Democrats Talk Openly About How They Will Keep Power If Trump Is Assassinated Tomorrow!



Outage at ‘traitorous’ CNN for ‘inciting violence’ with report that OBAMA cabinet member will be president if Trump and Pence are killed at the inauguration: a top story in England with the Daily Mail.  I looked at the Washington Post and the New York Times, the Hysteria Sisters this evening and neither is saying a thing about ‘what if someone kills Trump tomorrow’ news which is top news in ENGLAND!


I smell a huge crew of Bilderberg rats here.  Another key story from England, not the US:  Fortress Washington is locked down for the inauguration: Cops watch from street and sky for threats from terrorists and protesters.  But they cannot stop a military jet crashing into Trump.  50 Democrats plan to be elsewhere.


Obama and his buddies are claiming, if Trump is killed, they remain President and in charge!  Especially if they kill the entire GOP leadership.  Below is the NYT top story:



The New York Times is being very silly.  Note, I didn’t fall for this.  The problem here is, the NYT had millions and millions of people believing total lies and is totally unashamed of lying.  The NYT was the chief liars about Iraq when they rigged information claiming Iraq violated the peace and was doing naughty things and Bush and the media conspired to pretend, Saddam did 9/11.


Here is another NYT front page lie:


Oh my, the urban heat index!  The ‘normal’ they are using is based on heavily tampered temperature records whereby the government has changed the past making it colder and colder and has also ignored the growing ‘urban heat island’ effect especially at airports which changed radically in the last 80 years.  Most of our ‘temperature gages’ are at airports and all of these are around much, much more asphalt and buildings, not trees and grass.


Endlessly, we have demanded that all temperature gages should be in the countryside, not cities.  And that all airport gages be no longer used at all by definition.  But they won’t do this.  Another NYT front page story:

Yes, break laws.  Illegal aliens are illegal.  Conspiring to keep illegal aliens in the country is also illegal.  If the DNC wants to legalize them, they should do it LEGALLY not illegally.  Allowing illegal aliens to vote by not checking ID at voting paces was a criminal action to allow illegal aliens choose our leaders which is…TREASON.


Democrats Prime Suspect in Terror Attack On Trump Inauguration. – YouTube

Mark Dice:  Russians Coined “Crooked Hillary” Nickname for Trump – Says Crazy Congresswoman Maxine Waters – YouTube

Hollywood Mogul ‘Scared’ and ‘Binge Eating’ Ice Cream – Over Trump – YouTubeHAHAHA…he is turning himself into Jabba the Hut.



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8 responses to “Democrats Talk Openly About How They Will Keep Power If Trump Is Assassinated Tomorrow!

  1. KHS71

    All the news that fit their views. And CNN wonders what they are Crap News Network. More fake news. They also mention that both Ryan and Hatch must also be killed since Ryan is 3rd in line and Hatch is 4th in line.

  2. csurge

    Even a fighter jet is very slow and conspicuous compared to a bullet from a rifle. Sloppy if you ask me. No guarantee he’ll be killed in the attack. And if he isn’t, Martial Law and mass arrest of Dems and their criminal buddies will follow

  3. Jim R

    As Michael Krieger has said, this is beyond insane.

    Trump should move the ceremony at the last minute to a small out-of-the-way place in DC where his own security team can cover.

    In the afternoon, he should have the publishers at CNN, WaPo, etc. arrested and waterboarded (remember, that isn’t torture!) until they find out where this plan originated. And lock them all up…

  4. emsnews

    A rifle might kill one or two but our Real Rulers want to get rid of a huge hunk of people. Think: 9/11, in Manhattan and the Pentagon. Lots and lots of important people were killed or forced to flee in a panic.

  5. ziff

    They claim to have corrected for the heat island effect, if you want to attack temp records focus on the satellite data. Also the whole GW thing is actually a few meters in the tropopause ,which they don’t talk about. Its not static as they portray it. however the real issue is the tiny amounts involved. Check out the latest Judith Curry vids. GW alarmists have peaked. Also been finding lots about the solar cycles, Piers Corbyn is one and yes global cooling may be a threat.

  6. Lou

    Barry gives UN half a billion dollars, for AGW and other things—-

    on top of the billion Barry gave, already,

  7. tio

    Utterly Disgraceful.

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