Both Clinton And Obama Supported Immigration Restrictions And Protect US Citizen Jobs

Both Clinton and Obama attack free trade and demand we protect US jobs instead of letting illegal aliens into the country.  Both men got elected saying they would do what Trump is doing.  They LIED.  And now their supporters are rioting and disrupting airports and cities screaming for free trade (!!!) and illegal aliens replacing US workers!  Thus immolates Leftists as they fight for the Bilderberg gang.

BREAKING : Nigel Farage Gives EUParl Both Barrels on their Hatred Of Donald Trump – 01Feb17 – YouTube

The socialists in the EU are very angry with both Trump and Brexit Britain.  This sad state of affairs on the left completes this election/political cycle whereby the far right and the far left switch positions.


Watching all this is marvelous.  The left is so stupid, doing knee-jerk anger at a GOP President, they have so little political/economical thinking ability, they don’t even see how they are upside down and inside out.


That is, these fake leftists are now FASCISTS.  Isn’t that funny as hell?  Both the left and the right have populations that are at war with each other because the Bilderberg gang needs this internal war to gain power.


That is, they can ignore everyone and do as they please!  If the left turns on them, they egg the right to take the Bilderberg internationalist positions and voila: they roll over all angry people who fight each other instead of THEM.

Nigel Farage “Trump Row is Storm in a Tea Cup” – YouTube


Nigel argues with British citizens on radio.  There is a lot of confusion going on as to ‘what is a nation?’  Many, many populations have split up entire countries starting with Yugoslavia, based 100% on language, religion and ethnic identity.


This is universal.  This is why my own ancestors, when they came here long ago, hundreds of years ago, insisted on all immigrants learn English.  In Canada, it is split in two with French and English to this day, hating each other.


Canada is always on the verge of splitting apart, too!  Along language/religious lines!  And the Mexican plan is the same: I grew up on the border of Mexico and yes, they hope to retake California, New Mexico and Texas via population transfers by letting in as many illegal aliens as possible.


It is 100% the plan of the Mexican elites.  It is 100% the reason why the richest man in Mexico bought out the NYT and even though the Jews running the joint claim he has no say over what they write or do, this is a blatant lie.  He will let them be Israelis first so long as they service him, too.


So the NYT is now ‘illegal aliens are citizens’ and other noxious positions.  They never, ever write about the owner nor does the Washington Post do stories about the plans of their new owner, too.


That is, the Bilderberg gang meets mostly in Europe to conspire in deepest secrecy, what they REALLY intend to do.  I have no direct idea, I just see the results of their propaganda schemes and defiance of voter’s desires and it looks like they intend to destroy and replace us with obvious ‘foreigners’ who can be kept out and bottled up so they can loot countries and move about the planet at will.


And here is a brave man indeed, invited to be on a British ‘women’s show’ where 4 women try to gang up on him and he bats them off easily even when they interrupt him.  Very funny indeed.



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21 responses to “Both Clinton And Obama Supported Immigration Restrictions And Protect US Citizen Jobs

  1. Lou

    They LIED. Politicians lie. Color me un surprised.

  2. JimmyJ

    We sure can see what Bilderdebubs are up to fairly directly since they’ve overplayed their hands. It’s not a new idea either. They intend to dismantle every nation and create a worldwide system of feudal fiefdoms.

    In their own minds I’m sure they think they will create a utopia for everyone but their greed and hubris will only create tribal chaos everywhere all the time. Eventually all commercial markets will be toast since their customers will have no ability to buy anything due to trying just to survive and most of the morons that created the mess will be killed by the strongmen that survive the collapse.

    Recreating a civil world will take hundreds of years as we enter a new prolonged dark ages.

  3. Melponeme_k


    “Recreating a civil world will take hundreds of years as we enter a new prolonged dark ages.”

    This is it. There will be no more rising again. The human race is long past middle age. Since the strong men like to burn books and relics of other religions/cultures, there will be nothing left to rebuild upon.

    Ironic, considering it was these same strong men who saved the writing of the ancients during the last dark age.

  4. jason

    Leftists don’t realise they are being played by people who are angry about being cut off from power and more specifically the cash flow that goes with it. If Trumps administration guts climate change that’s Obama speaking fees cut. I bet he expects to get a cut of that billion he passed to the UN.

  5. Lou

    Obama speaking fees cut. I bet he expects to get a cut of that billion he passed to the UN.–That had not occurred to me.

  6. Christian W

    US condemning “Russian agression” in Eastern Ukraine at the UN:


    The Kiev regime is bombarding Donbass residential areas with grad rockets and heavy artillery:

    The Trump regime is the same crap as the Obama regime. Orange is the new Black.

