Leftist Terrorists Temporarily Stop Trump Harley Davidson Factory Visit


Harley-Davidson factory cancels Trump visit, fearing VIOLENT leftist protests.  Now this news will really irritate annoyed bikers who are already very pissed off about leftist riots.  Trump’s people asked them to not cause trouble at the Inauguration so the leftists ran riot and attacked people and smashed and burned people’s property while the cops stood aside and this was bad publicity for the rioters and Hillary’s gang.


And it backfired because support for Trump is rising rapidly, not going down. Duh. This latest threat not by leftists only but the DNC heads!!!! is going to bury the Democrats even further, they are digging their way to China at this rate.


But an administration official told CNN Tuesday the visit was canceled because the company felt “uncomfortable” about planned protests over Trump’s executive order on travel bans.


The White House confirmed that Trump would not be making it to Milwaukee, while Harley-Davidson only said in a statement that did not have, “nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.”


Harley-Davidson also acknowledged that three of the past five Presidents — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — visited the facility.


But NOT Obama who is fine with sending our jobs overseas.


“These visits are a testament to the pride and passion of our employees and their great work building Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” Maripat Blankenheim, director of Harley-Davidson’s corporate communication, said in a statement.


The Democratic National Committee immediately mocked the news.


“Donald Trump is a real tough guy when it comes to locking up a scared 5-year-old boy trying to find his mother,” Zac Petkanas, a senior adviser at the DNC, told the New York Times after learning about the cancellation.


Under Obama, Harley-Davidson Inc. and union negotiators in Pennsylvania have reached agreement on a deal that would slash jobs at the York, Pa., factory – but that could keep the factory open instead of moving its work to Kentucky. I wrote about this several years ago.


The factory was moving to Kentucky to get away from union jobs because of competition from Japan and Korea which work people to death for very little pay even after becoming ‘first world nations’ and this plunge off the cliff is a problem for all American workers competing with foreign labor and illegal aliens.


I am thinking that if Trump were to visit, he should announce it openly and invite all Harley riders to come with him and show support.  This would prove most interesting and anyone want to place bets as to who will win any fight started by Hillary supporters wearing pink hats?



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9 responses to “Leftist Terrorists Temporarily Stop Trump Harley Davidson Factory Visit

  1. Jim R

    I was never a fan of his TV shows, but I gotta give him some cred for sheer style as POTUS ..

  2. They sure are digging their way to China lead by fearless leader Nancy Pelosi.

  3. Sunger

    Hail der Trumpenfuhrer

  4. floridasandy

    why is the left so angry????

    most of America isn’t indignant.

  5. floridasandy

    oh, and by the way Mr. Leftist, Koch never supported Trump, so your diatribe was misguided, as always.

  6. Claudeeyah

    @# 5 & 6

    Well, they grew up as special snowflakes and get butt hurt awful easy. Universities now must have “Safe Spaces” in case anyone’s feewings (sic)
    get hurt. So, yes, they must cry wet or even dry tears as they try to live another day, awakened to the knowledge that not everyone gets a participation “Thanks for Coming in!” trophy. They have never been spanked. Mum didn’t believe in it.

  7. Shawny


    This is sobering as always for us what you have to blog and I hate to say it, but like Peter Fonda’s character points out in “Easy Rider” — “….We blew it….”–

    In that regard, I wish we would have started then in the Age of Reagan in dealing with scarce “non-renewable” resources more prudently– and now–

    What to do? Well–

    We’d all probably have to give up driving motor vehicles for pleasure and– profit. Still, I’m sure people would demand Medical, Police, and Fire vehicles to be available, upon request, which is a reasonable request–

    But your oxen are gone– but some how, there may be a future in [oxen] cart repair as there may be folks who may be able to revert to [oxen] carts to get around, who knows? Maybe without the oxen! Again, who knows?

    Horses I would think would be very much in demand and possibly rare to be able to get because the “warrior societies” would cite their priorities for the community survival issues.

    Otherwise, we may have pack dogs, available, upon request for those of means– maybe, and– maybe, for a while, manual bicycle-type “rickshaws” to get around what’s left of town– until then and there– there’s nothing more to recycle for parts and tires for the 21st Century “rickshaws”– at some point, I fear.

    I hope we enjoying walking to work. Otherwise–

    When the people of the future march off to the fields for the day’s labouring on the farms– any farms that may be left, why–

    If I survive in the “Brave New World” appearing soon in the 21st Century like the latest reality TV show that’s all too real, well, I’ll probably be found on the side of the road nearby recovering again from collapsing living conditions in the here and now of the 21st Century–

    At this point– you can probably find me seated on the ground, even older, more vision impaired, and singing joyfully in a dumbfounded way (and profound– sometimes, we shall hope– under these circumstances of the 21st Century)– with a burnt out looking acoustic guitar doing my cover of “(Now I Wanna) Be Your Dog” for ironic effect in the background (like in a movie) to provide any semblance of entertainment value left to be found for the field workers, and anyone else around left, if that noise will even be tolerated–

    Not that anyone will remember or care about anyone– except themselves at this point, in the future, while attempting to stay alive–

    Much less caring about the long lost memory of… Dave Alexander, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, James Williamson, Jimmy Recca, and, of course, Jim/James Österburg–

    All of whom were notorious for a certain band they were in when the band got started around the Ann Arbor, Michigan area in the ’60s and until one ba[n]d day when they became demised in the ’70s, and with some epilogue years afterwards reforming as a band.

    I wish Michael Moore would have done a good bio-pic on “The Stooges”, but I know that’s not his speciality in film-making– or is it, fame-milking these days? It’s beyond me. Peace.

    Note the announcement at the end, “…. the lead stooge has ‘freaked out’…” and concert ends as the guitar amps have fallen squealing and then silent as the extended drum solo takes us gently away and takes us home on the outro.

  8. Shawny

    Excuse me, I forgot– another “Scott”– Scott Thurston of the “Stooges”. He deserves mention, too. Enough of my noise in these past two posts– 10-4 Peace out.

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