Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading


Here it is!  Wow.  I thought my Hillary reading just before the election was horrifying but satisfying because I showed her evil would doom her, not us.  But this one is far, far darker, the Forces at Work, as the Davos Bilderberg meet and the Skull and Bones mutter darkly, as the CIA uses all its Dark Arts Magik I see gravest danger to Trump.

When I was struck by lightning at Yerkes Observatory, I was also raped by a Skull and Bones astronomer and the CIA took note that I was very strange but I had a childish advantage over them all: I could See It.  That is, the Watchers.  They, over the years as I kept meeting them at the Gates of Death, got to know me pretty good, too.


To review my earlier reading:  ← Pedophile Death Skull And Bones Geronimo Cult Magic And Clintons
This Election Reveals Crowley Coven Work For Hillary Clinton →
November 5, 2016 · 2:56 am…wow, that was late at night.


Sigh…seriously, I shuffled the cards ten times in both widdershins and forwards, I even did a nice reading for a couple in love several weeks ago and it was delightful and kind and the nice cards showed up and I wished them good luck.


So, I wondered what would happen if I did a reading tonight.  Well, many of the cards of Darkness in the election reading showed up AGAIN!  The Ace of Wands, which is female raw power coming out of the burning volcano is the first card in both readings, then there is Fate, the three of wands, that is, the past, present and future, the Norns. Last is Yama, the King of Swords dealing death, killing the bull.


What a trio!  In my readings the past is at the bottom, today is the middle and the future is the top.  I will note that the Norns, Ace of Wands is in the bottom row now and  in the previous reading, they were in the Future.


But then it is scary as hell for Yama, the Death God, is in the bottom row.  Alongside the Norns dealing with Fate and on the right hand is Ace of Pentacles which is the rich bankers, the power brokers, and the pentacle is for summoning demons and other entities.


The Power of the Ace of Wands which is the same Snake now a monster rising out of the fiery volcano is in the Present.  The Power brokers are going to use the full violence of elemental sexual rage against Trump.


Next to the central part of my reading, these two cards are actually on top of each other, is the Ace of Swords held by a demonic female with a globe filled with tormented souls and a skull drinking cup.  Her name is Doom.  That is, assassination.


The mode is to use the powers of the Darkness to bring about an assassin as I feared.


On the left is the Devil.  On the right is…the only non-black magic card: Salvation, the ten of cups.  Love if one goes to a very safe place.  So, I doubt Trump or anyone around him reads me, but this is his only hope, to not be near any of the Dark Arts places in DC, a place I have haunted in the past, warning Congress to fix our elections years ago and darkly telling them, if they failed, we will have worse in the future.


The future: at the top is my other signature card aside from the Pegasus one, that is, Libra with swords: Balance Two of Swords.  She shows the choices given and sits at the Gates of Death.


On the right is Death.  Sigh.


The middle is a man hanging on a tree after being hit by 5 swords, he is a crucifixion of the Norse type.  We know what this means.


All this is very creepy to me because in all my years reading things here, I seldom get this many dark cards about death and power…the times I have were similar times to our times today for this is certainly not the first event like this, it is actually repeated over and over and over and over again.


The battle for power, temporal power, has the same ingredients, same crimes and same outcome in the end, that is the Judges get to take over when…we all go through the Gates of Death and the Watchers get to explain everything in clearest details with no room for denials or excuses.  Humans should fear this greatly but…will not, for they have all sorts of tricks of the mind to deceive themselves.


Another thing: Hillary and her gang and the insane Bilderberg lunatics are playing with starting WWIII and the cards are clear that this is catastrophic.  Will they get what they asked the Darkness to grant them?

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22 responses to “Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading

  1. If Hillary had won she would have made John Podesta the Sec of State. The horror.

  2. Mewswithaview

    I reckon an investigation of Mr. Brennans offshore bank accounts is in order. Being station chief in Saudi in 1996 gives him plenty time to build up relationships with corrupt Saudis in the run up to 2001 and his actions since especially in Syria and Turkey would lend weight to him being a paid Saudi agent.

    Who is John Brennan? CIA director who clashed with Donald Trump

    The son of Irish immigrants is a fluent Arabic speaker and rose to the top of US intelligence in the wake of 9/11

    After joining the agency following university, Brennan first worked as an analyst, eventually working his way to become the daily intelligence briefer for President Bill Clinton in the 90s.

