Dirty Demoiselle Democrats Shout Dirty Ditties At Anti-Rude Trump Rally

Ashley Judd lowers the tone at star-studded DC women’s march by reading poem claiming Trump has ‘wet dreams’ about Ivanka ‘his favorite sex symbol’: This dirty poem was written by a very young adult who celebrates the muck that is our culture today.  The woman reading this dirty ditty happens to be an actress that acts dirty, too.  And all these dirty young lasses hate Trump when…HE talks dirty and pays attention to their dirty sexy selves.  This schizo activity is on full display at the Woman’s March in DC.


Judd was reciting a poem written by a 19-year-old from Tennessee when she read the line: ‘I feel Hitler in these streets, a mustache traded for a toupee.’


The poem was a celebration of ‘nasty women’, as Trump so famously called Hillary Clinton during a debate before the presidential election.


‘I am a nasty women,’ Judd began as she read the poem. ‘I’m not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust.’


‘I am…women’?  HAHAHA.  This proves she is schizoid.  Split in two, she is.


‘I’m not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, your wet dreams infused with your own genes,’ she read later, clearly referencing Ivanka.


Trump can sue for defamation if this is published.  This is disgusting and coming from sex fiend actresses, it is very disgusting.  I hope Hollywood ceases making disgusting movies (I haven’t seen a modern movie in years and this includes the new Star Wars or LOTR or Harry Potter, etc.).  It needs potty training.


‘I’m not as nasty as confederate flags being tattooed across my cities, maybe the south is actually going to rise, maybe for some it never really fell.’


Judd continued to proudly repeat the phrase ‘I’m a nasty women’ as the crowd of thousands continued to cheer.


‘And our p***ies ain’t for grabbing, they’re for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America’s ever will be,’ she concluded.


What walls are these?  I am assuming, the gigantic wall separating reality from fantasy?  And I am assuming these females call their sex organs ‘pussies’?  Pussy refers to kitty cats, in my vocabulary.  The dirty mainstream news media has to blank out the letters in the middle of ‘pussy’ because of what?


Is it that dirty?  Evidently, talented young female righters who are ‘adults’ for less than one year love dirty words and dirty pussies.  I will use that word pussy without censorship.  Why can’t our mainstream media do this?  After all, this was recorded by the mainstream, the actress is in mainstream Hollywood movies which are supposedly mainstream!  Why censor any of the cusses and insult words?


Blacks use ‘nigger’ all the time…in movies from Hollywood, in recordings published by the biggest corporations like Sony, they run off at the mouth repeatedly, monotonously…anyone find my article now utterly monotonous…this is deliberate…HAHAHA.


‘Our pussies are for our pleasure, for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, generations of nasty women.’


Wow…again and again with the New Left I see utterly schizophrenia.  This childish ‘poet’ and the brain dead actress would be WHIPPED TO DEATH in Saudi Arabia!  Not metaphorically, either.  Can’t they figure out the obvious  here?  The Sikhs would just slip a blade into their back.  The Pope sends them all to hell.  The Buddhists pretend this is OK but believe these critters will all burn in hell, too.

Mark Dice has fun with MSMBC crew going nuts about Trump’s first Presidential speech.  A fun video, indeed.  MSNBC and CNN are both being banished to the outdoors since the mainstream media demanded that Trump keep these dirty ditty doggies in the White House and not across the street.


Trump made it crystal clear, HIS choices for ‘who gets press passes’ will be his alone and he will choose those he wants, not what they all want and eventually they will do as he wishes and hold these in a bigger room so alternative media can be there.


I would suggest he have ONLY ‘alternative media’ at his conferences and maybe even invite me into the room?  HAHAHA.  Unlikely but fun to ask.





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14 responses to “Dirty Demoiselle Democrats Shout Dirty Ditties At Anti-Rude Trump Rally

  1. venguer

    It really is amusing to watch an Old School Feminist like Elaine SHRED the sheltered, snowflake “feminists” of today.

  2. ziff

    That judd thing was a great bit of rabble rousing! some of it sounds like penis envy

  3. Jim R

    Correction: the Buddhists believe they will reincarnate as cockroaches. I kinda lean toward the Buddhist …

  4. Moe

    Judd really is “…a nasty woman.” At least she got that right.

    I seems to me that a fundamental economic law applicable across all cultures is that one must produce to survive, and produce excess to thrive. The most recent century has temporarily suspended that axiom with the advent of the nanny state but the ‘law’ hasn’t been rescinded, merely allayed.

    How are these unproductive, angry, misinformed and misguided people to be integrated into a functioning society (with the proviso that Trump and his successors succeed in so re-establishing)? The American cultural scene is not divided merely between the ultra-rich and the rest of the citizenry, but the citizenry itself is split between producers and non-producers, disparate from political affiliation. Without change sooner or later there will be a revolt, or alternatively dissociation, voluntary or otherwise. (Can you say ‘FEMA Camp’?).

    Dissociation has already occurred to some degree. Major metropolitan areas and their inner cities, and coastal areas appear to harbor the majority of of the so disaffected: one only has to consult the results of the past election to discern their habitat.

