Russian News Shows Clearly What Is Really Going On In US And EU


Here is Russia’s news today as the Ruling Elites and their employees on US payrolls all work hard as possible to keep Trump on the same insane WWIII track that Obama, both Bushes and Clinton wanted, that is, confrontations over territory right smack dab on Russia’s borders and even inside Russia itself.  Notice how very difficult it is to change directions.  Even heroic efforts can be thwarted if the people who have controlled events up until now, are pushed to change.  That is, they won’t change.


We had this wonderful opportunity to make peace with the Kremlin.  They have serious security fears and the way the Bilderberg gang ran Europe concerns Russians greatly.  France, England and Germany never were under the rule of Islam so they don’t fear it nearly so much as countries in Eastern and Southern Europe which have.  This includes Spain, which was ruled by Muslims for several hundred years.


The Muslim invaders didn’t just go away.  There was 1,000 years of fighting to push these despots out.  People in the US may forget this information for this sort of history isn’t really taught much in schools and due to PC correctness, we are taught that all people are equally good and wonderful.


In Spain, for example, the Muslim invaders didn’t change the religion of the ethnic people living there who were Christians.  Why, might we ask?  It is simple: they could tax Christians higher than Muslims so they were quite anxious to insure there were many but not too many, Christians.  This backfired on the Muslims as the Christian natives fought back year after year after year.


Speaking of ‘fighting’ the Ottoman Empire leaders love to lie about Islam.  Merkel can sit there and be lectured about ‘peace’ but no Eastern European from the southern states would listen politely, they know how peaceful Islam is: not even slightly.


The only ‘peace’ Islam accepts is ‘defeat’ and the annihilation of all rights and freedoms of infidels.  All Islamic terrorists are attacking us because they want to destroy us.  Period.  There is no other goal.


So, Russian news asks, can Merkel and the EU ‘adapt’ to all this?  Oh, by beefing up the military in Europe but are they confronting the many million army of angry Muslim males who are now parked all over Europe and terrorizing Europe and yes, they did it again last night?


The Dutch right wing party that is gaining power there, claim Trump as already, in just 2 weeks, cut down immigration of hostile Muslim males.  The Merkel mealy mouthed response is highly unpopular now.


Oh, Merkel agrees that Germany should pay a tiny share of NATO.  We Americans pay more than all the stupid EU countries together.  The Bilderberg gang, after all, is mainly a European conspiracy group that lures our own citizens who are rich and powerful to do stupid things like run perpetual trade deficits, that benefits Europe and endangers and eventually bankrupts the US.


We should pay ZERO for EU protection!  THEY should pay US to protect them.  This simple idea is unheard of by our mainstream fake news media.  The only reason the EU imperial nations protected overseas operations was because these were looting expeditions and they got richer, not poorer, doing this.


The EU isn’t a third world nation, it is a first world nation that has lots and lots of money.  Why on earth are we protecting them for free?  Ditto in spades for South Korea and Japan.  They are ripping us off.  Trump even, can’t dare say the obvious, either.


And here it is again: there will be endless news stories of ‘Allah Akbar’ people attacking civilization with the desire to destroy all ‘infidels’.


Trump warns Israel: New settlements ‘may not help’ achieve Middle East peace which proves what I said above: the collapsing system set up for years and years is falling to pieces.


Trump sounded like he approved of Israeli Jews stealing stuff then he had to snap back and disapprove while not doing anything. All our Presidents do this exact same thing as ‘settlements’ expand across the entire West Bank borders. Cutting off all US taxpayer dollars to Israel which is gifted to them will fix this problem but no President dares do this because they will be killed. Literally.


The White House says a deadly raid in Yemen was long planned. Not true, says an Obama administration official. One week in the White House and the Pentagon generals who rose to the top positions under Bush Jr. and Obama, did a raid on Yemen. Now it is Trump’s fault.


This move was taken by the Pentagon geniuses precisely because Trump was just beginning to get his hands on the systems to change things and is tremendously busy but Obama wants this to be Trump’s fault and not the fault of all his own appointments at the Pentagon.


How infantile this all is especially coming from a ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ fraud. Shame on him.


Senators are huddling in meetings or on embarrassing phone calls with ambassadors of major allies, assuring them that, yes, America is still their friend. See? Our ‘friendship’ involves the US running perpetual trade deficits with ‘partners’ which WE, the taxpayers, have to fund their own ‘security’ totally at our own expense!


This is outrageous. Europe and Japan are not poor. They are not third world countries…yet. They can pay their own way but refuse to do this. US citizens are told, we are ‘great’ because we protect THEIR OWN TRADE ROUTES. Not ours. One way trade isn’t good for us, it is an economic disaster.


