DNC Might Be Run By Radical Muslim Keith Ellison: Zionists Exit Fast

The Democratic Party is now possibly going to die.  The alarming demonstrations of leftist females featuring Muslims telling them to wear burkas and call for Allah and death of Israel means Jews are now waking up to the monster they created and are beginning to pack their bags and run off to Israel-friendly Trump’s headquarters…you will all see, they will pile in fast if this radical Muslim Congressman guy wins the head power of the DNC machine.


From last November 5th, Muslim Lawmaker Keith Ellison Gets Backing From Top Jews To Lead Democrats after the DNC collapsed internally over scandals about the trio of females running the DNC into the ground in the Hillary crash and burn.


On board for Ellison as well is Ilya Sheyman, the executive director of the liberal activist group MoveOn, and a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union,


Ellison, who has indicated he would be interested in the post but has yet to declare, has been a sharp critic of Israel, but also has reached out to pro-Israel groups.


So she is a double death blow to the Zionists.  They will strike back.


Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, would replace Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., who resigned this summer under pressure after stolen DNC emails were published revealing the animus at top party levels against Sanders’ candidacy. Until then, she had been the top Jewish official in the party.


When the Jewish cabal took over the DNC, they ran it into the ditch, big time, criminal stuff, stupid stuff, shoving voters away stuff, really, really dumb.  Then they misread Trump who is not hostile to Zionists.  Ooopsies.  He will collect all their loot now as they  must bribe whoever rules us to do what they want.


Fast forward to today: Dershowitz: I’ll leave Democratic Party if Ellison becomes DNC chair!  This is a major step: Almost all the Zionists will leave with him.  Especially the big money dudes and the media owners and other Jewish rich people.  Run, run, run away!  Fast as you all can.


“I’m going to tell you right here on this show, and this is news – if they appoint Keith Ellison to be chairman of the Democratic Party, I will resign my membership to the Democratic Party after 50 years of being a loyal Democrat,” Dershowitz told the Fox Business Network.


“If they now appoint Keith Ellison, who worked with [Nation of Islam leader Louis] Farrakhan, to be chairman of the DNC, you’re going to see a lot of people leave,” he said.


Ellison has been vocal about his support for Israel after CNN reported recently on comments he made several years ago defending the Nation of Islam leader.


Dershowitz also knocked the Obama administration after the passage of a U.N. Security Council resolution last week condemning Israeli settlements. The resolution passed 14-0 as the U.S. abstained.


“I will not be a member of a party that represents itself through a chairman like Keith Ellison and through policies like that espoused by John Kerry and Barack Obama,” Dershowitz said.


I KNOW THE NATION OF ISLAM…I actually forced a split in Newark at their main temple there.  They don’t like me much, eh?  They are very violent.  They are also quite dangerous and Obama was sympathetic to them and raised as a Muslim, but not of this group which is different from the Kenyan Muslims.


Obama, as he left the White House, struck out at Israel and didn’t support them in the UN vote of the Security Council to the great rage of the Jews but it was too late, he whacked them in the rear as he left the White House.


They are VERY pissed off about this and although Schemer…gads, ‘autocorrect spelling’ changes Sch.u.mer’s name! HAHAHA.  Anyways, Schumer said he supports this radical black Islamic dude to keep the black vote running but I bet he is now getting a huge earful from fearful Jews in New York City who see these radical black Muslims up close in their hoods, you know, ohhhh boy, are they scary…


Recently, the guys at the mosque in Newark beat up my pal Abdul Malik’s son and it made the news because they were terrorizing him as he disputed their tactics and goals, in the name of he deceased and very wonderful father, they ‘argued’ by smashing his face and sending him to the hospital.


The Democratic Party is doomed.  The Hispanic Catholics will dig in their heels, too, for the same reason…oh boy, they haven’t forgotten Spain and how they fought to drive out the Muslim rulers there…not at all.  Ditto, Eastern Europeans and the Ottoman rulers there, too…not good for the DNC…not good at all.


A lighter note: the media giants went nuts because…Trump changed the White House Oval Office curtains.  They wondered how much he spent on these…HAHAHA…they were from the BUSH JR. office era, the same curtains!  Put up again to save money.  A good start, no?




