Berkeley Burns As The Lost Boys And Girls Go Wild Before Being Turned Into Donkeys Later

We have to be VERY careful to not believe whatever the US media giants tell us about what is going on today because they are lying most outrageously.


Trump’s executive committee member Travis Kalanick, quit because Trump doesn’t want millions of illegal aliens.

Yes, that is right: Mr. Kalanick is head of Uber taxi service which uses mainly illegal aliens so he wants more of this just like all our top ‘economic big wigs’ love illegal alien cheap labor and moving factories overseas. These are part of the economic hurricane that is rapidly destroying the US economic systems. And bankrupting our nation with an unsustainable trade deficit and debt loads of all sorts.


Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick has quit President Donald Trump’s executive council after facing pressure from consumers over Trump’s new immigration order…


‘Earlier today I spoke briefly with the president about the immigration executive order and its issues for our community,’ Kalanick wrote.


The implicit assumption that Uber (or I) was somehow endorsing the Administration’s agenda has created a perception-reality gap between who people think we are, and who we actually are, Kalanick continued.


‘We must believe that the actions we take ultimately move the ball forward. There are many ways we will continue to advocate for just change on immigration but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that,’ he wrote. ‘The executive order is hurting many people in communities all across America. Families are being separated, people are stranded overseas and there’s a growing fear the U.S. is no longer a place that welcomes immigrants.’


‘We will fight for the rights of immigrants in our communities so that each of us can be who we are with optimism and hope for the future,’ he concluded.


Illegal immigrants have no ‘rights’ because…they are ILLEGAL.  Period.  They sneak into the country, take away jobs and create crime and if caught, should be deported because they have no permission to do any of this!  This is the entire point of having ‘citizenship.’


There is a huge, gigantic difference between ‘immigrants’ and ‘illegal aliens.’  People move here and there and everywhere but LEGALLY.  Not illegally.  It is the difference between crossing a street with the light and running through a red light.


The leftists who want no borders, free trade and all the other junk the Bilderberg gang wants…what a change!  Are on the rampage and setting stuff on fire and breaking lots of laws since they endorse lawlessness.


Shocking moment two men viciously attacked a Trump supporter while he walked to class in Berkeley less than 24 hours after riots forced a lockdown at the elite school.  The white kid who is a citizen of our country, was attacked and beaten by these two cowards who jumped him because he was wearing Trump hat.


This young man has a communist Cuban flag on his hat.  Many of these very stupid children think that Communist Cuba is a fine place.  They imagine that the dictators there would let them run riot.  But there are no riots in Cuba, are there?  Or in North Korea, too!  None at all.  No opposition parties, no anything.


The opposition to any changes in direction or systems or beliefs or agenda of the elites is very, very high right now.   Just like they have convinced all too many people that forcing the US taxpayers to subsidize the military protection of the various nations the elites want to control in various ways…none of this benefits any of us, on the contrary.


Once upon a time long, long ago, enough students at my school at Berkeley understood this and we had a strong anti-imperialism movement going.  Now, they fight for the imperialists!  They fight to make their own lives more worthless and to be crushed by a tsunami of foreign labor brought in to prevent unions and to control money supplies (zero interest is very connected to destroying US jobs by bringing in foreign cheap labor or imports!).

The new left’s fights are for the STATUS QUO under Obama and Clinton.  It has completely turned on its own head.  These murderous children in the schools want a fantasy world where they get lots of cheap loans they can’t ever pay off easily to go to very expensive schools that teach them nothing useful for survival in the Real World.


I left behind my entire education and degree program many years ago because I could read the writing on the walls, knowing how to read German, Russian and Hebrew…I saw clearly that our universities were going to annihilate any intellectual educational value and tossed it out the window and fled, ran for my sanity and life.


The more I look at the Berkeley riots this week, the more I see nihilism coupled with childish belief in being indestructible.  And worse, these kiddies are too stupid…this university is supposedly a ‘smart place’…they are too stupid to see they are at Fantasy Island with Captain Hook.  Remember the ‘Lost Boy’s and ‘Peter Pan’?


They were orphans who were DEAD and living in this dream world which featured an evil pirate captain of all things.  And they lived in total confusion and hysteria and madness.


Well, Trump is Captain Hook and the dead children are the students whose existence is only to keep the adults alive who ‘teach’ them mostly stuff that is utterly useless and they know very cynically that these lost boys and lost girls are doomed to lives of financial slavery and wrecked dreams when they discover they were scammed and the ‘degrees’ that are very debased from when I had to compete for a berth, are now pointless except in very few fields in the area of the ‘hard sciences’.


