ABC TV Wants To Keep Trump Interview Privately Owned


Screenshot of the future, ABC has interview with Turmp.


Fake News news: ABC was granted an ‘exclusive interview’ with Trump tonight. I expect the dude doing this ‘interview’ to lecture Trump and interrupt him and accuse him of this or that, in stark contrast with the kid gloves, kissy-kissy luv tests with Obama.  But the main point is, no one else will be allowed to use parts of this interview while doing a news story and have to pay ABC which is losing money due to being anti-Trump all the time so they want money, money, money.

Here is the ad for the upcoming show tonight. Below is part of the rules of ABC news sent to all other media, courtesy of Alex Jone’s news service:




Above is the live stream for press questions to Spicer yesterday.  A pack of yapping dogs, he should carry doggie bones and throw balls at them so they chase the balls.  The rudeness they show to anyone in the government today is in stark contrast to the deferential, kiss the toes style of ‘reporting’ with Obama.

President Obama Holds a Press Conference last December- YouTube

The utter difference is obvious.  I have a suggestion to Trump and his people: have TWO press rooms.  One will have the sign, ‘FAKE NEWS’ and the other ‘ALTERNATIVE NEWS’.  Then herd all the fakers into the present place for the press but have everyone else in another room somewhere.  Send the secondary people to the Fake News Room and the top people to the Alternative News Room and voila: mission accomplished.


Since the fake news people will snap and snarl and then lie about what happened in their play pen, it doesn’t matter what anyone says to them all, they will twist and turn and put things on its head and heavily edit it so it looks different and…real news can be given to real citizens.  OK?  Give it a try and keep the Fake News locked up in their usual play pen for us all.



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9 responses to “ABC TV Wants To Keep Trump Interview Privately Owned

  1. Duski

    HAHAHA! Great plan! Actually, why would they bother with fake news at all, just ban them all, tell people plainly, “They are just lying and mispresenting us, so we only serve alternative media now” and well, people will go to alternative media for news AND get the real news. Two birds in one stone.

    Really, if msm has decided to only lie, why bother with them at all?

  2. emsnews

    What, and not post the ‘Fake News===>’ signs? I would love to see that.

  3. Jim R

    Spicer should remind them that they didn’t have any problem with Obama torturing and/or killing people (even US citizens), and that the privilege has been passed on to Trump with the White House.

    And then have the marshals drag a couple of them out of the briefing room…

  4. emsnews

    Ziff go read the hate-filled, angry, and quite delusional comments to the article you posted: the left has decided to go full-hatred. They are too self-consumed to figure out they are driving away everyone else and look horrible.

    Telling people who are disappointed to cool down and think logically does’t work, I know this from everyone I talk to these days. They want rage and violence which is insane because they are OUTNUMBERED.

    This is why the propaganda that the Democrats have the most support is so deadly. Yes, if you count non-citizens, the Democrats in two places have more votes: NY and California and this is confined to the major cities only.

    And worse: illegal aliens ARE NOT LIBERALS. They have one agenda: to stay and be legalized and to keep the borders open so more can come in and then TAKE OVER.

    Since they come from conservative Catholic and Muslim countries, forming an alliance with liberals to take over is…suicidal for liberals who want more sexual freedoms, etc.

    Some alliances are very dangerous. But frantic liberals can’t see the implications of all this because they are desperate and the liberal/black alliance is disintegrating as black families disintegrate.

    Forming alliances with people who are becoming feral and antisocial is not going to help ‘liberalism’ it leads to ‘despotism’ very quickly. Basing political action on sex issues while not noticing the collapse of the black families which is now nearly total…can’t go on forever because social collapse leads to economic collapse which is why the black community is getting poorer at the bottom as the super rich blacks or connected blacks at the top are separated by this gigantic economic Grand Canyon.

  5. Lou

    liberals who want more sexual freedoms ……….as in?
    More Bath Houses and Polk Street slave auctions?

  6. Lou

    liberals who want more sexual freedoms-legalization of Pedophilia?

  7. ziff

    yes , didn’t notice the comments option , . here is one, ”Trump has been for more than a year is a TOTAL PIG” , there is clearly something going on here thats likely way beyond Jung. Moral panic ??? u see that w/GW

  8. ziff

    + , i think if he just was there doing nothing they would call him a total pig

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