Trump Visit To CIA Headquarters Leads To Nonstop Fake News Lies


Graph showing how online videos are growing especially with young people (and myself, big time).


30.6 million watched inauguration, 7 million less than Obama is one headline today at the Daily Mail of London. This story like all current stories is both true and false.  The entire US media giant propaganda machine is on full, total attack on Trump and I expect him to retaliate in kind, I hope he banishes all of them from the White House and only has alternative media.  This would be a watershed moment in history!  And a triumph for people be believe in telling the truth.


The mainstream media claiming that fewer people watched Trump is silly and easily explained.  The elephant in this room is, years ago far fewer people watched events like this online because there were fewer people doing this and there were very few places showing this, the growth of online videos has been gigantic.


I, for example, don’t use standard TV at all and I know many people who don’t, most who do use only mainstream news are the elderly who don’t know you can roam around online, to see videos.


Zionist Nick Shapiro, a former aide to John Brennan at CIA said to NBC: ‘Former CIA Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes.’ The DNC gang is still whining.


How dare the President make a speech at the CIA headquarter’s memorial! He should stay away or…ahem…Brennan and Shapiro didn’t say what would happen next but I will: they will kill him…only Trump is getting rid of this gang so that is unlikely now.


The President today expressed support for the CIA, but also denounced the media for what he believes is dishonest and biased coverage of his inaugural weekend.


He said reporters made up the tension between him and the CIA. ‘I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest people on earth,’ Trump said. ‘They made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence people.’


He spent a good period of time during the briefing discussing himself and his accomplishments, boasting about the size of his inaugural crowds and commenting on how smart he is, reported NBC.


Here is the entire speech, both of Trump and Pence.  They got a warm welcome not a cold shoulder so the first part of the article above whereby Shapiro and gang whined about how angry the CIA guys were feeling is false.


They CHEERED Trump, some, very loudly.  Something the news story forgot to mention.  Sustained applause.  He joked about the media, ‘They treated me honestly today (the inaugural day) on that speech yesterday, I always call them the dishonest media but they treated me nicely this day.’  Well, that lasted less than 24 hours.  The media has returned to lying all the time again.


‘Please don’t give us that much backing,’ Trump said to them all and then joked about it causing waves of laughter.  ‘Almost everyone here voted for me but I won’t ask you to raise your hands if you did…’ and everyone laughed and then applauded.  He did a great deal of joking with them, far from defensive or hostile, this was a very friendly gathering.


Watching this speech, Trump’s references to himself nearly always was to joke about himself.  This is classic when people are being ‘friendly’ with an audience. I have used this tactic frequently especially when something possibly violent might happen (attacks from people like Al Sharpton) and this would make the audience laugh (at and with me) and cause things to be much better.


He talks about himself growing up and celebrating winning wars like WWII and then goes on talking about how we no longer win wars.  This is a topic I mention more than once.  Reagan did this too: let’s have only wars we can win.


Bush Jr. and Obama basically said, ‘Let’s have wars and then lose the peace.’  Basically.  We managed to eject from Vietnam after Nixon got in trouble for breaking even US laws as well as war crimes…we escaped from Afghanistan only to get back in and now are bogged down and losing and we entered Iraq illegally and are bogged down there, too, etc.


And we are bogged down in Syria supporting terrorists and confronting Russia which is winning there…just like in Vietnam!  People forget: Russia, not China, was supporting North Vietnam during the war there.


In this speech,Trump complains about the media lying about the crowd size at the inauguration and today the mainstream media is still attacking him on this issue which is silly to me, many people couldn’t get in or avoided it not because of Trump but because of violent left wing demonstrators attacking DC and setting cars on fire, breaking windows, throwing things, etc.


Duh!!!  Then Trump talks about the media lying about how Trump took away the Martin Luther King statue.  It was a big story and the retraction was back page, of course.  Yes, he is right about this, ‘A photographer was blocking the MLK statue and so a reporter couldn’t see it so…’ and thus, another lie is created out of thin air.


