Young People Mindlessly Riot In DC


Young anarchists attack Starbucks.

Anarchy just two blocks from the White House as masked mob shouting ‘f*** Trump’ set fire to a limo – and face police in full riot gear firing tear gas to keep them at bay as they looted stores, burned cars, smashed stuff and other fun things.  Yes, we had some riots today on K street in DC.


Actually, they went down K Street which is where all the lobbyists hang out and burned or wrecked liberal businesses like Starbucks which supports Black Lives Matter and other wretched groups.


Starbucks did this ‘hands up don’t shoot’ promo to kiss up to black criminals.

They also attacked the Bank of America which is OK. I hate that bank, it tried to cheat me way way back in California in 1969.


There are now many pictures of rioters doing arson, graffiti, smashing windows, the usual stuff.  Very convincing.  They are too stupid to understand Trump has entered the White House thanks to Obama allowing huge, violent riots to run out of control and then punished the cops.


The free for all rioters days of happy destruction will now end, I am thinking.  Though voters in dying cities put in power people who allow riots…I will NEVER forget the riots during a simple blackout caused by a single lightning bolt in NYC in 1977.


My disgusting neighbors utterly annihilated the entire neighborhood except for the city-owned towers for welfare families.  They destroyed EVERYTHING.  It was pure hell.  Fighting back to recovery took a decade of quite violent actions and we had to be very vigilant and even downright cruel to stop these rampaging creeps.


The only response to this sort of violence is to crush them.  Why?  History says very clearly, it is the only thing that works.  Even when violent criminals take over a country, what happens next?  They crush any opposition.  Though stupid revolutionaries screw up everything by killing the nice people.  This means chaos until someone stronger and saner takes over and figures out how to kill the bad people.


Isn’t that hilarious?  Young people have very legitimate complaints!  They are being systematically destroyed…BY HILLARY and the Bilderberg gang!  They are lured into schools that are hideously expensive and then take easy courses that one can learn with zero teachers (hint: learn to read and write) and they end up financial slaves with debt they can discharge only via working hard or dying.


They have to figure out this game and figure out how to fix it and free trade isn’t the answer nor is the answer nuclear war.  Duh.  But I suspect they really just want more money and more free time to screw around and that is just sad.  So much for ‘workers of the world, unite!’  These kids are not ‘workers’ in that sense.  They are closer to the ‘parasite proletariat’.





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23 responses to “Young People Mindlessly Riot In DC

  1. melponeme_k

    The looks of these protestors is just poor. In the 60s and 70s, protestors looked as if they had pride in themselves. Everyone wore bright colors. No one looked suicidal. But these people look underfed, intellectually challenged and all of them wearing nothing but black. I believe some of them are around just because they are being paid.

    The people of this movement can barely form coherent thoughts to discuss much less a philosophy. This is what comes of banning the ancient WHITE male philosophers from the classrooms. What is left, Ayn Rand?

    All they have is their anger which has so blinded them, they support the very people who are the cause of their anger.

    Something is wrong when things are so far into the crazy zone, a liberal like myself is looked upon as a hard wing rightist.

  2. Christian W

    I call bullshit on these ‘riots’. Shady operators like Soros and the Deep State have their finger prints all over them.

    I recall seeing mugshots of some of the rioters in Vancouver a few months back. Half of them were drug addicts getting ‘easy money’ for pretending to be real protesters, a quarter were just shitkickers looking for some “fun” fighting the police, and the last quarter were “activists” – young fools running water for Soros, or had their cause co-opted by him.

  3. Seraphim

    When they tried to introduce Starbucks to Italy there was a revolt. For good reasons. The first time (and last) I tried a Starbucks coffee I was nearly sick. It should be banned as an offense to good taste.

  4. ziff

    Trumps wonderfull inauguration speech

    ”an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.”

    the teachers union will love that one,

    but bless him, even if its only symbolic, bless him .

  5. DeVaul

    Oh please. French farmers do far worse than this, and anarchists burn and destroy buildings every time the elites meet in Europe somewhere other than Davos, so this is really not worth another article. Germans burn police cars during the demonstrations, but somehow Americans are “savages”.

    Just let it go. Move on.

    @ ziff

    Yes, Trump said all the right things or what people wanted to hear, didn’t he? But what will come of it? That remains to be seen. It does not help that many of his statements contradict each other, as RT pointed out, or that the factories are on Chinese soil and are not coming back, as Elaine pointed out many times these past 10 years.

    I wish him luck, though, even if he just gets our troops out of the Baltic states and now Poland, that alone would be a massive improvement.

  6. Jim R

    Well, our predictions were wrong, there were no deranged gunmen nor suicide planes attacking the inauguration ceremony.

    Here’s hoping he stays safe.

  7. emsnews

    Um, try that near me and you will see a gun.

    Look, Europe is dying. It is under siege, the forces of self-destruction including not having children, is getting worse and worse. Japan has NO riots but masses of suicides and disassociated children while the elites promote robots…I understand the rage but it is also MINDLESS.

    Where is the thinking going on? I see kiddies who want free speech for themselves and everyone else must walk on eggshells around them and god help us if we use the wrong words to describe things or whatever, they blow up.

