Berkeley/SF Leftists And Sexual Rights Activists Burn City In Protest Against Milo

All my long life, I have been physically attacked by both the far right and the far left.  Both hate my guts, big time.  Both have leaders who deliberately tried to start riots against me mainly in NYC and Berkeley where I once lived and had to leave due to being fair and in the middle, back in 1970.  Yes, the left can be incredibly insane. Trump threatens to cut UC Berkeley’s federal funding after violent protests broke out at the campus overnight in response to planned speech by right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos.


Yiannopoulos himself later posted a video complaining that UC Berkley was ‘no friend to free speech any more.’


Milo love to tease Kultur Kampf students who embrace weird positions, for example, claiming that Muslims are fine people and we should bring in millions of Muslims who hate gays and hate women and who believe war is a way to enslave or murder both…


Yes!  The sex revolutionaries want MUSLIMS as allies!  And hate anyone, especially a GAY MALE, making fun of all this and making fun of their schizoid beliefs and uncontrollable violent rages.


A great way to destroy the gay rights/women’s rights movement is to be very violent and vicious while telling everyone, you want more Muslims to come in and terrorize us, too.


The journalist said he had been planning to speak about cultural appropriation but claims his speech was over taken by the ‘hard left.’


‘It turns out the progressive left… which has become so antithetical to free speech has taken a turn post Trump’s election. Where they simply will not allow any speaker on campus even someone as silly and harmless and gay as me, to have their voice heard.


What is Milo’s crime?  He tells jokes.  Sometimes, bitter jokes but that is it.  I have seen videos of leftists climbing on stage and physically assaulting him while he sits there totally still, not even arguing with them.  He sits there and SMILES and this drives the leftist attackers nuts and they attack even more physically, screaming like KKK men at a civil rights rally circa 1960.


‘They are absolutely petrified by alternative visions of how the world could look.’


He added that it was both ‘ironic and sad’ that the campus was the home of the free speech movement, but it was ‘no friend to freer speech any more.’


I was there back then.  There was NEVER a real movement for real ‘free speech’ because the leftists screaming for free speech hated it even more than the right wingers.  They tried over and over and over again to stop me from speaking.


This meant physically assailing me and taking away the microphone but I have training in operatic singing and know how to ‘throw my voice’ and can be heard easily in an auditorium.


I left Berkeley after the first Berkeley Japanese police officer was assassinated right in front of our commune.


‘I am of course not the racist or sexist or anything else that the posters that they put up claim that I am.’


Tsukamoto, 28, had decided not to ticket the motorcyclist he had pulled over. He was chatting with him about the Vietnam War and counterculture politics when another man approached them. The three had a friendly conversation, witnesses said, then the newcomer remarked that things seemed pretty quiet in Berkeley.


“No riots,” he said. That’s when he pulled a pistol from beneath his long, dark, flannel coat and began firing. The first shot went wide, but the second one slammed through Tsukamoto’s right eye and out his left ear. He fell instantly, the killer fled in a Studebaker with an accomplice driver, and the motorcyclist frantically called for help on Tsukamoto’s car radio. The officer died two hours later.


I spotted the car and tried to get the license plate but it was too dark.  The motorcycle dude who was stopped by Tsukamoto was a friend of mine and it badly freaked him out.  The reaction of the Berkeley radicals pissed me off greatly back then and still does today.


Back to the criminals destroying Berkeley again today, the rioters attacked Starbucks stores…again…they do this with every ‘leftist’ riots. They also attacked banks and other stores, looting as much as possible.


Protesters tore down barricades and began throwing fencing at the student union where Yiannopoulos was waiting ahead of his speech, shattering the glass.


At one point a driver sped off with a protester still on his hood after rioters began attacking cars near UC Berkeley. Kelsey Walden, a local high schooler, was on top of the car when she was pulled off by other protesters.


A motorist who was surrounded by demonstrators drove at them running them over and sped off, according to a San Francisco Chronicle reporter at the scene.


Protesters ran after it but mistook another car and began attacking another car and its driver, spraying him with pepper spray.


