Male Feminist Attacks Female News Reporter, Hits Her Hard

RAW video: Thug punches Rebel reporter – YouTube

A video crew in western Canada was filming the demonstrators who were ‘women for women’ or whatever…very vague platform they had…when a man suddenly demanded ‘you can’t film us’ and attacked the young WOMAN with the camera!  And this is ‘female power’: the demonstrators covered his ass and HID him so he could get away after this odious, cowardly assault.

That liberal male who got violent with female reporter at Women’s March? He got charged with assault – TheBlaze reports.  Good.  Send him to prison.


Reporters should back this for they can be hit, too, by whoever if it is OK to do this!  I recall many campus ‘feminists’ and other assorted people attacking students who worked for the student newspapers, telling these reporters that public protest camps were…private!? WTF?
Edmonton police charge man with assaulting Rebel media employee at rally…Jason Dion Bews, 34, has been charged with assault and uttering threats.


The man raises his middle finger and is heard saying, “Ezra Levant, f*** you.” Levant is a former TV host of the now-defunct Sun News Network and founder of The Rebel.


Reid can be heard trying to interview the man as he turns away from the camera before turning back and saying, “Go away. Get out of my f***ing face.”


The video appears to show the man punch the camera lens and say, “You don’t have the right to film me.”


Then, someone appears to get between the man and the camera and Reid is heard saying, “He just hit me in the face.”


The Rebel posted videos and photos of the man who appeared to strike the camera and offered a $1,000 reward to find the “violent NDP pig.” They suggested circulating his photo online but called on readers not to engage in vigilantism, “however tempting.”


It worked!  The $1000 reward was acted on within one day as people recognized the jerk.  They turned him in to the police and hopefully he will be punished and this is the terrible contradiction of this new ‘women’s power movement’: It is schizoid and insanely conflicted with itself.


These hellions think nothing about attacking women of another point of view.  True that more women than men voted for Hillary but many of these were Hispanic and black women, more than half of the ‘white’ women voted for Trump.


It is even more noxious for white men who are leftists attacking women of any sort.  Shame on them and the excuses the leftist females make for this is disgusting and shows they are fakers.


This entire thing is fake.  I was the daughter and granddaughter of feminists and I sued for my civil rights and won.  I gave many speeches on this topic and at no time did I demand I be treated any different than a man.


And I often talked in public and wrote about ‘why men are so much better at so many things (except they can’t have children!)’.  I was ‘smart’ yet men of my same IQ could easily beat me at chess.  It was infuriating.


When I learned how to play the difficult Japanese game of Go, I could understand all the strategics of a game, even advise players on how to win…AND most men could beat me!  Embarrassing.  Men have various abilities and skills women barely can compete with which is why even today, all major sports keep women and men apart including the Olympics.


There was a man who was a woman in the Brazil Olympics but had all the hormones and even some organs of a man and he beat all the women in races with barely breaking a sweat.


We females have to know our limitations which are quite real.  At the same time, we deserve the level of equality we have today for other reasons but putting down men is wrong.


On the other hand, Bilderberg men are stupid:


I see: talking to Putin, negotiating stuff, putting up walls that protect citizens, stopping Muslim terrorists…brings us closer to WWIII?  HAHAHA.  This stupid stunt shows stunted minds at work.


I lived through the Real Nuclear Scares.  I got to watch the Cuban Missile Crisis up very close for my father was one of the top people who advised Kennedy that week, he was flown to the White House in a military high-speed two person jet.


It was his optics that ‘saw’ the ships with the rockets and being a rocket expert, he is the one who confirmed this.  Kennedy did the right thing in that confrontation: he backed down in Turkey where the military parked nukes next to the Black Sea and Russia backed out of missiles in Cuba and they both decided to avoid ‘advisors’ and talk directly.


We all know what the spooks did next, to Kennedy.  Sigh.


People are going nuts right now.  Trump is issuing order after order, most of which are orders to cancel all the many, many fiat orders of Obama.  The Democrats thought they could get around the legality of Congress by enabling Obama to rule like a dictator: all he had to do was have ‘temporary orders’ and to hell with Congress.


