Trump Fires Obama’s Attorney General For Defying Him


The Israeli/Mexican New York Times wants more illegal aliens to come to the US and lax border guarding.


Trump SACKS Attorney General Sally Yates after she told Justice Department NOT to defend his immigrant travel ban AND then fires director of immigration and customs agency just two hours later, both were Obama appointees as Congress drags heels in confirmation hearings.  The leftwing (sic) media giants continue in the US to attack Trump at every turn, telling readers that he has no right to sack Democrats who are still in office…normally, Congress passes Presidential choices quickly.


This often happened under Obama: he did nearly everything via fiat and didn’t bother passing a thing through Congress because the Democrats lost power there.  Now, the only tool they have now after losing fiat power is to simply obstruct while the media which attacked anyone running against the Bilderberg gangster who was, this time, Hillary, are attacking any and every move made by a non-Bilderberg president.


Senator Ted Cruz, once Trump’s presidential candidate rival, has defended his decision to fire the ‘lawless’ Yates saying the president was ‘exactly right.’


‘After eight long years of a lawless Obama Department of Justice, it is fitting – and sad – that the very last act of the Obama DOJ is for the Acting AG to defy the newly elected President, refuse to enforce the law, and force the President to fire her,’ he wrote on Facebook.


Obama and the DNC had 8 years to fill all the top jobs in the government.  Now, they must yield to the election winners. The Democrats built up their power via a scheme to flood the US with illegal aliens and then have them vote in ‘sanctuary cities’ plus the extra population wold be counted as ‘citizens’ when handing out electoral college votes so California and NY both have increased electoral votes due to an army of many millions of illegal aliens.


This strips voting power from the other states that don’t have as many illegal aliens.  I still remember Reagan: he legalized illegal aliens and then announced, the US would strengthen borders and deport more illegals and…all the Presidents refused to do either over the years because capitalists wanted cheap, illicit labor to drive down wages.  Period.


Undoing this is going to be very painful but it has to be done.  Simultaneously, the Democrats push birth control and abortions which, thinking cruelly, limits the population of say, middle class Americans who are not illegal aliens or on welfare, because children are expensive.  For illegal aliens collecting welfare and citizens doing the same, having as many children as possible equals more money from the government.


This system of making children expensive for middle class families and money making machines for welfare/illegal alien families has produced, coupled with free trade removing union jobs to foreign countries, a social/economic catastrophe as the Democrats abandon US citizen workers and the GOP encourages slave labor wages and de-unionizaion which is why we have virtually no unions left.


He added that Yates joined the ‘ignominious succession’ of Attorneys General, from Eric Holder to Loretta Lynch, ‘who put brazen partisan interests above fidelity to law.  Yates’ lawless partisanship highlights why the Senate needs to act now – and Senate Democrats should end their extreme political obstruction and delay – and confirm Jeff Sessions immediately.’


Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to keep Sessions out of the Cabinet, with many threatening to delay following his ban on immigrants and refugees from certain countries.


This is a huge issue: who do we let into the country?  The US was created by an European invasion as Europe’s medical care improved during the 19th century and there was this gigantic baby boom and people who settled with great difficulty in the New World’s northern continent during the Little Ice Age allowed this flood of immigrants in order to expand across the continent.


Yes, it was an invasion from Europe.  Europe colonized huge parts of the world like Australia, for example.  This was a typical wave of human expansion like all the many previous waves in the history of humanity ever since we humans walked out of Africa.


This history doesn’t mean automatically that we should passively allow waves of humans to overwhelm our systems and destroy our civilization.  True, many Europeans are descendants of waves of hostile immigrants such as the Norse people.  But this doesn’t mean we surrender to invaders, either.


This is what ‘sanity’ is all about: you want to survive.  Invaders also want to survive.  But letting others come in and destroy is negative for survival.  This is why countries that are sane pick and choose who they let in.  Let in the wrong people and you get social chaos and economic destruction.


Here is the map of Detroit, once one of our richest cities.  After 40 years of free trade and DNC control, after the Clintons betrayed Democratic voters, the end result of all this is this massive dead city.  8 years of Obama and Detroit is as dead as ever.  Note how the populations DO NOT MIX.  The Hispanics, for example, live in their own enclaves.


