Russia/Turkey Alliance Causes Congress Warmongering For WWIII


Trump’s Pentagon Pick, James Mattis, Holds Dimmer View on Russia and is quite aggressive about China, too …the Pentagon, the Deep State and US media all want WWIII and so Trump’s choices are ‘WWIII person #1’ or ‘WWIII person #2’ as war leader.  The US rulers want WWIII for obvious reasons: to get rid of around 3 trillion civilians who are cluttering up the planet and to rule us all ruthlessly afterwards.  And I have been saying this for many years.


The plot to kill off most blacks in the US by having Russia and China nuke our former industrial cities has a HUGE hole in it: they won’t do this.  Not at all.  There is nothing there but restive, violent people who hate the government and are most anxious to loot and kill fellow citizens.


I marvel at all our rulers!  Every blasted one of them live in ‘safe’ communities while DC is ravaged by roaming gangs of armed thugs like the ones that killed the old lady in DC, in a motorized wheelchair last night.


There are some serious bugs in the plans to fight WWIII: weapons are hideously expensive, and way over-designed and are set up to bankrupt any nation that lets any of this very expensive stuff get destroyed in a war.  It can’t be replaced, of course, if the factories are nuked.  Another consideration.


Britain was the only NATO country I found that even talked about having their population do nuclear war drills like Putin did with Russia.  That is, they THOUGHT about doing it but didn’t.


Britain did back a return to Cold War nuclear drills as NATO pushed for WWIII but gave up.


Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary-general, said that the organisation intended to “send a clear message” to that the world’s most powerful military alliance was prepared to act in defence of its citizens.
“Nato will defend you, Nato is on the ground, Nato is ready,” he said.


Nato ministers added they were also ready to deploy its rapid response force to the south “including in Turkey” where Russia this week twice flew into Turkish airspace. “Nato is able and ready to defend all Allies, including Turkey, against any threat,” Mr Stoltenberg said.


Well, there is no need to protect Turkey from Russian nukes anymore.  The Turks are smart.  They decided, being buddies with Putin would now reap greater returns.  I wonder when other EU nations figure this out, too?


The US used to have ‘nuclear bomb shelter’ signs all over NYC long ago.  I used to point them out to people.  Now, no one in the government bothers with any of this.


F-35 Total Costs Soar to $1.5 Trillion; Lockheed Defends Program which is really a looting expedition with the goal of piling as much debt on the US public as possible while producing stuff that couldn’t survive any real war due to being very delicate and difficult to repair.


 PENTAGON: Lockheed Martin scrambled today to explain the latest increases in the Joint Strike Fighter’s costs, arguing that the three versions of the aircraft “will be comparable to or lower than that of the seven” older airplanes it will replace. Overall, the F-35 will cost an appreciably impressive $1.5 trillion over the 55 years it is expected to be flying, up from an estimated $1 trillion.



For perspective on just how much money is involved, the latest Government Accountability Office’s survey of major defense program says the estimated cost of the Pentagon’s 96 major defense acquisition programs is $1.58 trillion.


The “total acquisition cost” of these programs has grown by 5 percent to $74.4 billion. GAO says “about $31.1 billion can be attributed to factors such as inefficiencies in production, $29.6 billion to quantity changes, and $13.7 billion to research and development cost growth. As GAO puts it, these costs are “dominated by a small number of programs, with the Joint Strike Fighter accounting for the most cost growth in the last year, and the largest projected future funding needs.”


F-35 has 276 deficiencies and counting, unfit for combat operations – Pentagon report — RT America reports.  Putin is laughing.


 In addition to software trouble, the jet is plagued by structural problems. For example, the connection between the vertical tail and the airframe is wearing out much faster than expected, while arresting hooks are fraying after only one use. Engine nacelles are overheating under certain flight tests, horizontal tail continues to suffer heat damage, and the “excessive, violent” oscillations during catapult launches of the naval F-35C version present a safety concern for pilots.


Trump should order the Pentagon to invite Russians over to tell them what is wrong with our jets.  The LAST THING Congress and BOTH parties want is reconciliation with Russia.  Trump’s own choices for positions believe in WWIII is best and I doubt he can find any generals who lust for peace instead of using military muscle.  Sad, isn’t it?  But then, in the years of my youth, both parties were war parties, too.


