DNC And Media Refuse To Understand Basic Economics

DNC Chair Debates Discuss Contemptment For White People – YouTube: the previous chair was taken down due to her unethical use of office, aka: corruption.  There is no head of the DNC which is running around like the proverbial chicken minus head.  If the Democrats double down on the Identity Politics, they will be long in the wilderness.  And white women better wake up: attacking white men is highly self-destructive.  First white men are shoved down then…white women.


Working class and now upper intelligencia wages are dropping like a rock and a flood of illegal aliens coupled with very generous legal aliens coming in (which I approve of legal aliens who have good skills) has caused wages in many areas to collapse.


Couple this with removing our factories to foreign countries like China and Mexico and the wages of the working class are catastrophically collapsing.  ‘Let them eat cake’ attitudes on the left amaze me for once upon a time long ago, the left was all about protecting workers and helping them negotiate higher wages.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-6-56-09-am screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-6-56-47-am

The US cannot run trade deficits forever.  When I talk about trade deficits with young people who were born in the ‘trade deficit’ milieu, they hotly tell me, ‘Who cares?’  Well, Reality is going to knock hard on the door of Delusion one fine day.


NO nation can carry eternal trade deficits forever.  Want to Rev Up the Economy? Don’t Worry About the Trade Deficit – The New York Times wrote this insanity last December after their goddess lost the election.  What the hell?  Professor Mankiw of Harvard writes:


A major theme of the report is concern about the trade deficit. In recent years, American imports have exceeded exports by about $500 billion a year. Mr. Navarro and Mr. Ross argue that if better policies eliminated this “trade deficit drag,” gross domestic product would be higher and more people would be employed.


That conclusion is correct, but only in a superficial sense. Gross domestic product is, by definition, the sum of consumption spending, investment spending, government purchases and the net exports of goods and services. If net exports rose from their current negative value to zero, and the other three components stayed the same, domestic production would increase and, consequently, so should employment.


The most important lesson about trade deficits is that they have a flip side. When the United States buys goods and services from other nations, the money Americans send abroad generally comes back in one way or another. One possibility is that foreigners use it to buy things we produce, and we have balanced trade. The other possibility, which is relevant when we have trade deficits, is that foreigners spend on capital assets in the United States, such as stocks, bonds and direct investments in plants, equipment and real estate.


In practice, these capital inflows from abroad have been large. Net foreign ownership of American capital assets has risen to about $8 trillion from $2.5 trillion at the end of 2010. American companies moving production overseas get a lot of attention, but this data shows that capital has, over all, moved in the opposite direction.


This insane article is proof the Bilderberg gang is out to destroy our sovereignty and our lives.  Liberals buy this clap trap economic explanation.  We are SELLING EVERYTHING TO FOREIGNERS!!!  Goodie gum drops, foreigners get to own everything here?  That is GOOD???


‘Production’ which is productive, moves overseas and then the profits come here to buy real estate and systems here so our businesses here are all owned by foreigners who pocket the profits?  Hello!  This is how capitalists colonized the world way back starting in 1600.


What did they call workers during the Imperial program to conquer the world and take over foreign lands?  Oh, ‘slavery’ and ‘exploitation’ and ‘profit’.  Right?  Professor Mankiw cannot show any historical example of running trade deficits forever that works.  All empires trying to do this, collapse and when they fall, the fall lasts for hundreds of years.


Examples abound and a huge example is Spain which fell from top of the world to the bottom, rising hugely in power from 1492 to full collapse by 1750.  Invaded by Napoleon in 1800.


Pentagon Reports ISIS Air War Costs Up to $11 Billion — News from Antiwar.com reports.  Yes, we are fighting more and more not less and less.  This is the fault, so far, of the Democrats working with the GOP Congress to have endless, futile wars that make us deeper in debt for the government debt has ballooned right alongside the trade deficit.


Julian Assange says Obama is making ‘life hard’ for him and I think he is having a nervous breakdown due to liberals attacking him now after petting him for so many years.  I feel sorry for him being in the crosshairs but this is the price one pays when taking any positions in the world.


Le Pen sees year of ‘awakening’ as Europe nationalists meet because even the very ernest liberals are beginning to figure out they screwed up badly and time is running out to change direction.  Hard core liberals will continue suicidal policies but voters will run from them.