The surrounding suburbs of Detroit are mostly European ‘white’ but there remains one small enclave inside Detroit.  The rest of the city is black populations of various ethnic backgrounds.  40% of Detroit have ‘incomes’ below $30,000.;  This happens to be the amount Detroit pays for welfare families.   Number of Michigan Welfare Recipients Declines 70 Percent after the GOP took over during the last election cycle.


From 2005 to 2011, the number of people in this program held consistently in the low 200,000s range. It varied from 202,693 (2009) to 237,102 (2007). However, in 2011, with control of the Legislature and governor’s office for the first time since 2002, Republicans adopted reforms that, along with economic growth, have helped reduce the number of people on welfare from 154,941 (2012), to 129,185 (2013) and 89,957 (2014).


The state’s major welfare assistance program is food stamps, now distributed with a debit card system. In August, the state of Michigan paid for $188.7 million in purchases by 1.5 million people.  By comparison, the 64,492 people on traditional welfare cash assistance received $9.1 million from the state.  The state is now enforcing a 48-month lifetime limit on cash assistance. Wheaton said the time limit was in place previously but not enforced. The state also enforced federal 60-month time limits going back to the federal and state welfare reforms of 1996.


The fiction that the US is a ‘melting pot’ worked only so long as Europeans came over.  We know that ‘China Towns’ existed wherever Chinese moved in, for example.  Many Asians finally integrated over time but the process usually takes several generations.  This is why the US has to be very careful about immigration policies.  For there are more than one culture that refuses even after many years, to integrate.


For example, the Hassidic Jews form very aggressive enclaves, have their own police and harass anyone whose property they want to buy up after chasing them out.  Their enclaves defiantly have different ways of living that are at odds with our systems and their children go to private schools, etc.  They are not the only ones doing this.


In black immigrant communities neighbors are driven out by tremendous violence and open looting so they take over huge hunks of cities.  The Hassidim and other such groups have spent decades living off of welfare payments while walling off their communities from others and aggressively driving out people who are different.  This is a problem with immigration.  Are they driving out citizens actively?  In many places the answer is ‘yes.’


Here is a Harvard Political Review article from that school’s professors and staff talking about ethnic enclaves:


This doesn’t necessarily mean that all contemporary ethnic enclaves are anathemas. As the encroachment of New York’s Chinatown into Little Italy reveals, some ethnic enclaves are indeed growing. The case of Little Italy is indicative of a larger trend, however, in that immigrant communities, even those that are experiencing growth, are de-concentrating, culturally and spatially, making the concept of the urban ethnic enclave increasingly obsolete.


Good grief, true the European enclaves are dying of literally…duh…Europe isn’t flooding the world with excess population due to birth controls and lack of desire to marry and have children which force is actually annihilating the Japanese who increasingly are alienated from each other and literally dying off.


All over NYC are gigantic very closed off ethnic/religious enclaves!  Try entering some of these.  It is openly dangerous in some areas.  Wiping out neighbors is an old game in Brooklyn, I played it once upon a time.  You have to very aggressively fight off people who want to enforce enclave ‘rules’ that are not written, they are definitely enforced via criminal activities.


The ‘melting pot’ business has been a fraud when it comes to raw immigration survival tactics which involves bringing in as many allies as possible while fending off whoever lives in a place and thus, drive them out and take over.  This social/political force is extremely strong and runs along today just like in the past.  Once upon a time, the elites changed this dynamic by having children educated in public schools.


Believe it or not, these schools paid by taxpayers were a new thing 150 years ago!  And were set up to draw in immigrant children and change them!  Seriously! ‘Make them into citizens’ was the reason given for funding these schools.  This is why all of them used to insist on patriotic actions like saluting the flag every morning, etc.  That is all being hit with the wrecking ball today.


Schools especially in DNC cities are now hell holes that spit out barely literate children who graduate into crime, mayhem or welfare and have to be forced to work but the old fashioned jobs that made good money are now in Mexico and China which is why Trump is fighting both now: economic warfare is deadly!  And fighting back to undo criminal actions and yes, it is criminal to strip a country of its industrial base!  This will take time.


And our media giants are fighting this tooth and claw, too, of course, they hate us citizens.


An addition here: the two shooters in Canada were right wingers but still, one of them was Muslim.  Yes, Muslims shoot each other over ideological issues and religious furies.  Religious warfare isn’t just a ‘left/right’ thing but social.








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44 responses to “Trump Fires Obama’s Attorney General For Defying Him

  1. DeVaul

    For years everyone kept asking “who would be first to officially dump the dollar?”

