Trump Begins Changes Via Executive Orders…Which Is How Obama Ran Things


Trump’s migrant crackdown: The President will start building Mexico border wall TODAY -and is set to BAN people from Syria and six other ‘dangerous’ Muslim countries from entering America by signing executive orders.  Closing the doors before more terrorists come here is the smart thing to do.  The US media for some bizarre reason, being not only fake news but hostile attackers of citizens, they all denied that Obama was letting in aliens so they could attack us while screaming ‘allah akbar’.  Over and over again, the media joined Obama in claiming these were not alien Muslim terrorists.  This was infuriating and about time for it to end.


I have a daughter who is very liberal for good reasons which I support and she couldn’t understand why I voted against Hillary.  But she goes to places that Muslim terrorists have attacked and done mass murder in the past and protecting her from this is highly important.  It is the strangest thing to me that we have to have so many ‘contrary’ ways of doing what I think is very simple.


Why can’t ‘liberals’ who support gay rights, for example, understand this means stopping Muslim immigration?  It scared me greatly that Muslims are entering ‘liberal’ Europe and America and Canada, etc. and immediately they demand we obey them and stop being ourselves!  Why invite this viper?  Look at Catholic countries: similar problem with immigration to what were once Protestant countries.


Over time, populations can adapt to foreigners who are very different.  The easiest to assimilate are Asians who basically want to be left alone and don’t care what other people do culturally.  So far, they are also not menacing everyone or stealing stuff.  Hard working and desiring capitalist ventures and systems, they don’t menace our economic system, either.


They do extremely well in school, too, indeed, create high standards for others to emulate.  And don’t do much crime, either, another big plus.  Here is what is going on today:


Obama ruled via executive orders and so will Trump.  Measures still being finalized and subject to change include:

1. A four-month freeze on admission of all refugees.

2. Grant exceptions to Christians and other minorities fleeing Muslim persecution.

3. Halt visas to people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen because the Muslim-majority countries are ‘terror prone’.

4. The visa bans would last at least 30 days while vetting processes are reviewed
Stop protecting illegal immigrants who arrived in the US as children from deportation.


In addition the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) – which has shielded illegal immigrant children from deportation by granting them work permits – could be axed after Trump vowed to do so during his campaign, according to the Washington Post.


Note the ‘work permits’ for ‘children’!  The EU rulers used that scam, too, calling adults up to age 32 ‘children’.  I also must add, I was deported for political reasons from Europe in 1968 when only 17 years old and I was a real child, too!


‘Being cut off from trade is breathing without oxygen’: FedEx CEO attacks Trump for pulling out of TPP deal – which president hailed as boost for jobs.  All our elites and super rich are ‘internationalists’ who hate any protections for US taxpayers or workers or whoever. They are moving to New Zealand, for example, to hide wealth and to avoid the US if we have a meltdown.  They often have multiple citizenships for this purpose.


The Democrats are in full denial of what they have done.  EVERY city that voted for Hillary (only one state voted entirely for her, all the other votes in states for her were entirely confined to cities) did so because they allowed illegal aliens to vote.  This is unconstitutional and a coup.  Inviting in an army of aliens and then swamping citizens with illegal voters is a very grave crime.


Instead, our Fake News People and the Bilderberg gang tells us, anyone even talking about this is stupid and they will punish anyone who talks about this so…they are furious that Trump and his people do talk about this and imagine the rest of us citizens don’t care if illegal aliens run our government by voting in people we don’t choose or support.


YES…this creature from the swamps actually said that!  And the Fake News media giants push this story that we are not to talk about illegal aliens of any race or creed and if these aliens attack us while screaming religious chants, we are to not look at where they came from or believe.  I noticed the ‘woman’s march’ in DC had women in burkas banners, showing a foreign lady using the flag as a religious scarf.  What???  How insane and insulting is this?


This headline story is from the NYT.  Really funny is the fact that they won’t allow any comments on this article even though they ban anyone who doesn’t worship the Bilderberg gang and the DNC.  The media is totally obsessed with ‘how many showed up at the inauguration’.


They lie about it, of course, they lie about how many Trump supporters couldn’t reach the site due to DNC terrorists attacking them physically and blocking streets and setting cars on fire, etc.  No, they assume it was a normal day and people didn’t show up because they didn’t care.


On top of this was the propaganda scheme of showing pictures of the mall at the hour Obama spoke and used a picture from several hours before Trump spoke, side by side to ‘prove’ their case that no one likes Trump.


What is even funnier is, they have to create the story that ‘Trump doesn’t have popular support for any of his changes in the Bilderberg NWO.’ This storyline is life and death for them.


Outrage at woman Secret Service agent and Clinton supporter who said she would NOT risk her life to protect President Trump is yet another story.  If this lady can’t do her job, RESIGN.  Duh.  I hope she is fired. Imagine if people could become police, soldiers, judges, etc. and openly say, they will not protect citizens at all if they don’t feel like it?