As I have pointed out all year, even liberals will vote for conservatives when they get hit directly by the collapsing political structures.  Why do ‘liberals’ want unlimited immigration and free trade?  It destroys the working class which normally is teamed up with cultural liberals.


Kultur Kampf people have to have something else to form alliances.  Killing off the unions and destroying manufacturing jobs=workers getting very pissed off.  It doesn’t make a good alliance at all.


Left wing Politician resigns after asking for someone to shoot Trump | Daily Mail Online


 Roland Peterson, a Swedish politician from Kalmar, was appalled by Donald Trump’s position on climate change, which he infamously claimed to be a ‘Chinese hoax’.


The left wing embraced global warming right when we began to slide into another 30 year cold cycle.  Allowing China, for economic reasons, to build endless coal power plants while ordering Europe and the US to cease burning coal, was insane.


IF we are ‘going to roast to death’ letting the Chinese do this while freezing us all is insane.  Liberals have hitched their horses to the global warming wagon and as I warned last year, this will cause the liberals to go down in defeat in Europe and America for freezing to death is very much a powerful force for changing course.



These headlines clearly show how liberalism is dying: their hatred is so intense, they stupidly act like right wing Nazis.  Calling women and children names, making fun of people’s appearances and sex, this SELF-HATING is backfiring.


For years now, the rest of the voters endured constant punishments and attacks by left wing social warriors and now the shoe is pinching the SJW team.  They are what they wailed about: racist, sexist and cruel.


How stupid is this?  I warned about this for over a year, too.  It is infuriating and worse, it backfires.  All the Hollywood creeps have alienated half of their audience and this will show up over time as voters carry a grudge against Hollywood.


TV revenues from football fell this year due to football players and media giants dissing the flag, etc.  How long will this pain go on?  Until bankruptcy, of course.  Cultural hysteria is highly toxic.  Any leftists who want cultural change should understand, attacking everyone, censoring people, threatening people backfires.


The US Dollar Is Now Overvalued Against Almost Every Currency In The World | Zero Hedge reports.  Yes, there is something going on here: everyone has trade surpluses with the US and to keep this, they ALL devalue their own currencies vis a vis the dollar!  DUH.  I wish our rulers would heed this iron rule: if your goal is to shut down industries in a country, the way to do this is devalue the currency and then flood their home markets with your ‘cheaper’ goods.  DUH.  This is tiresome.


India’s Downward Spiral Accelerates: “The Real Pain Is Just Beginning” | Zero Hedge


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 8th November 2016 that Rs 500 (~$7.50) and Rs 1,000 (~$15) banknotes would no longer be legal tender.


India has inflation and it has another thing: overpopulation.  Unlike China which rapidly got richer as it opened up markets, it has good birth controls.  Also it doesn’t allow immigration so wages are not dropping.  India has neither and I said years ago, China will fly ahead of India as it exports its way to power.


The Muslim nations with all their natural resources, are crashing into the overpopulation wall and it is turning all Muslim nations into meat grinders.  Ordering us all to take in all the humans being churned out due to forbidding birth control, is impacting Europe and America heavily.


Ditto goes for Catholic South American/Mexican cultures: the Catholic Church also forbids birth control.  The fix is obvious and they refuse this fix.  Do we have to commit cultural and economic suicide because other countries refuse to do the obvious?  Of course not.



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16 responses to “DNC And Media Refuse To Understand Basic Economics

  1. Jim R

    Of course, the Republicans oppose birth control, or healthcare for women.

    Uncertain how closely Trump will Hew to this Republican platform plank.

  2. Claudeeyah

    @Jim R,

    Trump has made it pretty clear that he cares not what his fellow Republicans think. I absolutely loved how he took poor old Jeb to the woodshed and gave him a very sound, bare-butt spanking. Christ, it hurt Jeb so bad, he still has tears in his eyes!

    I look at someone like Trump and I judge him by who he puts into power positions directly under him. Three words: Kelly Ann Conway. I have read it on other threads (think it was Zero Hedge), so other people obviously concur with me that she is one of the sharpest people ever to step foot into the political fray. I don’t know how much Trump is paying her, but whatever it is, it isn’t enough.