    In the early ’70’s a coup was conducted in Argentina. Reputedly, some 10’s of thousands of leftists were ‘disappeared’, but eventually they regained power. My point being, disregarding the salutary social effect, if any, of the coup initiators, that to create a truly functioning society (which the leftists have never done) it may be necessary to effectively isolate, segregate or eliminate those able individuals who will not expend energy in self-sufficiency of selves and family. This occurs unerringly in a natural setting: perhaps it’s time to occur in America.

    Of course that is a radical (perhaps cruel) prescription, but is there a less radical, efficacious alternative?

  5. Moe

    Madonna at same rally as Judd

    From Zerohedge:

    Excerpt: Madonna added, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, and I know this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.” Instead, she said that she would “choose love.”

    Riiiight, this satanic (literally not figuratively) bitch would “choose love”. What a crock of horse-feces.

    Recall her Superbowl XLVI performance. She sang a signature song (for her, since it is a pean to Satan), ‘Like a Prayer’. (Oh, you always thought that song represented a prayer to God? Well it does, only her god, Lucifer).

    Man, these bitchez is dangerous! Duplicitous! Spiritually fugly!


  6. Shawn W.

    Thank you, again, Elaine, for being one of the most impartial voices on this/these issue(s). I’m serious about that, folks. She’s admitted she isn’t perfect, yet I maintain my view in spite of her critics.

    To everyone– concerning “reincarnation”– I don’t think so, I respectfully disagree– we probably don’t get a chance at that and just end up here on earth to repeat in the current human form we have been given.

    That is, if we did well the last time, perhaps…

    Perhaps if we spiritually develop enough, we could then choose to come back to this life to help the greater good– but that’s going to be rare. Ponder how many acorns ACTUALLY become an oak tree. Not many compared to what a good oak tree can create in the entire life span of an oak tree.

    Some call it, “eternal recurrence” but “eternal” may only be for some.

    True reincarnation is probably only for a few spiritually evolved individuals and that’s beyond most of us. I’m NOT one, I admit it.

    Possibly, if we don’t consistently improve then eventually we would would find conditions of life worse and worse and then just be physically born stillborn. After that?

    We get to be “compost”– physically and spiritually– even cockroaches may have some merit, though don’t ask me– I’m NO expert in insects. Who knows? This is just my own conclusions–

    Anyway, I cite these sources–

    Ouspenksy, The Fourth Way, In Search of the Miraculous.
    Gurdjieff, All and Everything.

    I’ll close with something to keep the lawyers happy–

    Btw, this is NO endorsement of any surviving, so-called, “Gurdjieff” groups. Use everything that I have cited at your own risk and I assume NO responsibly– good or BAD that you may have in your experience under any conditions.

    “Your mileage may vary” as some have said.

    By reading this post you agree to these terms, and so on and so forth until the earth gets rid of us for our destructive antics as dumb human beings. Blah, blah, and etc. and so on–


  7. Nebohaustoe

    To Moe–

    Yes, I agree, I would have hoped people in the ’80s would have realized her thin-sounding soprano range voice and nauseating careering would have raise concerns and everyone would have switched to listening to– Kate Bush, for example.

    IMHO, Kate Bush has better much material and a more robust sound in her soprano range– as a post-graduate music student who never made it big in the music biz, that’s what I conclude aesthetically about so-called “Madonna”.

    As for the political– doesn’t anyone need to point this out? ANYONE making threats like that are foolish and misguided– it inspires the wrong actions! There’s got to be a better way– isn’t there?

    Hopefully, there is, perhaps, and ASAP.


    P. S. – btw, Moe, if you have time, check out this Kate Bush video from around that period. You decide based on what I have related and if it doesn’t work for you– plenty of other female vocalists out there for everyone’s entertainment. Peace be with you and everyone.

  8. Moe

    @ Nebohaustoe

    Yep, listened to Bush. Her voice is much more vibrant, varied, and infused than Madonna’s. But she is deeply weirded out, perhaps only superficially from artistic expression or wont. But weird.

    Years ago I thought that I had found the holy grail of female artists when I first heard Sarah Brightman. She had perfect pitch.

    But her voice lacked a certain vibration. It took me a while to figure it out, but she lacked genuine ‘heart’ energy. (Sorry, I can’t explain it more than that).

  9. pontiff holysh*t

    Now that Trump is Prez, why chicks won’t be able to walk down the street without getting grabbed by the pussy, I tell ya’.

  10. emsnews

    Well, my pussies all three of them, often try to trip me up when I go around the house.

  11. Seraphim

    That’s a proof that ‘nasty’ (for hysterical) women think with their pussies.

  12. CK

    It appears that Ms Judd did not have a loving father.
    She has claimed to have been the victim of incest and abuse.
    So of course she has to project what she did have onto
    others who do have loving and supportive familial arrangements.
    Feminism once proclaimed that women could have it all.
    Ivanka Trump does have it all.
    Funny how easy it is for feminists to hate.

  13. emsnews

    I am a feminist who ended up in a man’s career, construction, and working nearly exclusively with men and this means talking with them, hanging out with them, etc. So I have some appreciation of their concerns which are being swept under the rug for the last 30 years.

    And the destruction of families has been rising like a tsunami, it already has destroyed nearly all black families rendering them increasingly ‘antisocial’.

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