Obama Was A Dictator And Trump Can Be One, Too



I notice that the Washington Post actually had editorials and stories about ‘rule via fiat’ about Obama before it was bought by Amazon.com Bezos.  Now, it is 100% Bilderberg propaganda and utter, rank lies and I now call it ‘fake news’ all the time.  I went to Google, which is increasingly fake, too, to locate previous stories complaining about the dictatorial powers Obama seized so disastrously.  That is, he wrecked the DNC pretty good at this point with Hillary doing her best to utterly annihilate the DNC.


There are zero articles about Obama’s usurpation of dictatorial powers at the New York Times which has been openly Bilderberg since the very beginning of this conspiratorial group who wish to rule us via lies, deceptions, endless wars overseas and other fun stuff.


By any definition, since the 2012 election, after Congress ceased being DNC and was increasingly GOP, Obama could no longer pass bills easily so he began running things all alone.  The DNC backed this way of running things being WAY TOO STUPID to figure out what was obvious to me way back when they began doing this: the GOP can do this, too.


The DNC also forgot another harsh lesson: voters will revolt.  Obama piled on a mountain of debt and released more criminals than all previous Presidents (already, murder and mayhem is the result) put together.  And this was all OK with the DNC because they are pandering to select cities teeming with illegal aliens, welfare families with no real fathers and other voters.


This, in turn, is on top of emptying our major cities of all industries in the Midwest and Northeast so major former powerful cities are now hell holes filled with aliens and criminals of all sorts and welfare mothers living on the dole.


And have high crime: the more Democrats, the higher the crime rate.  This, coupled with Obama ruling via fiat, has caused a nexus of problems to develop which are now tied in with young people revolting for obvious reasons: their prospects for the future are very, very dim.


No marriages, no intact families, deep in debt after ‘going to school’ to gain degrees that are grossly debased and which lead to no good job prospects as even professors are turned into ‘McDonald’ level pay and zero job security.


This unhappiness was created not by the GOP but the DNC!  Lies about immigration and free trade is destroying our youth who can’t figure this out because the media, the left and the Real Rulers all lie to them about these vital issues and I can’t fix this problem because the GOP is also ‘anti-sex’ so they run to the DNC even as the DNC enslaves them all.


This insanity is nauseating because sex, in the long run, is not a life issue if one is starving to death or facing enslavement.  That is, keeping oneself free to choose is based on ECONOMIC POWER.  Nothing else.  Allowing economic enslavement while having the freedom to have whatever sex one wishes is…slavery.


Whereas, a free economic system that is protected, one can plan ahead.  If one’s economic system is run by a gang overseas in collusion with a gang here, designed to suck out as much money for rich people living all over the planet, we become EXPLOITED and they enrich themselves and the former huge middle class becomes like modern professors: POOR.  No job security. Foreigners competing for same positions in colleges, etc.


I harp on the ‘professors’ thing because they are supposed to be smart (don’t die laughing, now) and well-educated.  But they are neither.  They are easily fooled and the parade of poor women professors teaching the liberal arts are proof of this insanity.


The smart females are all married to men who can still make good money some other way and so ‘teaching’ part time is no burden for them all. But the increasing army of poor, highly educated females who are utterly incapable of being married and who are filled with a fair amount of rage…these are teaching students today and students show little respect for them all and they cannot figure out how to fight for their rights and to stop self-destructing.


Instead, they attack men who might marry them and I notice male remarks about the Women’s March…they mocked the mostly young ladies.  I saw a lot of elderly there, too.  But in general, the really angry ones are young women who are falling off the economic cliff and think, ‘More of the same’ will save their necks.


I will also note that the ‘strong black woman’ which is a huge part of the storyline of demonstrators who are young is what is going to destroy the young ladies who embrace this.  Very few people want to be married to black women and proof is obvious: they have a marriage rate of 12%. Yes, this includes the very much older black women who were raised in my generation long ago.


The present generation is marrying at about a 2% rate which is scary.  And the DNC has no plans to fix this, they celebrate single motherhood and hold this up as a fine example.


