Hell Freezes Over, Snow In Sahara, Trump Survives Inauguration, Liberals Go Berserk


Today’s NYT front page

The destructive TPP deal with Asia is going to be re-negotiated by Trump who has an eye on the extremely dangerous trade deficit. This deficit was encouraged by the previous 4 Presidents starting with Bush Sr. and note how both Democratic and Republican Presidents pushed this forwards as US jobs disappeared.  More snow in the Sahara desert again!  A clue that we are facing colder planetary weather and one that the global warmists want desperately to ignore so it isn’t front page news at obsessive NYT global warmest propaganda.  The wailing of the fake liberals (if real, they wouldn’t be so crazy for dictators, right?) is amusing and sad to see.  They can’t stop.


NAFTA is also being re-examined since it, too, has destroyed US jobs. The destruction is equal to open warfare: former US industrial cities are now hell holes filled with many illegal aliens, US citizens no longer working due to factories departing, crimes and murder, riots and arson.


Turning back the clock is going to be very hard.


The statement said “tough and fair agreements” on trade could be used to grow the U.S. economy and return millions of jobs to America.


“This strategy starts by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and making certain that any new trade deals are in the interests of American workers.”


If NAFTA partners refused to give American workers a fair deal in a renegotiated agreement, “the President will give notice of the United States’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA,” the statement added.


The TPP, which the United States signed but has not ratified, had been the main economic pillar of the Obama administration’s “pivot” to the Asia-Pacific region in the face of a fast-rising China.


Proponents of the pact have expressed concerns that abandoning the project, which took years to negotiate, could further strengthen China’s economic hand in the region at the expense of the United States.


‘It’s made in Vietnam!’ At inauguration, origin of red Trump hats shocks many. These hats were made for various venders who have NO connection with any Trump organization. The media, of course, tries to pretend that Trump is selling these hats.


It is very refreshing having a President who actually understands the toxic danger of too much ‘free money’ coupled with not understanding that running trade deficits forever has a tremendously nasty downside which the Chinese are highly aware of since some of these officials imposing this regime on us with our Bilderberg gangsters, lived with me and fully understand how a trade deficit leads to victory.


The other item on Trump’s list has already seen action.  He completely erased the Global Warming web page set up by Obama.  And just in the nick of time:


Sledging… in the Sahara! African desert region is hit by its biggest snowfall in living memory with snow up to a METRE deep.  The US just got a new President who is making a 180 degree turn from the mess created by the last President.  Will life be better now?  I don’t know.  All I know is, Trump wants to change direction on ‘climate’ and ‘free trade’ and ‘public debt’ and ‘student loans’ and all the systems running deeper and deeper in the red and which all point to future bankruptcy.  Someone has to change things!  Or we are doomed!



Now, not even a month after the ‘very rare snowfall’ in Africa, the Sahara Desert has recorded the biggest snowfall in living memory after a freak winter storm in Algeria.


Incredible pictures show the desert town of Ain Sefra surrounded by snow which is at least a metre deep.


The town saw a sprinkling of snow just before Christmas when a few flakes settled on the red sand dunes of the world’s hottest desert for the first time in 37 years.


The last time it snowed was during the 1970s when we were worried about another Ice Age.  Back then, there was only one snowstorm that year, not several like this year.  This snowstorm yesterday was the biggest of the last 300 years.


It did snow often there during the Little Ice Age which global warming fanatics tried to erase from history or even worse, told us that is ‘normal’, not the present climate!  All great civilizations rose on 500 year warming cycles and fell during 500 year cooling cycles.


Putin has explained that any meeting between himself and Trump will take months to organize which shows how carefully Putin is operating, using real diplomacy.


He knows time is on his side for Europe is collapsing internally. Trump said he is going to force those NATO freeloaders to pay their fair share. I say, make them pay 100%. If our troops are protecting them all, they pay for this. Ditto, Japan and South Korea and other trade rivals. Why on earth are we protecting people who are not protecting us? That is the definition of insanity.


Some readers here have been confused about Putin and how he is appealing more and more to the people of Eastern Europe who are struggling to stop a mass invasion of angry Muslim males with the US and EU officials encouraging this flood of dangerous people. Well, here is more proof that Putin’s diplomacy is working: Hungary unveils a very beautiful statue in memory of all the Soviet soldiers who died ferociously fighting the Nazis.