    Well, at long last, here’s the answer:

    March 21, 2017 — the Spring Equinox.

    I wonder if Trump will follow the usual plan to deal with such countries?

  2. Melponeme_k

    I don’t think Iran will be allowed to start the rubber dollar flood. There are too many countries counting on the dollar holding on by its fingernails now. China especially.

    And now that Saudi Arabia will be instituting VAT

    Things are going slide downward fast. SA has 2 to 3 generations of men who never had to work and never had to pay taxes. AND they are all still relatively young. NOT a good sign.

  3. Moe

    You’re Fired! Shades of ‘The Apprentice’.

    It’s difficult to believe the depths of politicization of American politics. The temerity of Yates is outrageous. Trump did the Trumpian, and right thing: fire this byatch!

    “The fiction that the US is a ‘melting pot’ worked only so long as Europeans came over.” Ooooo, Elaine is a rassist!

    Screw that: Elaine is 100% right. America has always had a fascist inclination, but the country was on the right track as long as it was predominately of European descent. As some wag noted here on ems, socialist systems only function in rich (i.e., white) countries. There must be a reason… (and please, spare me the canard regarding colonial exploitation).

  4. Christian W

    Then again, there is no law of nature that says that the US has to be an Abrahamic Puritan Christian nation shaping all citizens in that image. It just so happened that the Puritans were able to dominate the continent for a period of time.

    It is interesting that Trump now fires an attorney for questioning the legality of his actions. Could well be that the deputy AG had a point. If Trump will simply fire anyone standing in his way then that is an interesting choice of action pointing to the final and terminal stage in the collapse of the US constitutional republic.

  5. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    She was fired for failing to uphold the national rule of law NOT for disobeying Trump. She absolutely failed to protect citizens from invading foreign nationals PLUS called for illegal dereliction of duty by law enforcement. It was absolutely RIGHT for her to be fired.

    “It just so happened that the Puritans were able to dominate the continent for a period of time.”

    It just so happens that EVERY SUCCESSFUL country is ruled by Protestants. EVERY ONE. Any country with Catholics or Muslims in charge are crap buckets. EVERY ONE. Just look at the state of South America if you want to study the glory and legacy of Catholic Spain.

    And Italy? They weren’t Catholic when they ruled the world. Russia? They started to rise when Peter the Great broke the rule of the Orthodox Bishops.

    And all of this is written by a former Catholic. And believe me, the church is still stealthily evangelical. I know, I went to parochial school.

  6. emsnews

    Correct, the FAKE NEWS media is pretending he did something bad when this female hired…HIRED by Obama was FIRED by Trump. Duh. He sets the agenda.

    The fake news people were fine with Obama ruling via fiat. Now they whine. It disgusts me. They better figure out that liberals can’t do this, too, if they don’t want it to happen. I warned them about this.

  7. Christian W

    @ Mel

    She was fired for failing to uphold the national rule of law NOT for disobeying Trump. She absolutely failed to protect citizens from invading foreign nationals PLUS called for illegal dereliction of duty by law enforcement. It was absolutely RIGHT for her to be fired.

    Who determines that though? Is Trump now above the Law? All Hail Strongman Trump!

    A lot of the people refused re-entry into the US has been working on visas for years and have established highly productive careers in the US, and they pay US taxes of course. They just happened to be abroad when Trump signed his new decree.

    My question stands – will Trump fire anyone who fails to give him an Harrumph? (Blazing Saddles refernence).

  8. ziff

    update ; only one shooter now, muslim guy was bystander

  9. Petruchio

    Don’t worry about the folks Trump fired. The Deep State will find them well paying jobs with lots of perks. Maybe a propaganda tank like Heritage Foundation, or maybe one of the Defense contractors?

  10. Jim R

    Yes, correction, noted. Mohamed can stay.

    Send the shooter back to Scotland. Or maybe the Orkneys, it’s cold there…

  11. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    Trump reinforced LAWS that were on the books for YEARS. That were enforced to some degree by all administrations for the past 50 years.

  12. JimmyJ

    In the Quebec mosque shooting the Moroccan Mohamed Belkhadir at first assumed one of the shooters was in fact trying to give a victim friend first aid and has been cleared. The suspect Alexandre Bissonnette is as Quebecois as they come. Sorry no muslim on muslim violence this time.

