PBS TV Panel of DC Insiders (Bilderberg) Discussing The Election’s Pesky Voters


PBS public TV has a panel discussion about the election with all nifty Bilderberg gangsters pretending to be clueless:

DAVID BROOKS: I feel underdressed.


Eek…naked old dude!  Run away!


MARK SHIELDS: You have got that blue-collar Republican look.

DAVID BROOKS: It’s the new populist moment.


It never ceases to amaze me how these ancient Bilderberg gangsters get on public TV to pretend they are nobody special, just ordinary people.  He is ten years younger than I and ten times dumber.  But appears clever because no one smarter than he is allowed at the NYT which banned me many years ago for typing way too fast and being rather clever and utterly opposed to their lying and bitching all the time.


DAVID BROOKS: The story of the day was the really unabashed populism and nationalism of the Trump speech.


And so I’m left with two big questions: How big is this nationalist moment? It’s been spread around the world. Theresa May just gave an anti — how they’re going to withdraw from Brexit, the U.K. Le Pen is looking good in France. Putin is riding high.


At least he admits to what is really happening right now.  We don’t hear him talk about how he and his Bilderberg buddies moved heaven and earth to stop this.


There’s an international movement. A lot of sort of dismiss as sort of a product of a receding bit of history, but maybe it’s the 21st century. And maybe Trump is riding something, and he will be able to marshal a left-right populist movement. That’s a possibility we should be open to, especially because the anti-populists, people who believe in global trade and global movements, have no guts, no articulation, and really no opposition.


Ahah!  Who are these ‘anti-populists’?  Hillary is one!  So is Obama.  All the Bushes.  They rule us ruthlessly and can’t believe we revolted against them.  To this very day, they are desperate to prove that Trump isn’t popular by rigging polls, lying about everything under the sun and running hysterical stories about how Russia runs our elections (HAHAHA) not the Bilderberg gang who are the gang who can’t steal elections straight.  Bang.


And then the second thing, how is he going to turn this into policy? How does an outsider who runs against Washington actually rally Washington to launch his agenda? That’s just a gigantic challenge.


A gigantic challenge due to Mr. Brooks and his fellow criminals fighting this tooth and nail all the way.  They are dead set against the US rising again, they want us deep in debt, desperate, freezing to death, worthless money, living in tiny houses while the elites live in palaces, etc.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Mark Shields?


MARK SHIELDS: In 1940, there were 137 million people in the United States of America and — 132 million — and there were 600,000 more factory jobs than there are today.


There were eight million more factory jobs in this country than when Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. So, Donald Trump represents a real grievance, a real constituency.


But what I could not get over in the speech today — and I don’t know what the global impact or meaning is, but I do know that it was unlike any inaugural address I have ever heard. It was a call to arms to those already enlisted in his army. There was no attempt to reach across the divide. There was no attempt to heal wounds. There was no attempt to reassure or allay fears of those who were apprehensive and not supported him.


Indeed, what on earth could he say?  The ‘wounds’ are what has happened to the entire middle of the nation that was savaged, destroyed, turned into ruins, killed off, annihilated.  Then there are the ‘hurt feelings’ of the coastal kiddies who are whining about how mean the entire middle of the country is, voting for someone who is finally listening to their just grievances.


So, in that sense, it was almost unique, at least in the speeches I have heard. And it was an unbridled attack upon those presidents spoke of who were — in William’s piece who were sitting on the dais with him, having praised the Obamas in one sentence for being magnificent, and then saying that this small group who have profited in Washington have been indifferent, and almost cruelly so, to the rest of the country.


He was being polite.  ‘You are a fine person…now I am talking about all your mistakes, do you mind?  Of course not!’  ‘This small group…cruelly…to the rest of the country’ is the BILDERBERG GANG!  Duh.


So, I just stand in the midnight in America, American carnage, which is, I think, soon-to-be canceled TV series, but I just have never heard language quite like it or a tone quite like it in an inaugural address.


Little toddler, you lived your childish life under the rule of two Bushes and two Clintons and then one Obama and they screwed up everything immensely to the point, we are on the verge of collapse.  PS: all their campaign promises turned to garbage because none of them were working for citizens, they all want to destroy us.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Matt Schlapp, since you’re so well-dressed, I’m going to call on you next.


JUDY WOODRUFF: What did you hear? What are you taking away?


