Terror Attacks Will Rise As Liberal West Coast Judge Stops Trump Travel Ban

screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-7-56-39-amAirlines Told to Seat Passengers as Court Blocks Travel Ban by a liberal judge in Seattle, WA  The liberal ‘left’ that hates US workers is triumphant today that a Clinton/Obama judge has stopped Trump from stopping certain people from obvious terror-wracked nations.  The NYT is hysterically happy about this news but on the very same front page is this dire news: .Not ‘Lone Wolves’ After All: How ISIS Guides Plots by Remote Control.


HYDERABAD, India — When the Islamic State identified a promising young recruit willing to carry out an attack in one of India’s major tech hubs, the group made sure to arrange everything down to the bullets he needed to kill victims.


So…terrorists in the very same countries that Trump wants to stop coming into the USA without much greater scrutiny are sending information and tools to people so they can do terror attacks? Hello! The phone is ringing and judges in ‘liberal’ states are not answering it.


For 17 months, terrorist operatives guided the recruit, a young engineer named Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, through every step of what they planned to be the Islamic State’s first strike on Indian soil.
They vetted each new member of the cell as Mr. Yazdani recruited helpers. They taught him how to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group and securely send the statement.


And from Syria, investigators believe, the group’s virtual plotters organized for the delivery of weapons as well as the precursor chemicals used to make explosives, directing the Indian men to hidden pickup spots.


They are doing this in Europe and the US and other NATO nations like Turkey.


Until just moments before the arrest of the Indian cell, here last June, the Islamic State’s cyberplanners kept in near-constant touch with the men, according to the interrogation records of three of the eight suspects obtained by The New York Times.


So…Trump is correct to stop people from traveling into the US after living in or visiting places run by the Islamic State, right?  The lunacy of our government and media is right here dead center on the front page of the NYT.


Here is good news for my own family as well as many other good people:  Trump Family Said to Thwart Order Curbing Gay Rights from right wing Republicans many of whom complained bitterly about Trump winning the primaries.  Note that many top right wing Republicans did NOT support Trump even all the way to the final election.  Cruz being the top ‘no Trump for me’ far right winger.


Trump’s party is much more right wing than he.  His victory came because he was not right wing but rather, a more traditional middle of the road liberal.  He has to work with a bunch of much more right wing people but can, if they defy him, form alliances with liberals.


The liberals have chosen to jump off the cliff instead.  The party is now so radicalized, it freaks out whenever it has to do anything sane.  Celebrating letting in more terrorists is what is killing the liberals.


Iran is set to ‘showcase its power’ with a missile test just a day after President Donald Trump imposed fresh sanctions on Tehran. Israel and Saudi Arabia both want this to happen and apply tremendous pressure on the US to do this. The infiltration of our government systems via bribery and other schemes means outsiders control Congress and most Presidents.


This is 100% the reason why, even after a gang of Muslims including many Saudis, did the 9/11 attacks on the US, President Bush, a Republican, helped the Saudi royals escape when he and Cheney banned ALL US air flights.


This was covered up until too many people including me, noticed that private jets flying all over the place and we learned later that these were all Saudi planes.  Then fake conspiracy theories proliferated which took attention away from the fact that our own Saudi allies attacked us successfully.


Even today with Trump’s orders, Saudi Arabia was not on the ‘do not fly’ list.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are literally at war with each other.  In Yemen, for example, and eastern Saudi Arabia, there are many Shi’ites who are supported by Iran and oppressed and brutalized by Sunni rulers.


The US media giants which we call ‘fake news’ are trying their best to destroy our nation because it makes them much richer if they do treason and they desperately need illegal alien labor from grooming their estates at starvation wages, servants in their dining rooms, nannies for the babies and all the way up the scale, it keeps wages of citizens artificially low and the employers can threaten staff with deportation if they cause any troubles.


Now, these clowns are setting up bolt holes for WWIII in various distant places, imagining that the angry natives there will be their servants or maybe they can import more illegal labor to these sites and wall off the natives like they are already doing in Hawaii, their bolt hole for WWIII with is insane because…Hawaii cannot support much of the present population for more than a year because it can’t produce nearly anything without importing stuff from other places!


The point is, ‘liberal’ Hollywood/Wall Street billionaires are planning for social and political collapse as things continue on the present path!  They think Trump is starting WWIII?  How about the last two Presidents?  What were they doing?


Selling us down the river with free trade, making China stronger and stronger, supporting radical Islamic jihadists, trying again, to invade Afghanistan!  Etc, etc, this push to do insane things guaranteed to start WWIII is still very much on track and Trump is being yanked into this disaster because DC is thoroughly infested with people pushing this event as hard as possible.


This is because they are stupid.  Yes, stupid people can do stupid things, history is littered with ‘stupid stuff happening’.  And we read it with increasing anger, ‘How could they all be that stupid?’ little knowing that humans are determined to be stupid.


It is called ‘self-delusional thinking.’  It also happens a lot because people absolutely refuse to learn from history.  It just isn’t fun, reading obvious warnings and then doing the right thing when one can do as one pleases and to hell with the future.  This is why the creatures I called ‘The Watchers’ when I was a child, are so amused by humans.


