Fake News Media Whines About Trump Keeping Promises To His Voters!



Today’s CNN propaganda page is hilarious. I particularly like the howl: ‘Determination to keep campaign promises verges on obsession…’ part.  How dare he work hard to keep his promises!  Doesn’t he know that is verboten?  Watching the media giants go insane is worth the price of admission.  Eventually, Democrats will figure this out, too.  They had to rely on media worshipping a President.


Amid a torrent of action, disruption and protest, the new President’s moves on trade, immigration and foreign policy have honored his campaign promises — and dramatically reshaped Washington’s role in national and global affairs.


And this is why he ran for President.  This feels very odd to the Fake News business.  Hitherto, people ran for office in order to collect bribes ever since Reagan legalized this by collecting $2 million for one speech in Japan.


Some things are clear at the end of this jarring week. Trump won’t have an epiphany and suddenly embrace Beltway conventions. As president, he will keep conjuring his own reality and is happy to use the backdrop of the White House to advance his many rhetorical wars.


He is at war with the Fake News media giants, not his supporters.  People are so used to being betrayed by their ‘leaders’ to have someone who does what he promised is very unusual.  Hillary openly planned to stiff her own voters, this was proven when the conversation she had with her foreign and rich supporters leaked out.


‘I say one thing to the voters but trust me, I will be working for YOU,’ is how she assured nervous super rich supporters.  How so many young women are fooled by Hillary baffles me.  Don’t they know she was planning to do horrible things to them?


For example, ‘equal rights at work’: women now dominate universities and colleges as staff.  When they are hired as ‘professors’ the vast majority of them are forced to be ‘adjunct professors’ which means ‘cheap labor with no benefits.’


Few men want to take that sort of ugly job with no prospects so they are going to college less and less whereas women are still being fooled and take more and more, mainly ‘liberal arts’ classes hoping to become ‘professors’ only they never will.


Time to revolt, no?  Nope, they wanted the person engineering this to be President.  Very foolish indeed.  The ‘sexual freedom’ part may be alluring only the downside is obvious and we see this with black women: no more marriages and no more stable home lives.  Which often leads to poverty.


Donald Trump personally ordered National Park Service to find photo proof for crowd claims…whines the Boston Herald News. This story goes on to whine, ‘Why?’ and pretends to be all innocent after the Fake News people went nuts over this issue after they did their usual propaganda lying stuff, showing the Mall before Trump arrived to give the oath of office.


On top of that, they openly refused even after Trump told them all to include this vital information, that anti-Trump demonstrators were blocking many entrances to the Mall and were attacking attendees openly.


I am amazed anyone showed up!  The DC police have been ordered to ‘stand down’ as much as possible and not protect anyone but this stupid ‘stand down’ order led to rioters setting the city on fire and smashing businesses, etc.  This alarmed the people running that run down joint and the police then began arresting rioters.


Naturally, the Fake News blames that on our President and not on the left wing rioters and their leaders one of whom is…Hillary Clinton.


Sanctuary Suites: Defiant mayor vows to harbor illegals at Boston City Hall…I hope he pays for this and moves them into his own home, all of them.  This is the end result of Democrats using illegal alien votes to take over places.  He has to pander to them now.


The election map shows clearly all the ‘sanctuary cities’ and one ‘sanctuary state’, California.  That is, uniformly, all of the US voted Republican this last election and the ONLY places to vote for Hillary were ‘sanctuary cities’ in various states.  Take that away and the GOP victory is overwhelming.


“If people want to live here, they’ll live here,” Walsh said yesterday. “They can use my office. They can use any office in this building. Any place they want to use. They’ll be able to use this building as a safe space.”


At one point, he chastised a reporter who used the term “illegal immigrant” in a question.


“Undocumented immigrants,” Walsh said. “I’m not sure what an illegal immigrant is.” Boston is technically not a sanctuary city, but did pass the Trust Act, which limits law enforcement’s ability to detain illegal immigrants for ICE.


I have noticed this scam: the DNC people conspire with our Fake News people to lie about illegal aliens.  One way of doing this is to forbid anyone to use the term, ‘illegal alien’.  I use it deliberately all the time.


But Bay State Democrats quickly bashed Trump’s new policies, often using emotional and dramatic rhetoric to make their point.


“Today, Lady Liberty weeps at Donald Trump’s executive actions that fly in the face of our nation’s history as a beacon to those seeking a better life in America,” Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey said in a statement.


Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone of Somerville — a sanctuary city — stood in front of a poster with a heart-shaped American flag that read “Hate has no home here” and referenced Trump aides who have touted his “big heart.”


“I ask him to open that heart and his mind and to look at these people … as human beings, seeking a better life, like my family did and many of our families did, for themselves and their children,” Curtatone said.


He added that his city would go without certain federal funds, rather than bow to Trump.


All of that state has serious problems and is going to pander to illegal aliens by hyper-taxing other people:  Property owners in Massachusetts call the place ‘Taxachusettes’ because of high taxes.


A new report by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation found that Massachusetts has the 11th highest tax burden in the country, with residents paying an average of 10.3 percent of their income in state and local taxes.


In most states, this information would spark some dialogue about current tax policy. The reaction on Beacon Hill? Silence.


Given the make-up of the state’s leadership, it’s not surprising. When one party is in control, the healthy tension between competing viewpoints on raising taxes versus spending cuts (and almost every other issue) doesn’t exist. The lack of balance on Beacon Hill has paved the way for more spending, reduced transparency and efficiency, and, yes, increased taxes.