  13. charlottemom

    @c w
    Justice legal dept reviewed EO and determined its compliance with law. Obama holdover woman was freelancing pure and simple. Dems intentionally trying to stoke chaos with their Dept holdovers refusing to enforce laws and Dem sens refusal to confirm new cabinet. Mixing up a cocktail of theatre protestations and boycotts by senators refusal not showing up to avoid quorum. Disgraceful! You ok with that?!

  14. floridasandy

    Yates knew she wasn’t going to be permanent anyhow-just grandstanding on her part-and now she will get paid to do the liberal lecture circuit. She didn’t even cite the law that she thought was being broken-just her opinion.

    Nobody really cares.

    people who want the country to be safe shouldn’t mind a small one time inconvenience-it’s only the selfish loudmouths who feel their rights are always being trampled. Trump will move on to the next thing, and they will come running and screaming on that.

  15. charlottemom

    Lets see how the Sessions confirm process goes. The Dems, some GOPes, leftwing elites ( US and nonUS) are alternatively doing nothing, blocking, issuing their alternative decrees, protesting etc. I think this toxic group wants to break the US govt,have Trump to continue to go it alone AND conform to characterization of being an American Caesar. Interesting times…. should be careful. We may lose our govt as we know it.

  16. Ken

    The failure of the “melting pot” to work for all groups is unfortunate, but also obvious and undisputed. In particular, blacks have been in the US for hundreds of years and have still not assimilated into mainstream society.

    While this is unfortunate in its own right, the liberals (sorry Elaine) have made matters much worse by trying to make excuses for this failure. In particular, the failure by the blacks to assimilate is now blamed on whites. Any shortcoming by the blacks is presumed to be due to the residual legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. And with this excuse comes lots of free stuff to “make it up to them.” So we have a permanent underclass with no incentive to assimilate.

    Also, turning logic on its head, their failure to assimilate is now considered to be a good thing. No more melting pot. Instead, diversity is held up as the ideal, not forming a single unified country through a melting pot. Again, the liberals are behind all of this.

    In particular, many of my Jewish friends embrace diversity because it provides a cover for their own failure to assimilate into general society. As Elaine has often noted, and as I have personally observed, Jews are Jewish first, and only Americans second (or third). If failure to become part of society is celebrated, then the Jews will not stand out and are not subject to discrimination for their refusal to join with the rest of society.

    Which brings up still another observation. Every country in the world in which Jews had a significant presence have driven them out. This has happened across time, culture and ethnicity. In each instance this happened around the time that country was emphasizing the establishment of a national or ethnic identity. The Jews chose not to go along with being part of the newly defined group, and so were kicked out (or in Germany’s case, worse).

  17. DeVaul

    @ Mel

    I don’t think Iran gives a damn what SA thinks or what the US thinks anymore at all now that they will be attacked for another four to eight years (and this after 8 years of attacks under Obama and 8 under Bush). They have every reason now to retaliate in some way.

    As for China, it does not hold much sway over Iran since Iran’s problems are largely domestic and not foreign in nature. Its currency is collapsing under relentless attacks by the West, so it has to act in its own interests or its government will fall. I seriously doubt China can solve Iran’s domestic problems anymore than Iran could solve China’s domestic problems.

    China can only help Iran on the international stage, and Iran just saw China lose. With China and the US on the verge of war, Iran has no reason to keep US dollars for any reason that I know of.

    I always figured that the nation that dumped the dollar first would be a nation whose back was against the wall and whose national survival was on the line. Iran has been punished by the US since we ordered Saddam to invade their country, and that is was a long time ago. For Iran to put up with 8 more years of US and Israeli punishment is not reasonable. No nation has infinite patience.

  18. Moe

    One additional comment regarding Yate’s actions. The proper course of action for her, in conscience, was to resign. The fact that she didn’t do this is proof of the political agenda of her refusal.

  19. Christian W

    She was fired for failing to uphold the national rule of law NOT for disobeying Trump. She absolutely failed to protect citizens from invading foreign nationals PLUS called for illegal dereliction of duty by law enforcement. It was absolutely RIGHT for her to be fired.