The CIA crowd LOVED that story about the White House media giants lying!!!  They made a lot of noise agreeing with Trump


Now watch the CNN panel whine and lie and complain and howl at the moon and it is hilarious to watch.  The CIA that Trump was attacking was purely the ‘OBAMA CREW’ is skipped by these geniuses hired by CNN.  Talk about dumb.

They grouse about his joking with the CIA and don’t say, ‘And the agents laughed with him and applauded his jokes’.  They pretend he was crazy to talk about the crowd size issue but the agents knew exactly what he was talking about, I knew.  It was obvious to all of us but clueless to the ‘media experts’ who are all crazy as cats on a hot tin roof during an ice storm.


The hint female in red whines, ‘Some of the (CIA staff) was probably wondering why is ‘(Trump) here?’ which I find particularly funny.  Duh.  He was there to talk to them after forcing Brennan to resign and his replacement hadn’t been picked yet by Congress but he wanted them to know his fight was strictly aimed at the guys at the very top (hello, Brennan and Shapiro!).


The grim CNN crew all were most anxious to be nasty and lie about the event to the point, they looked like a bunch of prim Victorian ladies fainting after seeing a man’s bare chest.  Swoon away, poor darlings! Throw water on their faces and wake them up again!


This comment to the video is particularly funny to me, the young males online have been joking about ‘Pepe the frog’ for some time.  There are many variations based on this character.  This one is a long haired biker.  ‘Meat Wall Pepe’ is referring to the bikers who said they were coming to DC.



This information about how many CIA staff were unable to be inside, too, is conveniently not mentioned by Fake News networks and has to be dug up by the army of online seekers like myself.  I love reading comments! Scanning these for information is a great way to find leads or get more links, for example.  I do this a great, great deal, more than reading articles themselves.


Finger on the pulse!  This is the lesson the media giants forget.  Once upon a time, they had lively comments sections, the NYT had the best, a huge area where we could discuss the news.  All of that has been systematically killed and the mainstream reporters don’t read comments anymore so they have no idea how stupid they look now, clinging to their own unreal world while ignoring our yells in the distance.  ‘I can’t hear you!’ the reporters say as they clutch their ears.



Now, lastly, here is a video from Saturday Night Semi-Alive:  in it, Colbert jokes about how Trump is dressed because he had this big red tie on which is amusing but look at these two pictures and tell me who is worse dressed:

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-8-07-52-am screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-8-09-29-am

Who looks the worst?  HAHAHA.  This poor comic should consult mirrors periodically whenever he tries to joke about how other people dress.  Good lord, a yellow tie?  Looks like the stripe down his back.  And the way he is wearing his jacket looks like he asked a street bum, ‘Do I look OK?’


The women’s marches are another issue which I already covered.  They are schizophrenic due to the need to be nice to anti-female Muslims which astonishes me to my very core.  How insane!


I almost forgot the dear old New York Slimes:


There is obviously NO RIFT between Trump and the vast workforce of the CIA, only with the Obama crew there and the NYT did lie about all this and…continues the lies by refusing to report the truth about his open meeting with the CIA staff!  I will note that this friendly visit was not front page news at the NYT.  But this stupid story is!


The Washington Washing Machine posts endless stories at the top attacking Trump and praising demonstrators (hahaha) and then has this little corner gem:


Go to Chicago and fix that black crime mess?  Nope.  He went to a rich, exclusive, eating water to keep the grass green in the desert golf course in Palm Springs.  He has a house there now.  And in Hawaii.  And in DC for the times he might pass through there between golf sets.  Jimmy Carter who was never mentioned by the news media when talking about living Presidents, went home and ran real charities that did real work (unlike the Clinton scam operation).


No mention of that guy.  He puts all the others to shame.  That is verboten.







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12 responses to “Trump Visit To CIA Headquarters Leads To Nonstop Fake News Lies

  1. charlottemom

    Continuing info wars between trump and media. Media trying to blunt any trump momentum coming off inauguration.

