NATO Allies Attack Trump Over Muslim Terrorist Policies And…Deadly Alien Muslim Terrorist Attacks In Canada!



Police arrest two students – one ‘of Moroccan origin’ – over the murder of six people shot dead in a Quebec City mosque carnage two days after Canadian PM condemned Trump…suicidal First World Leaders continue being very stupid.  So, today’s terrorist attack isn’t the first in Canada at all, I was looking for a video story about today’s typical Muslim terrorist attack (Muslims hate Muslims, you know!) when I saw so many videos of earlier attacks in Canada.  Canada’s Minister Trudeau lectured us about terror attacks and the US leftists scream about how we are evil for wanting to stop Muslim terror attacks by recent immigrants or visitors (all the 9/11 Muslim terrorists where ‘visitors’) and here we are: this is War and we got suckered into this war (Israel) and we can’t escape this war so what do we do now?


Trump’s answer is one obvious answer: check out who is coming in and if they are potential terrorists is quite sane but it doesn’t answer the real questions, the one we MUST explore: Muslims forbid birth controls plus they keep women locked up for the most part so they have many children and this population explosion which in past eras was fixed by diseases killing  most children, is now out of control thanks to vaccinations (which many leftists and far rightists hate!) so we have a global population explosion where birth control is unavailable or forbidden.



More Canada terrorist attack stories.  The last video is Rebel Media complaining about how every response to every terrorist attack in Europe and North America is greeted by our Real Rulers as ‘accidents’ or ‘individuals’ who for some reason go nuts and scream Allah Akbar and kill many citizens.  It is all our imagination.  There is no Muslim terrorist problem!  This is obviously insane.


Police have arrested two students – one ‘of Moroccan origin’ – over the murder of six people shot dead in the Quebec City mosque carnage two days after Canada’s Prime Minister condemned Donald Trump’s immigration ban.


Gunmen opened fire on worshippers as they prayed at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center at around 8pm last night in an attack branded ‘cowardly’ and ‘barbaric’.


Witnesses claimed the masked killers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ in what sounded like a Quebecois accent as they went on the rampage, killing six and leaving eight injured.


Police have arrested two people with one said to be ‘of Moroccan origin’ and both understood to be students from Quebec’s Université Laval.


The shooting unfolded after a weekend which has seen US President Donald Trump’s divisive and controversial ‘Muslim immigration ban’ spark widespread protests across America. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said that his country remains open to all immigration, insisting ‘diversity is our strength’.


Diversity is ‘strength’ so long as the diverse people are not lunatics who want to murder everyone and rule via force.  We call these people ‘invaders’ and ‘enemies of the State’.  The liberal lunacy that is utterly unable to figure out the difference freaks me out, it would seem obvious to me since these particular invaders hate nearly 100% everything liberals love.  What gives here?  Even in my own family, liberal members have drunk the false wine of ‘equality’ and were told by activist Muslims in the Democratic party that they are allies and have the same goal when this is an obvious lie!


The New York Times -has an anti-Trump, hysterical ‘we must bring in millions of Muslims’ top story with comments allowed that are heavily censored while several inches below, they have a short, no comment section story about the massacre in Montreal.  And much worse, says it is a ‘terrorist attack ON Muslims’ and not BY Muslims.  Look at the pictures from mega-liberal San Francisco.  These idiots are suicidal but then, this has happened before in history, history is littered with dire tales of dying empires bringing in violent barbarians and then being utterly destroyed from within.


Yes, these people have lots of time on their hands to do the ‘destroy Rome, bring in the barbarians’ game.  So, the Jewish/Mexican NYT wants more people like these terrorists to come in with no examination and have them do their worst.  Yes, that is a winning game…NOT.


NYC has always had a suicidal element in it, when I organized the first civilian street patrol run by an organization I helped create, we had near zero police protection by 1978 and rioters, looters, rapists and mob violence was nearly nonstop and we put a stop to it and it was a grinding effort of a number of years to dig out just ONE neighborhood collective from the crime wave and the people who worked with me in this, particularly Giuliani who later became mayor, had to also arrest a huge number of DNC clowns who were corrupt and exploiting the chaos.


Now, NYC is once again ruled by a leftist Democrat who is systematically beginning to unleash the destructive forces we worked so hard to restrain and the city will burn down again, trust me on this.  Trump lives in NYC and is determined to stop the destruction so they should be happy he will do this for the spoiled brats who run things there whenever they can.


I really hate them all because I can see their stupidity…they really don’t care if they burn the city down, they think this fixes things and whenever the rest of us fix things after the major destruction episodes, they blame US for doing this and call us names, etc.  It is all so annoying and irritating and I am fortunately retired and live on a mountain I rule with arms and no one dares come here without permission though the bears try periodically.


But now I have permission to shoot them.  So that takes care of the bears.  Readers can guess what I mean by this.  Civilizations that let in armies of angry barbarians and many Muslims have chosen to be barbarians these days due to overpopulation and collapsing culture and infrastructure…all barbarian invasions happen because huge populations suddenly begin moving about seeking weaker places to plonk themselves down and take over or loot!  Yes, this is what is happening and embracing invaders who hate us and have a very dysfunctional culture is not smart at all and we should have the sense to condemn this invasion and not aid and abet it.


