University of Pennsylvania Students Remove Shakespeare Portrait ‘Dead White Male’


Here is the Nedick’s Orange Julius stand back in the Old Old Days of NYC mentioned in today’s Big Poem by someone who supposedly is greater than Shakespeare according to students at the University of Pennsylvania’s English Studies Department.  That is, I want to share a shattering poem today that supposedly surpasses this bard of yore and students at this university are in revolt, they don’t want no Shakespeare dude, he is a Dead White MALE!  Yuck.  Time for getting rid of all these people.  Who needs them anymore, claim students who hate all this awful European man stuff, no?


U of Penn: Shakespeare OUT, Lesbian Author IN because more and more of the staff at Universities these days are starving, often lonely women who are forced to be near-slave labor except for black women who have to be hired in as great numbers as possible to look good on records that demand the hiring of black professors…this devolving mess is destroying entire fields which is OK with me because MY field was utterly annihilated long, long ago when our entire ruling elite suddenly decided no one has to learn any German culture or language skills.


They destroyed all the German departments across the land rendering me unemployable.  Kultur Kampf all the way, ja?  Natürlich.  I got this news from the ever-vigilant Confessions of a college professor:


Audre Lorde (…February 18, 1934 – November 17, 1992) was an African American writer, feminist, womanist, lesbian, and civil rights activist.


I grant summarizing one’s life in a sentence is no easy task, but one of these things is not like the other here. It’s easy to see that being a writer, feminist, womanist (for those not in the know, a “womanist” is basically a feminist that specializes in black women), and civil rights activist can all be noble things, but why is “lesbian” even remotely on the same level as these other activities? I guess I shouldn’t pass judgement, but I hope when my life is summarized, what I’ve done, or not done, with my genitals merits no mention at all. More accurately, I hope to have done so many good things that genital-related activity has no chance of making into that one sentence summary. Whoever Lorde was, her memory is demeaned by this description.


The students at University of Pennsylvania wanted to have all their boxes ticked and this obscure poet with a slender record of literature greats (nearly invisible) ticks ALL the boxes: black, woman, gay, feminist, etc.  So this elevates her to hero status.


Funny, I lived nearby her and hung out in the Village in NYC a great deal and knew a number of writers like Asimov, for example.  Didn’t know her.  She was a big person, I hear, in the gay community which was quite large even back then in Greenwich Village.


Well, today she is Big Stuff and students who want degrees don’t want to do disagreeable things like learning to read Shakespearean English and puddle around in his dense poetry and crude jokes.  Har.  He was crude, yup.  No, they want modern poetry and that is degrading rapidly to ‘Yo, bitch, hang my dick’ levels.


These militant students who are screaming themselves hoarse over the last election, are also very busy destroying culture and the past which they hate:  Students remove Shakespeare portrait in English dept., aiming for inclusivity which means ‘let’s be stupid and ignorant, who will notice?’


“Students removed the Shakespeare portrait and delivered it to my office as a way of affirming their commitment to a more inclusive mission for the English department,” Esty wrote in the email. He added that the image of Lorde will remain until the department reaches a decision about what to do with the space.


How about putting up a huge poster with grammar rules?  I would happily design one.  Grammar is a Victorian obsession.  Before them, there was little grammar.  Then Grammar Schools were invented.  Oh my!  Soon, millions of children had to learn rules of every sort!  They hated this and now have won: even English Majors no longer want to do those stupid grammar rules anymore.


College junior Mike Benz, also an English major, agreed. He said that he thought the students’ action was bold and admirable, adding that the students acted in a positive way by taking matters into their own hands.


This is EXACTLY like the Cultural Revolution Red Flag youths of China that destroyed everything in their paths, too.


“It is a cool example of culture jamming,” Benz said.


Benz added that college curriculums typically focus on European and Western ideals, and outside texts can sometimes be ignored or set aside.


These poor kiddies get TONS of ‘modern culture’ day and night.  What the elders wanted to do was expose them to other ‘greater’ things.  Now, that will cease.


Both Benz and Kvellestad said they were pleased that the English department voted to remove the portrait, despite the fact that it was ultimately the students who took it down.


“I think it’s cool that Penn students stepped up and decided to get the ball rolling,” Kvellestad said, adding that students have more license to take bold actions and “get the job done.”


See how easy it is to start a Cultural Revolution?  It was a nightmare time in China and they nearly totally destroyed the State, society and culture.  It was highly destructive.


Esty emailed English majors and minors on Dec. 8 with the statement he released to the DP. He expressed the department’s dedication to exploring a diverse range of works, both old and new.


“We invite everyone to join us in the task of critical thinking about the changing nature of authorship, the history of language, and the political life of symbols,” Esty wrote.


I am free to deliver lectures on the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. My parents were sent to China right in the middle of that and even had a hot argument with Madame Mao which sent her stomping out of the room!  And I took in many Chinese after she was arrested and they told me all sorts of stories about what went on under the Kultur Kampf rule.


Kvellestad said the change reflects the values of the department and its students.  “It’s always more symbolic with English majors,” he said.


He really meant, ‘So long as these stupid kiddies pay me tons of money for nothing, I don’t care if they learn nothing and end up begging on street corners, I get my money and can run off eventually, to hell with them all.’


Here is the most amazing poem in the history of humanity, ahem…get ready for ‘Who said it was simple?’  The picture at the top is the amazing Nedicks eatery in Manhattan back when this poem was written:


Who Said It Was Simple Related Poem Content Details
There are so many roots to the tree of anger
that sometimes the branches shatter
before they bear.


