Madonna Says ‘Blow Up The White House, Kill Everyone’


Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW UP the White House during expletive-filled rant at women’s march in Washington…yet another blowhard, violent, anti-democratic pro-black magic, Satanic Hollywood/NYC bitch bites the dust.  The crowd cheered this criminal stuff which is funny considering how they are also screaming, they are easily hurt.


The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into pop singer Madonna after her intense speech at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday afternoon. Donning a black p***yhat, the music icon caused controversy by dropping the F-bomb four times, sparking a slew of apologies from broadcasters airing the protest live. She went on to speak of her rage at the election result, telling the crowd she had thought a lot about ‘blowing up the White House’ but knew that it ‘wouldn’t change anything’.


Thugs, they are all thugs.  As I wrote in the previous article, the PBS circle jerk was whining about why Trump and his supporters can’t be nicer to these terrible, violent, obscene and vicious leftists!  Imagine if Trump and his followers said or did one tenth of what these creeps are doing!


Madonna yapped about how she didn’t want ‘violence’ and then said she wanted to blow up the White House.  It reminds me of that black girl last month who wanted to burn down the city after her criminal brother was shot by cops but asked the rioters to not loot the wig shops!


Just attack ‘white stores’ she said.  Obama said nothing last month about this inciting a riot.


Madonna famously said she would ‘suck dicks’ of any men who vote for Hillary and I suppose this led to Trump’s win when they all took a look at that vampire and ran the other way.  HAHAHA…sigh.  This is so stupid, I have to be obscene to write about this top DNC entertainer.


Can’t they see how hideous she is?  Evil!!!  WTH is wrong with liberals?  Basing their beliefs on the dead past, they pretend they are ‘civilized’ when they are not at all ‘civilized.’

Madonna – Does her Nazi dance – YouTube


My previous article about the PBS panel, the lunatics on TV kept whining about how Trump isn’t being nice to them, he isn’t approaching them and asking them if he can service their egos, etc.  Meanwhile, we have leftists making DEATH THREATS against the entire First Family and there is no outrage in the Fake News media system.


Have they no mirrors?  Nope, they are vampires.  Madonna is certainly literally a ‘vampire’ and I believe she does blood black magic rituals, too.





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20 responses to “Madonna Says ‘Blow Up The White House, Kill Everyone’

  1. Claudeeyah

    That washed up old hag reminds me more and more of Baby Jane Hudson.

  2. Lisa

    I am so tired of the nutjob protesters. They aren’t sure what they’re protesting, they certainly can’t articulate a coherent sentence or two on the subject, but damn it, they’re all mad about something. And if you won’t listen then they’ll burn something down or assault anyone who thinks differently than them.

    I think crazed protesters are all that’s left of the Democratic party. That’s not much of a base to win elections with because it drives the sensible people away. I’m much less likely to vote for a Democrat after watching their minions run wild through the streets, screaming profanity, wearing their genitals on their heads, and setting things on fire.

  3. Seraphim

    Madonna is frustrated that she couldn’t blow the voters for Hillary. She has now to blow Trump. She must be blown away from public life.

  4. benaoi

    I love Madonna’s courage to be beautiful and sexy at her age. For that I applaud her, but this threat of blowing up White House incites violence to our most sacred institution and can’t be tolerated. She’s crossed the line now. Time for her to receive a visit from the FBI and Secret Service. You are not exempt Madonna. You’re money and fame does NOT make you ABOVE the law. You are inciting violence against our President and his family. I’ve now lost respect for her. Disgusting.

  5. tio

    Please take her passport away. PLEASE …

  6. emsnews

    But I want her to leave!

  7. Sarah Smith

    Why dont you give your money to all the ass holes who sit on their ass and don’t work. They think they are entitled to our money because they are black or mexican or white and don’t care. IF you don’t like President Trump or the usa LEAVE or SHUT UP. HE’S PRESIDENT GET OVER IT. If we continue like we are we will be more overrun by drug lords and criminals from other countries. Somebody has to do something. Obama did not care all he did was turn criminals lose and drink beer and play pool during the border crisis. Oh and support the bitch that refused to do anything to help our troops in Bengazie. What do you want? YOU refuse to see or acknowledge the real problems and don’t want to see anyone try to solve them. GO TO HELL AND COMPLAIN.