    This net-puritanism coupled with wild ‘let’s party and be dirty and obscene’ behavior is SCHIZOID in the extreme and shows serious brain damage probably from drugs.

  8. Larry King talk show guy had his windows smashed the SUV he was using. Believe 217 rioters got arrested. 6 of the DC Police got injured.

  9. Claudeeyah

    Part of the rage comes from the very real fear of “no mo gibs”. They fear The Donald will bring the dreaded four letter word back to America….JOBS. They are terrified the welfare train is leaving the station, never to return.

    They lash out the only way they know how, since words cannot and will not come to them, other than “f*ck” and the like. Learning proper English just isn’t “coo”. Violence is what they know and how they live. I see it every day. These are reactive people. They grow up without the slightest bit of restraint and have no introspection.

    Sadly, they are in for a world of pain, because the law and order thing is about to be unleashed in an unmerciful way. Historically, this has always been true, but then again, those who do not know or understand history are bound to repeat it.

  10. Moe


    “They fear The Donald will bring the dreaded four letter word back to America….JOBS.”


    A business partner of mine in Belize once railed about the Garifuna of the town of Dandriga (whom we found to be conspicuously lazy) that: “If you offered a Garifuna a job he’d call the cops on you.”

    Lots of Americans are just as lazy. But they have a distinct cultural advantage (presently regarded by many as a disadvantage) that in America it is traditionally expected that people will support themselves with effort of some kind. The slackers will be obliged to perform.

  11. Claudeeyah


    Yes, we are going on three generations in America (four generations if you look at the welfare class, who typically have their babies between the ages of fourteen and sixteen for the first time) that are cradle to grave welfare recipients. It all hit a fever pitch in America after 1964 with LBJ’s Great Society, with cash and other rewards bestowed upon girls who had a revolving door in their bedrooms and the morals of an alley cat in heat.

    So the US tax payer, that would be those of us who have held down jobs since then, picking up the tab as the children from this irresponsible breeding tear down the schools, assault the teachers and police who dare to discipline them, and are now killing each other over perceived “disrespeck” among one another.

    And we have the usual carnies like Sharpton, Jackson, and now “icon” John Lewis barking that Trump, who promises law and order, is illegitimate. Just for fun, and adding to the mix, are the social justice warriors, many of whom grew up as “unique snowflakes” who never lost (because, like you know, everyone is a winner and deserves a trophy, mon), and are so in tune with their “feelings” that their intellect operates only at a vestigial level of what was expected of a college freshman fifty years ago. If it wasn’t so tragic and pathetic, it would actually be comical. Color me not laughing because I and others like me have been paying for this garbage for over fifty years.

  12. Moe

    @ Claudeeyah

    If, as you state, these parasites have been suckling at the government teat for several generations, they may be unrecoverable.

    Decent schooling may be a partial solution.

  13. Lou

    Decent schooling may be a partial solution.—The ‘Great Society’ is a project in dis Eugenics.
    Bring in Mexicans. Pay the dumbest Black females to breed with the alpha males.

  14. The night before the inauguration lots of LGBT activists TWERKED Michael Pence’s house in Chevy Chase, MD. Is this the way to begin a dialogue with your opponents? Is this good for the gays even???

  15. emsnews

    They genuinely think that we all should be super polite while they, like little naughty children, can be as nasty as they please.

  16. Elaine, this is the younger generation. Back in the day we had our own LGBT protests but the public lewdness was confined to the bar floats in the gay pride parades. And speaking of gay protestors, the ActUppers weren’t as lewd as THIS crowd, even when they surrounded St Patricks in NYC.

  17. emsnews

    The very very first LGBT parade was in Greenwich Village around 1983 (sort of) and I was part of it because I had gay friends and we had a blast, I was this demon witch queen with big black wings and a big dragon head.

  18. pontiff holysh*t

    So, you didn’t need a costume?

    *rim shot*

  19. emsnews

    Hisses…we are hungry, come to my cave, my lovely.

  20. You must’ve ahd a blast, Ekaine! 1983? They had gay pride marches before then, then. They were all political and first one was in 1970 or 71.

    The first one I went to was in 1990 in Boston.

  21. emsnews

    In San Francisco. Getting a permit in NYC was REAL HARD back in the seventies when the city was going bankrupt. SF, on the other hand…had fun there.

  22. Lou

    meanwhile in NYC, the war on Whites continues,

    One of 0bama’s sons sets sleeping White subway rider on fire;
    doesn’t run away but sticks around to laugh about it in front of his victim.

  23. emsnews

    Many years ago, I arrested an entire subway car of students who were vandalizing the train singing that stupid Michael Jackson song, ‘I’m bad’ and I sang, ‘You are all under arrest’ after I arranged for a squadron of subway cops to come to West Fourth Street and arrest the entire group.

    We had a fun time in court and I was allowed to supervise their parole. They turned out to be NICE KIDS!!! I was so annoyed with them vandalizing stuff. Today, they are all probably 40-45 years old and paying taxes and cussing at teens who break the law. 🙂

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