Back then, even dirty little joints like Nedicks didn’t let in black people.  I remember segregation, it was still on when I was a child.  Seriously, I was upset when told, I couldn’t go to the eateries where Hispanics and blacks got to eat…I loved the ‘ethnic’ foods they ate and it seemed so unfair.


Only by age around 9, I figured out it was supposed to be ‘they are too nasty and have to eat separately’ and in that case, it pissed me off because I liked those food places and wanted to join them there!  Back to the poem written about segregation in eating:


Sitting in Nedicks
the women rally before they march
discussing the problematic girls
they hire to make them free.
An almost white counterman passes
a waiting brother to serve them first
and the ladies neither notice nor reject
the slighter pleasures of their slavery.
But I who am bound by my mirror
as well as my bed
see causes in colour
as well as sex


and sit here wondering
which me will survive
all these liberations.


Back then, black businesses THRIVED.  Harlem was full of such businesses.  By 1980, it was a wasteland.  Nearly everything vanished.  The ethnic/race divisions protected small black businesses.  I knew a number of black people who, when I met them around 1968 and to 1976, were doing great, they saw things get worse and worse over the years.


A lot of people don’t know how hard integration ravaged black businesses.  I saw it first hand.  It was like someone waved a wand over vast parts of NYC and these businesses dropped off the map and whole neighborhoods became battlegrounds for drug dealers and arsonists.


Then free trade slammed into these same hoods leaving everything in literal ruins.  And the white ladies sipping orange juliuses in Nedicks didn’t have to lift a finger to destroy Harlem.  It self-destructed.



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9 responses to “University of Pennsylvania Students Remove Shakespeare Portrait ‘Dead White Male’

  1. Lou

    Zuck and Warren Buffett are Pro Immigration, like wow.
    Reminds me of the ‘Celebrity eating program’ articles. Celebrities are usually not exercise and nutrition experts, they are famous, thats all.
    Some people can see thru the ‘But the Nice old man who eats ice cream is for it, and so are you’ riff.

    No comments allowed on these, at Yahoo.
    Oh, I use Yahoo. It apparently was down WORLDWIDE, today.

    Earlier in the week, Trump ordered additional orders aimed to crack down on illegal immigration, including a measure expanding the authority of local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws, among other policies. Critics say the policy, known as “Secure Communities,” will make victims and other people less likely to cooperate with the police if they are worried about their immigration status. Trump also announced that it was his administration’s policy to immediately begin construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

    Buffett wasn’t alone in criticizing anti-immigration policies. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a status on Facebook knocking the president’s decision to sign the orders.

    Fu-k Zuk,

  2. Lou

    By 1980, it was a wasteland. Nearly everything vanished. The ethnic/race divisions protected small black businesses. I knew a number of black people who, when I met them around 1968 and to 1976, were doing great, they saw things get worse and worse over the years.

    1965–USA had 12? million Blacks.
    50 years later, 43 million.
    Competition for jobs, housing, schools.

  3. Lou

    The Zuck article allows comments and the comments are mostly good.
    One person says ‘every time I pass Zucks house I see an armed guard.’

  4. Lou

    The Penn State snowflakes might have liked y’days Google Doodle.
    It was for a Ms Coleman. First Black female licensed pilot.
    there is a wiki page about her short life.
    She didnt wear a seat belt and died, crashing her plane.

  5. ziff

    Her poems seem quite good , but learning stuff is hard. Most art falls as sediment , ‘the geologic model of art ”

  6. melponeme_k

    The poem is ok. But Othello traveled the same minefields with more passion and some dirty jokes. I don’t care if Shakespeare is white, blue, yellow or brown. They will have to rip his collected works out of my cold, dead hands.

  7. Thomas Immer

    Der Kulturkampf ist übergeschnappt. Das ist übergeschnappt. nicht mehr Kulturkampf Nein Kulturkampf!

    Kultur des Lebens– Ja!

    Guten Abend!

  8. Old Ari

    I think that grammar schools are much older. Shakespeare himself went to a grammer school, as did I. Universal education in Britain came in in the 1870s.Iwas lucky and got a Scholarship to a grammar shool, and got a very good education. The socialists said they were elitist, and destroyed them. No young females in the classes to distract us.

  9. Jim R

    The idea that the government should educate the children probably started in China a couple thousand years ago or so. In the USA it started in the 19th century some time. The idea was that everyone should learn to read and write and do arithmetic, and that all children should be encouraged, if not compelled, to attend.

    Education is one of those benefits that a state should provide, like roads or sewer systems.

    After WWII, the Eisenhower administration realized that mere reading, writing and arithmetic were not enough. Those dumb German foot solders were better educated than ours, and the Russians were much better educated. And there was a cold war on. A space race.

    So they poured a lot of money and effort into improving America’s education system. Elaine and I benefited from the new emphasis on science and math and languages. Scholarships were available for the bright kids to go on into advanced study, sometimes to study abroad…

    But two huge cultural trends have set our education system back to approximately the 1700s.

    The civil rights movements of the 60s and 70s resulted in an attempt to homogenize public education, throwing kids from disparate neighborhoods together into schools, and causing middle class parents to seek private education alternatives (especially in the south, in former Confederate states). And second, the “private enterprise” trend pushed by the US oligarchs in the 80s and 90s (really got going under Reagan), has led to the current lot of “charter schools” and “no child left behind” nonsense.

    Along with the usual idiocracy of bureaucratic decay, the school system has degraded into a source of tax revenue, and very little in the way of education.

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