  8. tio

    Noooooo … #AnywhereButAirstripOne

  9. Mary Francis Beacon

    Madonna spoke truth to power. If you all can accept Trump bragging about grabbing women’s pussies, then you have no ground to stand on inndenouncing Madonna. She should be out 46th President, after the disaster that is Trump!

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  11. Sarah Smith

    “Whoever is trying to bring you down is already beneath you”.

  12. emsnews

    We call these ‘ankle biters’. 🙂

  13. @ Sarah Smith

    IF you don’t like President Trump or the usa LEAVE or SHUT UP. HE’S PRESIDENT GET OVER IT.

    Hear, here! 😀

    I put #MyPresident on my facebook page and my own damn left liberal progressive sister replies, “ugh!”

    I styled my self a lib-prog, too, until Hillary STOLE THE NOMINATION. Now I don’t know WHAT I am. A conservative socialist, perhaps? I know one thing, I am sick and tired of all their whinging and the press putting the expressed actual fears of their captive constituencies under a cone of silence in favor of THEM and their petulant baby-boomerish antics because it SELLS.

  14. emsnews

    ‘Socialism’ can exist only if a country is solvent and the US isn’t. Sad reality, actually. So many things could be better designed but of course, we can’t seem to do it. Communism is pure poison.

  15. Lou

    ‘Socialism’ can exist only if a country is solvent and the US isn’t.
    Simple minded. It only works in White, Christian, wealthy countries.

    And then the parasite hordes descend, like vultures.

  16. Willie

    If you don’t like this country get a plane ticket and leave. You had your 8 years with a Muslim president and all he did was make it worse you should take him and all Muslim and go to a country that you love all you are doing is trying to destroy a great country and you want win.

  17. Doug

    its funny that there is a fake news article at the top and then the title of this article misquotes her. thanks for posting the video. increase awareness!


    ELAINE: Yes, she then said, ‘but don’t do it’ to cover her ass. The rhetoric of the left has been VERY VIOLENT since they lost the election and we call this ‘throwing gasoline on a fire’.

  18. Don’t like Hill. Don;t like Trump. Am more offended by the left’s reaction this election year. The Jessica Fletcher Look-alike at the golden globes calling out Trump for “making fun” of disabled yet she made millions and wore millions of diamonds as she promoted a movie that made fun of the world’s worst singer. Her state’s (CA) poverty rate has increased while education has decreased since 2009. ( Home ownership in the younger classes has decreased during the past 8 years. Yet Madonna’s Net Worth in 2016 is $1B. Streep $65M. Rosie O’Donnel $100M. Do they really relate to “heartland” America? I’ve been unemployed for 30 months because of the Gov’t, and will shortly loose my house. Should I have voted for an additional 4 years of Obama’s procedures? Or should I take a chance? If I made millions, I’d say, like madonna says, to Americans “let them eat cake.” The devil you know is not the best option

  19. Fired Taco et al, after I read DJT’s foreign policy positions I knew I couldn’t vote for him. But I couldn’t vote for Hillary either, because of what her BFF Victorian Nulan did to the Ukraine. I thought BOTH would start World War 3 for different reasons (with Madame No-Fly-Zone more likely of course). So my pick was going to be either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Once Gary said “Where’s Alleppo?” in response to a newsmedia gotcha question, I decided then and there to vote Stein and I did. And how did she reward me? By challenging vote counts in four close states on behalf of the Wicked Witch of the Clinton Foundation. Grrrrh! 😡

    In 2020 I’m liable to vote Trump and GOP/3rd Party b/c I don’t trust the Dems to not repeat their mistakes.

  20. Maddie's Mom I would say … vulgar.

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