Then there are the Norns who weave the past, present and future.  I marvel that none of them has died laughing to death from all these human errors.



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26 responses to “Terror Attacks Will Rise As Liberal West Coast Judge Stops Trump Travel Ban

  1. Watch out for the Bolsheviks want to a be.

  2. emsnews

    There are several violent leftists groups over the years: Maoists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Castro lovers. Then there are really crazy leftist groups of various sorts that are tribal in nature. All are insane, dangerous, evil and destructive and have killed many millions of people.

    The real truth is, both the far left and far right are murderous monsters. Both have killed billions of people. There are the Muslim radicals, Christian sects radicals, Jewish radicals, etc. etc. etc. They are all very dangerous to life and limb and brains.

  3. Jim R

  4. Jim R

    I always loved your little cartoons, Elaine. I’m so sorry you don’t make them any more … but of course, I know, I’m as old as you are. We just aren’t as agile as we were even a decade ago.

  5. Jim R

    And, about those little pink circles in the diagram at the top of the page — if you were to overlay the “collateral damage” figure from US/UK/EU/NATO bombing under Obama, it would more than fill the whole page.

    Would be nice if Trump could turn it around, but seems doubtful that he can do it by himself.

  6. Lou

    Both have killed billions of people. –Billions? WW 1 and 2 killed 100,000,00 and Maoists have maybe killed 200,000,000 [my estimate, all the starved in GLF and the murdered babies].


    ELAINE: Over the centuries. The wars over religion and politics goes back to the Crusades and before that, the Muslim surge which destroyed the last of the Roman Empire leaving only a tiny bit left to be taken down in 1400.

  7. csurge

    Still no sign of the German rampage. I think they’ve finally found a way to get rid of themselves. If only they’d chosen people better than themselves for replacements

  8. Christian W

    The liberal ‘left’ that hates US workers

    Now this is an interesting Left if it does not represent workers. In the US the political roles are reversed somehow. The workers revere the Oligarchs who fleece them, and vote right wing. The middle is just a soft puddle of meaninglessness. I guess that is what you mean by “radical Liberals” (another oxymoron).

    The Right chides the Left for being Soros puppets. The Left chides the right for being Netanyahu puppets. Such interesting times.

    In the meantime the bankers are laughing all the way to the bank, and the intelligence community and the Pentagon is continuing business as usual.

  9. emsnews

    The workers moved to the right because the left decided to attack the concept of ‘manhood’ and ‘family.’ They see the writing on the wall.

  10. melponeme_k

    I think Trump will be over to turn the Judge’s decision. We don’t know how much Trump is actually baiting them and what he is doing without motive. He has lived among them and knows how they think. Now it all depends on how smart he is.

    The Company of Wolves is a great film. I now dub this scene “Trump and Globalists”

  11. Petruchio

    That Judge in Seattle who blocked Trump’s travel ban order is a very good example of what is wrong with this country. Since when should a single judge, from Seattle, be allowed to overturn the President of the United States? I believe the term is called Judicial Overreach. We in the USA do not have a Representative Democracy if any Federal Judge, who is not subject to re-election can dictate Domestic (or Foreign) Policy. This Judge in Seattle is carrying the water for the Republicans. The GOP doesn’t have the nerve to oppose Trump as Members of Congress, so they have this “Liberal” judge from Seattle do their dirty work for them. BTW: this judge is NOT a “liberal” S/he is a Fascist.

  12. Christian W

    The workers moved to the right because the left decided to attack the concept of ‘manhood’ and ‘family.’ They see the writing on the wall.

    The workers have been *herded* to the right ever since Reagan, along with the entire political spectrum in the US. So much so, now there is no “left” left. Nothing has happpened by chance.

  13. Nani

    A wise man once said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. So true. When people start to use violence and threats as a mean to achieve their political goals, lawlessness and human suffering ensues. History is riddled with examples of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_Revolution

    I am longing for spring and brighter days.

  14. Jeffrey

    Never heard the term “setting up bolt holes” before. And I know what bolt holes are.

  15. Lou

    New Zealand, Patagonia. Bush and Stallone are reported to have huge, beautiful places in Argentina.

  16. Ken

    Totally off topic, the radiation levels at Fukushima are getting worse, not better. Also, there is now a large hole in the bottom of one of the reactors.


  17. DeVaul

    While Elaine chases her tail around about the Muslim ban, Trump is about to reveal his real plan:

    “Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how “kind” President Obama was to them. Not me!”


    (Obama returned the 150 billion we stole from them. That’s what Trump calls “kind”. Trump does not return money he steals from others).

    This man promised to end foreign interventions as part of his campaign. It was a BIG PLANK in his campaign and why many people, especially the Sanders backers, voted for him. Now that he sits in the oval office, he can hardly wait to pull the trigger. He deliberately hired a man who hates Iran to lead the charge and prepare for war. Over what? Iran is no threat to us.

    It always amazes me that ordinary people who should know better still fall for the same old euphoria of a false promise based on no past history of keeping promises or anything at all. He had no integrity in the past and he has none today.

    You people just voted for war with Iran. Congratulations!