    “Invading” foreign nationals that have been working in the US, on legal green cards and visas, for years and paid taxes? The Trump argument was not to stop “invading foreign nationals” but to stop “Radical Islamic terrorists from entering America”. This makes Trump delusional. If he was serious about “stopping Islamic terrorism” he would have banned Saudi Arabia, the root and sponsor of Islamic terrorism, but he didn’t for obvious reasons. He is simply going after the same old nations that have been targets of the Pentagon since the Dubya regime and even earlier.

    Trump is Obama in Orange wrapping, just more bullshit.

  20. Christian W

    Lets see how the Sessions confirm process goes. The Dems, some GOPes, leftwing elites ( US and nonUS) are alternatively doing nothing, blocking, issuing their alternative decrees, protesting etc. I think this toxic group wants to break the US govt,have Trump to continue to go it alone AND conform to characterization of being an American Caesar. Interesting times…. should be careful. We may lose our govt as we know it.

    You need to add “small government” US far right wing elites to this mix too. There are a lot of forces who want to bring down the US and Western systems and remake them in their own image (ie their own ideas of superiority, which is usually some elitist, eg Randist, insanity).

  21. Christian W

    To clarify, it is not the notion of protecting the borders of the US I am protesting against, it is the fact that Trump is kicking down hard on the weak, little people who have nothing to do with current problems, in typical right wing fashion, while ignoring the real roots of the problem (ie Saudi Arabia) out of political expediency.

  22. floridasandy

    christian, he only TEMPORARILY banned people from terrorist countries which have overtly stated hostility to the US, or been documented as plotting against US citizens.

    People need to get a grip with their hysteria-you think these people were getting murdered and not just detained. I was detained for possible drugs (traveling to Jamaica frequently while alone, with little luggage) and searched, and HAD NO PROBLEM WITH IT.

    the people who aren’t doing anything wrong will have no problem with it.

    I think he will deal with the Saudis in due time. Their government, however, has never expressed hostility to the US the way some of those other country leaders have. The largest Muslim population in the world is NOT affected by this ban.


  23. Christian W

    Temporarily banned? Overtly stated?

    The US ARMS AL QAEDA DIRECTLY. End of Story.

    The Obama Presidency KNEW they were creating ISIS – they didn’t give a shit. Please spare me the bullshit about facing terrorist dangers. Please return to reality and face the fact. There is no larger promoter of Islamic Terrorism than the US. Period. But that is all ok as long as it doesn’t come home to the US? Right?

    The US is totally and completely nuts.

  24. Christian W

    Please realise that Saudi Arabia has no foreign policy independent of the US. Saudia Arabia is merely an appendix of the UK, later US, empires and has been since the start. “Islamic Terrorism” was invented to serve the UK/US/Zionist (aka “Bilderberg”) foreign policy goals. The US cannot “deal” with Saudi Arabia because there is nothing to take it’s place that would serve US interests short of a complete US takeover of the regions oil resources and confiscation of all the Saudi wealth invested in the Western system. The Saudis know this.

    When the US howls about Islamic Terrorism it is looking at it’s own mirror reflection.

  25. emsnews

    WTH??? Saudi Arabia has all sorts of powers over us. After a number of them openly attacked us on 9/11, Bush and Cheney let ALL the Saudis flee while NO US CITIZENS WERE ALLOWED TO FLY ANYWHERE.

    I watched a private Saudi jet fly over my mountain that day when no US planes flew. It went straight towards London. Many Saudis live there who are royals.

    My own parents many years ago, had a Saudi prince live with us. And went to the Kingdom only to leave in a rage. The Saudis BRIBED Hillary who was their little bitch doggie, for crying out loud.

    The bribe all of Congress, too!!!!! Good lord.

  26. Claudeeyah

    ……..cough……cough…………petrodollar ……cough….cough……..(Claudeeyah slowly backs out of room via servant’s entrance)

  27. floridasandy

    Christian, trump hasn’t even been in office a week yet so I think it is a little premature to state that he is going to promote US terrorism abroad.

    It is not economically sensible to promote war, and Trump is economically sensible. Some of our congressional people will not let go of their warmongering (McCain, cough, couch) but I think that Trump will actually meet with leaders of other countries to try and work out peace accords. Obama would not (because he didn’t want to look like he failed) and sent incompetent emissaries to try and broker really bad deals-think Iran.

    Time will tell with Trump, but I am cautiously optimistic.

  28. Claudeeyah


    Agreed, floridasandy,

    He is a businessman, and a fairly smart one at that. I like how he surrounds himself with smart people (Kelly Ann Conway being my personal favorite). Very much is expected of Trump, and I suspect he will cozy up to Israel and whoever else he feels will enhance his agenda. With “The Donald”, he may love America (I truly believe he does), but he loves himself most of all.