MATT SCHLAPP, Chairman, American Conservative Union: Boy, I just — what I would say to Mark is, is that I think one of the things that was ironic is, you had Donald Trump up on that dais, who hasn’t been a Republican for very long, and who is basically a function of the fact that both those parties and many of those party leaders and some of those former presidents didn’t listen to the American people.


President Obama will leave office with higher approval ratings, but still two-thirds of this nation believe that we’re on the wrong track. And I think the demonstration of the economic pain and the unrest and unease about what’s happening overseas is high.


The ‘approval ratings’ are trash.  The same people who lied about Trump’s real support all year long did the Obama polls and they did all the pro-Clinton polls and these were all the same way: do NOT call on anyone in the middle of the country especially if they live in the countryside!  Lopsided polls are stupid.  Relying on them for anything is stupid.


And, really, what struck me about the address, about the speech is that he is connecting to the political moment. The political moment is not about morning. It’s about — a little bit about M-O-U-R-N-I-N-G, and the fact that there is nothing wrong with a Republican connecting to the fact that a lot of Americans are hurting.


Now, I agree you have to offer solutions and you have to be optimistic and you have to lead them someplace, but it’s important to listen to them and to connect to them. And that’s why Donald Trump is the president.



AMY WALTER, The Cook Political Report: Yes.


And to Matt’s point, there was a lot of Donald Trump on the campaign trail where he seemed to switch positions. We really didn’t know — and I still think we don’t know — where exactly his ideological core is.


But there was one thing that was consistent throughout. It’s the same message we saw today in his inaugural speech was the message that we saw on the campaign trial, was the message that we saw at the convention. That has never changed at all.


It’s what won him the nomination, when nobody thought he was going to be able to do that. And it’s what won him the presidency, when, quite frankly, even going into the election night, nobody really believed that he was going to be able to win this.


And this is why having very stupid polls is stupid: they were so bent on lying about everything and reinforcing their dogma and choices on voters, they didn’t realize we all have other ways of collecting information, called ‘the internet’. I remember the election even if these ‘geniuses’ can’t due to political Alzheimer’s disease.


They all yelled at Trump back in early October to GIVE UP.  Surrender.  They yapped, ‘Our polls show you losing badly so don’t bother with voting!’  I was furious.  Aghast.  Even the last week, they snarled and snapped and said  Trump has only a 1.95% chance of winning…and then he took nearly everything outside a handful of cities and California went for Hillary but in NY, only parts of NYC and three other dying industrial cities went for her.  The rest of us didn’t.


And so he is taking that same message and he is going to bring it to the White House with him. This was something that he truly, you know, as I said, has stuck with throughout the course of his campaign. And he believes that, if he succeeds, other people are going to join.


The reaching out is not about reaching out to say, well, I’m going to take other people’s opinions and views. It’s, I’m going to do so well, I’m going to be so — we’re going to make America so great, that people who oppose me now are going to have to come on board.


Why on earth should he listen to them all?  Their message is: go deep in debt, run gigantic trade deficits and have WWIII with nuclear armed Russia.  Some plan!


 JUDY WOODRUFF: Is that what’s going to happen, Karine Jean-Pierre, somebody who worked against his election?


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, Democratic Strategist: Yes, look, it was — and I said this before — it was very disappointing.


It was a right-wing nationalism speech. It was very reminiscent of the RNC convention speech, when he accepted his nomination, had that dooms and glooms type of feel. And I think the most disappointing part of it was, there are people here who are genuinely fearful because of the type of campaign that he ran and the people that he insulted.


And he didn’t do anything to mend those wounds. And, as president, that’s what people look to our leader to do. And I think he missed a really important opportunity as we were going through the peaceful transfer of power.


Why on earth must he ‘heal Hillary bot wounds’ when they are screaming at him and his followers, attacking his followers, insulting him endlessly, look at all the Hollyweird nut cases to this very night, hollering they hate him, hate all of us, want us all dead, are making crude sexual jokes about his CHILDREN underage Trump kiddies???


This ridiculous woman wants HIM to be nice to HER??? She was one of the brats who demanded he cease running for President because he had only a 1.95% chance of winning.  She needs to apologize to him.