Biden says Russia is sure to meddle in European elections after victories in running the US election!  HAHAHA.  Putin is god!  He has vast powers and the NATO rulers have zero power, they can’t persuade their own people to vote for them…unlike Putin, the King of the World.  Sheesh.  This is too funny and way too pathetic.


Biden should go back to kissing babies and asses.


Russian, Turkish Air Forces conduct first joint anti-ISIS op in Syria—NATO is dying.  Rapidly.  Under siege within due to Germany allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade, confronting Russia directly with troops right on Russia’s borders while Russia wins the real fights in NATO’s rear end.


Even now, the US media and all the NATO heroes can’t figure out THEY LOST.  Putin is no longer worried about being trapped in the Black Sea!


Putin is allies now with Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and increasingly, Romania.  Only Ukraine holds Odessa port and the orange island offshore of Ukraine is held by Russia now.  So 70% of the Black Sea is now Russia’s play ground and Syria is on the border of Turkey and the Mediterranean shore which spells trouble for the NATO globalists.


AND…Russia’s ruler isn’t out to destroy his own population via bringing in as many Muslim terrorists and criminals as possible!  Wow.  Imagine that!  Greece is on the verge of joining Russia as the EU rulers crush bankrupt Greece and on top of that, insult them by forcing them to hold thousands of Muslim invaders inside their country!


I predict Greece will join this budding alliance with Russia, the Anti-NATO.  And I predicted all this last year and the year before and watching it unfold is amazing.  The aborted coup against the ruler of Turkey accelerated this business greatly.


Israel’s free ride on the F-35: meanwhile, Israel continues its free ride and will help bankrupt us.  They get the new F-35 for free, of course.  They want plenty of these, too.


Israel to Buy 17 More Beleaguered F-35 Fighter Jets From US to keep the company afloat.  With our money from the back pocket.  US Defense Giants Expect $50Bln Aircraft Sales to Israel, Arab States as the US desperately arms everyone so they can fight the growing Russia/Turkey alliance in WWIII.


The Russians and Turks will use cheaper, but often better equipment and our allies will use fragile, expensive stuff that can barely compete with the Russian technology.  And then think about our nuclear arms which will be used!  Russia, a very paranoid country, has invested heavily in defenses for that.  Not so much (if at all) the EU and US.



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31 responses to “Russia/Turkey Alliance Causes Congress Warmongering For WWIII

  1. Christian W

    More warnings for Trump:

    Don’t bash the Company (CIA) or else (look what happened to JFK).

  2. Moe

    Russia paranoid? Gee, wonder why? Perhaps several hundred years of European invasion may influence their thinking.

    One wonders why Europeans (and now Americans) are so fixated on defeating Russia? Can you say ‘War of Civilizations’? Or ‘Cultural War’? Yep, they are the (quasi)-Christian alternative to the secular, corrupt West.

    Odessa will intractably fall under Russian influence. Soon.

    Georgia and Romania now buddies? Never heard that one: I’d better keep up!

    Turkey is a loose cannon, but after milking Russo-NATO competition will inevitably turn toward Moscow.

  3. Claudeeyah


    Endrogan indeed looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

  4. DeVaul

    “…while DC is ravaged by roaming gangs of armed thugs…”

    It is the same in the countryside. Every night on the news we get to see the latest elderly couple that was murdered in their beds out on their farm or in some rural area. Their throats are slit or their heads are bashed in, and then sometimes even the house is burned down to hide the evidence.

    The perpetrators? Young white males whose mug shots are then displayed. The motive? Meth heads looking to loot the medicine cabinets of elderly couples and to steal jewelry to pawn for more drugs, but there is no outcry about the wave of crime that has swept over the rural areas and turned many hollows into “no go zones”.

    Only the local police complain about it, but they are stifled by the MSM and the state makes sure they are consistently underfunded. Recently, all funds for the clean-up and removal of meth labs was taken from them by the state assembly, so now they cannot approach these superfund sites at all.

    They need hazmat suits and disposal trucks that are VERY expensive and are bankrupting our state, but there is no outcry. The meth lab owners are also armed with assault rifles and police must navigate booby-traps to get to the trailer or pot field. In light of this, why is everyone so concerned about a few large cities that have been centers of crime for over 200 years?