    Knowing him from Atlantic City, he knows how to work a room and bring people to his side of the table. Above all, he is an actor (puts me in mind of Reagan). His newest Supreme Court nominee will likely be a horror for the gay rights/ women’s reproductive rights folk. I expect to see a lot of anguish and sobs from the left over this right leaning nominee.

    Despite being pro gay rights and a women’s rights advocate myself, my first allegiance is toward a candidate who doesn’t want to turn me into a stick of chalk vis-a-vis, Russia. The sexual, reproductive rights will have to take a backseat until we get that hammered out. 🙂

  29. DeVaul

    I find it strange that our military would conduct bombing raids on the first day Trump is in office without his permission. Does Trump control our own military forces or did he tweet: “yeah, do a bombing raid in Syria”? I wonder.

    Christian is right. The main sponsors of terrorism are Saudi Arabia and Israel, and whether they control us or we control them is not known to me and is also immaterial to which countries should be banned. Not having SA, Israel, Qatar, the Arab Emirates and other oil kingdoms on the list is an outrageous act of hypocrisy that WILL harm relations with Russia and the rest of the world. We all know who attacked us on 9/11. It was SA and Bush let them do it. Trump now knows this, as he has access to classified information at the highest levels.

    Trump will not help one working or unemployed American. He is just an egotistical bully whose own campaign manager “…described [him] as someone who “literally bulldozed over the little guy to get his way,…”. [] Yes, he did, and I read about him many times over my life and there was nothing good to say about him. He was mean, cruel, and vicious.

    Finally, I would like to say that this entire article is misplaced or at least not understood by those commenting on it. The Constitution was not written to give the president the power to make and enact laws, only the power to enforce them. Only Congress can make laws. That is right there in our Constitution, so Trump’s attempt to enact a law or modify an imperial decree from a prior president is not legal under our system and is an outright act of treason against the Constitution. Trump is now a traitor.

    If the Constitution was taken out and burned and a majority of Americans approved of this, then imperial decrees would be ok since that is the will of the people. However, this has not yet happened, so Trump is a traitor like Obama, Bush, and maybe Clinton (if he appropriated the right to make laws via imperial diktat). Congress is also guilty of treason by abdicating its duty under the Constitution to make “the laws of the land” and instead engage in foreign policy, which is the sole duty of the president and no other.

    Arguing over whether Trump should or should not have fired the AG when our country operates just like imperial Rome is downright silly. Caesar can and will fire anyone who gets in his way. That is how dictatorships work.

  30. DeVaul

    Trump said in the announcement that he promised to “find the very best judge in the country,” who “loves our Constitution” and will interpret it “as written.”

    It just kind of takes your breath away.

  31. Seraphim

    What if a total Muslim Ban would be enforced? When a majority Christian country tries to restrict a too large presence of Muslims among its population, we see people suffocated by fits of righteous indignation at ‘xenophobia’, ‘Islamophobia’ (they do not forget to add ‘anti-semitism’ to the mixture!). They are mute at the following situation (and perhaps they won’t see it as a problem worth of attention, let alone fits of indignation):

    “There are more than a million Roman Catholics in Saudi Arabia. Most of them are expatriate Filipinos who work there, but are not Saudi Arabian citizens. The percentage of Christians of all denominations among the roughly 1.2 million Filipinos in Saudi Arabia likely exceeds 60%.
    Saudi Arabia allows Christians to enter the country as foreign workers for temporary work, but does not allow them to practice their faith openly. Because of that Christians generally only worship within private homes. Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are prohibited.These include Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols, and others…
    The Saudi Arabian Mutaween (Arabic: مطوعين‎‎), or Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (i.e., the religious police) prohibits the practice of any religion other than Islam.Conversion of a Muslim to another religion is considered apostasy, a crime punishable by death if the accused does not recant. There have been no confirmed reports of executions for either crime in modern times.The Government does not permit non-Muslim clergy to enter the country for the purpose of conducting religious services. In spite of this, a 2015 study estimates that there are some 60,000 Christians with a Muslim background living in the country, though that does not mean that all of those are citizens of the country.
    Christians and other non-Muslims are prohibited from entering the cities of Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest cities”.