Russia now has a port directly on the Mediterranean Sea. This is a huge advantage and only came about when Assad and Putin negotiated this with Turkey. The US under Obama was totally locked out of these negotiations.


This base was built by the Soviet Union many years ago during the Cold War and is now expanding. This is why the US tried to overthrow Assad like they did illegally to Libya which also was friendly to Russia.


Today, the US is in tatters after years of stupid warfare and running on red ink all the time and Russia will expand due to this stupidity and blaming Russia is stupid because this was caused by US doing things which doom our empire totally.


Bleeding red ink=hemorrhaging to death!


An ‘anti-Trump’ protest at the university in Seattle, Washington, joined forces with anti-Milo Yiannopoulos violent protestors and voila: violent things happened, of course.  Someone was shot.


People marching against President Donald Trump had joined the Yiannopoulos demonstration at the University of Washington just prior to the shooting.


Yiannopoulos writes for right-wing Breitbart News and is known for leading a harassment campaign that resulted in a lifetime ban from Twitter.


The Seattle Times was reporting that police inside the event as the talk ended were keeping the audience in the room, saying “It’s a very volatile situation right now.” The newspaper said Yiannopoulos was whisked offstage.


It happened at night, here is a police helicopter shot showing the victim on the ground, note the crowd of angry youths whipped into a frenzy by DNC hot shots.  This city voted for Hillary, and isn’t poor like Detroit which is nearly dead after half a century of free trade deals.


This unruly mob was out to attack, physically attack, anyone going to any speeches by Milos or Trump or anyone they dislike.  They are too stupid to see how this is backfiring.  These kids are very dangerous, they can burn down even well-off cities!  I know from experience what happens when crazy mobs go wild.


HAHAHA.  So, the organizers on the left called this ‘The Red Square Event’?  And they hate Trump for being friendly with the Russians who, we are told, are commies out to destroy the American Way?  So many ancient propaganda threads are unravelling, the old coat is in tatters.


The above was posted 12 hours ago and…NO DETAILS SINCE.  I looked and looked.  I figure this will cease being news as quickly as the elites can get rid of it.  Too many embarrassing stories about black or radical college white kids being violent and vicious and messing with people’s basic civil rights, this is killing the ‘the left is a victim of Trump’ stories.


Here is Infowars.com by Alex Jones and note how this story can’t give more details due to none forthcoming but…has some key details from Milo supporters that was completely hidden by the mainstream Fake News:


The Seattle Times reported that police asked the crowd to remove pro-Trump hats and other attire when leaving Kane Hall, where Yiannopoulos spoke.
According to Times reporter Katherine Long, “police snuck Yiannopoulos audience out through underground parking garage after telling them to remove Trump hats.”


Imagine for a minute, angry Trump supporters, shooting guns, rioting, throwing things, screaming and threatening people and forcing Hillary supporters to remove all signs that they are supporting her and hustling them all out secretly in a tunnel?


This would be screamed across the planet by our media giants.  They would be hollering so loud, we would go deaf.  They would demand that Hillary condemn this!  Instead, we have a deadly silence.


It is amazing that Infowars, which has lots of crazy stuff, is now better and more honest than the mainstream news!  It is a shock.  It reveals how far off kilter the propaganda machine of the elites has gotten: it is crashing through the floor of Reality.


Way back in the 1960s, I learned enough Russian to work my way through Pravda papers and so I read these to get another view of the world.  Today reminds me very much of back then. Our news media is pure Pravda now.


And insane.  Way, way back in1969, I gave a speech in California where I said, ‘I have proof the CIA won’t let me be in the news and the news media will lie about stuff at their command,’ and I proceeded to strip naked to the waist.  The police then moved in rapidly only I was spirited away and went home to watch the news with my friends.


The news reported ‘a woman’ did what I did, but showed no pictures, of course, so I called them and told the media I was that strange woman and was open for any interviews, etc.  Every call, the phone went dead at this point.  It never made the news.  I was triumphant because it proved I was not making this up.


When I camped right next to the UN in downtown media giant Manhattan within walking distance of all major news headquarters, not one visited the Chinese student camp.  No photos, no videos, no interviews, nothing.  Only CNN, still uncorrupted, visited us.