Did she and her jerk squad concede when Hillary lost?  NO.  Did they cooperate at every event such as the state delegates voting?  NO.  She and her gang tried to steal the election at every turn only to be finally slapped down.  All the way to the Inauguration, they refused even slight cooperation.  Demanding he come to these bitches from hell and beg to HELP them is insane and HILARIOUS.  HAHAHA.  Slap them all down.


LARA BROWN, Director, George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management: Well, I think that that’s precisely the problem.


Maybe he is going to continue to bring the fight to Washington, but there was no acknowledgment that he had won. His party has won. One of the most important aspects of an inaugural speech is to actually end the campaign, to move beyond the campaign, to bring about a sense of reconciliation and unity with all of those who fought fiercely against you.


What the fuck?  Talk about stupid.  Victory leads to changing direction, not making buddies with the Bilderberg buddies who hate you.  Politics is all about fighting, after all!  I have fought all my life with politicians especially the Bilderberg ones.  They hate me and I hate them.  They also hate Trump with a passion.


He isn’t one of them!  We escaped their clutches and they are furious about this.  The ‘campaign’ is prelude to change, not end of change.


And I think there is also this other piece where he failed to recognize his moment in history. He didn’t acknowledge past presidents, those who are sort of lions in the pantheon of presidents, whether it’s Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington. He didn’t notice or witness the ceremony as being important in history.


HAHAHA.  Hey, Obama isn’t exactly enamored with either Jefferson or Washington, they both owned slaves.  Lincoln was assassinated.  Like Kennedy.  Note that this broad doesn’t mention him.


You know, Bill Clinton, who came to office with only 43 percent of the popular vote, began his speech by talking about how this speech takes place in the dead of winter, but that part of the words and the faces of the people are about forcing the spring, that there is a sense of renewal. And Trump didn’t provide that.


Liar liar bra on fire, lady, do you ever tell the truth?  Clinton was worse than Trump when it came to support.  No one had a ‘sense of renewal’.  We were tired of Bush Sr. of course.  I hate Bush Sr. I sparred with Bush Sr. and won when it came to his China policies and he hated me a great deal.  Clinton went around making Bilderberg deals with everyone  and ended up  handing things over to the Bushes again who drove us into illegal wars not that Hillary and Obama didn’t do likewise over and over again, too.


Well, it is fun watching this stupid panel talk and yak and drool but boy, are they all out of touch with the real world.





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8 responses to “PBS TV Panel of DC Insiders (Bilderberg) Discussing The Election’s Pesky Voters

  1. venguer

    Here is a typical remark from “conservative Republican” David Brooks, when “debating” with a liberal Democrat on PBS: “I agree with what are saying , but not as strongly as you.” He is just another globalist shill.

  2. emsnews

    Yup. I just posted a dirty Madonna story complete with videos. Something to give you nightmares tonight! 🙂

  3. ziff

    ”’There was no attempt to reach across the divide. There was no attempt to heal wounds. There was no attempt to reassure or allay fears of those who were apprehensive and not supported him.”’

    i thought there was,[ i’m too lazy to go find it ]

  4. emsnews

    Every time Trump reached out, they act like pit bulls, snapping at his hand until he clobbers them again.

  5. Nani

    The European branch of the Bilderberg gang is mad as hell as well.

    Pope warns against Hitler-like leaders coming to power on wave of populism

    German foreign minister says 20th century world order is dead as Trump takes office

  6. emsnews

    We think alike! I got the same stories and just posted them. Good sleuthing, BTW, I appreciate people bringing links like this to the site…they often are a great help.

    About the Pope: GOOD LORD, ‘populism’ is BAD??? HAHAHA. The previous Pope from Germany met me way back in 1968 and pointed at me and said, (he was young back then) ‘You are the Whore of Babylon’ so I had a shirt made saying ‘I’m the Whore of Babylon.’ Yippee.

  7. Nani

    Since the mainstream media continues its propaganda war unabated, alternative media and blogs like this one are of crucial importance. It is my pleasure to contribute to it in any way i can.

    Thank you Elaine.

  8. Nani

    “The previous Pope from Germany met me way back in 1968 and pointed at me and said, (he was young back then) ‘You are the Whore of Babylon’ so I had a shirt made saying ‘I’m the Whore of Babylon.’ Yippee”

    You go girl, thats the spirit! Haha 🙂

    You are a real social justice warrior who stands up for important issues unlike those fake feminists and leftists liberals we see ranting in the streets today.

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