    New York was the murder capital of the world over 100 years ago with Chicago in second place. What has changed? Is it different now because the gangsters are black and don’t wear fedoras? Is that the problem?

    Once again, the secret agenda rears its ugly head.

    The collapse of society and the lawlessness outside of the huge cities is what should really scare us because this is where most Americans live. The police in these areas are trying to tell us that, but no one wants to hear about the wave of white crime that has swept over the countryside. This is also where most police officers were killed while on duty until the recent spate of sniper attacks and acts of terrorism, which always target large cities.

  5. DeVaul

    Just looked up from my laptop to see on TV that another white kid has been shot and killed. His school will hold a memorial service. I’ve lost track of how many white kids have been killed this year by gun violence and meth, and now heroin is leaving babies and infants in grave danger because their parents have overdosed and are just lying around in a coma.

    People photograph them in an attempt to shame them, but it doesn’t work.

  6. Petruchio

    Personally, I am hoping that Tillerson is merely mouthing the talking points the neo-con warmongers in Congress want to hear. If Tillerson actually believes the crud he vomited out of his mouth at his Confirmation Hearings, we are f#cked. Kind of amazing how a country as close to bankruptcy as the USA still thinks it can flip off China, one of its Biggest Creditors and there won’t be any kind of negative consequences.

  7. Petruchio

    “I marvel at all our rulers! Every blasted one of them live in ‘safe’ communities…” ‘Safe’ for now, but that won’t last. If the overindulged, overly inbred ‘elites’ piss off the wrong people–or country–their insulated, hyper protected communities are going to become TARGET PRIORITY #1. If the elites think everybody is as ignorant and easily fooled as the typical American, they are going to going to get a tremendous and painful jolt. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. That’s USA elites. Of course, the USA’s REAL Ruler, Netanyahu, couldn’t care less if the USA is obliterated. He’s in for a shock too. I think it is safe to say that the Chinese and the Russians are well aware of how pulls the Power Strings in Washington D.C..

  8. Petruchio

    “Israel’s free ride on the F-35: meanwhile, Israel continues its free ride and will help bankrupt us. They get the new F-35 for free, of course. They want plenty of these, too.” The khazarians are lucky Petruchio isn’t in charge. I would bounce those deadbeat, freeloading Israelis to the curb so fast it would make them dizzy.

  9. Jim R

    That orange thing in the Black Sea technically isn’t an island, it is a peninsula. But the putsch government in Kiev controls the neck of it, so the Russians are building a bridge to its eastern end.

    For such a large bridge project, it will be one of the most quickly-organized and executed such plan in history. I think it’ll be longer than the Ponchartrain bridge…

  10. Moe

    @ DeVaul #5

    Where’s Duterte when you need him?

  11. “The US rulers want WWIII for obvious reasons: to get rid of around 3 trillion civilians who are cluttering up the planet and to rule us all ruthlessly afterwards. And I have been saying this for many years.”

    ONLY 3 trillion, Elaine!? Remember, the Georgia Guidestones warned us that we must get our population down to a half a billion, humanely, or else… I believe the warmongers are going for that half a billion goal only they won’t do it humanely. Hence Near Term Human Extinction (no WW3, no culling or extinction).

    BTW, loved your Tarot cards on Hillary and the Donald. Have you considered doing one for Mike Pence? He’s waiting in the wings for that fortuitous “JFK at the Stemmons Freeway moment” just as LBJ did (even if unwittingly).

    If anyone comes up to ma and asks me to help make that moment, I’ll just tell them to fuggetaboutit and walk away.

  12. Petruchio, if the opponents of Israel get the latest Sukhoi fighter jet, we’ll soon get to see just how much a lardbucket the F-35 is.

  13. Christian W, I wonder just how many of our large corporations are CIA-controlled or even CIA.

  14. Christian W

    @ Ed-M

    They all are. You don’t get to be a huge corporation without being sucked into the CIA system.

  15. emsnews

    They are BILDERBERG GANGSTERS. But not Trump!

  16. Lou

    Thats white of you. To praise one of your enemies. Someone who hated you.

