Fake News Media Constantly Said Mrs. Obama Is Fashionable And Mrs. Trump Is Not


The Daily Mail of London has been running stories about how the First Ladies dress because it is a ‘populous’ paper. Above is the first picture of the First Ladies together.  For the last 8 years, I have watched the media giants tell us over and over again, Mrs. Obama is very fashionable and beautiful.  I am not ‘beautiful’, I am a woman who worked with her hands on buildings for many years and I am not ugly but I am not beautiful and neither is Mrs. Obama who is built like a linebacker.


There is a big problem with saying things that are ridiculous all the time.  I have been rather irritated with how Mrs. Obama was made out to be a ‘fashion icon.’  She is, like me, built STRONG.  Hell’s bells, why not be proud of that?


She isn’t sweet or cute or shy or anything ‘female’ sort, she is muscular, more than her husband, and is articulate and has strong opinions and can even be menacing as I can sometimes be annoying, strong, menacing, etc.  I LIKE BEING THIS and she should have been pissed off at the propaganda put out pretending she was Lady Di rather than Rosie the Riveter.


screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-3-42-55-pm screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-3-42-26-pm

Lady Di was fragile.  Rosie was robust.  I love ‘robust’.  I think women with calluses on their hands are gorgeous.  The mountain of contradictions that surround the Democratic Party dogma is as high as the Himalayan mountains.


Why on earth did they all desperately want Michelle be a Barbie doll???  It was insulting and stupid.  Below is the Daily Mail making fun of all this with a picture gallery of the times top fashion designers got her to look sort of like ‘fashionable’.  But note picture #1 which shows a hideous dress that makes her look stupid.  What???  Why would she wear a rag that ugly?



Click here is a medley of Mrs. Obama’s fashion disasters which shows clearly, she has near zero fashion taste which is OK with me, I don’t give a damn about fashion.  Actually, fashions today are unusually ugly and often tries hard to look like drugged hookers.  I have been thinking about writing about this collapse in the concept of ‘what is beautiful’.


Much of today’s fashion is to show off unwearable clothing and to expose as much interior body parts as possible, especially the sex organs.  They are very unflattering and as a former stripper myself, good lord, it is the CONCEALING of stuff that attracts attention! I also did a lot of nudist stuff at swimming holes, too.  The big shot people in Manhattan which is where much of the fashion crap comes from, run around looking like fake homeless people with torn jeans, etc.


Tom Ford has joined a cohort of designers who have suggested they will not work with Melania Trump, despite the fact she used to be a fashion model. “She’s not necessarily my image,” he added.  Mr. Ford will regret his words.


So, he wants to sell ugly dresses to women who are very awkward and not particularly attractive, eh?  Is Michelle wearing this dress by him?


Yes, it is a dress, all the way to the ankles.  Looks great in a whore house.  Shows what he thinks about us females.  Michelle pretends she is a feminist.  Why is she wearing dresses at all?  And why is she hanging out with this sex fiend who thinks women should look like they are in a whore house?  And rape: this is a ‘rape me’ dress if I ever saw one.


And then Obama and his wife claim we should import lots of Muslims who hate clothing like this and I assume, would love some of the uglier Obama dresses above.  The contradictions here are immense and amusing and fun to mock but also dangerous.  This level of insanity can’t go on forever.


Sophie Theallet, a foreign lady who lives here as a ‘fashion designer’ wrote the first letter demanding everyone diss Mrs. Trump…she designed some of the ugliest dresses Mrs. Obama wore.


So much for a boycott! Designers at war to dress Melania Trump for inauguration after liberal dressmakers insisted fashion pack would desert new First Lady! HAHAHA.  As expected, Mrs. Trump is very ‘standard attractive’ meaning she looks like a Viking female: tall, slender, blonde, high cheek bones, I am half that so I am a lot  squatter than she.


