Russia/US On Road To Better Diplomacy: Putin And Trump Talk



Headlines from RT News.  These headlines won’t appear in the US.  Only anti-Russian headlines are allowed by our Real Rulers and their Fake News services.  It is so very stupid and annoying and keeping people fooled makes them all very annoying and trying to explain that they are being swindled is nearly impossible but here it is: Russia and the US will now move…I hope…towards a saner policy and drop the ‘let’s start WWIII’ garbage.  Also, Ted Turner comes out of the Darkness to beg our rulers to cease destroying CNN.  Sad, isn’t it?


Yes, I really really did know Ted Turner and he was my lifeline to the rest of the nation for he didn’t ever censor me!  And then he sold his CNN stock ‘to do good’ and I begged him to not do this and…CNN was destroyed by the Bilderberg gang.


Editorial at the NYT written by Ted Turner today: In 2004, eight years after he’d sold CNN to Time Warner he sounded an alarm about the dangers of corporate ownership of news organizations.


Mr. Turner wrote that in his day, “we put journalism first, and that’s how we built CNN into something the world wanted to watch.” In his view, “quarterly earnings obsessed” corporate owners would not have the same priorities because “the emphasis instantly shifts from taking risks to taking profits.”


True, he really went after real news.  When I was creating a huge diplomatic confrontation right by the UN in the middle of Manhattan, ONLY CNN covered this story on a daily basis.  All the other media giants who had headquarters a stroll away from Turtle Bay, utterly ignored what was going on there.


Ted openly sided with me and talked with me on the phone and supported my efforts and I give him huge respect for daring to do this and Bush Sr. was furious with him and the Bilderberg gang was aghast and they figured the only way to stop Turner was to lure him into a trap with money.


His warning is especially chilling today, when the integrity of the press matters more than ever. Unfortunately, in the past 20 months CNN’s management has let down its viewers and its journalists by sidelining the issues and real reporting in favor of pundits, prognostication and substance-free but entertaining TV “moments.”


Still, I believe the network can again play an essential role. At its best, CNN is a journalistic enterprise with unparalleled reach and resources, connecting its viewers with people and conflicts half a mile or half a world away.


That’s why I believe that as a condition of Time Warner’s bid to merge with AT&T, CNN should be sold to a new independent entity. This sale would also include CNN international, Headline News and its digital and related properties. Though AT&T has dismissed talk of a sale, one could be compelled by regulators. A consortium of concerned Americans — philanthropists, foundations, small-dollar donors — could fund a trust to operate an independent CNN dedicated to news in the public interest. Subscription fees from cable and other service providers, along with ad revenue, would allow the network to support itself.


So the old monster, Ma Bell, will take over a hunk of the media universe.  HAHAHA.   In this video, the psychiatrist calls for help and is trapped in the phone booth and kidnapped by Ma Bell.


BREAKING NEWS: DHS will continue to enforce Trump’s travel ban despite the judgement. That is, they have legal right to do what they are doing right now. Leftists are mobbing Kennedy Airport to complain about all this. Some have been arrested.



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6 responses to “Russia/US On Road To Better Diplomacy: Putin And Trump Talk

  1. ziff

    some good news , a local radio show was in a huff this morning, but the callers took trumps side , progress !

  2. JimmyJ

    CNN reported the first Gulf War in 1990, completely catering to neocon propaganda under the leadership of Turner well before he sold it in 1996. As a reminder, the whole war was a setup on Hussein who was given diliberate mixed messages about taking over Kuwait by US State Dept so the US could justify destroying his military. CNN didn’t question the Gov line on the justification.

    CNN went so far as to build huge viewership by happily embedding reporters in military units, negating any possibility of objective reporting. Who can forget the great briefings by General Schwartzkoff, or thrilling CCTV views of ordinance hitting buildings (with humans inside but who cares). It was the start of videogame warfare and CNN led the way. Even I got sucked in to enjoying the thrill of it all.

    CNN was an integral part of Imperial propaganda under Turner so his warnings are hypocritical.

  3. emsnews

    Actually, the Iraq invasion of Kuwait was…ILLEGAL when Saddam did it! Period. He was very stupid.

    On the other hand, he had nothing to do with 9/11 and THAT invasion by the US was ILLEGAL, too.

    Both were war crimes.

  4. Christian W

    Yeah it was illegal, but the point is the US did not tell him outright to stop that nonsense. JimmyJ’s point stands – the US was looking for an excuse to attack and deliberately spun some Bullshit that it was no concern to the US if Saddam invaded. SURPRISE! Turns put the premier invader of foreign nations actually did have an opinion against the invasion.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, the US tricked him into thinking he could do that stupid stunt. And Bush tricked the US public, too, and both did this using FAKE NEWS MEDIA like the Washington Post, NYT and top TV news stations.

  6. Moe

    Interesting, only three non-ems comments on what is possibly the most critical issue of our time.

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