Proof The CIA Was Interested In ME And Anyone ‘Psychic’

The document dump Obama did the other day is all CIA stuff that interests me but I haven’t had time to delve into it.  I seriously doubt a thing about myself will be in their deposit of these earlier files despite having huge files about myself, many of which are about being hit repeatedly by lightning and my strange interrelationship (open warfare) with the CIA since childhood or the Chicago mind experiments.  Instead, we do get a dollop of ‘CIA Did Things About Psychics’.  Duh.  Hugely, they did!


Here is a posting from my own blog back in 2008:  EMS News: The Spiritual World Meets Harsh Reality | Culture of Life News


My name is Elaine Meinel Supkis.  I never was an anonymous writer online, I always was a real person with a real address and real background.  There are many, many people writing online who use fake names or hide their true selves.  I am not one of these: I stand by everything written under this name!  I feel that one can’t trust strangers hiding behind a mask.

  Culture of Life News was launched because other hosts of web sites would grow weary of my history lessons or digging up many news stories or graphs or other data that would contradict their own themes and belief systems.  Or, other websites ended up being run like Communist re-education camps.  Both left and right did the exact same thing: intolerance of all debate.

I welcome debate and encourage it.  It pleases me to have people from all over the place, come here to interact and do things.  It is pure joy, watching people slowly change their minds about one thing or another, based entirely on reading and interacting with opposing views.

 I have my own ideas, of course.  And love wrangling with others in the ‘comments’ section of this news service here.  I find it endlessly amazing, the amount of information people are willing to drag into blogs and no one can really run a blog without this generous input!   About my background: my family has a very entangled history, we have been members of the Ruling Class since the Battle of Hastings.

 We came to the New World on the wings of war, battles with the King of England, fleeing to Holland and then coming to New Amsterdam, going up the Hudson Valley.  My French ancestors were not nobility but were dissident religious Huguenots, one of whom became a pirate and then settled in the Hudson Valley, too.

    My grandparents were astronomers, my parents were astronomers, too.  I grew up in a number of observatories after being born at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin.  My father had another life: he was an OSS officer in WWII in charge of the rocket program, namely, going deep into Germany to bring back the scientists, rockets and blueprints in April/May 1945.

He has been advisor to more than 5 Presidents and I grew up, seeing things from very close up.  Including all the goofy, stupid, dangerous and demented things adults do when they want to control the Planet Earth and of course, all those pesky peasants who give rulers endless trouble.

  I think that the rulers in America have chosen to destroy themselves and this nation and we are now set on a course of destruction.  Financially, ethically, psychologically, and religiously, we are going into what I call the ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’ because we want to be rich and powerful, not happy and healthy and free. The chains of wealth pull us into the grave.

 I believe in Life, not Death.  I believe that the only real thing we possess is our souls and this is by far, the most precious thing.   Inside the Cave of Wealth and Death are various dire forces: Zero and Infinity, Libra and others which appear in my stories and cartoons.  Above all of this flies the constellation Pegasus.  This is my icon and I have been a believer in the eternal powers of creativity as expressed by the beliefs and ancient stories of this very old horse/god.pegasus-horsehead-orion-2

CIA Docs Reveal Agency’s Longtime Obsession With UFOs, Magic
CIA Concluded Uri Geller Was ‘Paranormal’ Back in 1973
 but that isn’t when they began, no way in hell.  FROM DAY ONE they were doing this.  That is because it was founded by people who belonged to covens which knew my family, knew me, knew all about the Outer Darkness and wanted to use it to control humanity and enslave everyone.


With respect to magic, the CIA appears to have become intensely interested in the phenomenon in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with one 1969 document about a “self-educated magician” in Soviet Georgia who was able to perform “miracle” healings through the laying of hands.


No, it was from day one.


The CIA’s interest in magic got a lot bigger in short order, and within a few years they were bringing in television psychic Uri Geller, who famously used to bend spoons on TV with the power of his mind. Incredibly, the CIA was quickly convinced that Geller had real powers, and tried to move into remote viewing, the attempt to conduct surveillance on sites they don’t have access to via supernatural means.


They did fall for tricks.  Anyone can trick the CIA. My first trick was, in a Chicago experiment to see if children could have ‘psychic talents’ and I saw that these adults were dangerous to me so I figured if I did everything backwards, they would leave me alone…and it worked!