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15 responses to “DNC Might Be Run By Radical Muslim Keith Ellison: Zionists Exit Fast

  1. Christian W

    At least Keith Ellison is not entirely stupid.

    Derschowitz and the likes leaving the DNC is probably one of the first steps the DNC needs to take to become a real party again. But tbh, the US is so screwed up even going back to the farcial two party charade is not going to happen smoothly.

    There is no way to unmake the collapse of the US system underway. The only way is to let it collapse and rebuild in a saner fashion. Unfortunately it looks like the US will go full Nazi rather than have a sane reformation.

    The Saker believes there is a Color Revolution (Pink) going on in the US. Not sure I agree with him, but there are definitely the elements of that going on for whatever reason. And I’d say both sides “left” and “right” are being played by various deep state factions.

  2. Christian W

    Note that I am being fascetious when I say “the Dems will be a real party again”. Sorry for asuming the Dems ever were a real party.

  3. emsnews

    It is hard to escape vampires.

  4. melponeme_k

    The one bulwark needed to cut these “color” revolutions in the bud is to deport Soros. All Trump needs to do is freeze his assets, arrest him as a traitor then extradite him to Russia. Putin is positively salivating on getting his hands on that old, musty, Nazi- collaborating geezer.

    Once his billions are no longer in play, the little SJW revolutions will peter out because no one is paying 1500 to 2500 to bus their lazy asses around.

  5. ziff

    something i notice about the oval office now that i’ve seen some new videos of it ,,, its like/is a tiny museum , not a place of work.

  6. ed

    Hilarious, the Jews are once more going to be betrayed by the globalist just like in WWII and Rome.

  7. Mewswithaview

    Bill Black: Not 4 Sale – Why the Corrupt, Worker-Hating New Democrats Must Be Purged – -> http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/01/bill-black-not-4-sale-corrupt-worker-hating-new-democrats-must-purged.html

  8. Troy

    Elaine, weren’t the zionists suppose to be in charge of everything? Why did they let things go this far? Did Trump win because of some kind of insider coup?

  9. emsnews

    Thanks for all the news stories you all post here on the blog…I was writing about the terror attacks at sunrise because I read the Daily Mail of London first thing when I wake up and this story of the terror attacks in Canada was the top story today so I got up fast and went downstairs to the computer room and noticed readers already gave the alert…thanks for that.

    I do appreciate this because I also miss some stories of great interest which is why I very carefully read all comments and hope people comment frequently.

    Troy, Zionists run things and do stupid stuff because they are HUMANS and the gods think humans are very funny creatures and love tormenting them. The difference between gods and devils is vanishingly small, both have odd sense of humor and are rather violent. So is Mother Nature not to mention the cruelest of all, Father Time.

  10. Lou

    The story linked from Yahoo didnt mention ‘YT’ [whitey] so the Quebec shooting must have been Mussies.
    A Moroccan has been arrested. He shouted the usual ‘Alla Akbar’ witnesses report.


  11. Lou

    Troy, Jews [at 1/700th of total population?] WOULD LOVE TO RUN EVERYTHING.
    They may get rid of YT [whitey]. They are working at this. Watch ads and other media. Young YT women paired with black bucks.

    Elaine posted about this decline in Whites.
    Europe is ahead of USA in this race cleansing.
    In 1900 Yt was 30% of world population. Soon to be 10% or less.

    weren’t the zionists suppose to be in charge of everything?

  12. Petruchio

    “Fast forward to today: Dershowitz: I’ll leave Democratic Party if Ellison becomes DNC chair! This is a major step: Almost all the Zionists will leave with him. ” If this happens, it will be cause for celebrating.. To quote Billy Boy Clinton when he sold out the traditional Democrat base, “Where ya gonna go?” Good riddance, Alan Dershowitz and take that dual Israeli/ US citizen Schumer with you.

  13. emsnews

    I agree, Petruchio. Except for one nasty issue here: the black Muslim radicals are taking over. I know them VERY VERY well. I know what they say behind closed doors. They are extremely racist and are fascists. The mirror image of the Nazis, in fact.

  14. Christian W

    Or the Zionists now running things?

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