  7. Tan Chee Hong

    Suddenly, the world is on fire. When a nation faces a civil war, it self destructs.

    When you assemble a new crew for your ship, especially in a hostile environment, you do not know its loyalty. Some of them may be quietly making a hole at the bottom of your ship to sink it. As such, you do not sail into the open seas right away because you do not know if your ship is seaworthy.

    Election promises are important but so is pragmatism. When you have enough enemies at home, you do not create more enemies overseas. Also taking revenge may not be the best solution as you are running a country, not a personal war.

    As I see it, his enemies at home are trying to scuttle his efforts to make peace with Russia. The Ukranian war with its eastern part is now blowing up. NATO is sending troops to Russian borders to create an atmosphere of hostility from which Trump cannot stand down. He wants to send troops to Mexico. He wants to stop China, maybe to drive a wedge between Russia and China. Both leaders of China and Russia are strategists and given the current scenerio, if USA attacks one country, the other will also attack USA. It is imperative they stay together as one for long term survival against the volatile Americans. Their survival depends upon concerted efforts against one enemy.

    Trump must have an order of priorities based upon importance and urgency. He is dissipating his energy. He may be biting off more than he can chew. Given his age, I do not see how long he can last at the pace he is setting.

  8. DeVaul

    Yes, Trump’s regime is the same militarily as the Obama regime, but Trump sure knows how to make a total ass of himself, as Arnold just demonstrated when he offered to switch places with so that we could “all sleep comfortably at night.”

    Holy Shit! What a comeback to a world class idiot.

    Apparently, Trump cannot separate himself from his world-wide economic empire, so I guess the affairs of the country will have to take a back seat to the ratings of the Apprentice.

    His desk has a pile of newspapers on it that he does not need. I assume he is checking to see who is saying what about him, and then I guess if they say something he does not like, he will put them down on a list like Nixon did and they will be told to shut up at press conferences or whatever.

    Real, actual, national government work was sitting in a disorganized pile next to him while he yelled into the phone. This is how he ran his corporate empire, but a government does not operate like that.

    Trump cannot be serious about removing our troops from abroad if he is openly threatening nuclear war against Iran. That is just common sense.

    He is shyster and a con man, but having foresight in American is useless. I told people Obama was a gangster from Chicago for months before he was elected, but everyone just ignored me and said he is better than the other guy. Really? How better? 8 years of body bags and destroyed countries.

    Trump will do the same because he not only does not wield real power, but he is a narcissistic sociopath who will be constantly distracted by how people “view” him and what his “poll ratings” are (they’ve collapsed).

    Russia no longer takes him seriously. Why should they? He did not withdraw our troops from their borders and he cannot even carry on a phone call without yelling at people. He had failed to stop the bombing campaigns that are not coordinated with Russia and he cannot control the Pentagon.

    He seems more interested in helping Bibi and religious fanatics at prayer luncheons than tackling the county’s real problems in a systematic and sane way. By the end of this month, most Americans will want Arnold as pres.

  9. Ken

    Machiavelli, in his book The Prince, offered advice to a newly minted prince in Italy. Among the bits of advice was that the prince should commit most of his atrocities early in his reign. That way, once the atrocities are over and things calm down people will be appreciative and just presume that the prince had grown into the job. Hopefully Trump is following a similar strategy.

  10. emsnews

    EVERYTHING in Europe was set in motion BEFORE Trump entered the White House. He isn’t God.

    He has to deal with the gigantic WWIII mess Hillary and Obama dumped on all of us. 2 weeks into the office and Devaul is whining that Trump hasn’t turned all this garbage around instantly. DUH.

    Changing direction takes time. And Trump knows he has little time because the Bilderberg gang is not only screaming their heads off, they are putting into motion dangerous chaos forces and bloody hells because this is how they play the game:VIOLENTLY and with no regard how many people die.

    Ask the Iraqis about US leaders’ kindness and delicacy. Zero.

    Can Trump fix our country? NO. No human can, it has to come internally and that take lots and lots and lots of time and if we are lucky, it will slowly seep along naturally but the US media giants hate this and are fighting it fiercely using every lying tool they have at hand. They are…LIARS.

    Endlessly lying, I see the real videos unedited and then watch the news stories and they deliberately cut and past everything all the time. How do I know?

    THEY DID THIS TO ME!!! All my long life. Every time the media and I intersected, they lied about me and tried their best to deceive everyone and I had to walk on eggs around them because of this.

    So, read the news and scream at me, Devaul, and don’t worry: they love you for this and it works great. They want everyone filled with despair, hopelessness and fear. Fear, above all.