Trump is putting women into top positions.  The GOP ran the first woman VP and the leftists attacked Palin like starving hyenas and now?  HAHAHA. Any female who Trump chooses is openly attacked on sex issues, on the private family lives, on everything possible by the same clowns who screamed at anyone prying into Hillary’s Bilderberg gang activities and collecting bribes from Muslim rulers who cruelly oppress all women.


Badlands national park DEFIES new Trump administration gag order by tweeting out global warming statistics – only to have offending missives replaced by a goat.  Yes, there is a gag order.  And yes, Obama did this, too.  Anyone who didn’t support mindlessly the global warming theology was fired or muzzled by POTUS orders, not Congress.


President Trump threatens to ‘send in the Feds’ if Chicago doesn’t ‘fix the horrible carnage’ of rising gun violence which is funny.  NO city is allowed to become a haven for illegal aliens and rioters and criminals and terrorists.  If a city has a leader who violates our laws and endangers the entire nation, they must be taken down!  Otherwise, we end up like third world countries…oh, we are being turned into a third world country, right?  That is the plan.


In an angry tweet on Tuesday night, he said: ‘If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!’ he said.


Why Madonna should be punished: Rapper who was jailed for anti-cop rap song tries to get his conviction overturned on appeal as he argues it is protected by the First Amendment.  You can’t yell ‘Fire’ in a theater to cause a stampede.


The above story clearly illustrates the evil of today’s ‘liberals’: they go apeshit when anyone sounds remotely ‘anti-foreigner/racist/sexist’ but are very racist, sexist and anti-foreigner themselves if the person they are attacking is not a ‘liberal’.  How disgusting is this?  It would be funny if they were not so violent.

White House warns reporters to leave Barron Trump alone after SNL suspends writer for tweeting that the 10-year-old boy would be ‘this country’s first homeschool shooter’: they have no shame.  Attacking children is stupid.  But they don’t care because they are not humanists, they are devils who want power and think hammering on children will gain them power.


‘They were looking at us with such hatred’: Two Gold Star family members ‘assaulted and spat on by anti-Trump protesters’ as they entered the Veterans Inaugural Ball.  Yes, again: they have no shame, they are devils who want power and think that attacking vets will give them power.  During the Vietnam War, I gave help and shelter to the military and leftists attacked me nonstop for this.  I wouldn’t let them burn the US flag, either.


Muslim immigrant business owner is struggling to get insurance to cover limo torched during violent anti-Trump protests – leaving him $70,000 out of pocket.  I would expect the DNC to raise money for him, no?  Nope.  Hillary has many millions from foreign governments and Wall Street.  Perchance, this bitch could toss this foreigner a few bucks, too, no?  Nope.



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20 responses to “Trump Begins Changes Via Executive Orders…Which Is How Obama Ran Things

  1. Claudeeyah

    ……clearly illustrates the evil of today’s ‘liberals’: they go apeshit when anyone sounds remotely ‘anti-foreigner/racist/sexist’ but are very racist, sexist and anti-foreigner themselves if the person they are attacking is not a ‘liberal’. How disgusting is this? It would be funny if they were not so violent.

    As long as the person being attacked is white, it is A okay. You are an intelligent person. I gather that you willfully ignore the assault that white people have come under since the Kenyan Sheriff strolled into town.


    White House warns reporters to leave Barron Trump alone after SNL suspends writer for tweeting that the 10-year-old boy would be ‘this country’s first homeschool shooter’: they have no shame. Attacking children is stupid. But they don’t care because they are not humanists, they are devils who want power and think hammering on children will gain them power.


    Attacking children is not just stupid, it is immoral, wrong, and evil. There was a hands off policy when little Amy Carter was in the White House. Now that the (((demons))) are in charge, we see their true colors as they come out to attack little Baron Trump.

    Open your eyes, people! The (((media))) are showing their complete contempt for you. There is a reason why Hitler kicked their asses out of Germany.

  2. csurge

    Yeah. I think everyone was expecting that. He’ll use the powers the lefties gave the office to undo the damage they did. When he’s done with the big stuff, he’ll probably look for every little shitty stain from the last thirty years and scrub it. He’s a bit vindictive, as you’ve noticed. 🙂

  3. Claudeeyah


    At this stage of the game, it will be interesting to see exactly what he will do now that he is in office. I have officially given up on America, it is a lost cause. The young are filled with Marxist delusions about having free everything, and the old just want to “get theirs” while the gettin is good. The whole thing will likely implode inside of about ten years. But yes, it will be interesting to see what creatures Trump uncovers after looking under all those rocks that have laid dormant and undisturbed for sixty plus years. They will likely kill him before he discovers anything too sinister.

