Berkeley ‘Protester’ That Beat Up Students Is Actually School Employee, Eugene Dabs!


FIRST ON TRR: A UC Berkeley Rioter Has Been Exposed, & He’s a University Staff Member! And he was wearing a mask while rioting!  The screen shot of the twitter post put up by a violent Berkeley protester shows a student who wanted to hear Milo speak, being beaten up by the protesters.  It turns out that the twitter writer is an EMPLOYEE of Berkeley earning $60,000 a year!  And he should be arrested and fired.


Pave Darker is a twitter user who decided to play detective and see if he could identify the twitter boaster who claimed he beat up a student waiting to hear a legal speaker give a speech at the student center.  These creeps rioted and did serious damage to both property and students and should be arrested.  In this, case, also fired since this rioter is an employee:


Note how this employee is boasting about beating up someone who was legally on campus to hear a speaker the employee is against.  This is pure thuggery.  So Pave Darker decides to expose this man and succeeds:


The employee is covered with tattoos which is how Pave figured out who he was.  it was via a photo clearly showing the neck tattoo.  Chill is the twitter user who found the tattoo from a photo taken during the riots.



Soon, an army of angry online denizens went on the warpath and tracked all information about this employee who attacks students while wearing a mask!


The criminal even talked to reporters about all this while not mentioning he was one of the criminals attacking students and vandalizing the university he works for!  The people who did the research about all this are mostly ‘gamers’ and since Trump won the election, the owners of the systems running the internet have been attacking gamers and anyone who might have supported Trump during the election.


So now they are all striking back.  NYPD Shuts Down Antifa Scum Outside Gavin McInnes Event:


I’ve read reports that not a single person was arrested during the UC Berkeley riots last night. That’s a statement to one of two thing: how corrupt the Berkeley police and administration are, or how stupid they are. Either way you slice it, that’s not a good look consider all the violence and property damage that went down.


Well, the NYPD has taken a different tact. They’re arresting people and telling the others to either disperse or join their comrades in jail.



Yes, these are the chants.  And police being ambushed and shot has gone upwards when Obama encouraged thugs.  Regaining control will be very, very difficult especially since many mayors of major cities were put there by illegal alien votes tipping the scales towards people who want more illegality.


Yes, criminals don’t want law enforcement.  By definition, illegal aliens increase crime in various ways including not reporting crimes against themselves, too.


Protests erupt at NYU amid Gavin McInnes event; 11 arrested. This disturbance in NYC was at an even where a conservative comedian like Milo is a comedian, was going to speak. So people showed up to riot and attack attendees which is what they got away doing during the election: attack any Trump supporters going to Trump events.


The reverse did not happen. Not one Hillary event (the few that happened) was physically attacked by Trump supporters.


The co-founder of Vice was invited to speak on campus by the NYU College Republicans.


“Come to Kimmel, Rosenthal Pavilion to let NYU know that we will not stand for bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny on our campus,” the Facebook post read.


In December, McInnes launched a group called the Proud Boys. According to their Twitter account, the Twitter account’s description reads “Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.”


A scuffle broke out in front of the building between protesters and police. Police sources say eight men and three women were arrested for charges ranging from criminal mischief, drug possession, disorderly conduct and obstructing government administration.


Once McInnes was in the building, protesters followed and chanted as he tried to speak.


“Whose campus? Our campus,” the protesters chanted.


These protesters don’t understand they are digging their own graves, so to speak.  By protesting everything all the time nonstop, they are making themselves unbearable.  I used to help organize protests.


I fought hard against nearly everyone over the issue, ‘What and how to protest’.  Everyone under the sun wanted to latch onto any issue at all to advertise themselves and their own weird causes.  Unable to rouse a crowd on their own, they insist and joining legitimate demonstrations and then start fights.


I had to deal with this a lot.  For example, when I camped with Chinese students in front of the UN on the small park next to the Union of African States embassy, every radical in NYC came by demanding to join us and I would tell the police to please remove them.


They were desperate to hike aboard the business I was engineering.  They wanted to make my business their own trip.  They do this all the time.  I call these people ‘political vampires’.  Right now, the vampires are sucking the students dry.



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9 responses to “Berkeley ‘Protester’ That Beat Up Students Is Actually School Employee, Eugene Dabs!

  1. Lou

    Meanwhile, at NYJ [NYU-NY jew]

  2. Lou

    Elaine does not believe in ‘Chem Trails.’

    I am in Southern California. Rain Friday, Blue Sky Saturday. Then the spraying began.

    Like this…this group has proof—in pictures and movies—

  3. Lou

    If you think that that is a con trail, good luck. thats what I have been seeing since the 1990s, over california. Chem clouds.

  4. emsnews

    HAHAHA. What happens is, when there is moisture in the higher stratosphere, planes causing TURBULENCE creates…clouds. When the upper stratosphere is dry air, they don’t do this.

    BTW, the very first ‘film cloud study’ in California was done by my own grandfather before WWI.

  5. Sometimes while in an airplane you can see the contrail generated right at the wingtip from the differences in air pressure there.

  6. Lou

    Seen elsewhere—-
    Anonymous Brian in Ohio said… Let them continue to scream, fail, and blame whites for their existence. Just stay away. They are slowly destroying themselves…… The fact that they would loot a Starbucks and vandalize the MLK student center, of all places, over something a gay immigrant said shows how directionless and desperate they are.

  7. emsnews

    They rioted over JOKES. Jokes! This from spoiled brats who grew up on dirty jokes and making fun of everyone. This is insane.

  8. Jim R

    Eugene Dabs? What a phoney-baloney sounding name!

  9. Moe

    Welcome to the Internet Dabs.

    I realize that without the advent of the Internet, we would still be suffering the ‘mushroom’ effect: fed shit and kept in the dark. Elaine has sufficient personal experience to see through the lies but I certainly never would have had sufficient exposure to alternative news to perceive what transpires in politics without the ‘net.

    Information, i.e., truth, the great leveler.

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