Trump’s Shock And Awe Hits Japan, Hillary (FBI Investigation Continues)

OK: Trump must have been reading my little blog for the last ten years!  Japanese officials on Wednesday rejected the assertion by U.S. President Donald Trump that Tokyo is using its monetary policies to weaken the yen against the U.S. dollar to gain a trade advantage.  Good for him striking out at what is steadily destroying the US manufacturing infrastructure and economic systems and our trade deficit problem!


Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said that Trump’s comments, made in a meeting with executives of pharmaceutical companies, “completely misses the mark.”


“Our monetary easing policy is intended to stabilize prices, not to weaken the yen against the U.S. dollar,” Suga said.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is due to meet with Trump in Washington on Feb 10. Suga told reporters Japan plans to explain its stance on the issue.


During the meeting with pharmaceutical industry leaders, Trump complained about drug makers shifting production overseas and said his trade policies would end unfair “global freeloading,” according to a transcript of the meeting.


He blamed regulations and devaluation by other countries.


Note the naked lies told by our Japanese ‘allies’.  They hate Trump now for the same reason other ‘allies’ hate him.  He might stop the trade deficit!  Mexico is already screaming hoarse at Trump for this reason.


More interesting news:Chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Jason Chaffetz, told members of the committee that a recent meeting between him and the President revealed a desire by Trump to ensure Hillary Clinton receives whatever justice she deserves. HAHAHA.


The House Oversight Committee requested that FBI Director James Comey give them Datto Company’s secure cloud storage which contains the Hillary’s server contents. The Democrats this week are refusing to meet with the GOP in Congress to pass Trump nominees… so the GOP ignored them and passed the nominees without any Democrats.


The only tool left for lefties is what they are doing nonstop right now: loudly protesting every single thing Trump does.  This is foolish of them for it makes them all more and more unpopular as they whine about EVERYTHING all the time!  Daily protests that tangle up traffic or deface businesses or cause looting, etc. becomes more and more tiresome.


It is one gigantic temper tantrum.  The left never asks this huge question: why are they so unpopular now?  Twice, voters (including huge illegal numbers) voted for Obama.  But over time, more and more in the hinterlands were badly burned and turned off or alarmed by the huge budget deficits and rising crime and riots and now are moving the other way.


Instead of tending to this and fixing what is obviously wrong with the systems, the Democrats backed Bilderberg tools who plotted secretly to betray the voters and impose internationalist looting expedition systems on a crumbling society…well, at least that has been thwarted!


I am very liberal when it comes to civil rights for gays, transgender…one of my kids is transgender!…and other goodies but economic collapse and WWIII is far more important, unfortunately.  We can’t have sex if we are fried by nukes!  And if we starve to death or die, it is hard to have any sex of any sort.  So we have to get back on track and this means ‘shock and awe’ time for liberals.  Who have betrayed the workers, big time, for years now.



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17 responses to “Trump’s Shock And Awe Hits Japan, Hillary (FBI Investigation Continues)

  1. CK

    As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be.

  2. Lou

    The Clintons are so rich, so luved, so powerful…can anything really be done to stop them?

  3. Tan Chee Hong

    The Japanese were the first Asian country to hollow out the US industries. The Yen was very low in those days. In 1986 at the Plaza Accord, US raped Japan financially and raised the value of Yen to its current level of 300 % or more.

    Then a year ago (?), US allowed Japan to weaken its value from 85 to the current level so Japan can export its goods all over the world. This was under Abe’s quantitative easing. Maybe the Japanese bribed the American politicians to allow them to do that.

    For that, Japan has to act as USA’s watchdog in Asia and be antagonistic to China. Talk about currency manipulation. Maybe Trump should do his homework first. To its credit, China never undertook quantitative easing.

  4. Christian W

    Occupied Japan cannot be allowed any independence. All must serve the mighty dollar or face the cosequence.

    This is Tea Party Crackpottery, Elaine. If you don’t include the larger context in your analysis it is worse than worthless, it is misleading.

    The US is NOT a victim. The US chose to print endless dollars and hold other nations hostage under gunpoint and economic duress. The loss of US jobs is not a result of nefarious actions by foreign nations, it is the invariable COST of having the dollar printing press on overdrive.

    Now the US has a choice to make. Keep the dollar system and go full Nazi (this is happening under Trump) or reform domestically and recreate the dollar system based on a sustainable model.

  5. melponeme_k


    Why do you bother posting here when you always fail to understand what is written in the posts?

    Japan is not a victim
    Japan is not occupied

    Trade WAR never has a detente and is always in force. Nations are in TRADE WAR with each other ALWAYS.

    The US has no control over the printing press. That was put into the hands of banks. WHO ARE NOT ELECTED US OFFICIALS NOR REPRESENT THE US.

    This rubber dollar printing was used by the banks to weaken the US with various bribery schemes.


    You are truly under a delusion. Trump is not rattling sabers. He is not calling for Canada to be invaded. He is trying to contain the US and take us back into isolationism. Isolationism which has always been a part of the US character since its inception. It was the globalist banking system who hijacked the US government and turned it into their police force.