    By 1996 he was the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh.

    Brennan quickly increased in seniority as the CIA’s attention turn to Islamic fundamentalism following 9/11.

    In 2004 he was appointed Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, and between 2009 and 2013 he was Homeland Security Advisor.

    Another hint may be dropped here

    The Seeds Are Now Planted

    All the large hedge funds are fronts for Middle Eastern money. It’s the fact that virtually no one will accept this as the fact that it is, which will result in the massive financial losses that will be realized.

    You see, there is a reason why Julian Assange ever went to Sweden. It was because he was maneuvering around people like Securitas Inc., and the Stockholm Exchange to see what this was all about. What it is about is fake ‘security’ companies (not necessarily Securitas) – albeit very financially large ones, engaging with Russians who come to Scandinavia a lot because that is a ‘safe border’ for them, in order to achieve some ‘aims’ with those Russians.

    The Swedish Stock Exchange is very small, but it houses – as locations of global head offices – the largest US ‘security’ and ‘corporate risk’ companies. The shareholder registers, are, as I have said, nothing but fronts for Middle Eastern money.

  3. Claudeeyah

    I knew the final nail in our coffin was when the Attorney General gave Hillary a pass on her blatant and treasonous e-mail scandal. We officially became not only a dictatorship, but a Banana, Third World Republic as well.

    We had one last hope in deferring WW III and the (J)ew World Order, and that was Trump. I see a civil war if he gets killed, which at this point seems inevitable.

  4. Ken

    I have a serious question about Tarot readings. To argue for any sense of validity the results have to be re-producable. Not the exact same cards, but the same theme. This means that several readings would be needed to confirm a message. But what happens if the readings are very different? How is the correct one identified?

  5. melponeme_k


    As strange, weird and scary as it may sound…the same cards DO show up across readings. I’ve had it happen to me several times. Maybe you’ll get a card group or maybe just one card that will continually haunt.

    For the most part, they work psychologically. But for someone like Elaine, they can be divinatory.

    Anyone can use them. You can get a cheap pack in any bookstore. Try it. You just can’t be joking when you throw the cards. They won’t answer because psychologically you wouldn’t be ready.

  6. melponeme_k

    I did two readings on two decks. I had to recut and re deal due to too many court cards coming up in the same suit. It seemed to indicate to me that they were shuffled enough.

    Left to right, or right to left whatever direction you choose

    Thoth Deck/Crowley deck (their patron saint)

    4 of cups, World (Aeon), 4 of Wands, Temperance (Art), The fool, 7 of cups, Ace of Swords

    Ghost Deck by Lisa Hunt

    Seven of Wands, Six of Wands, 5 of wands, 9 of cups, The High Priestess, Five of Swords, The World

    I’ve gotten a lot of cups in my reading indicating some protection being thrown out there, particularly by The High Priestess according to the Ghost deck.

    The Thoth recent past cards show him being optimistically heedless (4 of cups) and winning the world. 4 of Wands is completion, celebration. Thoth says Trump will grab the sword if he pays attention (Art) but it will require him to take a leap of faith. He has to count on the 7 of cups (Delusion) bringing down his enemies (Ace of Swords).

    Second deck is a bit darker. The wands indicate fire fighting fire. The struggle of the campaign. Victory in the vote then continual fighting. 9 of cups is the love of the majority of the US. The high Priestess is shown during a moon ritual with the powers of death on her left side and riches on the right. She is looking at a pearl highlighted by the moon. Five of Swords is a defeat. The winner gains the world.

    Trump should get inaugurated elsewhere but not indicate until the last minute. There is a High Priestess somewhere in his fold. He should listen to her/him but not depend on her/him. At some point, he needs to make decisions of his own based on reality not delusion like the Bilderbergs.

  7. emsnews

    I like random chance. This is because the number of times I have been hit by a lightning bolt INDOORS is way off the scale of ‘random chance’. Because of this, I live in this odd place where things happen.

    Why is it my previous home in Tucson was destroyed by a Saudi flying a jet? And then the 9/11 hijacked jet flew right over my mountain, very low, so low, I thought it was going to crash and I ran up the mountainside to avoid it? Strange stuff here.