    My point is, Trump is too smart of a businessman to not put smart people into positions where they will benefit him, regardless of race or sex. Take Dr. Ben Carson, for example. Remember how the establishment ridiculed this guy? Trump was the only candidate to stand by Carson, who was a political novice. All the rest openly sneered at Carson as well as Trump. Who’s sorry now, bitches? I also absolutely LOVED it when Trump mentioned that if any of his employees said about him what the lowly snake in the grass, Pedesta, was on record saying about Hillary, he’d have fired him. Pedesta still has his millions and still walks around like he has some sort of power when in reality he is a first class piece of dog shit who isn’t even qualified to scrub toilets.

    And the left continue to scream and cry that Trump is “rayciss”. Yeah, okay….whatever you say. I suspect they have no idea how ridiculous they appear to the majority of us who still have a few operating brain cells. Dumb asses!

  3. Melponeme_k


    I wonder just how “accidental” that information release was in reality. LOL

    People don’t understand broader economics because HOME Economics courses were decimated in High Schools all over the country. It was ridiculed by the Feminist movement because it was normally associated with BAKING. OMG, ALL THE CUPCAKES THAT WERE EATEN! But from what I understood, theses courses also included basic economic advise on how to run a household on a budget. I’m thinking THAT was the element that the elites wanted to destroy. Not that they were worried that women were being forced to bake.

  4. Petruchio

    ” ‘Let them eat cake’ attitudes on the left amaze me for once upon a time long ago, the left was all about protecting workers and helping them negotiate higher wages.” You can thank the Ultimate Sleazeball, Billy Boy Clinton for that. It was Billy Boy who first said–about the Dems traditional base of Labor–“Where they gonna go?” It has been Clintonite running the Dem Party ever since. And: do NOT plan on the Dem leadership to figure anything out, EVER. If these assh#les admit the truth, they must give up their jobs, and they aint ever gonna do that. They will let the Dem Party crash and burn and be destroyed forever before they surrender ANY of their power. And here’s top hoping there is a special place in Hell for that ‘mofo’ SOB Billy Boy Clinton.

  5. Sunger


    “A coalition of 25 military and national security experts, including former advisers to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, has warned that climate change poses a “significant risk to US national security and international security” that requires more attention from the US federal government.

    “Last year, the Department of Defense called climate change a “threat multiplier” which could demand greater humanitarian or military intervention and lead to more severe storms that threaten cities and military bases and heightened sea levels that could imperil island and coastal infrastructure. In January, the Pentagon ordered its officials to start incorporating climate change into every major consideration, from weapons testing to preparing troops for war.

    “But military figures are increasingly expressing concern over potential disruption to the 1,774 coastal military installations the US operates at home and abroad. A mass of military infrastructure in Virginia is at particular risk of being soaked, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warning that by 2050 a majority of US coastal areas are likely to be threatened by 30 or more days of flooding each year due to “dramatically accelerating impacts from sea level rise”.


  6. Sunger

    But Elaine knows better than the Defense Department.

    Of course.


    ELAINE: OMG!!! I is going to be 1 degree above zero in two days and I am going to ROAST to death!!!! After I dig myself out of the ice and snow that encases my little mountainside…

  7. KHS71

    The Repubs do not object to birth control. Just that you pay for it your self. Especially abortion. The last time I looked the word “no” was still $0. The Dems use this issue to say that your health care is being taken away which it is not. More political rhetoric.

  8. Jim R

    Petruchio, the Dem’s power base is eroding exactly because of the dynamic you described. “Where they gonna go?” — we found out, this election. They will be giving up their power.

    And Sunger, it isn’t too hard to be smarter than the Defense Department. Remember they did a little thing called “Vietnam”? And they’ve just been going downhill since then. It’s almost painful to watch the blithering stupidity. The scary thing is that they have the nukes … hopefully they haven’t maintained ’em and they wont’ work.

  9. Claudeeyah

    Amen, Jim R!

    Those idiots are still walking around clueless, searching for their “safe places”. Every time I think the democrats are clueless and idiotic, they once again prove that I have grossly over estimated their competence. Complete and utter morons.


    When I was in high school, the home economics class was half filled with boys because……surprise…..that’s were the GIRLS were. Apart from a typing class, the best course I took in high school, back in the Dark Ages, was Personal Finance. One of our textbooks was by Sylvia Porter. Among other things, we learned how to balance a checkbook, why saving money was important because you earned interest on your money (remember that??) And avoid credit card debt because then you had to PAY interest. The positives and negatives to buying vs. renting, condo vs. free standing house. Valuable life lessons which, along with knowing how to type, has served me well, even as an old codger. All that of course has been turned on its ear. Regardless, you would be amazed at the number of people I know who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are broke inside of a week to ten days after they get paid. Budgeting money is so last century!