  17. DeVaul

    @ Moe

    Ha! Good one! Yeah, where is he? Kidnap him and bring him here.

    The vast amount of drugs that pour into this country are consumed by white people, but they get a free ride when it comes to the consequences of drug turf wars and other pleasantries associated with the drug trade.

    Duterte is lucky there is no Wall Street in Manila or he would be dead.

    And now a word from Trump’s pick for Treasury:

    “We do believe in dynamic scoring and with the appropriate growth,” said Steve Mnuchin, the nominee for Treasury secretary. “I think we want to make sure that tax reform doesn’t increase the deficit.”

    Those two sentences actually contradict each other because “dynamic scoring” is just a fancy way of justifying massive increases in the national debt — increases that would result from Trump’s plan to spend $500 billion on infrastructure development while carrying out dramatic tax cuts.

    The full article is here:

    Well. Ain’t that slick. I asked in the past how Trump would reduce taxes on the rich to rock bottom levels and then spend a trillion on infrastructure, and now I see his plan is no different than Bush’s plan was or Obama’s or even Hillary’s. Reagan looted the SS fund. Bush the First robbed Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Clinton looted Russia. Bush looted Iraq. Obama looted Libya.

    Will Trump loot China?

    I sure hope he enjoys his inaugural ball because I am not sure he understands what a nuclear missile is.

  18. emsnews

    FEW people understand what a nuclear missile ‘is’. I, unfortunately, have a direct acquaintance with all this so I can say every day, ‘WWIII will be totally catastrophic and in Eurasia and North America, many people will die and the survivors will be very ill.’ And we should remember, Hillary promised to use these against Russia.

  19. Ed-M

    Christian W, well that goes without saying for the press! Before 9/11 Bush was getting about as much respect from the MSM as Jimmy Carter did. After 9/11 they gave him a huge berth as Dear Leader.

  20. emsnews

    And they attacked Reagan, too! They want a leftist puppet who still supports Israel and in this regard, do note that Obama dissed them all in November AFTER the election by not supporting Israel at the UN.

  21. Not leftist, Elaine, but someone within the limits of the Washington Consensus (neo-con/neo-lib, either from the pretend Left or the pretend Right. Like Hillary or Jeb!)

  22. Jim R

    As for ‘understanding’ nuclear … objectively, the forces holding atomic nuclei together are on the order of a million to ten million times stronger than the electromagnetic force which makes atoms stick to other atoms in ordinary matter. We think of steel and other metals as being very strong, but they are bonded by mere static electricity.

    So when some of that millions-of-times force is released, it simply vaporises anything nearby and makes it resemble a little piece of the interior of the Sun. Way beyond the boiling point, it can blast all the electrons off of an atom and it does this to quite a lot of them.

    Most of the film footage we see of nuclear blasts were from inside the earth’s atmosphere. This is significant because all the energy from the nuclear explosion is absorbed by air, water, or earth, and we only see a white-hot fireball which quickly cools off to merely red-hot … impressively destructive, but you don’t really get a feel for the intensity of the blast, and can’t see the poisonous isotopes being produced as ordinary atoms are shattered and destroyed. But all we see is a growing red-hot fireball, because the air has absorbed all the really high-energy radiation.

    A while back I watched a video clip recently declassified, of a test that was done outside the atmosphere. The camera was aimed at a patch of clear blue sky. Then, for one frame, the film went entirely white. Like a flashbulb but thousands of times brighter… and in a few seconds, the entire sky lit up, in an artificial daytime aurora over the Pacific. It was amazing.

    If one of the planet’s other nuclear powers wishes to attack us, I think that is what it will look like. No mushroom cloud, but the electric grid will just suddenly blink off, and it would take months to get the power back on, if it *ever* comes back. It would be like lightning hitting every electric substation in the hemisphere at the same instant. The poisoning would happen a few days later when all of our own nuclear reactors go ‘Fukushima’, as the backup generators run out of fuel and cooling pumps fail.

  23. emsnews

    Yes, if you don’t wear special glasses the initial blast is literally blinding and highly dangerous. And yes, it blots out everything if you are within ten miles. I was much, much further away. It looked ‘tiny’ that far away and still was blindingly bright at ignition.