  18. DeVaul

    “On December 9, 2003, Robart was nominated by President George W. Bush to a seat on the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington vacated by Thomas S. Zilly. Robart was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on June 17, 2004, and received his commission on June 21, 2004. He took senior status on June 28, 2016.” [Wikipedia]

    He was appointed by George Bush, not exactly a “leftist” or “liberal”. Neither Clinton nor Obama had anything to do with his appointment.

  19. emsnews

    DeVaul, turning around the Ship of State which is sinking, is a herculean task and Trump is one human and has to rely on the entire GOP for support. The GOP is corrupt as is the DNC and the DNC’s left are a bunch of violent criminal rioters who hate the USA concept and want to destroy it and impose Maoism or chaos on us all which is no solution at all.

  20. emsnews

    Also, Devaul….do you read me ever???? BUSH IS A BILDERBERG GANGSTER as well as a Skull and Bones like Kerry…these secret operations are all about ruling TOGETHER and they CONSPIRE to do this. We have not had a non-conspirator president since Reagan.

    Reagan, very early in his office, was shot and brain damaged by a FRIEND of the Bushes who then basically took over the Oval Office. You are so accustomed to being run by the fiction of ‘two political parties’ you can’t see the obvious: there are no ‘political parties’ only Bilderberg gangsters opting to see who gets to run America off the cliff for international bankers and gangsters.

    Then along comes Trump, a total outsider. All over DC knives are out against him and they are anxious to pile into his government and then get rid of him.

    Trump is too stupid to read my entire opus online to see the outline of what is going on and he should, I managed to win against him every time we encountered each other. Poor guy.

  21. Christian W

    I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that Trump is trying to “turn the ship around”. He has given Goldman Sachs free reign, Pentagon and NatSec insiders tell him what to do overseas, Netanyahu is running loose genociding the Palestinians (his only problem is domestic corruption charges).

    The only thing different from before is that Trump is overtly more brutal, rough and hamhanded in comparison to the slick and smooth Obama.

    If Trump wants to change things he needs to drain the corrupt GOP swamp, never mind the irrelevant Dems. But the GOP are already lining up like little piggies to take their turn, after the Dems, to suck and slurp at the Saudi Petrodollar bribe teat.

  22. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    Yes, I read you. Why didn’t you tell the truth? He was a Bush appointee.

    “You are so accustomed to being run by the fiction of ‘two political parties’ you can’t see the obvious:”

    YOU are the one talking about Dems and Repubs, not me. YOU are the one who is yelling about leftists and other outdated terms. Not me. I have said over and over again that there is no difference between these two parties, and everyone here knows that. They can review my comments.

    Why are lying about me and what I believe?

    Why is it necessary to mislead people? What is your problem?

  23. DeVaul

    @ Christian

    Glad to see you come out swinging again. I really missed that.

    Good for you. There are too many “yes” men at this site.

  24. emsnews

    HAHAHA…fighting an elderly lady…HAHAHA. I still can swing a pitch with some force.

    Look here: if you are all so smart, go and change things. I have actually ‘turned the wheel of history’ a couple of times and this requires hard work, accepting severe dangers and being smarter than Bush Sr, for example.

    It is HARD WORK changing any course of history and the Goddess of History laughs her hideous laugh…humans are stubborn and refuse to change direction even when there are obvious signs….

    And even today, liberals think we are going to roast to death in less than 10 years and have been saying this for the last 20 years, every ten years we are all dead…THEY ARE INSANE.

    I come from an insane family some who had to be put in the hospital and believe me, all crazy people think they are sane even when they are certainly not sane at all.

    Our nation is insane. We are living deep in debt, trying to control the planet earth and even the gods can’t do this. It is crazy to even try. But here we are: doing the impossible and trying to pay for all this via printing money.

  25. emsnews

    Anyone who thinks that past rules and laws worked…guess what? NO. They did not. The ‘reforms’ made and the ‘end the reforms’ have changed little because we don’t want to change yet change is forced on us as the pendulum swings.

    This is why I now live on my own mountain which I control, and am armed, of course.

  26. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    I’m sorry about your family. I always was.

    Blaming a group of people who are called “leftists” and “liberals” implies that there is an opposite group who are doing what is right and good. This is not the case, as I try to point out here in my comments. Focusing on one group while the other pillages the US Treasury and destroys good laws and prepares for war with Iran (and Russia?) does not help at all.

    When Trump signs an Imperial Decree voiding laws or regulations designed to stop real estate bubbles and corrupt banking practices, holds it up for a photo op with… “rightists?” standing around him smiling, it is NOT an interpretation or perception. It is a fait accompli, also known as a “fact”.

    These “facts” are piling up on a daily basis, but no one wants to face them because it seems easier to point fingers at protestors and the evil “leftists”.

    It smacks of McCarthyism.

    Russia is not too pleased with Trump’s administration already. They know we have a disturbing habit of lying and deceiving them about our true intentions, and they can see with each passing day that what Trump actually does means that there may be no real change in our foreign policy, of which he is in charge of as president.

    When will he fire the evil neo-con generals and their anti-Iran subordinates?

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