Trump Hours Away From Either Power or Annihilation


Sputnik News from Russia. I found this Russian cartoon to be very funny.  The EU’s contribution towards ‘defense’ and the leaders demanding OFFENSE that is, the US is to do all the heavy lifting in menacing Russia…the stupidest thing on earth and Obama thinks this is a fine idea!



I think Facebook is stupid and the guy running it has this huge ‘farm’ in Hawaii and he built this big wall around the entire farm complex and cut off everyone else from access to the ocean and so they are building bridges over his walls and everyone is suing Facebook’s owner and I will note that this clown lives in California and thinks burning energy to fly to and from Hawaii is going to cause us all to roast to death so why can’t he be arrested for menacing all living things with his Hawaii vacations which Obama does, too?  Arrest them all for destroying the planet, eh?


RT news is yanking our chains, laughing at all this.  The EU needs ‘strong leaders’?  Well, Putin is right next door.  But they hate strong leaders who are also smart, they want…to be fakers and to steal stuff while telling the rest of us, we should freeze to death because burning fuel causes global warming in Hawaii and Southern California.screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-7-00-24-am

The above is a funny Canadian cartoon.  Super cold Canada, the Land Where All Ice Ages Begin and which is very cold even today, the liberal ruler Trudeau, believes we will all roast to death in the Hudson Bay area so he killed the energy business and will now happily lead Canada to bankruptcy and being frozen cold again like 20,000 years ago.


Hudson Bay is totally frozen and parts of the Great Lakes are frozen, too.  Why don’t all these global warmists move to Hudson Bay?  Nope, they all go to Hawaii and Southern California and then bitch and moan about how hot they are.





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2 responses to “Trump Hours Away From Either Power or Annihilation

  1. Moe

    Holding our collective breaths!

    Any devout readers could say a prayer for Trump. Agnostics and atheists could ‘project’ a thought of his safe transit to the presidency.

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