And economics is where all warfare begins.  It appears that Trump’s rush to change course is faltering now as he has to rely on too many Bilderberg gangsters and people who are fools who fell for half a century of propaganda.  When I went to Europe in 1968 on a scholarship, I was amazed at how rich they were and how little they contributed towards their own protection, pretending to be helpless babies suffering from WWII damages.  It nauseates me.



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40 responses to “Russian News Shows Clearly What Is Really Going On In US And EU

  1. Petruchio

    Latest news reports show the United States is warning Iran. More Russia-like sanctions are on the way for Iran. Is it just a coincidence that Iran is trying to move away from the USD as a Reserve Currency?

  2. Melponeme_k

    Trump is tied down. But if anyone can find a loose end to wiggle free, I think he can. This is Hanged Man time. He needs to sit back and watch the Bilderbergs act. Only then can he react properly.

  3. tio

    US and UK Vigorously Reject the Concept of European Army
    “The idea of an EU army independent from the overseas partner gives Washington the jitters as it would lose its grip on Europe when it comes to key security issues. The EU would pour its money into its own armed forces while NATO is desperately trying to convince its European members to spend not less than 2 percent of their GDP on the Alliance’s needs. A Euro Army could remove the raison d’être for US forces in Europe. The whole concept of NATO dictates that Europe’s defenses should be incomplete, because part of the point is to keep the US involved in Europe”

  4. DeVaul

    Presidents are not supposed to react, they are supposed to lead, and yes, that means risking assassination. If you want to be president, you must accept the risks that come with this office, which used to be an honor to hold.

    Trump is doing nothing to stop the current game plan, so it WILL be pinned on him in the end. That is what twiddling your thumbs and tweeting does.

    Again, I’m amazed at all the apologies for Trump. Obama must be jealous.

    Elaine, are you saying that Trump cannot give a direct order to withdraw our troops from the Russian border? They are being deployed there as I speak, so he can stop this right now. There is no more dangerous thing that we can do than deploy tanks and missiles on the Russian border.

    Are you and others here saying he cannot fire a general? Yes, I know that would be very unpopular, but someone here said he should do the unpopular things first and then people will forget about it later and even thank him for it. Why can’t he stop the deployment of our soldiers on the Russian border?

    Because quite frankly, if he cannot stop this suicidal military mission, he might as well go ahead and spend his entire four years in office tweeting about the Apprentice.

  5. Jim R

    Again, I’m amazed at all the apologies for Trump. Obama must be jealous.

    Elaine, are you saying that Trump cannot give a direct order to withdraw our troops from the Russian border? They are being deployed there as I speak, so he can stop this right now.

    DeVaul, Obama got eight years of free passes. And a nobel prize, fer cryin’ out loud. Trump has only had two weeks so far.

    And really, our presidents have not had much control over the Pentagon since Eisenhower. Trump seems to want to change that trend, but I don’t really expect too much. They are willing to do anything (remember 911?) and that means anything to prevent him from changing it.

  6. tio

    Dr Seppuku ..
    “President Trump says he wants the US to have better relations with Russia and to halt military operations against Muslim countries. But he is being undermined by the Pentagon.”

    Just like Obama/Kerry were in Syria. This is a problem, an enormous problem.

  7. tio

    “And really, our presidents have not had much control over the Pentagon since Eisenhower.”


  8. charlottemom

    This open borders utopia was never going to work longterm even within europe. Global elites hate to see their dream wiped away.

    Irredentism is the trend among the global powers (see China and Russia). The world is realigning and many nation borders will be readjusted. New balance of powers afoot

  9. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    I’m kind of tired of all the “whining” about Obama, as Claudeehah would put it. He is off in Hawaii where I said he would be.

    My main question, which the apologists did not address, is this: can Trump fire a US general for disobeying a direct order from the Commander in Chief? Yes or no?

    Comments that beat around the bush and talk about past presidents are a waste of valuable time at this point.

    I could whine all day about Bush and Reagon, but I don’t. I guess I’m just better than that and want to see something actually happen that was promised to us — like ending the wars and withdrawing the troops from Russia’s borders.

  10. ziff

    i was disappointed by the news this morning , same ol same ol , but Trump & putin have not even met yet.

  11. DeVaul

    This is an actual quote from Elaine’s article called “Obama’s Reckless Warmongering Gang” which she wrote in November of 2008, the farthest back her archives go here.