Police report at least three were injured in fights as the protest grew increasingly violent.


Others toppled a generator and light pole, scrawling Milo across it with spray paint before setting it alight.


‘We’re anarchists,’ said one unnamed protester. ‘This is war.’


So, look at how stupid California’s Democrats are: they LET this riot happen, they didn’t punish the rioters who deliberately destroyed things throwing a temper tantrum.


How dare they allow rioters come onto the campus and attack students?  The students who wanted to hear Milos were physically attacked by both fellow students and outsiders who poured into Berkeley to attack Berkeley students.


The governor of California is SILENT and is not demanding that radicals disarm and stop assaulting Berkeley students who are not far left wing lunatics.  Now on to gay activists: the very last thing on this planet they should do is riot.


Scaring people and showing intolerance and rage will cause a huge backlash.  I have supported gay rights all my life and going way back when I used to work in bars, one of the very first man to get a sex change operation was my dear friend and I called myself ‘her bodyguard’ because I had to deal with nasty people who would attack her.


We had to win over people, not alienate them.  Note what has happened to the black community, instead of calming down and doing ‘law and order’ leaders encouraged violence, defiance, family destruction, wild, willful behavior.  And now our schools are much more segregated as whites flee blacks who make life in cities a total hell.


I will never forget when we had massive looting/burning riots in NYC in 1978 just because a thunderstorm caused the lights to go out.  I was in the middle of that horror. My stupid neighbors who were black went wild within just one hour of the blackout and destroyed everything in their path!


And the mayor boasted, he didn’t arrest anyone or have to shoot anyone.  My dear friend who owned a paint store did shoot a rioter and his store was the only one to survive the riot.  And it shook him up very badly.  This event began a long, long fight with the Democrats over the issue of ‘how to make NYC safe again.’




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6 responses to “Berkeley/SF Leftists And Sexual Rights Activists Burn City In Protest Against Milo

  1. Melponeme_k

    I don’t understand the rage against this Milo guy. I thought he was some kind of stand up comic that tipped over into political speech because his jokes angered liberals. Most of his chats (posted on youtube) are jokes and satire. He pokes fun at both far right and far left. He is nothing but a harmless gadfly.

    But the crazy protesters are now turning him into a crusader with a shining sword.

    I don’t agree with all his opinions and jokes, but Milo and his fans have the right to assemble, protest and make speeches even jokes. It is their right as citizens to do so.

    Trump is absolutely right to withhold funds from Berkeley for allowing violence, destruction and prohibiting the right of Milo and fans to hold assembly.

  2. Moe

    So when are the cops going to start breaking heads at these riots? Obviously not in California’s Berkeley, but other locales too seem to have adopted a hands-off approach to rioters. WTF?

    Here’s Mike Dice with his opinion on Berkely terrorists.

  3. Bring back LAPD and Chief Davis. They would have stopped the riot like quick. Saw a girl wearing a Trump hat being interviewed and a man allejed to be a UC professor lean over and spray her with pepper spray.

  4. Ken

    The woman who was pepper sprayed was not wearing a Trump hat. Her hat (same color as a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat) actually said “Make Bitcoin Great Again.” She got pepper sprayed in a case of mistaken identity.

  5. Lou

    The former editor – owner of Ramparts magazine became a rich author.
    He gave up on the Black Panthers when Betty turned up in the bay.
    I found this,

    Though the intellectual edifice of the revolutionary movement was already crumbling, it took the 1974 killing of Betty Van Patter, a friend he recruited as a bookkeeper for a Black Panther education center, to bring Horowitz to an emotional breaking point. Her murder remains unsolved, but Horowitz has mustered plenty of evidence suggesting that the killing was orchestrated by the Panthers, many of whom he had counted as colleagues and friends.

    Rebranding himself as a Whittaker Chambers-style convert, Horowitz has since waged a compulsive rhetorical assault on new left icons like Kathy Boudin, Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, and Tom Hayden, who remind Horowitz of his former self and have built productive lives (and earned university sinecures) without fully reckoning with the enormity of past sins.

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