  11. Claudeeyah

    2 weeks into the office and Devaul is whining that Trump hasn’t turned all this garbage around instantly


    It’s who he is. It is what he does.

  12. DeVaul

    @ Claudeeyah

    You don’t know me at all. You never did. You’re just a sociopathic apologist.

    @ Elaine

    Trump can do some things right now. For instance, he can block Pentagon plans to move more troops into the Baltic states. He is the Commander in Chief. If the generals refuse, HE CAN FIRE THEM!!!!

    Yes, that’s what he does. He fires people who disobey him. Stopping the deployment of US troops to Poland and the Baltic states before they are even fully deployed there would be easy and sane and improve relations with Russia instantly. Instead, he “tweets” about his TV show, which Claudeeyah and others think is more important the United States.

    I’m amazed at the apologists for Trump. There were none for Obama.

  13. Claudeeyah

    You don’t know me at all. You never did. You’re just a sociopathic apologist.


    Ahhh……..the great tool of the left…….name calling. I doan no wut tuh say, so Ima gwine call names! works every time! Thanks for proving my point, darlin! 😀

    I’m amazed at the apologists for Trump. There were none for Obama.


    Cry some more. I am enjoying the salty taste of your tears.

  14. DM


    In realpolitik, he can’t just fire everyone. Least-ways, not this side of the Ides of March.

  15. Claudeeyah


    I try to resist getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. 🙂

  16. emsnews

    Name calling each other here is stupid. People who do this should think first, and look in a mirror. Do not start fights by name calling or I will have to be a mean mommy and punish people for this. OK? Thanks in advance.

    As I keep pointing out: Trump cannot do this turn around alone. He is surrounded by fake news media giants and rich people and traitors and Bilderberg gangsters all screaming at him at the top of their lungs to do things that are stupid.

    Can he resist this tremendous force including most of his own political party???

    The GOP is as corrupt as the DNC. BOTH parties refuse to tell the truth about many things including the insanity of the US taxpayers funding military protection for the rich EU, Japan, etc.

    NO mainstream media system says a peep about this! They refuse to say a thing because they are co-conspirators to run the US as this lovely land to rape and pillage and by forcing us to pay for protecting trade routes and countries that run SURPLUSES with us is pure insanity and I doubt that Trump understands this gigantic scam because he hates me and won’t listen to me. Rats.

    But he did upset the apple cart. And they all still hate him with a dangerous passion.

  17. Lou

    EVERYTHING in Europe was set in motion BEFORE Trump entered the White House.–Indeed. How much he can put off the BIG WAR or BIG USA DOLLAR COLLAPSE, who knows?

  18. Lou

    Name calling each other here is stupid.

    1] The web invites immature behavior, from immature people.
    2] Cowards can insult people via posts. Those same cowards would not say the things they post, face to face.

  19. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    You know full well that Claudeeyah is the one who starts the name calling, and then pretends she is not an apologist for a sociopathic president after calling me names when I question what he is doing.

    If I’m a “whiner” and “that’s all I do”, what does that make YOU, Elaine?

    She’s insulting you as well, yet you protect over and over again.

    And Lou, you of all people should careful about claiming the high ground. I’ve seen some of the most vile language and insults against others come out of your computer behind which you hide. You are a man standing in a glass house on this issue. Shall I dig up some of your old comments?

  20. charlottemom

    Obama was personally popular because he essentially wanted to be friends with everyone. Hence low marks on country direction and high marks on obama popularity. He was an extremely ineffective president and the country lost a lot of political leverage and economic ground (but yay on social justice!! sarcasm) Even his signature achievement, Obamacare was an exercise in pleasing all yet not addressing the pressing issue of cost and lots of debt piled up on his watch. He was quite sneaky with stealth aggression in Ukraine and Syria. BUT Thank god he never fully engaged w Russia. His timidity was a plus there for sure.
    Seems Trump is keeping all his foes (and friends) off balance. For those that wanted change, it is here with more coming. Europe is breaking up in so many ways.
    We’ll see where Trump takes us and it will be a bumpy ride!
    Corrupt US government consolidation + more wars + open boarders = Hillary admin. I think the plan was to leave the US holding the bag when all hell broke loose globally. With Trump who knows?! think he seems to be urgently laying the groundwork in prep for a big global reorder. Maybe US russia and China can agree to regional detente. US taking control of lawless latin america is a start for our hemisphere. Mexico is a powder keg – basically oligarchs and drug cartels run the show. Govts weak and little to nothing for peasants. Very fuedal. Will Trump move in to control?

    Is Trump an American caesar?

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