They were surprised to see how utterly unable I was to even have random chance correlations they did leave me alone…until I meddled in foreign affairs heavily beginning in 1963 when I was 13.  By 1967, they were certain when I did some really awful things in the psychic realm at the University of Kansas, a hotbed for CIA agents and where they briefly ran this ‘find all US students who are really good at languages and test them like crazy’ program.


I was ranked #10 in the group of 300 kiddies but due to a horrible death of one of the children, I ended up at the very top of the CIA ‘psychic list’.  After the event, both the Catholic Church and the CIA tried to interrogate me about the details but I refused to talk to them and indeed, declared war on all people who run what I call ‘evil covens’ which turned out to be a lot of people I grew up either knowing or who were running our space program and thus, the nuclear missile program.


Geller expressed shock that the CIA admitted to bringing him in, claiming he remained active with them for years beyond what the released files show, which are “the tip of the iceberg.” He is initially described trying to guess what sort of drawing is on a piece of paper based on a single word, deciding the word “bunch” meant grapes.


Before long, the CIA wanted Geller to kill pigs with his mind, something he apparently refused to do. Geller also describes being asked to remotely detonate nuclear weapons, and to stand outside the Soviet Embassy in Mexico and magically delete any floppy disks that the Russians tried to remove from the site.


HAHAHA.  Too bad they didn’t do that with me.  Since they were the oinkers, it would have been tons of fun to do that but I don’t do any black magic at all.


Ironically, the CIA was sold on Geller’s powers as a result of tests conducted between August 4 and August 11 in 1973, but on August 1, Geller famously was a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and failed to demonstrate his ability to bend spoons successfully.


What a stupid skill set!  Who cares?  Seeing into the future is going deep into the Dream World and then suddenly, you ‘see’ things happen.  In my case, not directly, I always ‘see’ from the point of view of the Watchers, not myself.


It is ‘disembodied’ and very unpleasant and the only thing the Watchers are interested in is their specialty: events at the Gates of Death.  I am stunned today to be writing about this for this is in today’s news and reminds us all that the CIA is all about acting like Watchers and dealing death.


Here is an article I wrote way back in 2007 about magic and money and power:


Money is magic and connected to it is this very dark pool I call the Outer Darkness. If one wants to see in that place, all you have to do is get hit by lightning and then find a guide like Pegasus who doesn’t give a horse’s neigh about dark things. And who doesn’t care about money at all. If one goes there seeking someone who loves money, one meets Demons. They love money, they make money and they use it. They consider it one of their best and easiest tools to use.


So here we have it: a bunch of very rich guys swimming in the darkest of stygian waters, they are swimming with these demons who tell them, ‘Don’t be afraid, we won’t let you drown, BWAHAHAHA.’ Right! Temptations are geat instruments of power. Everyone uses them, who seek power. For example, when we should have raised gasoline taxes, the GOP ran on ‘drop the tax on gasoline!’ And they won! Lots of power! But we will drown in this inky black oily pool! They didn’t care, they didn’t think about the consequences. Nor can anyone explain this to the American people. The choices we make are fatal choices. And the choice of our top financial geniuses to go swim in the darkest pools deep in the dark caves guarded by hell hounds and pirates will end with us being another pile of bones on the road of history.


HAHAHA.  The Democrats ran on ‘no more oil’ and that destroyed them.  I do confess, as the planet warmed, the propaganda fooled me until there was proof, all the global warming is due to the sun and as my father warned me that same year, the sun is going into another cool cycle.


The top of this story is the invitation for me to go learn how to predict the future! And they would either laugh at me or throw me into the Thames if I were to give them a lecture on real future-sight! I can see the future clear as day no matter how dark. And the solutions are often laughably simple though, thanks to the passage of time, harder and harder to obtain. All it requires is the will to do it. Which we lack. We WANT to swim in dark pools, we WANT to drown in red ink!


Information is necessary to see the future.  Even I can be fooled!  I take in huge amounts of information and try to  make sense.  But my ‘dreams’ of the future are all very exact and yet at the same time, never, ever tells me WHEN something happens due to the Outer Darkness having no clocks, so to speak, if it did, it would never show the future!


