In Both Europe And US ‘Refugees’ Fly To And From Real Homes

Trump’s immigration ban derailed: Federal court grants emergency stay temporarily HALTING deportation of visa holders detained at US airports after nationwide protests.  Yes, dozens of people were stopped.  A total of 12.  I was once deported from Germany.  My home was in Arizona.  These 12 people were illegal aliens and of course, our government is supposed to let them in and out of customs with no checks?


Of course not.  Imposing old rules that we had for 100 years which were quietly, with no votes, undermined until millions and millions and millions of illegal aliens came here…is causing ‘chaos’ because no one expects to be checked.


Well…Europe under the not even 2 decades of Bilderberg/EU rule has been flooded with millions and millions of illegal aliens who cross from one country to the next and can’t be stopped even when they are terrorists or criminals and the US has the identical problem with outright criminals entering and leaving at will.


The president denied that his executive order, which bars refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US, was a Muslim ban.


He maintained that the ban was ‘working very nicely’ while chaos broke out in airports as migrants were stopped and some non-American citizens realized they were now barred from the country where they were studying or had lived, perhaps for years.


ILLEGALLY lived ‘for years’!  This just amazes me.  The ‘free trade’ mirror was ‘let everyone into a country illegally’ and this provided workers to be easily exploited, being illegal, and rose profits for rich people who employed these people here illegally.  I have railed against both because it is destroying citizens in key ways, dropping wages and crushing social services.


Trump’s comments came as migrants around the country were detained in airports because they arrived just after the executive order was signed.


A senior Homeland Security official told Reuters that roughly 375 travelers affected by the order. Out of the 375, 109 were in transit to the US and denied entry. Another 173 people were stopped by airlines from boarding an aircraft to the US. An additional 81 travelers with green cards or special immigrant visas received waivers.


If they had even the slightest legal identification, they were let through.  A shocking number had nothing, being illegal aliens.  This is so ridiculous, our media will present this, being Fakers and now traitors, as evil.  ‘How dare anyone check people at the border?’ they all yell.


The New York Times supports Israel having not only gigantic walls locking Palestinians into ghettoes, it supports hammering anyone coming into Jewish airports if they try to sneak in and out of Israel:


The Questions That Could Reshape a Worried Europe: The rise of populism, economic threats and the uncertainty of relations with the Trump administration are sources of turbulence for Europe. is another NYT headline today.


What are these ‘worries’?  HAHAHA.  The LEFT is very worried.  The BILDERBERG GANG is in hysterics.  Are the citizens there worried?  I would suggest only if they are aliens moving from one country to the next which is why the British people voted for Brexit.


Are the rulers of Europe worried their gravy train will derail?  We pay through the nose to protect Europe from what?  Oh, Putin, of course, so the EU nations poked at Putin over and over again and then demand we fight WWIII for them all?  That people?


This insanity of letting aliens run our government, economy and foreign policy must end.  It is destroying the US from within and without.  It is frankly, bankrupting us.  The NYT screams that illegal aliens in Lowell, Mass, are vital for our nation because…it won’t say, of course. But I will:


All these articles about illegal aliens refers specifically to the incredible situation in Lowell, Mass.  This town was once a manufacturing hub.  Now, it is in ruins.  Why?  Free trade, of course.  The new residents are…on welfare and other under the table schemes.  Just what we do not need.


It isn’t reviving Lowell, it is keeping it limping along as it dies as an abandoned dying city like Newark or Detroit, etc.


Another thing Trump is doing is forbidding government officials who leave office, the freedom to go across the street to foreign governments and work for THEM. This has destroyed our own government as agents paid by US citizens run off to undermine our sovereignty, conspiring with foreign governments to create what we have today: a gigantic trade and budget deficit!


The fix for this is painful for traitors and stupid people who think undermining our economic systems and endangering us by forcing us to patrol our trade partner’s oceans and lands while they destroy our own businesses here in the US.  This enrages me no end.


It is suicidal and stupid and our media giants and the entire DNC and some of the GOP want this for us all despite it being very destructive.  “Mexico does not believe in walls.” – Mexican President Nieto

It’s no secret that a vast amount of illegal drugs, trafficked humans, criminals and potential terrorists have poured over the southern border of the U.S. from Mexico in recent years, leading to an increase in violent crimes that has put a burden on U.S. authorities.

Now, with the swoop of a pen, President Donald J. Trump has set forth to secure the border once and for all.


Congress passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 and the Immigrant Responsibility Act way back in 1996 under Clinton, no less, and then Bush Jr. and Obama both refused to fund or enforce these laws.  I said more than once, the Presidents hitherto refused to enforce laws deliberately and now everyone is used to not obeying basic laws and imposing them again does cause chaos due to this never happening for years and years.


Emboldened by this, illegal actions have become normalized and watching our media giants howl as LEGAL LAWS are applied suddenly. OK: give illegal aliens a deadline for leaving the country and we will not stop them from going back and forth but only so long as they get special permission which has a due date when, if they try coming in and out, they will be held at the airports and deported.


Again: I have been deported.  I have also crossed legal national barriers illegally when I was a teenager on my own (HAHAHA) during the wild years of the EU youth uprisings, mainly to give speeches.  Swam the Rhine, snuck past the guards at Kennedy Airport, etc.  Yes, people can do that in the past and today but we shouldn’t legalize this.


 “Border security is critically important to the national security of the United States,” the executive order explains. “Aliens who illegally enter the United States without inspection or admission present a significant threat to national security and public safety. […] The purpose of this order is to direct executive departments and agencies (agencies) to deploy all lawful means to secure the Nation’s southern border, to prevent further illegal immigration into the United States, and to repatriate illegal aliens swiftly, consistently, and humanely.”


Sounds like normal national activity used by Japan, China, Israel and…MEXICO.




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8 responses to “In Both Europe And US ‘Refugees’ Fly To And From Real Homes

  1. Jim R

    Trump would get a great boost in popularity if he would simply fire all those troglodytes working at airport “security”. A simple metal detector worked before and would work again, and please note that the 9/11 guys would not have been stopped by the current setup…

  2. Jim R

    And this highlights the fact that it is a class war. If you are middle-class and cross a border, you get the 3rd degree treatment.

    If you have nothing and look poor, they wave you through.

  3. floridasandy

    that federal judge is just sucking up, like most of them do.

    The federal judge who granted an emergency stay of part of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban is a former prosecutor nominated to the bench by Barack Obama on the recommendation of Chuck Schumer.
    Schumer, the high-profile Democratic Senator, is a family friend of the judge, Ann Donnelly, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Schumer had called for the executive order’s reversal.

    they never look after the citizens- just their own interests.

    maybe trump could appoint an illegal immigrant to take her job? She might understand life a little better then. Schumer’s a dirtball, anyway.

  4. emsnews

    She was a judge for barely one year. Actually, I opposed here when first was elevated…

  5. Lou

    Elaine has mentioned the Tribes nepotism, and her being an outsider, while married to one.

    WRT- they never look after the citizens- just their own interests. Indeed.

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