Black CNN Host Attacks Black Trump Supporter, ‘Mediocre Negro’



I knew Ted Turner many years ago.  He was my lifeline to the news because he didn’t ‘white’ me out like the Fake News and let me even have a news crew at my own discretion.  Then he wanted money for various projects, I warned him about this, he sold stock, had a board of directors who were the same people who control Fake News and then they took it over, he left the country and CNN became the stupidest news propaganda site on earth.  Today, I often go to the London Daily Mail because they are charming, printing all sorts of stories all over the map and is a fun place to track things here in Occupied Territory of the USA.


Now look at the stupid going on at CNN today!  The Fake News site which has egg all over the face after one reporting disaster after another, hits a new and very racist low last night.  The panel of yappers did their usual thing with an invited guest:  black leader Steve Harvey was attacked by black activist (sic) regular commentator, Hill.


Hill went on a racist rage!  ‘Yeah, it was a bunch of mediocre Negroes’ who met with Trump yesterday, said Mr. Hill.  All over America, people lose their jobs and are severely punished for tweeting less.  Click here for website where people can report the sort of stuff Mr. Hill did and get them fired.


The racism I am seeing are people on the left at war with everyone else.  Because Obama is still President, they get away with this.  Soon, all will shift with a GOP government from top to bottom.  Will media giants continue this war against everyone else?  I doubt it.  Business raises its ugly head.  Already, mainstream media is suffering due to their deranged need to lie all the time.


This screenshot from The London Daily Mail clearly shows the self-destruction of the ‘civil rights’ game.  Al Sharpton once tried to get me grave harm when I gave a speech, an invited speech, in a black neighborhood in NYC.  I got banned by the media giants who hated me for my successes in crime issues and putting a number of top politicians in prison.


Sharpton, a pure monster, a rabble rouser who lied about crime and committed crimes, was hired by CNN because he is a criminal.  Trump struck back at former civil rights leader Rep. Lewis who attacked Trump first, Lewis told the media he and his buddies were going to boycott Trump’s inauguration.  He pretended it was an unusual step but it seems Trump finally got a system up for checking lies and retorted that whenever any Republican wins, Lewis boycotts!


Sore losers in the DNC are still going to boycott which is why I figure they know Trump is going to be attacked by the Dark State CIA on that day.


I also note the London news (this is NOT in the front pages of US media!!!!) China’s ruler, Xi, who is a dictator, is threatening Trump and the US public again.  Duh.  Anyone who tries to stop China’s 50 year plan of bankrupting the US and taking up all our industrial base are attacked by the elites and China’s rulers.


I watched them cook up this plot and told President Reagan and sent a message to Bush Sr. who I fought later in front of the UN.  Yes, this really happened.  Sounds insane, doesn’t it? I was the sponsor of a number of Chinese officials who wanted to learn about capitalism.  I was in on their conversations.


So, finally someone has become President who has figured out the obvious! DUH!  That limp noodle, Obama, literally bowed to the Chinese and anyone else, for that matter.  He was terrible at negotiations.


When the Chinese deliberately insulted him at the airport…

Obama did NOT tell them to go to hell and take off again!  I would have.  The Chinese know I would have retaliated for insults.   One of the games that went on with myself and the Chinese was, they would try to insult me and I would punish them.  They actually loved this game and would try increasingly clever ways of dissing me, I would then rise up and take charge to their great DELIGHT.


Seriously, this is how they run society!  It works for them.  Playing the wrong game has bad outcomes.  Look at the Japanese honor games.  We lose nearly all the time for the last 60 years.  Even this year when a Japanese prime minister…after more than half a century of NOT doing this!!!!…went to the Pearl Harbor memorial, the Japanese who bow like crazy to each other could barely incline his torso five inches.


I expected this and of course, Obama bows at everyone and everything all the way to a 90 degree angle.  This is stupid and dangerous and menaces us overseas, big time.  He is too incompetent to understand what impact this has.  It infuriates me, this guy has no idea how to do diplomacy.


We lost WWII with Japan.  What?  Yes, we lost.  Japan Has Record Trade Deficit Due To High Oil Prices Caused By US Boycott Of Iran | Culture of Life News reported in 2012.  Yup, my little news service has been hammering this issue forever.  When I googled ‘japan trade deficit graph’ in images my stuff is all over the page!  Good.  Here is one graph:

Republican or Democratic Presidents: both failed to fix this.  True, Clinton’s reign saw the US export more to Japan (mainly energy stuff) but it fell to near ZERO when Obama became President.  Of course, the new President irritates the Japanese right wing ruler.  He is furious and wants Trump dead.  As does the Chinese ruler.


President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence which is a good thing.  The abuse of this political prisoner is disgusting.  Since the Spook world and Congress and Presidents all leak stuff like the Titanic after hitting that iceberg, punishing this person for giving us all vital hidden information is no longer a crime.  But Obama won’t stop the persecution of Snowden but at least he isn’t being tortured.




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26 responses to “Black CNN Host Attacks Black Trump Supporter, ‘Mediocre Negro’

  1. Moe

    Hill: CNN House Negro (I’m being polite here).