    HITLER was for invasion from practically page one in his book. Chapter ONE in Mein Kampf is about how Austria should be part of Germany.

    Where are the US brownshirts IF Trump is supposedly Hitler?


    The Brown Shirt equivalents are all on the supposed LEFT. All Funded by Soros WHO IS A NAZI and cooperated with the ACTUAL NAZIS. HE HATES TRUMP.


  6. Christian W

    I see way beyond that Mel.

    You cannot decouple yourself from the dollar.
    – no US worker = no USD for Wall Street owners.
    – no US worker = no way for the elites to enforce the dollar

    There is exactly one global superpower namely the US.

    Who is scamming the US worker? The US elite.

    The root problem both you and Elaine have is you pretend Wall Street is out of your control, yet you want to protect Wall Street (the $) in so far your mutual profit is guaranteed. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. That is the essence of Nazism, to devour other nations for your own profit.

    And sorry but Orange is the new Black. The only difference between Trump and Obama’s foreign policy is that Trump is going after Iran instead of Syria, China instead of Russia. Same shit, orange wrapping.

    As for delusional libs, yes they are Soros tools. That doesn’t mean the other option is any saner though. It is this dynamic I am protesting against.

    Unless the US solves it’s domestic contradictions internally the US will create more wars abroad. Unfortunately the US isn’t into introspection is it. It is always somebody else’s fault:
    – unaccountable elites
    – feral Blacks
    – Tribal Jews
    – cunning Chinese
    – sneaky Japanese
    – Terrorist Muslims
    – Illegal Aliens
    – the Mexican Horde
    – itneverends

    It must be exhausting to be so constantly surrounded by enemies.

  7. Christian W

    Best buy a shitload of guns and stock up on the ammo.

  8. floridasandy

    The media has certainly done their part to make us the bad guys and destabilize the world. There are headlines and money to be made from doing so.

    America proved they were non-aggressive by not dominating anybody after winning World War 2, never deploying the bomb again, and helping to rebuild the broken countries from war-including enemy countries like Japan and Germany-which took the lesson to heart and thrived.

    America always has to be the :bad guy on the world stage so other countries don’t have to be responsible for their own growth-and can stay victims. The entire liberal mentality is victimization.

    We put up with so much crap from Mexico and we certainly never had to. America sends more money than any other country to victims of disasters and to countries in poverty.

    Tired of the anti American bitching here.

  9. floridasandy

    oh, and the cover-up of terrorist Muslim actions throughout history by the media, like this one:

    one of the largest genocides in human history.

    so excuse us if we want to put vetting measures in place to keep us safe from this kind of insane thinking.

    We don’t have a duty to take anyone who would do us harm-we did that under Obama and Bush and how many Americans died?

  10. emsnews

    Ahem…attacking me for supporting Wall Street is certainly odd, perhaps some readers here don’t know my own blog that well.

    There is no ‘Wall Street’ anymore, there is FREE TRADE which has decimated US industries and businesses many of which are now owned by foreigners who then use this economic platform to continue looting the citizens of the US.


  11. tio

    The elected gave supremacy to the markets and effectively abandoned the electorate, telling them that the market was always rational and always right. Well dear old Ouroboros is running out of tail, fast.

  12. Petruchio

    @#11 tio: No, the ‘elected’ never believed that the markets were always rational and right. The Special Interests that bribe the Political Wh#re Class (PWC) in D.C. never believed in “free markets” either. These guys are Financial Pirates. Nothing more or less. And the PWC of D.C. just follow orders, Obama being the most recent Top Order Taker. These guys don’t care about Economic theories. They are thieves. Simple as that and if their piracy bankrupts the whole country, that means nothing to them.

  13. tio


    Hello mate. Absolutely, that ‘rational and right’ line was spun to the deplorables as a justification for financialising the domestic economy. You’ll get no argument from me about what you said. Oh and prior to the twentieth century the term was always and everywhere ‘political economy’, how funny, like you could decouple those two. It would be a bit like splitting the risk from a loan book and then selling both, what could possibly go wrong?

  14. Petruchio

    tio: thank you for that. It’s kind of amazing how long this “tax cuts for the rich stimulates the Economy” lie will not die! It is clear that this ‘trickle down’ economics’ does not work and NEVER has. It didn’t work when it first started under Reagan and yet it continues to this day. This shouldn’t be any real surprise; trickle down IS working as it was intended: making the already rich richer. It certainly has done that. This explains why tax cuts for the rich won’t die. Of course, making the wealthy wealthier was the goal all along. The folks promoting Reaganomics knew this from the very beginning; they didn’t dare call their economic “policies” by an accurate name such as Looting Capitalism. Thieves and con artists. That’s what people promoting continued tax cuts for the wealthy are. They don’t give a sh#t about improving economies. Lining their pockets, that’s what they do.

  15. tio

    Trickle down … A .. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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