Germany Mad At Trump, Want No Relations (Bilderberg Freak-out)



Hooray!  Kiss East Germany Merkel ta-ta, Trump, she and her insane buddies who are systematically destroying Germany, don’t want you around and I assure you, you don’t want them around, either, they are commies.  Germany leeched off of the US like Japan building up big industrial systems while exporting to the US and destroying our industries.  Then China kicked us full in the face and Trump wants to end this and so everyone overseas who is leeching off of the US are screaming bloody murder.  Good.


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Trump is ending the New World Order! Verdamt! (damn)  Look at this undiplomatic hissy fit from the nation that brought us WWI and WWII:


“As always when power changes hands, there are uncertainties, doubts and questions about the course the new leadership will take,” Steinmeier wrote in an opinion piece for Bild’s Sunday edition.


“But in these times of a new global disorder it is about more, and there is a lot at stake today – with the election of Donald Trump the old world of the 20th century is over for good,” Steinmeier stated.


ABOUT TIME, too!  But he doesn’t like this, no, he wants the status quo that is killing us.


Steinmeier wrote that he is committed to Berlin’s vision regarding free trade, fighting extremism and terrorism, as well as maintaining trust in transatlantic relations, but added that “turbulent times” lie ahead.


See?  I didn’t even need to read this German article to know exactly this clown’s position.


Relations with the US, Germany’s biggest trade partner, should be based “on rules, common values and joint action in the international economic system, in the international trade system, and… our contributions to the military alliances,” Merkel was quoted as saying by Spiegel.


HOW DARE YOU!  Germany pays what, 2% compared to 10% of GDP for protecting his wretched, cheap country?  Eh?  Why not pay ALL your defense money?  Germany has a joke for a military, it is deliberately weak so Germany can lean on the US for money and weapons.


The 60-year-old Social Democrat is highly respected at in Germany where he is regarded as a balanced and open-minded politician. In November last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her ruling coalition will back Steinmeier as Germany’s president.


If this is ‘balanced’ then a drunk trying to walk a plank is in excellent balance.  I dearly hope Trump cuts all troops in Germany.  Let these creeps fend for themselves for once.


From Sputnik News:


HAHAHA…and these lying creeps are fencing in Germany.  I remember fences in 1968…when I planned to go to Leipzig illegally.  And the German Shepard dogs…heh.


No ‘word bombs,’ pressure from outside can stop drills in S. China Sea – Chinese state media announces to Trump.  This news via RT news in Russia.  The news about China barely appears in the US at all.  So I read overseas to learn what is really going on.


Also from RT news:



HAHAHA.  The Free Trade mess continues as Britain and the US and other nations pull out one by one, the Bilderberg gang is going insane!  Call all psychiatrists and get out the straight jackets!  Lots and lots of these, there are many elites jumping out of buildings, running around naked, foaming at the mouth.  Their world is collapsing!


Start WWIII!  Yes, that will work wonders.



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7 responses to “Germany Mad At Trump, Want No Relations (Bilderberg Freak-out)

  1. ziff

    Canada ? how did we get a mention? lol

  2. emsnews

    O Canada! 🙂

  3. Vengeur

    The German press is in TOTAL meltdown over the Trump election. Their “secret” that they are running a HUGE trade surplus with the US ((while acting as a poor lil’ orphan client state unable to defend itself from the evil Russians) has been exposed by Trump. If you think the press here in the US is viciously anti-Trump, you should read the German Press. It is absolutely UNHINGED over Trump.

  4. JimmyJ

    BC is gonna feel the hurt when the NAFTA owls come home to roost on our subsidized stumpage system for logged trees. And God forbid BC forests are privately owned and managed.

    The BC Gov tried giving away bug killed pine wood the stumpages were so low. My bug bear is that dead standing and fungus riddled pine wood has attrocious strength characteristics, another widespread commercial fraud of immense proportions in an age of immense fraud.

  5. DeVaul

    I am wondering, Elaine, since you have dusted off your tarot card deck, if you can see any connection between the Chinese 50 year plan to bankrupt us in 2020 and the fact that Trump will be president in that very year.

    For those who have not been here long, Elaine somehow found out about a Chinese plan to drive us into bankruptcy over a period of 50 years, and she talked about this a lot some ten years ago. She even mentioned that the Chinese were surprised that they had met their goal too early.

    No one else I have read anywhere has mentioned anything about this plan.

    Trump has openly declared a trade war on China, as far as they are concerned. (He frames it differently, as in “stop cheating us” with currency manipulations and sweatshops.)

    This is a momentous confluence of opposing forces: a long-term plan has suddenly met with the rise of a populist leader intent on stopping it.

    What do the cards say?

  6. ziff

    Jimmy i saw somewhere , the term was ‘ stumpage is so low they are forced to log” . there by wrecking various old growth valleys.

  7. Moe

    Germany’s New Ministry of Truth

    And just to remind readers of past German propensities (though not attributable solely to Germany)

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