But then, maybe liberal ladies want to be enslaved and raped!  My ancient ancestors were Vikings then Normans and then ended up in wilds of the New World and lived always on the edge of destructions, we were destroyers and this is why I understand other destroyers, I am not fooled by fake stories, I know exactly how they all operate, my pesky ancestors did likewise in spades.


I just resent someone else doing it, of course, this is called ‘survivalism’ and yes, I want to survive.



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14 responses to “NATO Allies Attack Trump Over Muslim Terrorist Policies And…Deadly Alien Muslim Terrorist Attacks In Canada!

  1. DM

    But then, maybe liberal ladies want to be enslaved and raped!

    Makes me wonder if Angela Merkel is trying to prove Silvio Berlusconi wrong about her being an “unfuckable lard-arse”.

  2. floridasandy

    I feel sorry that the Canadians elected Trudeau-evidently style won over substance there

    It is just all media hysteria-designed to target the usual agitators. Where was their outrage over Obama doing the SAME thing-(which I commend by the way)

    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    President Barack Obama has used the authority this statute provides six times in his tenure. In July 2011, Obama barred the entry of “anyone under a UN travel ban; anyone who violates any of 29 executive orders regarding transactions with terrorists, those who undermine the democratic process in specific countries, or (etc)

    Read more:

  3. Melponeme_k


    TRUMP Protecting the Borders from CRIMINALS! YES!

    Now I suppose little Chuckwad Schoomber will start crying over the poor, defenseless mafia guy who just wants to get to the US for his faaaaaaambily. WAAAAAAH!

  4. Melponeme_k

    Only 24 Mil? Dang, little troll under the bridge Soros must be going broke busing his little Maoists around from protest to protest.

  5. emsnews

    I used the ACLU way back when I was a teenager and suing to take ‘boy’s courses’ in high school. We won in Arizona, the first state to allow this.

    I was his babysitter, by the way, the head of the Tucson branch of the ACLU. They do good things and they do dumb things like any organization. I hope they don’t go off a cliff in this matter.

    But they probably will.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Tragically, I believe ACLU is a co-opted organization now that carries water for the elites. There will be no good things coming from them now that protect US citizens.

  7. Lou

    ACLU now = All Criminals Luv Us.

  8. Christian W

    @ 6 Mel

    Yes, most supposedly liberal human rights organizations have been co-opted and are now water carriers for the elites.

    The elites have done a very thorough job subverting and co-opting the left. Whereever the left turns the elites are there with ready made scripts to believe and ready made protest organizations and ready made ‘leaders’ and ready made programs to follow. No discourse outside the elite controlled and run one is allowed. That is why we got #fakenews, Trump protests, Russia baiting and on and on and on; but no criminal prosecution of the corrupt elites.

  9. Jim R

    And the EFF, and Amnesty and and and …

    Localism, I think. That’s the ‘ism’ we need.

  10. Shawny


    Which side can we get to stop overpopulating first?

    This perhaps relates to the problem that the late Frank Fenner warned us about with our possible extinction in less than a century– then he died at 95 in 2005, which some folks have speculated is that special year, the peak production year for the collective global output of petroleum products based on Hubbert’s model adjusted for the 21st Century global output.

    A each year goes by, the net energy reduction is really going to make all these refugee problems much worse, I fear.

    I agree we need secure systems to protect our borders. Terrorists are terrorists– I don’t care what religion or ideology they call themselves. I’m getting the impression it’s more than “Muslim” terrorists we have to worry about, it will be many types of terrorists, I fear. As it is–

    Someone in the late ’40s complained that humans were breeding like mice– now it’s even worse, humans are breeding at the rate of yeast!–

    Looks to me it’s like we are collectively hallucinating with the human belief systems that somehow we are the centrepiece of creation and we are the yeast in the making of the Goddess/God divine beer in this wonderful and infinite universe.

    But the earth is a “closed” system that only radiation escapes and no one gets out of here alive, and so on, and–

    Well, look what happens to any yeast that ends up in any fool’s beer. The yeast expands rapidly and then suddenly collapses, but that’s enough to make the beer for any fool to drink. But not all fools drink beer and it doesn’t take a fool to enjoy beer in a responsible way, either. Anyway–

    But, like I say, how do we get humans to stop acting like yeast and stop gobbling up non-renewable resources too rapidly?

    Especially when we collectively run up against a more and more faster rate of diminishing returns– that somehow, just in time, we hit the brakes, so…. that we can all live somewhat with dignity as humans instead of like–


    Like on Easter Island, where the Easter Bunny sang it’s swan song long ago and so on– because one sad day there were no Easter eggs needed to be delivered anywhere– Because the population, the people, who ever they were, and their way of life– all disappeared.

    Well, I know… I got to order that copy of “The Collapse of Complex Societies (New Studies in Archaeology)”, like you warned all of us to do and to get back to my new year’s resolution– less time on the computer, more time reading books OFFLINE.


  11. emsnews

    Usually these massive collapses of empires starting with the Minoan collapse coincide with much colder temperatures.

  12. Lou

    Yes, The Sun God rules.

  13. Lou

    Which side can we get to stop overpopulating first?

    What do you think Fluoride, GMOs, Wars, etc are about?

  14. Moe

    The insanity continues.

    European Union Chief Threatens Trump With “Prison Time”

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