  4. csurge


    I wouldn’t underestimate him or the rebel elites who are backing him. Unlike his predecessors, he came in guns blazing and knowing full well he is at war. I think he’s been itching to stick it to the entrenched elites for a long time

    Culture can change direction very quickly. I think the main reason people are like that is because they are bombarded by psy-ops and leftist propaganda. That will ease in the coming years as the leftist machines fall apart or are dismantled by rebels

  5. Melponeme_k

    All though it takes many years when cultural change does happen, it does at the turn of the dime. George III, the French Aristocracy and the Russian Nobles were bamboozled when in one moment they were on the wrong side of history.

    It has turned again. Just today, I heard an every day gal on the street talking to her friend about Free Trade and how our auto industry died because they let in foreign imports and allowed our homegrown industries to leave the country.

    Watching all those hysterical celebrities and media puppets cry over Trump was like watching the French Aristocracy realizing that the washerwomen were marching to Versailles.

  6. Claudeeyah


    Good points, and I hope you are right, however I tend to side with Christian W. on Trump, who, after all, is a money guy who made his fortune out of ripping people off. Please don”t get me wrong. I voted for Trump, and I believe he has (at least what he thinks) what’s best for America in mind. I like that he is not beholden to anyone due to his being rich. On a lighter note, we all have ringside seats, watching someone like Trump make the elite crap their pants. Good times! 🙂

  7. Claudeeyah


    You are so right, Mel. From my vantage point, I see the sissies and SJWs crying their eyes out over their lost Socialist, Utopian dream. Before the election, I confided to a coworker who has cancer and is in her 70s, “I don’t give a f*ck about gay rights. We need to keep the world from nuclear armageddon, and Hilliary Clinton ain’t the one!” Maybe I forgot to mention that I happen to also be queer. Like Elaine says, when you are a charcoal briquette, it doesn’t matter who turns you on after a nuclear explosion.

  8. ziff

    who did he rip off ?

  9. Claudeeyah


    The casinos are legendary for taking money from poor folk. Trump was front and center of it all, raking in the cash. Look, he is a businessman. I get that. I also know that he is not above taking advantage of stupid people. He recognized that people want something (riches) for nothing. Hence, the casino. Trump Taj Mahal was perhaps the premier tackiest casino resort in Atlantic City. He also employed many people, including my sister in law, who reluctantly retired at the age of 65 as a cocktail waitress for thirty plus years. So, I am not bitching, just calling out Trump for who he is….not a bad guy, just a businessman.

  10. Melponeme_k

    Trump Taj Mahal was so cheerily tacky that it bordered on fun.

    I could never enjoy gambling. Mostly because the burnt out look of Atlantic City aside from the Golden Boardwalk depressed me. That was also compounded by the Native Casinos in which I saw Natives gambling away their disbursement checks (from the casinos). Basically I was just an appendage to family members who liked to visit and received vouchers in the mail for the casino restaurants. I swore I never would step foot into Las Vegas and I haven’t.

    Casino slot machine floors have to be the most depressing places on earth.

  11. emsnews

    They all do that. I must be one of the few humans who could go into a casino and always win, that is, I only went when the casinos PAID me hoping I would win a tad, get addicted and then go bankrupt.

    Instead, I kept coming until they noticed this was costing them a lot of money so they banned me. I can’t go into most casinos today due to this ban which I think is very funny.

    Claudeeya, if your sister-in-law worked at the Taj Mahal in 1988? I think that was the name back then, Trump had several casinos over the years. The staff at his casino was very nice people, I enjoyed hanging out with them all.

  12. vengeur

    Not to nit-pick your good work, but Dem Geraldine Ferraro was the first VP candidate. (The GOP ran the first woman VP …) . I know it was a LONG time ago.

  13. Lou

    Atlantic city—so you would get the free $ [35 dollars?] and not gamble? then take the free bus home?

  14. Claudeeyah


    Yes, she was working in ’88. She started at Caesar’s (where she met my now deceased brother RIP 1/24/17 and subsequently married). Funeral arrangements have yet to be made – color me sad 😦 . You might have remembered my sister in law. Big tits, small ass, and Asian. She probably served you your vodka martini at the craps table, where my now deceased brother dealt blackjack and craps. 🙂

  15. Claudeeyah


    That is precisely what i did, Lou! I had family who lived there so I took casino junkets for…..FREE, along with a ten dollar voucher for gambling, which I cashed in at the local gay bar. Good times.

  16. Rob

    Thousands were delayed at the Mall because TSA had “3” metal detectors.
    There is a Youtube video of the line.

  17. emsnews

    Ah…very likely! I loved the ladies who served there and I didn’t do the blackjack table but hung out with staff in their ‘off’ room and this is what got me in trouble, mostly ‘customers’ don’t hang out with staff.

  18. Christian W

    This is a rich one:

    3. Halt visas to people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen because the Muslim-majority countries are ‘terror prone’

    The US is going to refuse entry to people fleeing the ~25,000 bombs the US drops on these nations yearly + the US supported death squads like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

    Now who is the Terrorist again?

  19. Lou

    Now who is the Terrorist again? USA.
    Trump will not close 900 military bases in the New Roman Empire.

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