Dan Rather CBS Lie Totally About Trump CIA Speech

This CBS story about Trump’s triumphant entry into the CIA headquarters is turned 100% on its head with the media wolf dog howling at Trump claiming he had no support from the people there (who cheered him wildly!) and that he was ‘self centered and talked mostly about himself’ (as I pointed out, he was JOKING about himself in a friendly way with a very friendly audience) and ‘how dare he stand before the wall of the dead doing this.’


Pure propaganda from our Real Rulers who are Bilderberg gangsters.  Of course, the voiceover for this ‘news’ which was a typical ‘fake news’ propaganda piece, was this ernest man hectoring us about how evil Trump is and how dare he do whatever and people are very mad about this.


To prove this point, the newscast ran off to OBAMA appointees who were very, very, VERY unpopular with the ranks of lower CIA agents and these, being political appointees, had nothing but nasty stuff to say, naturally, especially Brennan and his underlings.


The news story didn’t mention that when Trump spoke about Brennan and his underlings, the staff listening to him not only laughed out laud but cheered him, too and then rushed up to him to shake his hand!


CBS says that Trump talked about the ‘rift between the media and himself’ (DUH!) and he said in the speech, ‘The media talking about this rift is the reason I made this my #1 stop.’


It then goes to this woman who writes for ‘Politicfact’ (sic) which is a ‘liberal’ online rag and she makes up stuff about this comment that is pure lies, of course. No time did CBS talk to the CIA staff or Trump’s staff.


Nope.  All about Hillary bots!  Then the real crime of CBS is to…ATTACK PUTIN.  False charges are aired yet again and this disgusts me more than anything.


Why, why on earth has our media fakers joined at the hip with fake Democrats to resurrect the McCarthy era and Russia is a CAPITALIST country!  What are we?


Oh, a looting expedition country with a high crime/murder/war crime rate.  Good lord.  I just figured out the voice in this dirty propaganda piece is…DAN RATHER.  HAHAHA.  What a jerk.  How stupid. But then, he lied about me back in 1989, when I was fighting Bush Sr. over the issue of Chinese students he was trying to deport so they could be punished by the commies.


Darling Dan Rather’s office was a mere three blocks away from my camp in front of the UN.  He never paid us a visit, he never talked to us, the African nations people even rigged a phone to our camp and he never called and he knew I was there and he knew how to find me.


CNN talked to me every day!  Even Phil Donahue came by but chickened out.


Trump can’t be ignored so they will do the ‘dirty him until he is unpopular and then destroy him.’  If THIS fails, they will do the death thing to him.  And it will fail because when people check out the stories and Trump’s speech to the CIA is online and many are making copies of it, it is obvious that CBS is…lying and down into the gutter goes that silly, addled, evil, liar, Dan Rather.


Gah. How embarrassing!  How hilarious.  That little pig waddles off to his well-deserved sleep in eternal quiet, he is an old man, older than I and he better fear the Gates of Death for there, one is interrogated by those who See Everything.






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8 responses to “Dan Rather CBS Lie Totally About Trump CIA Speech

  1. Laughlin

    It was actually Charlie Rose, a Brit, who does the CBS Morning Show.

  2. Jim R

    Here, watch the video in this article. 30 years ago. Bill Moyers at his best.

    Ollie North should be getting out of prison soon … what?

  3. emsnews

    30 years ago, Rather still had a brain. Now, not so good. Back in 1987 he aghast about Iran/Contra. That is because it was a Reagan/Bush affair. Today, he is for WWIII with Russia over hacking???

    HAHAHA. What a fool he is.

  4. Jim R

    They must have sent him to MK Ultra re-education camp 😉

  5. Jim R

    Elaine as Laughlin said in #1, it is Charlie Rose on that video.

    Rose is in fact a Bilderberger. They can count on him to catapult the propaganda.

    I have no idea what Dan Rather is doing these days…

  6. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    I’ll never forget Dan Rather standing on Houston Street with the Texas School Book Depository in the back ground and hundreds of mourners milling around on the Saturday after JFK was assassinated – filling-in ALL the blanks about Lee Harvey Oswald in case anybody began to think anything but GUILTY.

    He then lied in his narration of the Zapruder film of the assassination later that night, stating “You can clearly see President Kennedy slump forward in his seat as he is hit.”

    Of course we-the-sheeple couldn’t “see” anything since TPB had decided NOT to show the film due to it’s bloody-horrifying nature. So ‘Danny-boy’ narrated a dark screen for us and we all stayed ignorant of the real ‘direction’ of the President until pirated copies got out in the middle 70s and we witnessed JFK thrown BACK and to the left at an estimated 103 Mph.

    Are TPB so desperate again that they’re attempting to numb the minds of We The People with a sooth-sayer of our youth – Dan Rather?


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