Family Gap: Democrats Lose Big Among Married Voters With Kids


Among unmarried men, Democrat House candidates bested Republican candidates 50 percent to 47 percent; and among unmarried women, Democrat House candidates bested Republican candidates 60 percent to 38 percent.


Among married men, Republican House candidates bested Democratic House candidates 61 percent to 37 percent. Among married women, Republican candidates bested Democratic House candidates 54 percent to 44 percent.


DNC power rests on this base: illegal aliens, unmarried women with children, young men who can’t get good jobs and of course, political leftist radicals.  This is why the DNC didn’t win EVEN ONE rural county except for several in key areas:  Native Reservations…where social disintegration is roaring along as bad as inner cities and a few counties in the Deep South Black Belt.


Otherwise, it was only cities.  This was Obama’s precarious political base.  And it has collapsed despite these cities being run by Democrats who used various voting tools to overcome citizens who are upset about the mess we are now in. It has collapsed so badly, the Democrats lost all Federal powers and can only oppose things.


Which won’t work.  Why?  Trump now has dictatorial powers thanks to Obama and the DNC leaders.  They, not I nor the voters, created this.  They did it.  Trump can do as he pleases right now because, especially after Hillary lost the election, Obama issued a flood of decrees all of which were DICTATORIAL and no one was allowed any input, no hearings, nothing.


He just did as he pleased and Trump’s first acts are to go through this pile of illicit decrees and cancel every one of them.  The media is yelling at him about this but guess what? He can and he will and he got the power to do this from the Fake News media giants and the DNC’s support of this style of government.



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10 responses to “Obama Was A Dictator And Trump Can Be One, Too

  1. ziff

    Here is an interesting character” Da schneib” ;a very well spoken and intelligent astrophyisist [ i think] . I found him here in the comments section


    i would call him an elite, he has a blog and a well written critique of trump

    View at Medium.com

    and of the latest news in climate denial , co2 greening ,

    interesting , very smart but bonkers i think

  2. Jim R

    If Trump follows the guidelines set by Obama, very little is off-limits.

    In principle, Trump could send his enemies to Gitmo, or obliterate them along with friends and family in a drone strike… You’d think the MSM and the liberals would approve of that, since they didn’t raise any objection when Obama (and Dubya before him) instituted these policies.

  3. ziff

    oops,, da schneib blog here

    View at Medium.com

  4. ziff

    link won’t post must be secret science no how [ smart guy ] , its here under ”medium”

  5. ziff

    Big critique of Trump now is he is making Healthcare scam worse, but what can he do ? GOP ,,

  6. Petruchio

    There has been a lot of commentary about how Trumps’ election signals the collapse of the Democrat Party. Maybe so, but I believe Trump’s election could be even more damaging to the folks who run the GOP. If the GOP openly opposes Trump, their true colors, their true loyalties will become clear as a bell to all who can see. The Truth will come out; there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between Repugs and Dems! They are owned and controlled by the same people and groups. If the GOP “F’s” with Trump too much, the GOP will become a politically sinking ship just like the Dem Party. BTW: did you hear that Mrs. Clinton is planning a run for President in 2020? You HAVE to be kidding me! It looks like some of these overly pampered, overly protected members of the Political Whore Class (PWC) are going to need another dose of reality rammed down their throats.

  7. csurge

    He must. There’s no time to play political games . You’re on a cliff and he needs to pull you back. I saw part of an interview where he said he’s not interested in anything beyond eight years. He’s only doing this because Obama practically wrecked the system and the social fabric

  8. emsnews

    Yes, the GOP ‘leaders’ conspire with the DNC. And both often are co-conspirators is SECRET organizations like the Bush/Kerry Skull and Bones criminal operation at Yale (founded by my crazy ancestor, Henry Steele) and they are all Bilderberg secret meeting co-conspiritors and they hate Trump, hate all of you and certainly hate me very much. HAHAHA. To hell with them all!

  9. csurge

    XD Indeed. Revolution

  10. Christian W

    Majority of Holocaust survivors in US live in poverty, charity says


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