Theresa May, Britain Prime Minister Goes Kissy Kissy To Trump

Britain’s Prime Minister meets Trump.


Even Laura, the little killjoy from the BBC, couldn’t ruin Donald and Theresa’s DC love-in. Now I can’t wait for the return visit – let the hating commence!  Yes, the ‘hate’ by ‘mainstream media’ aka, ‘Fake News’ is going nuts today as countries that claimed they hated Trump before November, all kiss up to him today.  Britain is #1 in the lineup and Putin has sent various messages of future concord, too, enraging the pro-war Democrats and their crazy supporters.


Sadly, the BBC’s political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg WAS there to ask a question having apparently been nominated by the PM’s press team to ask the first question. What were they thinking.


Squealing like a true liberal she did her best to rip apart all Theresa May’s good work thus far.


The author of this Daily Mail story is referring to Brexit, where the voters got to tell their rulers, they didn’t want to be submerged by an army of millions and millions of alien Muslims.


Throwing in pretty much every insult anyone had ever levelled at the Donald, she said Trump had ‘alarming beliefs’ and many people in Britain were worried about his role as leader of America and the Free World; she asked how he could reassure the people of Britain.


All the leftists assume bad things.  Meanwhile, back in the dying EU enterprise, I got this news from One of my favorite news services, from Russia!


Boy, are they all pissed as all hell, all the Bilderberg gangsters are screaming so loud, Putin will laugh to death.  Trump is laughing at them all, too.  Is Germany and France going to throw a massive hissy fit and stomp off?  I hope so.  Time for real elections there, too.


Both countries are being systematically destroyed by millions of angry Muslim males.  How much longer will they put up with this?  That is, the voters.  Will they wake up finally?  It is rather amusing watching this unfold, I seldom get to see how self suicide works so openly.


‘Russia not a threat, would not attack any NATO state’ – Hungarian FM ahead of Putin visit…Yes, very rapidly, Putin is drawing in ALL the neighboring states and virtually all are friendly to Putin now except for Poland, the Baltic mini-states and of course, half of Ukraine.


Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said Russia should not be perceived as a threat to Hungary or any other NATO or EU state. Criticizing Western sanctions against Russia, Szijjarto said Hungary is seeking closer ties with Moscow.



Game over for the NATO gambit.  Turkey is lost, all the smaller former Yugoslav states are rolling eastwards to Moscow, there is very little left to go.  True, Finland decided to go full NATO stupidly but then, so far, hasn’t been ordered by Merkel to take in a few hundred thousand angry Muslim males…YET.


Give the bitch time.  She is desperate and wants to palm them all off onto others!  So far, Trump has definitely slammed the door shut.  I expect many more EU nations doing likewise and turning on the crew that ran all of Europe aground, destroying society, civilization and laying waste to major cities like Paris.



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3 responses to “Theresa May, Britain Prime Minister Goes Kissy Kissy To Trump

  1. Nani

    Hollande, Merkel and the unelected bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels are squealing in desperation now. They are outraged about Trump and Brexit, while at the same time letting Europe being overrun by millions of hostile immigrants.

    I envy America right now who has a president who cares about only one thing: America and its people. We need leaders like Trump as soon as possible. There is no time to loose.

  2. Ziff

    Hey just saw Trumps desk in the oval office , it’s a mess !

  3. tio

    May is a metropolitan globalist through and through. It is worth repeating that as Home Secretary she was tasked with reducing immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands. She actually managed to increase the number. She is, therefore, the person who is singularly most responsible for Brexit AND the the single largest beneficiary from it. Up is down etc.

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