    Don’t know how Trump will handle the diplomatic issues, (should he survive), he’s like a bull in a china shop. IMO, that’s OK: he’s our bull!

  2. Claudeeyah

    Over at the Washington Post today, Christine Emba has an editorial about how “clueless” Trump is about black Americans. Apparently it is all Trump’s imagination that inner cities are filled with indolent, idle, and jobless black men. The violence and crumbling infrastructure is all Trump’s imagination as well. How dare Trump call out “icon” Lewis, who called his presidency “illegitimate” for neglecting the black joblessness? Not to mention the slap in the face it was to those of us who voted for him?

    No, it is much better to have had Obama, who (although he never lifted a finger to help the hemorrhaging of jobs in ths country for eight long years) waxed poetic about racial harmony, blacks climbing ladders and ascending to greatness. Like the article someone posted yesterday from Charles Hugh Smith, it’s all about the sizzle, not the steak. The steak in Obama’s case is a three week old, rotting, tough as leather, ass hind quarter of an old mare. Less than forty eight hours and this long, negro led nightmare will be over.

  3. Lou


    A dozen generations in civilization and they still can’t wrap their purple lips around our language, can’t manage to wear clothing properly as humans do, and still can’t grasp that murder, rape, torture, and mayhem are unacceptable behaviors.
    All in all, our home grown African savages behave about the same as those only a few months off the boat from darkest Congo, Somalia, or Sudan.

    In other comical news, I was spinning through the radio dial while driving through South Carolina last night and caught a snippet of some all black political talk radio show.

    The negroes were very excited about Obama’s farewell address and how much he has done. They didn’t actually mention what he has done apart from being black, but they did insist that unemployment is now only 3%.

  4. Claudeeyah


    The unemployment rate could be 3% or 95%. It makes no difference, as long as the welfare, EBT benefit train rolls into town the first of each month, it’s happy times in Negroville.

  5. DeVaul

    I can understand very well why black Americans have no love for Trump.

    Not only has he sidelined them from his administration by filling it with white billionaires (many of them Israeli agents), he has shown an elitist mentality towards the bottom half of America just like Romney did (now on good terms with Trump along with Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger, and other monsters). Black Americans and other “weaklings” could see this coming from a mile away, but the other choice was an outright warmonger.

    Still, some of the most ugly men of the Republican party are now coming out of the woodwork to insult people and show that they are not only racists, but will ensure that Trump’s presidency will always be hit with witty and stinging comebacks from home and abroad after some cabinet billionaire makes an idiotic statement showing how completely out of touch they are with most Americans (roughly 90% or more).

    I’m surprised at the monsters who have attached themselves to Trump, and I am surprised that he has allowed it. The governor of Maine just told Rep. Lewis that he should say “thank you” to white people for freeing African slaves after 500 years of slavery and then 100 years of pure punishment. I would be speechless if I was Lewis. This kind of nonsense will continue throughout Trump’s presidency until even white trailer trash cannot stomach it any more, and then the pendulum will swing back to the Democrats. This is how the Republicans always sabotage themselves and their party.

    Trump needs to pay more attention to who he selects to be members of his team unless he wants to be surrounded by Zionists, Bilderberg gangsters, and political troglodytes like Newt Gingrich. It’s almost as if he is trying to find a way “in” to the Bilderberg club and not “out”, while also punishing those who said he could never get elected.

  6. Claudeeyah


    While blacks understandably have no love for Trump, it is inconceivable to me the profound love and adoration they have for the limp-wristed nelly nego in chief, Barry Soetoro, or whatever the hell he will call himself after this eight year long odyssey is completed. I work with blacks who openly wept when he gave his farewell speech. THIS is a friend to blacks??? The one who saw jobs leave this country at lightning speed? The one who saw the NOT in labor participation rate climb to its highest level in decades? The one who saw the national debt climb to nearly 20 Trillion (Capital T)? The same president who wantonly and systematically bombed brown Africans at wedding parties? You mean THAT black president??? The one who sat meekly by while Hillary looted the leaving daylights out of black people in Haiti? The same negro who INCREASED the welfare state that keeps blacks on “the plantation”? THAT is the democratic party that is coming in on a white horse and ultimately saving the blacks from further degeneracy and poverty? ???? Well, yeah, okay….if you say so.

  7. Claudeeyah

    ^not in labor force participation rate^


    ELAINE: Fixed it.

  8. DeVaul

    I saw white people weep when Nixon resigned, so what’s your point Claudeehay? Murdering 8 million people in Indochina is ok to weep about?

    If a white president murders millions, it’s ok? Is that what you meant?

    Your long tirade missed every point I made. Hell, it did not even address them. I was talking about our future president, not the past clown or the clown before him.

    Obviously, you have some racial issues within yourself to deal with as my comment did not merit such a tirade with references to “negros” and other vile language, but without proper moderation, that will always happen.