    “As I explained during the election, the media herded the US public away from anti-war candidates towards pro-war candidates. Obama tried to portray himself as an ant-war candidate when running against the very pro-war Hillary Clinton. But after his song and dance routine in front of the extreme war-monger ethnic cleansing operation called AIPAC, he steered himself, directly after winning the nomination, into the pro-war seas on the right.”

    Sound familiar?

    If Trump lasts 8 years in office, then I will come back here and see if everyone is howling and shrieking about what an awful president he was, or whether they suddenly have fallen silent after he leaves office because he is, after all, a “shrewd” white businessman. It will be interesting from a psychological and sociological point of view.

  12. ziff

    @11 seems elaine called it just right in 08

  13. DeVaul

    Yep. Too bad she can’t call it right this time.

  14. ziff

    its all postmodernism subjectivity, everything ! is created narrative , so feel free to create your own,

  15. DeVaul


    I have no idea what that meant, Ziff, but if you mean “create my own reality”, then yes, I will, because everyone else does the same. I base my reality on what I see and have seen, and not on what someone promises, but does. It’s what I learned from my papaw, and it never lead me astray, except when I ignored it.

    I guess others will choose a different path, like the people who stand behind the clowns waving signs and wearing hats and pins every four years, only to be returned to Area 51 after the show is over.

  16. ziff

    postmodernist subjectivity::: ie you can say that sexuality is not biologically determined and if you disagree they will throw you off campus. Or you say that hillary won .and if you disagree they will throw you off campus.

    Strangely it all has to do with wall decorations , ,the genius of Picasso created too high an expectation of our imaginations , so we went ‘post’ and the past was some sort of mistake.

  17. Seraphim

    @We had this wonderful opportunity to make peace with the Kremlin.

    Many people thought so, but perhaps, even more knew that the Flying Circus would squander it at the first ‘opportunity’. Making things worse, actually.
    Some analysts (that means the part with which they think) posited that Trump will tear apart the Russo-Chinese alliance by dangling a juicy carrot to Russia. As it turned out the carrot was rotten and it was meant to be inserted up Russians a***s.

  18. floridasandy

    devaul, I will buy you a beer if you are right, which I seriously doubt.

    Trump is going to be a great president. I think he should form an alliance with Russia, who wants to eradicate the terrorists, and Britain as well-the opposite of Obama.

    Trump will not be a warmonger, since he is a businessman first, and wars are not economically prudent.

    We averted a possible world war with the election of Trump (and elimination of HIllary as a threat) and we should at least be dancing in the street about that.

    Two weeks in, and he has to suffer this unbelievable crap from crybabies.

  19. Lou

    Ziff, : ie you can say that sexuality is not biologically determined–That includes Elaine and her, ‘transgender daughter.’

  20. DeVaul

    @ floridasandy

    I hope to be around 8 years from now to get my beer 🙂 But if not, then I will leave it to my daughter in my will. If he is successful, then I will buy you one.

  21. emsnews

    If Trump succeeds against a tsunami of screaming leftists and warmongering lunatics on the right, I will be amazed. As he exerts power and BOTH the far right AND the far left attack him ruthlessly, obstructing and kicking and screaming, I will be amazed.

    Since he depends on voters getting actual information, having the entire Fake News media against him is a hard thing to stop, they still have too much power.

    And are abusing it to attack him when he tries sane things, forget the stupid stuff he does…all presidents do dumb things. No, they are attacking him when he does the RIGHT THINGS!!! And this is highly alarming and I don’t blame him, I put the blame where it belongs: our real Bilderberg rulers.

  22. Lou

    If Trump succeeds–Unless The Federal Reserve is ended and 20 Trillion
    written off, he cannot.

  23. DeVaul

    The thing that amazes me and confounds me the most is that Trump surrounded himself with his own enemies. His cabinet picks are all gangsters or “Bilderbergers”, as some people claim. The others are bubble-headed bleach blondes!

    How stupid is he? Not even mafia godfathers surround themselves with a roomful of enemies unless they have a guard with a pistol held to each of their heads. What the hell was he thinking? Unless… they’re his friends.

    His SOD wants to start a war with Iran — pronto! That will be our end. Iran is not some third-world country that can be invaded and toppled by the US and Israel, assuming they are even prepared to risk their sorry asses. Trump has “tweeted” that Iran is “now on notice” and that “nothing is off the table”. These are the exact words of George Bush and Barrack Obama, right before they invaded some country and destroyed it.

    The imperial decrees he signed on his first day in office had nothing to do with improving relations with Russia. He could have signed them, but he didn’t. He could have fought for them, but he didn’t. Instead, he has an angry phone call with Putin and three other leaders a few days later.

