All US Media Wants War With Russia And Trump Still Refuses


A number of my readers are angry with me because Trump isn’t perfect nor has he totally changed everything in just two weeks (good lord!)—have patience.  In the main regard, despite attempts by our Real Rulers to start WWIII, Putin and Trump are still in communication.  Meanwhile, in Europe which is supposed to be scared of Putin and NATO is massing on Russia’s borders, the real invaders are in the Russian news talks about France’s security problem: too many Muslim males, a number who are terrorists.


The mayor of Maisons-Laffitte and French National Assembly member Jacques Myard said: “We have two threats: the threat coming from abroad and of course this is a question of how we control our frontiers. This is a failure of Schengen. And we have also a threat inside France because we have a large community of Muslims.”


“Not all Muslims are radicals. But we have spotted that over 10,000 of those Islamists can be radicals. What happened this morning, it shows really that the threat is inside, and of course you cannot have 100 percent security everywhere,” he said.


According to Myard, “it is necessary to be vigilant. Every citizen should alert the police every time he sees something wrong. You cannot really prevent anything. This is impossible… This is a question of minute and seconds vigilance. People have to be aware that we are at war and that the people who can kill us are inside our cities.”


So, France is ‘at war’ and the enemy is an army of possibly 100,000 terrorists!  And Russia is on the side of the French police and military and so is Trump who is against letting in millions of angry Muslim males.  Duh.  This is ridiculously simple yet who is stopping Trump from carefully vetting people pouring into the US?


Why, our judges, the media, the ‘liberal’ suicidal leftists, the DNC and a host of others!  Terror attack after terror attack and we are told, ‘You can do nothing, just live (or die!) with it, shut up.’  This is impossible and the longer it goes, the more likely the next President will be a dictator who will stop all this dead in its tracks.  If someone is a ‘liberal’ they should be very anxious about bringing in more Muslims from countries in turmoil.


See how our irresponsible, lying media giants are poking the Russian Bear in the eye with a sharp stick?  They are very, very anxious to have us fear Russia and not the real dangers.  Russia didn’t destroy the WTC or smash a plane into the Pentagon.  Even with these feeble limits on Muslims coming in, the ones that attacked us on 9/11 were all from countries that still can come in whenever they want.


No warnings will be heeded because our rulers are stupid.  Instead of giving us real information, via the media, they are pushing propaganda and like in all propaganda schemes that are obviously based on lies, most citizens are seeing through this but the True Believers are still being fooled.  Look, it is NOT Sanders nor the Hillary bots nor the Fake GOP leaders who want to stop the terror attacks, it is Trump and he is nearly alone except for individuals in the government siding with him.


If we look at the backers of the Congress critters who are fighting against Trump in all this, we see they are collecting huge bribes from international corporate interests which are systematically looting this country, driving us deep into debt and have destroyed our trade situation so we run deep in the red every year.


They are traitors.


The EU is a looting machine, too.  There is great restiveness in the subject populations there and already, England’s voters chose to exit the EU and they are being flailed by the fake news media there and told, they are evil for wanting security and to keep their culture and language, they are supposed to roll over and die for the international conspirators who try desperately to control populations by splitting them up against each other so they can’t unite to stop this looting and tax the super rich internationalists.


Looks like, despite the Bilderberg gang and their media puppets, Trump is staying the course with Russia.  Good for him.  If he gives in to this tsunami of misinformation and lying by our Real Rulers, I won’t blame him, he and Pence tried their best!  Which is a million times better than the DNC clowns!  They want WWIII.  YIKES.


Latvia completes 23km of ‘anti-migrant wall’ on Russian border


The main goal of the barrier, according to the spokeswoman, is to prevent “illegal migration.” It remained unclear though, if the fence was designed to prevent the illegals from entering Latvia or to keep them in.


RT news is being cheeky here.  There aren’t many ‘illegal aliens’ from Russia.  Putin is even more obviously joking:


These fences can’t stop a car much less tanks.  They are for show.  Even the people spending money on this stupid project (while the EU screams ‘no fences!):


Another NSGK member, Rasa Juknevičienė, said the fence is designed to counter the Russian “threat.”


“This fence will not stop tanks or other military equipment, but it will show that we are hoping for better relations with Russia, a realistic assessment of the situation. We do our best to reduce a potential threat posed by Russia,” she said.


Russian officials, however, have quite an ironic attitude to the wall project. The interim Governor of Kaliningrad Region, Anton Alikhanov, told Rossiya 24 TV channel that Kaliningrad is ready to buy all necessary construction materials for the fence.


He reminded that Russia has a “wonderful plant” for production of bricks on the border with Lithuania.


“If our Lithuanian colleagues want to erect a fence to stop illegal smugglers, then we are ready to provide them with construction material,” he said.


So the Iron Wall returns…to the EU, not Russia.  How insane.  How sad.  The Russian approve of this because they don’t want any illegal alien Muslim males coming over their borders at all.  So they feel this is a win for them and a loss for Eastern Europe.


‘It is like a ghetto’: Leipzig condo fences itself off from refugee center because a new Muslim Male Dorm is being opened right next door!