Two will play that little game.  Obama should have been impeached for this and isn’t and so no one can be impeached for this and the Republicans didn’t do it because… they were waiting for a Republican to take over.  Duh.  This is why the Democrats are so desperate.


Addicted to a dictatorship, they have no social skills to convince Congress or the Courts about anything.  They have to now play by the rules, I hope.  But if Trump does the dictator thing, blame Obama.  He set the precedent.  And I didn’t see hardly any liberals complain, hardly any at all.



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6 responses to “Male Feminist Attacks Female News Reporter, Hits Her Hard

  1. ziff

    and we don’t need this shit in Canada.

  2. Claudeeyah

    SJWs… as I say, not as I do. Or, “Hey, it’s okay to slap a woman if she pisses you off….so long as you’re a lib.”

    I am so sick of these people. I actually wish they could visit the ISIS folks whom they adore. Perhaps spend about two hours with them, with dull swords, some acid, maybe some brass knuckles thrown in for the fun of it.
    The fact that queers and women are violently murdered means nothing to these liberals.

    It’s okay with me if you want to wear a hibab, walk fifty paces behind your husband, have your daughters clitoris surgically removed at birth, and never leave the house without a male escort. Kindly do not inflict that upon the rest of us. And what we do in our bedrooms is none of your business. Good luck trying that in your Middle East, Muslim countries.

  3. Petruchio

    That was an awful video and I can tell you this: if Petruchio had been there, that punch would have been answered. Notice how the punk had a bigger guy standing next to him and the bigger guy stood in front of the reporter? Very brave. Yes, it’s easy to post a blog, but I can talk the talk and walk the walk. ( And I don’t care how it would look, I would punch that fat b@tch in the white hat too. It’s wrong to hit women, but in her case I would make an exception.)

  4. Shawn

    Well, folks, it would be tempting to say we have a special for annoying folks like have been mentioned in the commentary sections over the years– from ISIS to SJW and beyond. I agree with the commentators and suggest this–

    “The special” would be a free trip on the next space ship/rocket to the planet of fun and games called “You can annihilate each other on this here planet to mutually assured destructions of your pleasures and leave the rest of us home here on earth to clean up the mess from industrial waste– and so and so forth”

    Unfortunately, as Elaine would be quick to point out, NASA can’t help out helping you here.

    You’ll probably have to contact another country that has a space program left– I’ll leave Elaine to make those recommendations as I trust her judgement more than mine.

    Until then, this is a good re-read from Elaine and COL (Culture of Life)…

    PEACE. I hope that’s the sign up ahead and not we are entering into “Rod Serling’s” you know what– Oh, we already are there and gone, excuse me, I seem to be lost again in Cyberspace. Peace out.

  5. emsnews

    Unfortunately, we have to have a right winger in power to stop the deadly free trade scheme.

    NO ONE IS FREE if we have ‘free trade’ and ‘open borders’…everyone ends up as ‘cheap labor’ and living in slums! Stopping this madness is life and death for women in particular.

    When men are reduced to working for starvation wages, they can’t support a family and pay taxes and right now, thanks to the BUDGET DEFICITS we still have welfare for the army of abandoned women raising children alone with a parade of outside males who then abuse or kill children, this is destroying families rapidly and will end badly, too, when we go bankrupt.

    Stopping this is life and death and women on the left cannot see this thinking we can live on rising debt to infinity which is insane.

  6. Petruchio

    I have said this before; what is most galling to me is not that there are so many illegals in the USA. Yes, that IS bad, but what’s worse is their deep sense of Entitlement. The US of A OWES them high levels of free money and other kinds of support like subsidized housing. And then there is their immediate hostility towards anyone who criticizes them. I believe that illegals are not entitled to anything, INCLUDING US citizenship. When that sleazy, corrupt human turd Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals, I should have known that the elites were a.) in control of the US Government, and b.) the destruction of the American Middle Class and the traditional family was their #1 priority. Rot in Hell, Ronald Reagan.

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