This is the paradox.  The CIA still wants to see the future and spy from afar but at the same time…THEY DON’T WANT THE TRUTH! Isn’t that utterly insane?  HAHAHA.



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11 responses to “Proof The CIA Was Interested In ME And Anyone ‘Psychic’

  1. Melponeme_k

    “It is ‘disembodied’ and very unpleasant and the only thing the Watchers are interested in is their specialty: events at the Gates of Death.:

    Only heard them once and I wrote about it before. I was worried about a plane ride after 9/11. One of them took the time to show me a crash, showed me the flight number (which I never remembered when waking) and told me it wasn’t my plane. I saw the crash several times, from several angles all with the voice repeating it wasn’t my plane. Well, I woke up in quite a state. After that, If I even remotely have a dream in the same vein, I wake myself up right away. And yes, there was a plane crash and it wasn’t my plane.

    “If one goes there seeking someone who loves money, one meets Demons.”

    The demon things always love to find people in dreamland and feed off of them. They must have a moveable feast with the CIA people. But the CIA cowards feed them victims. There is going to come a time when the requirement is their own blood. Nothing else will do.

  2. Lou

    The Amazing Randi exposed Uri as a fraud, yes.
    The clip at youtube has Uri unable to bend a spoon and saying something like,
    ‘Today I am not so strong.’

    Sathya sai baba was another fake. He died worth 6 or 7 billion dollars.

  3. Lou

    A Russian stood in front of an oncoming car and stopped it, mentally.
    He tried this with a train and was run over.

  4. Jim R

    I remember that Uri Geller story. He was always sooo serious, and wanted people to believe in his magical powers.

    Johnny Carson did stage magic as a teenager and always enjoyed a good act. And James Randi, another stage magician and friend of Carson, liked to out frauds.

    So when Geller came on the Tonight show, Carson tinkered with his props backstage while Geller was not looking (I don’t recall the exact details). So when it came time for Geller to do some ‘magic’ it failed. And Carson had a good laugh. I think Randi might have conspired with Carson in that little joke…

  5. Jim R

    And, thanks to our economic decline, I can now bend a spoon. Just take it out of the kitchen drawer and bend it. And then straighten it out again, with my bare hands!

    They make them out of such thin metal these days.

  6. emsnews

    HAHAHA…Good one, Jim! And right, too.

    My daughter used to go on stage to do magic tricks with a friend of mine in NYC who was a professional magician. She was in charge of the rabbit and the doves and did lovely dove work. Then, she turned teenager and stopped because kids in school made fun of this.

    So many good kids suffer badly when teens!

  7. Lou

    “NPR was badly embarrassed in 2000 when it was revealed that PSYOP (psychological operations) personnel from Ft. Bragg were working in its Washington, DC newsroom, apparently as interns. 1 Top managers were said to be unaware of the arrangement, which was blamed on people in its personnel department. However, based on NPR’s cozy relationship with the military and its penchant to spew pro-military propaganda (some say the P in NPR stands for Pentagon) media watchdogs, myself included, believed the PSYOP soldiers were penetration agents meant to influence news coverage.”
    Douglas Valentine, “The CIA as Organized Crime”.

  8. emsnews

    Worse, many work for other countries.

  9. Lou

    Worse, many work for other countries.–Really?
    I laugh that NPR or KCRW etc have volunteers and fund raisers.
    Yet what does the heads of PBS and NPR make? 500k a year?

  10. Shawntö

    Hey Elaine,

    What do you call a small person who has psychic abilities who has escaped prison…?

    A small medium at large, of course!

    [… sounds of various life-forms groaning in Internet Space Time]

    I know, I should avoid all open mikes with such material such as this that even Rupert Pupkin would reject. Anyway–

    Now it comes out that during the 1980 Iran Hostage Crisis that the CIA used “Psychic Intelligence”– most of which was “entirely incorrect”!!!

    The numbers play this way on the ole scoreboard–

    – Number of “psychic reports”–> 202 reports, they say.
    – Fail rate –> “Well over half [of the “psychic reports] “…” are INCORRECT!
    – The percentage rate of CORRECT reports– a gigantic 3%– !!!!
    – There were 59 reports that were somewhat “partially” correct or, at least, could NOT be disapproved as being incorrect.


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