The opening of a refugee shelter in the Grunau district of Leipzig in March 2017 provides lots of anxiety among residents in the complex. More than 300 asylum seekers will be moving into an adjacent house that stood empty for over a decade, but now is being hastily renovated at a cost of €6 million.


The decision to erect the €20,000 see-through barrier was made during the annual residents’ meeting in summer. But now once the wall has been erected, some of the 400 people that live in the apartment complex feel like they are being trapped in a “ghetto” themselves.


“We feel like we are in the ghetto,” one tenant told Bild daily.


Another resident complained that elderly now have a more difficult time reaching their flats as they have a “detour of 300 meters.”


The elderly will be great sources of income for the incoming Muslims who hang around train stations assaulting people.  Now they can do it from home!  Just like public housing in NYC are high crime areas and sane people fight tooth and nail to prevent these in ‘good’ neighborhoods.


And France, Germany and the Netherlands are demanding that Eastern Europe take in a million or so illegal alien Muslims now!  Or else!  Look at the state of utter confusion going on and populations are increasingly scared and they are scared not due to Russia menacing them but their own stupid rulers attacking them internally.  And this is happening here, too, and liberals want it to get worse and work day and night to make it more dangerous.  And this is why they are increasingly unpopular.



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19 responses to “All US Media Wants War With Russia And Trump Still Refuses

  1. Ken

    Many in the main stream media who are calling for more Muslims in Europe and the US are Jewish. All of my Jewish friends and acquaintances feel the same way. Even the ones who are very pro-Israel and make excuses for Israel keeping the Muslims out of that country. I think they must be comparing notes.

    This is very short sighted. I have read portions of the Koran (not the whole book), and it is very anti-Semitic. In fact, it openly calls for the death of Jews. Very strange for a “holy book.” So the very Muslims that the Jews are seeking to bring into western society are under a religious imperative to kill those same Jews. Why can they not see the stupidity in all of this?

    Estimates as to the number of “radicalized” Muslims in a particular country misses the point. Estimates are meaningless. Look back at the press reports of most of the terrorists. Almost uniformly these reports claim that the terrorist was very westernized, but somehow within just a few weeks they had a religious epiphany and decided that their religion required them to kill non-Muslims. This is no accident. The Koran, and other religious texts regarding actions taken by Mohammed during his life, openly call for the death or subjugation of non-Muslims.

    All that it takes to radicalize a Muslim is to have them actually read their holy scripture. This can happen before or after moving to a western democracy. Extreme vetting is a myth. A Muslim can sincerely believe in peace when they immigrate, but then become radicalized.

    I see no solution to this. We are all in big trouble.

  2. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine, I am surprised nobody has mentioned Catherine Austin Fitts. According to this lovely lady, you are not alone. The very themes that you have been banging on about for years have been picked up by various power factions.

    A certain Steve Wynnis an American real estate businessman has noticed a decline in his businesses with decline of the middle class. He has been named RNC finance chair. He is there to back DJT into getting the economy started.

    DJT has been getting backing from a faction of Military Intelligence because after assessment there was the discovery that a big chunk of the logistics to fight a war was coming out of China. (Try fighting a war without decent boots.) You also to finance a war, try that with a serf economy.

  3. emsnews

    I have been yelling about that nonstop. How about clothing? We get to fight naked? Recently I wrote about a bill about all this in Congress, that is protect industries the military needs and…Obama didn’t want it and so the DNC didn’t want it! They have gone insane.

  4. Old Ari

    Hungary was occupied by the turks not so long ago, I don’t think they want them back. There is a very nice minaret in the center of Eger.

  5. emsnews

    Hi, Old Ari, that’s true! They know what Islamic rule is all about.

  6. DeVaul

    @ Ken

    “Very strange for a “holy book.”

    There is nothing holy about any of the jew books, as they all call for the extermination of non jews wherever they are found. A massive amount of the first part of the bible, which I tried to read, was a page by page account of endless slaughter and genocidal rampages in the so-called “holy land”.

    That is where I stopped reading. I could not read one more account of how so-and-so was ordered by Jehova to lay waste to this or that city, put everyone above the age of 15 to the sword, and then rape and enslave the girls and boys — all in the “name of god”. No other religion has this at its core. No other religion has holy wars, jihads, crusades, and stuff like that.

    They even fight amongst each other. In fact, they seem to hate each other even more so than just ordinary non jews, and for what? It all boils down to the “exact” interpretation of some phrase or statement found on an old dried up piece of pineapple paper that is thousands of years old. Holy shit!

    I have never experienced anything like that outside of jewish religion. There are no such arguments about ancient writings (if any still exist), or what this or that story or legend really meant. It is just NOT an issue.

    I wish I could see the end of the Age of the Jew in my lifetime, but I won’t. Perhaps my grandchildren will see it if they are lucky. I hope they do.


    ELAINE: Ahem. As a descendent of VIKINGS and then NORMANS, we assumed we had the right to slaughter anyone, steal anything and take over wherever we could not to mention rape, etc. Fine ancestors, no? Jews are not the only ones with this sort of thinking process, ditto, Mongols, for example. Romans, too!