No one would choose me as a fashion icon but if you need a woman who can climb ladders, take apart an entire house  using just a hammer, chain saw and a crow bar, I’m your female.  And further: why do all men have to dress alike, it is like Mao’s China!  All dressed in black like at a funeral.


Reason.com wonders why top designers can boast about discriminating against Mrs. Trump out of spite but florists and bakers and other citizens are put in jail or punished if they refuse to do business with gays and other people for religious reasons.


There’s been a lot of discussion since Trump’s victory last week of the apparent disconnect between rural and urban America—between wealthy elites and those who live in what has become less-than-affectionately known as “flyover country.” This is a vivid example of that chasm.


Rights cannot be just for those who will use them to uphold the values you agree with. They must also be for those who will take positions you can’t fathom for reasons you can’t stomach. Free association, and the freedom to live out your convictions expressively in how you make a living, cannot be reserved for rock stars and fashion designers and other powerful liberals, while being denied to regular Americans.


“As a family owned company, our bottom line is not just about money,” Theallet writes in her open letter. “We value our artistic freedom.” Hear, hear.


These people are shameful.  I watched as in the last years of the Obama regime, how people who consider themselves as ‘victims’ have acted like aggressive thugs all the time.  Now, someone can’t refuse business to people who want them to endorse their lifestyles while DNC clowns cheerfully and with zero punishment, refuse service to women because the are married to someone who disagrees with the about various issues the woman has no control over?


De Niro is a bad example.  He has a double standard.  The left has set very bad examples about how to be civil or polite.  They want everyone to police their speech while they get to talk dirty and violent and demand we listen to them instead of being civil and kind and shutting up.


‘I’m going to have biggest pee of my whole life’: Alec Baldwin brings his Trump impression to huge New York protest with tasteless ‘dirty dossier’ joke about Donald urinating at the Russian consulate.  This increasingly fat, ugly old man totters around thinking he is ‘cool’ when he is one foot in the grave and too stupid to notice this.


The dirty old rag, the Washington Post, had this as their main page today:


Yikes!  America, not ‘the world’ first! And note the main pictures are…the handful of demonstrators who decided, as per usual, to become violent even though the cops let them run rampant in the streets, they wanted to have ‘action’ and think, attacking people physically will make them want Hillary instead.


They forgot about her very irritating voice.  If we were monkeys, we would scream and throw feces when talked to in that way.



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7 responses to “Fake News Media Constantly Said Mrs. Obama Is Fashionable And Mrs. Trump Is Not

  1. Moe

    I’m with you: my first question would be “Can she carry a pack and canoe at the same time?”

  2. melponeme_k

    Michelle Obama is healthy looking and athletic. The culture used to take pride in women of that ilk. Katherine Hepburn didn’t try to hide her strong build, she dressed to emphasize it.

    Women like Diana and Melania are extremely rare body types. Most women are built to survive famine, work hard (guess who was moving house in cave days, not the men) and give birth. I think everyone should take at least one figure art class or just study the ancient nudes. Then we can see how people are really built…built to survive.

  3. KHS71

    My wife’s grandmother was ahead of her time. In the 1920’s she worked right next to her husband to earn money to support their 6 children. What did she do? She laid railroad ties by hand. She was a stout women. Tough lady. I didn’t know her until she was in her 70’s. She chewed tobacco. Yes, she was from Arkansas.

  4. emsnews

    Exactly! And this is why I find everything so insane. Mrs. Trump is a FASHION MODEL. Pretending she is ugly is insane when the same media tells us females this type of lady is ‘beautiful’ and we should imitate her.

    Then they say Mrs. Obama is beautiful when she isn’t…she is STRONG! Why on earth can’t they celebrate this…oops. Her husband looks fragile and weak next to her…!!! So they had to make up all this junk.

    It is so sad, I will not blame Mrs. Obama for this, she doesn’t run the propaganda machine at all. Then look at the lies about Hillary who is fragile and they told us,fake, that she was super strong.


  5. Moe

    More about CNN fake news being blacklisted (!)


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