Watching these children destroy everything in their paths also reminds me of another Victorian tale of dead children: Pinocchio. He, too, had to find out how to be a human being.  And had to die, too.


Children have to eventually grow up.  The children getting these very expensive loans to ‘go to school’ have to pay the Pied Piper…another even older, medieval story about children dying and being lured into another alternative world…the Death Demon himself.


What if Trump fails to change our direction?  This piece of hope the Bilderberg gang and the lost children are clinging to means slavery of the lost children…again, Pinocchio shows what happens to the Bad Boys who were allowed to run riot at Fantasy University Island and trash the place and break all the rules and be mindlessly violent and debased and then turned into MULES to be worked to death in the mines!


All this was made pretty and innocent during the 20th century so children would not fear the consequences of being stupid and not look at reality square in the eye!


As I have said previously, Trump is only one person and is spinning around trying to grasp all the many facets of his governance and has advisors who are all pros at keeping things rolling along…OFF THE CLIFF because they imagine eternal debt, enslaving silly children and turning them into slaves via school debts and other fun stuff won’t backfire very badly.


The Goddess of History is this bitch who writes in blood and laughs so much, I am worried about her sanity, after all, humans are endless entertainment to Her.




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8 responses to “Berkeley Burns As The Lost Boys And Girls Go Wild Before Being Turned Into Donkeys Later

  1. Shawntö


    The Smerdyakovs will triumph, they imagine– but nihilism is best left to the professionals, as Iggy Pop once said. I want nothing to do with either extreme. Count me out.

  2. floridasandy

    the good news is that this isn’t the majority of American children. Trump needs to punish the ADULTS who tolerate this kind of behavior. Time to take away their toys.

    Iggy Pop was a very bright guy, also self destructive. I thought he might be gone before Lou Reed. You never know.

  3. emsnews

    But Hollywood and NYC TV executives all want us to be entertained by stuff that is all about screwing up our youth as much as possible. They are ‘egging this on’. They make lots of money luring children into doing stupid things that are anti-social. Look at all the You Tube black children under the age of 21, aping mainstream amusements, waving guns, talking ghetto, etc.

    Or outright committing crimes while boasting about being ‘gangsta.’ Yikes.

  4. Lou

    But Hollywood and NYC TV executives—Jews. Not 100% but Jews, mainly.


    Beaner Mayor of Berkeley allegedly ordered police to stand down during rioting.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, he had the cops ‘stand down’ which is what racists did in the Deep South way back in my youth and it made marching against racism highly dangerous.

    Now the racists are the radical leftists! Using the exact same tactics. It disgusts me no end.

  6. Lou

    Racist is just a marxist term. You have used it here to describe me [yawn].
    I took it as a compliment, as I had posted facts, that you found offensive.

  7. Shawntö

    Good point, emsnews, and floridasandy, —

    I agree, having the police officers “stand down” is not good and as for factions of “the left” that wants us to “self-police”– well, emsnews, from her years of hands-on and direct experiences as a concerned and caring neighbor, has pointed out in past blogging that there has to be a community policing that works with the local law enforcement that is just and harmonious.

    My apologies, my reference to “nihilism” in my last post needed more explanation in the context I was using it in and that term is misunderstood and controversial. I feel Sanskrit language might be more accurate to attempt to convey what I mean these days. As it is–

    I find any language problematic because of the limitations of the written medium in the electronic format to communicate as well as the ongoing problem of ANY language to convey what we mean according to our understanding.

    What I really meant is that either extremes of the right and the left are problematic and certainly extremes WITHIN each movement on the right and the left are VERY problematic. I was too “cryptic” in attempting to be succinct.

    My impression is that emsnews wants us to remember to keep “the good” from the revolutionary aspects of America (and balance that to be good citizens) and avoid the same mistakes that the left made in the late ’60s and ’70s when the “Maoism” influence took over and divided the left and dissipated the progressive movements for positive change.

    TV as a medium of influences has been something that the advertising industry abused, IMHO, and that’s another point(s) to consider that emsnews has brought up–

    – Who really “owns” the airwaves that the broadcasts go over?

    – How should/could the airwaves be used in education, entertainment and commerce?

    – How much/what TV programming should children watch? How much/what TV programming should adults watch?

    It seems to me that the less TV we watch, the better it is and yet it is a profound medium that is useful in some ways.

    But who really benefits? Who and how should/could the medium of TV benefit? What are the short-term verses the long-term issues to considered with the impact on citizens everywhere on the planet?

    Thanks, emsnews, for bringing these issues up. Peace.

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