The most recent tax increase passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Deval Patrick is a perfect example of how this works. The conversation started with Mr. Patrick calling for a massive $2 billion increase in taxes. The Senate responded with a call for an $800 million increase, to which the House, in the position of the defender of the taxpayer, put a $500 million increase on the table.


Not once did the conversation explore finding spending cuts to offset increases in spending. Nor did anyone on Beacon Hill seriously consider the adverse impact increasing taxes could have on the state’s economic recovery.


In short, the debate wasn’t about whether to raise taxes, it was about how big to make the increase.


In addition, the final package included two terrible pieces of tax policy — a tech tax, and a gas tax that will never stop growing. Thankfully, Beacon Hill figured out — albeit after the fact — that the tech tax would have put a stake through the heart of our fast-growing start-up community, and repealed it.


Field Poll: California voters think income taxes are too high yet voters there went nearly entirely (except for all the farming parts of California) for Hillary. Millions of illegal aliens voted there.


Four out of five Republicans believe they pay too much income tax

Fifty-two percent of Democrats are OK with current tax rates

People who earn less than $40,000 were least likely to complain about high taxes


I will note that all the top super rich liberals in California are building huge estates far, far away from California and will then claim these are their main residences.  All Trump is asking is, any illegal alien in jail must be deported permanently.  They won’t do it and so Fed funds won’t flow to them because they will be breaking Federal laws!




Now, the ‘open borders’ game played by the Bilderberg gang is crashing down here and in Europe.  Getting rid of these pests (the Bilderberg conspirators in government) is hard work and when the media giants side with the gangsters, it is very hard indeed but the pain being caused by the gang’s operations is now so great, whole populations are now rising up in great rage and are increasingly determined to get rid of the Bilderberg gang rule.


HAHAHA, love the NYT: Trump should stop doing stuff for Americans and obey Mexico like Hillary wanted to do!  HAHAHA.  I grew up on the Mexican border and this is where I learned first how to fight hand to hand combat with criminals of every sort on nearly a daily basis.


TARIFFS PROTECT JOBS!  Duh, again.  This is infuriating!  Note how unions died, how worker wages collapsed under DNC rule and the GOP cheerfully going along with this.  The GOP loves ‘free trade’ because it makes their buddies very, very rich.  The DNC loves ‘free trade’ and ‘endless cheap labor’ because the newcomers vote illegally for them and they get more power, too.


NO ONE supported ‘US working stiffs’ until Trump came along and is now doing the obvious.  I don’t agree with 50% of his agenda. Far from it.  But I agree on this one life and death issue: trade.  We run gigantic and perpetual trade deficits and I know how this ends very badly and want to stop this madness.


Yes, illegal aliens of all sorts came to Mexico to cross illegally into the US.  Anyone who thinks these Haitians were coming here to work is insane.  I lived next to a huge NYC Haitian community and guess what?  The women don’t get married and have lots of children out of wedlock and are on welfare (while the males do often ‘work’ especially in street crimes).



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9 responses to “Fake News Media Whines About Trump Keeping Promises To His Voters!

  1. Notice how the Mayor offered up the public buildings HE DOES NOT OWN to illegal immigrants,instead of his home?LOL.

  2. Dear Mayor Walsh,An illegal immigrant is a person who enters a country illegally.There- now you can be sure what it means.It’s not hard.

  3. KHS71

    More on non citizens voting. This study estimates 800,000 voted in the last election.


  4. Ken

    It’s not surprising that Elaine doesn’t agree with Trump on 50% of what he is proposing. I have never know a single politician who agrees with me on everything. And it probably will never happen. The best that one can hope for is agreement on most of the big issues.

  5. JimmyJ

    Today in Vancouver News, a Twitter group known as Sleeping Giants, led by Professor Nathan Phillips of Boston U, managed to convince our University of BC to stop advertising on Breitbart. The group has been very successful in this campaign targeting Breitbart.

    Prof Phillips has been pretty busy over the years as a media personality in his area of Earth and Env Science but this seems a bit off his specialty. I wonder who he is partnered with and who is sponsoring the effort to basically embarass Trump. Of Canadians are suckers for anything anti Trump but UBC is furtile grounds for the PC/liberal agenda.

  6. emsnews

    Quite frankly, if corporations co-opt themselves to only advertise on Fake News sites, in the bitter end, they get bit in the ass for this.

    That is, people will associate them with Fake News and wonder if they, too, are cheaters!

  7. Lou

    Whats this about?

  8. Moe

    Four Older Italian Women

    These four older ladies who lived in Naples, Italy, always sat outside together near the church and chatted about when they were younger. 

    One month ago they pooled their money together and bought a laptop. Never having been to, but having heard all about Florida, they just happened to click on St. Augustine, Florida.

    They read all about the Fountain of Youth, claimed by the Spaniards when they arrived there.

    They collected up all they had left and sent for four bottles of the water.

    As soon as it arrived, they drank as directed.

    The rest of this story will make you a believer, because here they are:

    No. This is TRUE! Really!

    Would we lie to you?

    We have a limited supply of this water available at an incredibly low price of just $199.95 a bottle AND we will pay Shipping & Handling.


    Hurry before the inventory runs out!

    Make checks payable to: The Democratic Party

    You can trust us: you know we would NEVER lie to you (unlike those Fake News sites).

  9. Christian W

    Mamma mia! Is a miracle!

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