    And the business of my own mother and Crowley when he went to Pasadena and all the odd stuff about that and the rocket scientists who were part of his coven and then my father appears and runs off with my mother and then gets to go to the rocket caves?

    Coincidences on top of coincidences…the story of my family, frankly, since one of my ancestors founded the Skull and Bones, after all. As I grew up, I noticed odd stuff about my crazy family and it leads eventually to what is happening now, as far as I go, that is.

    I see the elites DESPERATELY trying to use the Outer Darkness to SECRETLY do stuff to us that harms us greatly and the plan is to eliminate most of us because they don’t like any of us, see? Indeed, they hate us.

    What they want is raw power. And believe me, nasty sex, not nice sex. Really nasty sex, frankly. Yuck. Talk about annoyingly stupid people. And highly dangerous because of this.

  8. Seraphim

    Why not try the Chinese methods of divination? The “Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology)” is infinitely more ancient, scientific, exact, luminous than the Tarot (a much more recent invention – 18th Century, of Masonic inspiration) to closely associated with Gypsies for my taste.
    Besides, the Chinese do not generally see astrology (or other forms of fortune-telling) as an infallible guide as to what will happen, but more as a form of forecasting in detail.

  9. emsnews

    Actually, I use direct information and on occasion, I do the cards to illustrate what I already sense.

  10. Tan Chee Hong

    So fate is useless? What about the powers of goodness we are told about? Evil is so powerful it can control the future?

  11. emsnews

    Honestly, I read Tarot to clarify visually what to do next! It is more like reading road signs while driving a car in the dark (the future is always ‘dark’). The messages in the Dream World are also a way to see forwards but both have one missing element: they don’t tell you exactly when things will happen.

  12. Jim R

    I seriously hope the predictions are off. Not that I am a big Trump fan, but by now I think he’ll be a better president than anyone from the vested political class.

    Many deep-thinking bloggers have predicted that the deep state would make its move this week — sometimes an abundance of prediction can alter the actual course of events…

  13. Claudeeyah, we may get WWIII also. A Two For One Sale, which is apparently what these conjurers want!

  14. Seraphim

    The thing about Tarot is that it is reliant on lower levels of the psyche, on the ‘dark side’, allowing too much subjectivity to creep in.
    The astrologically based methods bring a greater objectivity. Celestial influences are clearer. With your background in contemplating the stars, could be more effective. Better to look at the stars in the sky, than at their muddied reflections in the abyss.

  15. emsnews

    Nope. For me, it is like reading a book. It simply is writing about what may be coming down the road a tad. It is also deliberately limited. It exposes the emotional/inspirational forces at work.

    Who is freaking out? Who is moving to use black magic (HAHAHA…this election had more black magic news than ANY in the course of my life and I actually thought this was fun, so to speak!).

    The stars: What do you think Pegasus is? My little pony up there in the sky, can’t see Him in the day in the spring but in the fall, you can see Him at night.

  16. Seraphim

    Oh, yes, beautiful, isn’t it? I find it more inspirational, more soul-lifting.
    But, yes, it was appropriate to choose the Tarot because of the ‘Trump cards’! It can’t be just a coincidence. He was the Trump card in all the game. It is really fun. He might be the Perseus who cuts Medusa’s head releasing Pegasus. Let’s look at the bright side. Pegasus flew to Mount Helicon and struck the ground with his hoof. The resulting stream which flowed from the spot he had pawed became sacred to the Muses. I love more the Muses than the Norns-Valkyries.

  17. Seraphim

    I should have added a damper to the Trump-Perseus allegory. Let’s hope he would not be like Bellerophon, the tamer of Pegasus, with whose help killed the Chimera, for which he became very famous.
    “But as his fame grew, so did his hubris. Bellerophon felt that because of his victory over the Chimera, and because he thought he was a god he deserved to fly to Mount Olympus, the realm of the gods. However, this presumption angered Zeus and he sent a gadfly to sting the horse, causing Bellerophon to fall all the way back to Earth. Pegasus completed the flight to Olympus where Zeus used him as a pack horse for his thunderbolts. On the Plain of Aleion (“Wandering”), Bellerophon (who had fallen into a thorn bush) lived out his life in misery as a blinded crippled hermit, grieving and shunning the haunts of men until he died” (Wiki, for convenience).

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