly. He can wallop them hard if he opens up the CIA crypt. They cannot let him do this which is why they refuse to give him information or openly are lying about the information they are supposed to open to him.

    Some CIA are siding with him. Will they win? Not of the Assassins are triggered! Trust me on this.

  5. Jim R

    That’s why I keep saying he must sequester them on Friday afternoon.

    If he makes it to the afternoon.

  6. Claudeeyah

    Trump gets assassinated. The “Make America Great Again”, nationalist, populist President is murdered…, ahem….accident or “lone gunman/airplane….fill…in….blank…..

    What will the folks in flyover country have to say about it? Anything? They’ve been bent over the fence without lube for going on 20 years now. Of course, most of them swallowed Obamacare hook, line, and sinker. Also, all seems to be forgiven over the, “Oh, we made a mistake. There actually WERE no weapons of mass destruction. Whoops…our bad….sorry. ”

    The people get the government they deserve and/or tolerate. Talkin’ to you, ‘Merka and Europe. Maybe if you say “pretty please” they’ll let you have some lube for the next 8 years. Maybe.

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