Alex Jones is now constantly in the media…being attacked.  The attacks are failing for his audience shoots upwards as they attack him.  They are flailing away at him and he becomes more and more visible.  This is a form of ju-jitsu of the mind fuck.  I can’t do that because they are in a conspiracy to hide me.


They were ignoring him deliberately but now are on the warpath.  The President of the USA is a friend of Alex.  They talk on the phone, Trump’s staff is friendly.  Trump hates the mainstream media because they lie about him all the time so he is unfriendly with them…duh.  Who wants to be friends with crazy people who are violent and homicidal?


The media is trying to kill Milo, too.  They don’t properly reports stories about crazy feminists and leftists who are chasing him around, trying to terrorize him and are breaking laws constantly, these same people did this to Trump’s supporters, too, and the mainstream media tried very hard to hide this information about terrorists on the left or outright lied about these attacks claiming falsely that Trump supporters caused it, not a raving mob of racist/fake feminists going nuts illegally.


I am stunned Trump wasn’t killed yesterday.  I am assuming no pilots hate him enough to sacrifice their lives to kill him, he is indeed, quite popular with the lower orders of the military for the most part and definitely with cops who have been persecuted and are now killed EVERY DAY in the last year, one was shot dead in Oregon the other day, for example.


Ambushes and fatal shooting increase greatly the toll on police this year. This is 100% the fault of Obama and Loretta Lynch created this problem. Across the nation, police are unable to stop riots thanks to these two. Their hands are tied and so we had riots right in the middle of Washington, DC. as well as in ‘Democratic’ cities that voted for Hillary. Says a lot, doesn’t it?


If nothing else, life will be interesting which reminds me of an ancient Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times.






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8 responses to “Hell Freezes Over, Snow In Sahara, Trump Survives Inauguration, Liberals Go Berserk

  1. Jim R

    Hmmm… and Dallas police are quitting in droves, after that massacre at the BLM parade last year. The Dallas police pension fund is broke as a result.

  2. melponeme_k

    “I am stunned Trump wasn’t killed yesterday.”

    Because even their “Thelema” is abandoning them. As a whim I pulled out the Thoth again and asked about the first 100 days of Trump. What a positive reading, never saw the Thoth so jolly.

    6 of Swords(Science), The Star, Ace of Disks, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups, Hanged Man, 3 of Wands (Virtue).

    The cards state Trump will have to play as rationally as possible. He is standing on the line between the elites beloved Chaos and Order. If he keeps to his message of Hope (Star), he will make a big win financially for his country. This will gain him more converts to his camp and begin a reintegration of American society. The hanged man states he will reach a point where nothing seems to move forward. He has to wait this out to watch what the Bilderbergs are doing. Once it happens he will be in the position of the 3 of wands, able to make decisions based on facts not fears.

    The man definitely has a High Priestess near him.

    We are in revolutionary times, maybe we never left them it just took 200 years and change for the full play. Now all that is left is for Great Britain to free themselves from royals.

  3. charlottemom

    The military has circled its wagons around Trump. Israel (Russian and orthodox Jews there) also on his side. In American liberal jees not so much.

    Thsee groups will protect Trump. I suspect Trump via Kursner has promised something big to Israel. Jerusalem as capital (alreadyannounced) with the west bank as well. All palestinians moved to gaza for their new nation. We shall see…

  4. emsnews

    Both are correct. Good show.

  5. Moe

    “I am stunned Trump wasn’t killed yesterday.”

    For once ‘stunned’ is a good thing!

    Melponeme mentions a High Priestess. I wouldn’t know about that (melponeme_k: would that be an individual in corporeal form?) but I would wager that a lot of prayers were said for Trump.

  6. melponeme_k


    It could be people praying. It could be a person wily about the superstitions of the elite.

    Or it could be the goddess who stands naked in our harbor. Another avatar of Lady Justice. A gift from one country to another to celebrate the fact that we no longer kneel to people who think they are fairies.

  7. Moe

    NASA Admits Solar Variability and Cooling

    LOL. NASA must be sweating with Trump on the horizon, so now they finally come out with some non-fake news. NASA is just another pimple on the ass of US corruption, but perhaps Trump really will curtail some of it.



  8. Lou

    To bring awareness to AGW, he walks in Florida.
    With all the pythons, Florida could use a month below freezing.

    He didnt walk across Montana, in January.


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