  10. Shawntoh


    I have some more bad news on the Pacific NW “front”–

    Looks like we are reaching diminishing returns already with more approaching net energy reductions due to competition to gobble electricity, which is now impacting local business versus larger dada– I mean, data centers.

    “Prineville is running out of electricity, jeopardizing new manufacturing jobs….”


    My apologies for the typo as “Dada” seems to be the order of the day now with the other cultural issues you mentioned– but Dada came from stressed situations, too.

    That’s what we all get from some humans applying industrial techniques and starting WWI, after all. But dada was fun as far as subjective art goes, somewhat…

    By WWII, then it all refined to Surrealism– So, please say “well… Hello Dali” for me to NYC– Thank you, in advance. Anyway–

    Besides, the real “Dada” never existed and that was the point– when they attempted to commercialize it and put it on Broadway on 42nd St., well, naturally Tristian Tzara objected–

    But the going does continue to “get weird” as H.S. Thompson would note and I never imagined we’d even get this far at this point. Peace.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


    has brought journalists
    gates of a world
    is of no importance to us.


    Dada Manifesto 1918

  11. ziff

    ISIS air war ? ISIS retook Palmyra i heard , so all that hi tech war stuff and they can’t see those guys crossing the desert ? Gee and all that agent orange in vietnam so they could see the enemy,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Maddie's Mom

    They rarely predict the next hurricane season correctly, but we’re supposed to have confidence in warnings for 2050?!
    You’ve gotta be kidding me. roflmao!!!!!

  13. emsnews

    Thanks for reminding me of Sylvia Porter. . I actually have been to her lectures. She is amazing. And she had a very deep, dense, dark memory and this, two world wars and the Great Depression, etc.

    Had lots of funny stories to tell in her lectures, too. Fantastic woman.

  14. Shawntoh

    “….Her accolades included numerous honorary doctorates and awards. Sylvia Field Porter was a trailblazer as a female journalist and economist in the traditionally male-dominated field of finance.”

    “For more than five decades, financiers and laypersons alike utilized Porter’s counsel in making business and money decisions, earning her the designation of one of America’s most influential women….”

    Off topic but referring to a point that Elaine earlier. Beyond all that, I have this to say and I must quote Frank Zappa, as I’m sure you possibly went to at least one Mothers of Invention experience at the old legendary Garrick Theater in NYC. Thus, I quote–

    “It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.”

    –Frank Zappa.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    “One never knew what to expect, there were some nights that you just heard pure music, and other nights, Motorhead’d be talking about fixing his car, with Jim Black’s drum beat in the background…

    Sometimes Frank would just sit in a chair and glower at the audience.

    Sometimes there were more people on stage than there were in the audience, and because of that, Frank even got to know some of us by name!

    There were so few hard-core Mothers freaks then, that we were all very noticeable to him.

    I remember Stravinsky being played, I remember droning music going on for ages, and then in the middle of all of that, the song that then became ‘Oh No, I Don’t Believe It’, sort of breaking through the clouds, and I mean it just shocked me, how anything could be so beautiful, and how such beautiful music could come out of such bizarre looking people.”

    — Ruth Underwood, talking about the Mother’s playing The Garrick Theater in NYC.

  15. emsnews

    Brings back memories of the Filmore before 1970…hahaha.

    Ah, Stravinsky! In music school, I loved doing Stravinsky jokes. ‘Let’s talk Atonal Day’ was one. Try that sometime…it is harder to do than it sounds.

  16. Shawntoh

    Sprechstimme? Sprechgesang?

    Well, then, to be on the safe side, I might as well audition for Wozzeck by Alban Berg right then and there. That would be more appropriate for me, thanks for the unintentional suggestion…

    Stravinsky is a proto-punk rocker– why?

    My understanding was that Stravinsky contributed to causing a riot at a ballet called “Le Sacre du printemps” or “Весна священная” (in 1913, no less, decades before The [Psychedelic] Stooges, The Sex Pistols, and so on…)

    Allegedly Stravinsky so feared for his safety, that he fled from the Parisian Bourgeoisie mob enraged by the stomping groove in such Stravinsky top 40 hits like–

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