  32. Floridasandy

    People need to read more world news if they thing this Muslim aggression misinterpretation of the Quran is due to the United States. These nuts are attacking Africa, China, Europe, etc.

    I would love to see the US pull out and let the various Muslim sects have at each other for a while. Someday they will figure it out


  33. emsnews

    DeVaul, if Trump doesn’t help US citizens and their dire situation where illegal aliens flood into the country, stealing jobs (like MY industry before I retired: construction work!) then he will be out of office.

    Obama said he and the Democrats would help workers and then utterly and totally betrayed them for they didn’t mention they would bring in endless illegal aliens and then give them the vote.

    This is a revolt against the DNC. For very good reasons. The DNC has refused to learn from this and are doubling down on the illegal alien voter base they created which is suicidal.

  34. Christian W

    These nuts are attacking Africa, China, Europe, etc.

    And the Saudis are there in the shadows with their money bags promoting Wahhabism and ISIS through their madrassas and mosques. USAID is there in the shadows promoting Wahhabism by spreading Wahhabi literature. CIA is there in the Shadows recruiting, promoting and arming Islamic Terrorism. The Pentagon is there in the Shadows training jihadis and arming them. NGO’s white wash Islamic Terrorism and promotes the CIA and Pentagon agenda of destruction of nations.

    I would love to see the US pull out and let the various Muslim sects have at each other for a while.

    In Syria and Iraq the Shia and Sunni lived together and intermarried for thousands of years side by side with Jews and Christians. It was only when the US and Saudi Arabia sent in death squads and terrorists (Al Qaeda and ISIS) to start civil wars that the nations fractured.

    Now, with his ban on Syrian refugees, Syrian Christians cannot seek refugee in the US from CIA death squads.

    Islamic Terrorism is a US foreign policy tool and has been for decades.

  35. Christian W

    Boko Haram in Africa is a typical CIA created, Saudi funded death squad.

    Even the official Nigerian Army is murdering Shia Muslims on pilgrimage for Saudi money.

  36. Christian W

    Syria has the oldest Christian communities in the world. Many have been destroyed now thanks to the CIA, the Obama White House, the Pentagon and Saudi money men.

    Do American Christians care? I doubt they even know.

  37. emsnews

    Our media never mentions them. So yes, few really know.

  38. Moe

    More of the same: 900 State Department Staff Dissent. Is it just me or is it odd that these internal rebellions have never in our lifetimes materialized in the US? (sarc)

    I dunno: can one turf 900 State Department staff without collapse of the agency? Possibly, total American nationals’ staffing is approximately 20,000.

  39. Christian W

    When Dubya W Bush took over the White House purged the old State Department and replaced the old pros with Neocons and Zionists.

  40. DeVaul

    “DeVaul, if Trump doesn’t help US citizens and their dire situation …”

    Then I predict his downfall because he is not going to help the people he promised to help. Not only do his numbers not add up, but his trips to brand names industries that will never leave America for photo ops is just a stunt.

    He should be visiting the rusted out factories that used to employ middle class Americans, but he won’t go there. He might bump into some friends (who closed the factory) or someone may find out he personally profited from the closing of that factory.

    Billionaires do not help poor people. They bulldoze them.

    I think it is important that white unemployed workers see that so that they are not deluded a second time. I still like to think that Americans are capable of learning, but I have been proven wrong on that many times.

  41. emsnews

    So….who was the person who was going to stop free trade and rebuild our industries? Crickets. Certainly not the DNC clowns.

  42. DeVaul

    A man like Castro would have stopped it. Is Trump like him?

    Are you insinuating that the Republicans want free trade to end?

    I don’t believe that’s true.

  43. floridasandy

    republicans were pro isolationist historically DeVaul.

    the bush family pushed for Hillary-figure it out this time.

    the media is pushing that Trump wants a war every day-and he has to waste some of his time denying it. It’s a gigantic globalist media hissy fit.

    it is more than likely that Trump will be less of a warmonger than either Bush or Obama. He doesn’t need the money from war profiteering, and he is focused on OUR economy. Those countries who are always bitching about how we need to leave will see their economies minus American purchasing and investment. I predict their leaders will bitch about us some more instead of trying to fix their own economies.

    Should be interesting times, as a readjustment period is going to happen one way or another.

  44. emsnews

    The GOP has not been ‘isolationist’ since Reagan sold himself to Japan.

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