  7. DeVaul

    On another note, why can’t Trump order our troops to stop embarking in Germany onto boats that will deploy them in Estonia? They are arriving right now. Does he have no authority over the Pentagon?

    He seems more concerned with how much we pay for NATO than actually cancelling it as a useless relic of the Cold War. Working Americans would love to see NATO disappear if they were told it would lower their taxes.

    I don’t get his relationship with the Pentagon. I don’t think he has any power over them and maybe accepted the job knowing he never would. Why else would he appoint “Mad Dog” whatever to Secretary of Defense?

  8. Christian W

    The Kiev regime are moving missiles the Donbass front. They started heavy bombardment a few days ago as one of my posts pointed out. Now the US is target spotting for the Kiev nazis.

  9. emsnews

    OK: word of warning. The government isn’t simply a horse one gets on and then goes where you want. It is more like my horse, Sparky. You have to fight hard to convince him, the first time on his back, to do something right.

    THESE PLANS WERE LAUNCHED AFTER THE ELECTION AND BEFORE TRUMP HAD ANY SAY. Stopping this is harder than you think. It is really hard especially when you are trying to come to terms with all the complexity which is why wars happen all the time.

    Since many humans fall into the same trap, the only way to avoid this is to have the PREVIOUS regime be careful and not start messes before a change in office and…


  10. Jim R

    @Christian W, that’s an interesting map. I’m surprised, would have thought it would be more ‘stealthy’ than that. . .

  11. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    All the more reason for Trump to order the troops to stand down until he has his own understanding about the situation. As it is now it looks like he is letting the generals do whatever using the excuse they had planned it long ago, which means Trump is not in charge after all.

  12. Christian W

    This was exactly the situation JFK tried to stop from developing. He tried to stop the CIA and the Pentagon from running wild and outside of presidential control. Looks like that horse is now well out of the barn.

    US troops, under Trump, already attacked a target in Yemen which resulted in US casualties and lots of civilan deaths as the US flattened the area after the operation went bad.

    Trump is already a terrorist. Trump is not going to clean up the CIA or the Pentagon. Trump will continue business as usual.

  13. Christian W

    State Sponsored Terrorism: The Attack On Yemen

    By Pepe Escobar

    February 07, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The raid by two dozen SEAL Team 6, a dozen Emirati Special Forces, attack helicopters, Marine MV-22 tiltrotor planes, drones, assorted intel assets, a ship off the coast launching Harrier jets, you name it – was a MAJOR operation.
    They had loads of intel. Yet they were detected. By a barking dog. They screwed up – and did not abort. Total panic obviously ensued and then – a la Iraq during the occupation – they shot everyone in sight and bombed the shit out of every nearby building.

    The scene. This was not a “reinforced al-Qaeda base”, as spun. It was a few nondescript houses in a small, rural tribal village, inhabited by a few guys who were hired by the Saudis as anti-Houthi fighters. Yemen is a clannish maze in perpetual motion. Sometimes men ally with local AQAP outfits which also happen to be “supported” by the Saudis. But that does not mean these people are necessarily “al-Qaeda”.

    Local Yemeni sources assure as many as 57 Yemenis were killed – including 8 women and 8 children, and including the 8-year-old girl daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, shot in the neck by a SEAL.

    Trump officially declared the op a “success”. He had to. But it was a monster f**k up.

    Especially because the key target – Qasim al-Raymi, the 3rd most dangerous terrorist in the world according to the USG – survived, escaped, was tipped off, or all of the above.

    He duly released the requisite, subsequent taunting audio, saying, “The fool of the White House got slapped at the beginning of his road in your lands.”

    Trump “inherited” the raid from the Obama administration. Months and months of planning and accumulated intel. Mad Dog Mattis, JCS supremo Dunford and “Iran on notice” Flynn all gave the raid the green light. Trump followed their advice. They should have known better.

  14. emsnews

    Stopping this ISN’T EASY. Shall I bring up Kennedy’s ghost to explain? My father was an advisor to Kennedy exactly on this issue. And I remember how hard it was for him to get things to move in another direction. His smartest idea was the direct phone to the Kremlin! The Hot Phone.

    I also remember Reagan being shot less than a year into his job, too. Ahem.

    THIS MESS WAS CREATED BY THE ELITES BEFORE TRUMP TOUCHED A THING. Demanding he halt everything instantly is not realistic, he has to figure his way around this and he and Putin DO talk and that is, believe it or not, step #1. Not talking to Congress or the fake news media lunatics.

    Talking to Putin.

  15. DeVaul

    Please stop make excuses for Trump and hold him accountable for his own decisions, like you did for Bush and Obama. I am tired of this double standard.

    Either he grows a set, or, as Christian said, it will be business as usual.

  16. emsnews

    HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE FOR A FEW DAYS. Good lordie. It is embarrassing, how liberals think the world works. And so far, he is hitting 50% of what I would want which is a lot compared to some others. Obama, during the last three years hit 0%.

  17. Lou

    Small wars for organ harvesting?

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