    What he has done is improve the prospects of his “world-wide economic empire” by cancelling all the laws that were put in place after the 2008 real estate debacle (to the clapping of Mitch McConnell and that gang). Trump made his money in real estate, and I suspect he will renegotiate NAFTA because it is hurting his own interests somewhere.

    There is nothing sane about gutting the laws that prevent another real estate bubble or allowing investment firms and banks to merge again and speculate on anything and everything using the people’s money. (TARP).

    That these decrees were the first on his list of priorities should lift the veil that hangs over the eyes of those who once adored him. The flight ban on 50,000 CIA operatives was a bone thrown to the working class.

    The baseball caps have been thrown in the trash along with the signs and pins. The song and dance routine is over. The real Trump emerges.

  24. Moe

    @ DeVaul, #11

    DeVaul said “If Trump lasts 8 years in office, then I will come back here and see if everyone is howling and shrieking about what an awful president he was, or whether they suddenly have fallen silent after he leaves office because he is, after all, a “shrewd” white businessman.”

    Forget 8 years, if in ONE year Trump accomplishes ANY of his purported goals considering the extent, power, ruthlessness and unscrupulousness of his opposition, I would expect you to come back here and plead mea culpa, because you would have been dead wrong.

    Devaul said: ” It will be interesting from a psychological and sociological point of view.”

    Yes, it would. Don’t forget that the same parameters apply to all of us, including you.

    A personal anecdote is in order. In 1979 I found an investment opportunity, which upon relating to my family and friends in endeavoring to share this opportunity, they called me a fool, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. When the investment returned a 300 percent profit in 14 months (at which time I cashed out) NOT ONE individual out of a couple of dozen acceded that I had made the right call, nor admitted that they had not. Not one. This even upon my broaching the subject merely to elicit their response. I didn’t lose family or friends in the process, but I did lose a lot of respect for them.

    Since you so vociferously debunk virtually every Trump action and/or and impute vile motive on his part, I trust you will be gracious enough to acknowledge error should Trump prove to be a righteous President. Otherwise, you can Trump-et (pun intended) your perspicacity and foresightedness, and we can publicly self-flagellate over our misplaced hope and trust.

  25. DeVaul

    @ Moe

    Please let me know when he accomplishes one of his campaign promises, especially the one about ending the wars (which I guess you want continued since he is doing just that), and I will do just as you say: admit I was wrong.

    If you are angry that I am pointing out what he DOES as opposed to what he SAYS, then I have no answer to your complaint other than that I was raised differently.

  26. Moe

    @DeVaul #27

    Since you request it, I will be sure to let you know.

    And why do you assume (for it is an assumption and does not reflect reality) that I am angry? And why would you presume that I support US wars, which I markedly do not? You can’t extrapolate my guarded expectation of Trump as support for any harmful initiative he undertakes or failure to adhere to his commitments. That’s not logical. It’s also veiled guilt by association and ad hominem attack, though I don’t believe you intentionally meant it that way.

    I certainly don’t know what Trump is thinking or what he plans to do, and I doubt that anyone else here does either. I can only observe what actions he takes and their concordance or not with his stated intentions and his purported principles. Not to gild the lily, since it is entirely possible that Trump is playing his support or caved to the opposition, or both. That is always a potential. But I’m not about to jump to conclusions after his first weeks in office, nor second guess his appointments this early in the game. It is more reasonable to reserve judgment until Trump’s methodology and intentions become more obvious, and this we will know by his works. (By their fruits ye shall know them).

    The voters (or Electoral College if you believe the popular vote nonsense) go their man and we’d all better hope (there’s that word again) that Trump follows through.

  27. Moe

    Muslim Invaders

    Re: Allah Is Dead: Why Islam Is Not A Religion

    As Rebecca Bynum summarizes, “Just because Muslims are convinced Islam is a religious faith, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to accept it as such under our laws, laws that were meant to foster religions that exalt value, advance morality, nurture the individual, preserve wisdom, promote peace, strengthen the family and have a transcendent purpose.”

    That about sums it up for me.

  28. Moe

    Hated By Those Who Hate Russia

    CW previously unsuccessfully attempted to post the respective Saker Link (as did I). Gonna make another attempt, this time Zerohedge:

  29. DeVaul

    @ Moe

    I follow closely what he says and subsequently what he does.

    At any rate, we may know by March 21st, as that is the date Iran will phase out the dollar entirely from their economy.

    News sources outside the US have reported that Trump has been on the phone with every middle east ally we have about Iran, and has sent his SOD to meet with them. This obsession with Iran does not bode well.