  24. Lou

    Big War. When?

  25. DeVaul

    Those nuclear reactors, over 500 of them worldwide, are what will kill us no matter what we do with the missiles in the short term. The building of these death traps was a crime against all humanity for which there is no remedy.

    There is no plan to maintain these things for the next 70 million years, so even if we restrain ourselves in the short term, in the long term, we will have nuclear explosions whether we want them or not. It is baked into the cake.

    Building more of them is a sign of insanity, and yes, Putin is ultimately insane, along with all other world leaders trying to build these time bombs.

  26. emsnews

    They can be taken apart. But I do agree about the obvious here: when there is any accident or natural event of force, they are HORRIBLE in the extreme and deadly for centuries!

  27. Moe

    @ DeVaul @ ems

    Some elements of commercial nuclear waste are determined to be dangerous for up to 10,000 years, but much waste stabilizes long before that, still centuries though as Elaine expressed.

    The true danger of these generating plants is that they are targets in time of war or even terrorism. Security is tight but a well-armed, well trained group could gain entry. (I would estimate the chances of some Muslim terrorist group doing this as extremely remote). But war is a different matter: much of America would become inhabitable if these plants were bombed.

    These plants were built without plans for adequate nuclear waste disposal, though i have heard (but unverified) that the fuel cycle could be designed to recycle the fuel a sufficient number of times to reduce its radioactivity to nil values. But that doesn’t happen.

    I regard the radioactive waste disposal as the least of problems. Though it is negligent to build these plants without means for adequate nuclear waste disposal, I am confident that technologies will be developed to safely dispose of it. Though it seems far-fetched today, eventually anti-gravity devices will evolve and we’ll be able to send all this waste safely and cheaply to the Sun. Other means.methods will also be developed.

    But wartime destruction is the monumental risk.

  28. Jim R

    Yes, they can be taken apart. It takes years and costs hundreds of millions to take one apart in an orderly fashion. Meanwhile the fuel rods have to be kept in the cooling pond, and allowed to settle down so they won’t catch fire. From Arnie Gundersen’s little lectures (in the wake of Fukushima) I learned that they take at least three years to do that.

    Back in the ’60s there was a great deal of optimism about ‘recycling’ the fuel rods, because they are frequently taken out of service after only 10% of their uranium has been ‘burned’. Theoretically, the unused uranium could be purified and separated from the byproducts (almost every kind of atom on the periodic table, in the form of exotic unstable isotopes). The byproducts could be mixed with a low-melting glass formulation and encased in concrete and buried, and new fuel rods made from the uranium…

    But the recycling programs were victims of ‘perfect is the enemy of good’, combined with old fashioned bureaucracy, where never-ending increases in money supply were required to hire more bureaucrats, while nobody wanted to go near the spent fuel rods. So those programs are mostly all canceled, and the ‘standard industry practice’ is to just stack up the spent rods in ‘dry casks’ and wait 1000 years or so.

    Without getting into too much detail, the isotopes that stay around millions of years are not very ‘hot’, and tend to be much less dangerous in the radiation they give off. The super-short-lived isotopes are extremely hot and dangerous, but they decay away to nothing in a few days, months, or a couple years. And the ugliest ones have a half-life of about 30 years, giving off dangerous amounts of radiation and potentially getting into the environment and food supply. Two or three of them are seriously destructive to living things.

    So yes, Elaine, they can be taken apart, but it’s a slow process. And if any other thing prevents their orderly disassembly, they have this tendency to do what the reactors at Fukushima did, and melt down in the nastiest way imaginable.

  29. Jim R, “But the recycling programs were victims of ‘perfect is the enemy of good’, combined with old fashioned bureaucracy, where never-ending increases in money supply were required to hire more bureaucrats, while nobody wanted to go near the spent fuel rods. So those programs are mostly all canceled, and the ‘standard industry practice’ is to just stack up the spent rods in ‘dry casks’ and wait 1000 years or so.”

    We signed a treaty with Russia to dispose of such waste from our obsolete and decommissioned nuclear warheads not to long ago. Russia spent the equivalent of 250 million dollars and got the job done. We spent SEVEN BILLION and came up with the answer, “It can’t be done.” I heard Putin was livid.

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