    Trump needs now to create a swarm of policy actions and directives – shock and awe – and Point to real news being created (via Trump Twitter and Spicer). Force media to get off opinionating on the inconsequential. Also sowcase the foot dragging by Dems, obstruction.

  2. ziff

    yes i watch you tube now rather than Tv , i can watch what interests me , and it makes suggestions.
    i noticed that crowd story right away and tried to check it.
    Another thing about the media, They establish archetypes, ie california will forever be in a draught, Trump = bad , and locally summer camping is always in the same local park.

  3. Christian W

    Trump can only win if he starts to prosecute Washington DC war criminals and IC crooks and expose their very real crimes, including war criminal journalists. If he pretends like nothing and continues to play the game US style he will simply be more of the same, and the US and the world will keep spinning into a very dark void. Already the crazy in the US is immense. So many Americans have absolutely no clue about anything and/or are deeply vested in one faction of the Deep State vs the other. Trump is the last chance to turn the US back into reality before the whole things simultanously implodes/explodes.

    But it looks like Trump won’t do anything of the really necessary things he promised he would do. Glass-Steagall? Nope. Crooks in jail? Nope. And so on.

    I guess you can’t expect too much reality from a guy who has made himself a golden tower to live in (literally).

  4. emsnews

    Miracles won’t happen without a huge push from the population. Half hates the other half, and on what I consider rather silly issues. WWIII isn’t a silly issue. Nor is total bankruptcy. These were the ‘buried issues’ or worse, the DNC half wants WWIII with Russia! That is insane.

  5. Christian W

    Miracles won’t happen without a huge push from the population.

    Which is why any real push from the population has been pre-empted by the PTB. By filling this vital niche with insane nonsense, the path to a real push has been made that much harder.

  6. Lou

    Nor is total bankruptcy. —Can 21 trillion in Gov debt be repaid?
    who is it owed to?

  7. Claudeeyah

    Miracles won’t happen without a huge push from the population.


    Someone on this site mentioned the fact that people will not revolt in large numbers until they’re no longer fat and happy. There is much truth in that. Christian W makes a good point in that the media has successfully side lined the big issues with nonsense. The fact that millions of women listen and seem to abide the fact that an aging, has-been, faded, flaccid, sagging boobed, former star like Madonna can advocate bombing the White House is most telling about our dumbed down populace.

  8. json

    President Trump got more fat women exercising in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years. 😃

  9. emsnews

    The map showing the counties that voted for Trump are astonishing: virtually the entire US. The major cities are picked out here and there and even all the counties in California didn’t go for Clinton! Most of NY didn’t, only NYC and half of Long Island, no state went 100% for Clinton but a number did for Trump.

    Most of Vermont voted for Hillary but this was because Sanders who is popular there still, asked them to do this.

  10. Jim R

    Ethics Group Will Sue Trump On Monday Over Foreign Government Payments

    by Tyler Durden
    Jan 22, 2017 9:33 PM

    The litigation will focus on Trump’s refusal to divest from his business or place his assets into a blind trust, which would separate him entirely from his business empire. He has said his adult sons will run his business while he is in office, that they will not conduct any foreign deals and will subject any domestic deals to an ethics review.

    The group says that because Trump has not divested from his businesses, he is “now getting cash and favors from foreign governments, through guests and events at his hotels, leases in his buildings, and valuable real estate deals abroad.”

    The lawyers behind action include constitutional law professors Laurence Tribe and Erwin Chemerinsky, as well as former White House ethics lawyers and CREW board members Norm Eisen and Richard Painter, as well as Bookbinder, Zephyr Teachout and Deepak Gupta.

  11. Jim R

    “Emoluments” is the new “Birth Certificate”.

    Clinton can accept hundreds of millions from Saudi and Qatar, but it’s OK because Clinton is a non-profit org. Trump does a business deal of some sort and it’s corruption.

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