  9. emsnews

    Many recent rulers think nothing of killing many humans especially the innocent. Has been going on all my long life and it is disgusting. Some like Kissinger, Nixon, Obama get Nobel Peace Prizes before during or after murdering endless children and women and elderly civilians and I hate them all for that.

    And the elites don’t bat an eyelash while doing this whereas I would be freaking out nonstop if I did such horrors. Nothing we can do about this: power corrupts.

  10. Lou

    Oops–I meant this—

  11. Petruchio

    @#6 Claudeeyah: It was the same thing when OJ Simpson was found not guilty back in 1994. Facts just don’t seem to mean anything to some blacks. You can’t reach people like that.

  12. Claudeeyah


    Not sure what was “vile” about my response. Never was it in dispute that our Presidents were not all blood thirsty whores for the Bilderberg Gang, save maybe Carter and Kennedy before him. My point in my post, and I did have one, was that Trump is not even in office right now and the negroes and their attendant, white, liberal snowflake crybaby friends are having temper tantrums even BEFORE Trump does any damage. Where were the protests when Billy Boy Clinton sold us out while he was in office? Hillary, through Wikileaks, was revealed to be an even greater con artist than her husband, but the negroes L O V E them. I only ask, ……why….?

    Granted, the democrats will throw a bone to the negroes every now and again, but the blacks have lost more and more ground since 1980. Where’s the outrage over that? crickets……

  13. Claudeeyah


    Exactly, Pet. A hallmark of a disciplined mind is being able to accept facts, even if you don’t happen to agree with them or even like them. Put another way, facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored. 🙂

  14. Nani

    Unfortunately for the US, it has put itself in a position where it doesn’t hold all the strong cards anymore in regard to countries like Japan and China. This means that they now have the ability to retaliate, and they are already doing it..

    China and Japan cuts huge amounts U.S. treasuries holding in November.

  15. emsnews

    Yes, and this is due to their own economic problems. Both are whining that the US isn’t obeying their orders. Oh my.

    This is like a drug dealer cutting off a client who is trying hard to kick a bad addiction.

  16. Nani

    Well, in that case this might actually be a good thing.

  17. Christian W

    @ 16 Elaine

    Not true. The US is enforcing the dollar regime on the rest of the world. If you don’t accept it, or try to wiggle your way out of it, you are an enemy and subject to various forms of punishment. These include nuclear weapons being pointed at you, military at your borders, economic sanctions, spies, agents, paid traitors working to subvert you, terrorists and death squads being sent in to destroy you.

  18. Claudeeyah


    Exactly, Christian W. The retaliatory measure of dumping our (worthless) bonds is a way of reminding the USA of how indebted we are to China and Japan (to the tune of about 20 Trillion $$$). Either country could crush our fragile, fiat monetary system overnight if they wished. I suspect neither really wants to do this because of their desire to ultimately keep getting paid in increasingly worthless US notes). This is the other side to M.A.D. which I would prefer to the nuclear option, fwiw. 😦

  19. Christian W

    @ Claudeeyah

    The US has told China that dumping US bonds = WAR. In other words, China is not free to do what it wants with it’s own money.

  20. Moe

    @ 18 & 19

    I think the Fed would merely print to infinity if necessary to buy up these bonds. After all, it’s not like it was ‘real’ money!

  21. DeVaul

    @ Claudeeyah

    My point was clear: if Trump does not pick anti-establishment cabinet members and other outsiders for his administration, as he promised, then we will simply get 4 more years of Obama (yes, I can say his name without implying he is subhuman) or perhaps a comical version of Hillary (think Bush the Second or Bush the First).

    If it was never “…in dispute that our Presidents were not all blood thirsty whores for the Bilderberg Gang…”, then why the tirade about a black president? How does that address Trumps cabinet appointments?

    Reading comprehension on this site has gone down so far over the years that it is nearly impossible to post a comment without being instantly attacked “off-topic” by someone who has a secret agenda. What a shame.

    At least Elaine got the point, as her latest article clearly shows.

  22. Lou

    Nani #15—Will Asian banks and Governments really dump our debt, soon?
    And in much bigger amounts?

  23. emsnews

    They dump it, they also die. They love to TALK about this. But they can’t do this. Not with a rising Russia on the perimeter. No, we are in a Mexican stand-off here right now with the elites flipping out because Hillary isn’t doing her Bilderberg business for them.

  24. Nani

    @ Lou

    I think it is very unlikely since it would be a lose-lose situation for both sides. We should also keep in mind that China and Japan are bitter enemies who hates each other deeply. They do not have the same agenda vis-a-vis USA.

    Japan uses the alliance with the US as a mean to pressure and intimidate China. China on the other hand seeks to maintain good economic relations with the US, while at the same time they are eager to reduce American influence in East-Asia.

    It is two very conflicting agendas that might eventually lead to a war between the two countries. If the US then decides to join Japan against China we will get WW3. Under such circumstances no one knows what could happen.

  25. Christian W

    They dump it, they also die. They love to TALK about this. But they can’t do this.

    Exactly. It is their money, but they are not free to do what they want with it. It must be locked into US $. This is not freedom.

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