    I consider people to be angry when I ask a simple question, and I am flamed or screamed at by others regarding everything but the question I asked, which always remains unanswered.

    Why has Trump not withdrawn our troops from Russia’s borders, but keeps sending more instead? I’m still waiting for an answer while everyone else screams about Hillary and Obama and leftists and Bilderbergs and whatnot.

    When you ask a question, and you get all that, it’s frustrating.

  30. emsnews

    Trump is a Zionist. OK gang: who was the non-Zionist in the election this year?

    Answer is devilishly easy: NO ONE.

    We can’t escape this noose, of course. Religious warfare will continue to rage until the bitter end. WWIII, that is. But then, we are due for a confrontation with China, too.

    This is what makes ‘history’. How many years does an empire go, when it is declining, until it falls? Answer: 100 years.

  31. Moe

    @DeVaul, #2

    Just one more comment. Your attention to the facts of the activities of the Trump administration and concern for their intent is shared by other readers here I’m sure, as it is by me,

    When those fact though are accompanied by interpretation, limited to a single perceptive, and aspersions toward the the Trump team which may not be applicable or deserved, then an unbalanced perspective prevails.

    Remember the old adage: ‘Hold your horses’.

  32. emsnews

    True, the impatience of the Fake News media giants is amazing to watch and they fool many people with this. Trump is NOT PERFECT. He isn’t me or any of us, he is himself.

    He is an OUTSIDER which we voted into office precisely because he was an outsider and the insiders hate this and getting them to do the right thing will be a herculean task along the lines of cleaning the Stygian Stables.

  33. Lou

    EMS had posted about AIPAC and NYTs almost complete silence over
    No mention in NYT of AIPAC.

  34. Moe

    For Trumpian nuance (something no-one expects from him), observe the first result of appointing Democrat Tulsi Gabbard to a reputedly nonsense cabinet position as UN ambassador. She returns from Syria and thoroughly lambasts the US terrorist support of the Syrian war, her findings and posture on this issue Trump would be completely aware of considering Gabbard’s previous statements while a Democrat. Her findings lend credance to Trump’s stated intention of support of the Russian initiative to stabilize the Assad regime.

    So, this was what, just a coincidence, an unexpected bonus of the Gabbard appointment independent of the political gain Trump obtained with elevation of Henry McMaster to South Carolina governor upon Gabbard’s relinquishment of her Hawaii Representative position? I would postulate that Trump is shrewder than he’s given credit for, and this is merely one example.

    What Trump needs to do (easier said than done) is consolidate power as quickly as possible and disarm, neutralize or eliminate his Deep State opponents. Shades of Hercules!

  35. DeVaul

    @ Moe

    What you said about me made no sense at all, unless it is a double standard that singles me out from the other commenters here, who are allowed to interpret things based on lies made up out of thin air. I don’t do that.

    Did I not say we will know by March 21st what Trump will or will not do?

    Perhaps you need to hold YOUR horses before you try to cast aspersions on me, or do you need so desperately to do it now?

    No one has answered any of my questions.

    My observations of what Trump DOES are called FACTS, Moe, not interpretations, but perhaps the facts are too uncomfortable for you to deal with. That is not my problem. It’s yours.

  36. Moe

    @Lou #38

    “What you said about me made no sense at all…”. It”s unfortunate you interpret my comments that way. Unfortunate for me, since I strive to ‘make sense’. My apologies.

    “Perhaps you need to hold YOUR horses…” Precisely. My comments conform to that principle, where I stated: “But I’m not about to jump to conclusions after his first weeks in office, nor second guess his appointments this early in the game.” Thanks for reminding me.

    “No one has answered any of my questions.” Yup, me neither. My qualification is explicit: “I certainly don’t know what Trump is thinking or what he plans to do..” Color me ignorant.

    “My observations of what Trump DOES are called FACTS.” An ‘observation’ is not a fact, which is defined as a verifiable truth. An observation is an element of cognition. Sorry for the semantic lesson, but I’m sure you want to be accurate.

    “….perhaps the facts are too uncomfortable for you to deal with.” You got that partly right. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the concept of nuclear war, and can barely deal with it because it will mean the end of family, friends and me, plus of course several billion others. Yeah, that’s a tough nut to crack. But that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to negative realities, merely attempting to maintain a balanced perspective on the ‘Universe as it unfolds’, and am requesting that you do the same.

    So, are we to continue in the vein? I have to admit loss of interest, but if you fancy the last word, keyboard away, I’m done.

  37. DeVaul

    No, you can have the last word.

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