Washington Post Is Screaming Nonstop Liberal Lies


The Washington Post is going insane and this is very funny to watch.  So…the new storyline is, Iran is stronger now and more dangerous and…this happened under Obama? HAHAHA.


They don’t say that, of course, it wrecks the propaganda.  The Washington Post reports that DNC Kerry and ‘some ex-CIA officials’ are going to court to stop Trump from keeping Muslim terrorists out of the US !!!  This, because Trump’s order will ‘endanger troops in the field.’  This begs the question, why in hell are we in these countries and that definitely includes Syria?  Syria hates having our troops there protecting al Qaeda!  Get them out of there!!!!  Thanks in advance.


The entire NATO system is under attack and these grow worse as NATO attacks ‘liberal’ Muslim dictators (nearly all are dictators in the Muslim world these days).  Washington Post reports: Apple, Facebook, Google and 94 other tech companies call travel ban ‘unlawful’ in brief because…they ALL use foreign labor to undermine US wages!


I want a ban on H-1b workers who are brought in by these giant, rich corporations.  That would be fantastic.  Young Americans who dream of working for these pirates are learning a harsh lesson after going to college and running up debts only to be outbid for jobs by foreign labor whose only reason for being here is to break up any possible unions.


The DNC supports this union breaking business!!  Big time!!!  At no time did Obama even begin to stop this from happening.  Au contraire.  This is why Trump won.  The fake Democrats have dumped workers into the garbage.  True, some unions remain strong like school staff.  But in the industries where bribes come from, the super rich pay the DNC to stab workers in the back.


They imagined, if they brought in enough alien workers and gave them the right to CHEAT and vote illegally in California, NY and other states, this would keep the DNC in power and to hell with the working male citizens in particular.  Well, that has backfired badly.


And Sargent, who is an editorial writer at the Washington Post: Governor who blocked the Muslim ban says to Trump: ‘This is what the resistance looks like’…aka…the DNC is determined to flood the US with terrorists to hell with the citizens.  That is, the WP and the DNC are screaming for more aliens or else…or else they will encourage riots.


We saw in several recent riots in DNC-run cities this month, riots aimed at citizens going to legal events like the Inauguration, being terrorized by pro-illegal alien/far leftist communist/anarchist youths who attacked citizens and destroyed property.  The DNC politicians ordered the police to stand aside and let the leftists attack citizens and this is TREASON.


I am very angry about this.  These violent rioters suffer what?  Six arrests?  Or less???  The cops hands are tied by the DNC politicians in this reign of terror they have unleashed.  And it is backfiring badly.  Duh.  Support for Trump crushing them is rising rapidly.
Here is another editorial attacking Trump at the Washington Post: People who are against importing millions of cheaper labor workers are IMPOVERISHING America, that is, making us all poorer. Wow. Talk about upside down and inside out!


What they are saying at the top of their lungs is, bringing in cheap competitive labor AND offshoring US jobs makes us all richer because we get to buy cheaper stuff or get cheaper services…but when we have no jobs or have our pay stagnate while inflation continues, this is OK with our rulers who want foreigners who hate us and other ethnic groups, so there is rising conflicts at home and no one is united against the super rich doing this to us all.


Another hysterical story at the Washington Post:  As a conservative Twitter user sleeps, his account is hard at work…OMG…we are doomed! How dare he?


The key to this frenetic pace was technology allowing Twitter users to post automatically from queues of pre-written tweets that can be delivered at a nearly constant, round-the-clock pace that no human alone could match. In this way, Sobieski — a balding retiree with eyes so weak that he uses a magnifying glass to see his two computer screens — has dramatically amplified his online reach despite lacking the celebrity or the institutional affiliations that long have helped elevate some voices over the crowd.


“To me,” Sobieski said, “it’s kind of like a high-tech version of the old-fashioned soapbox.”


This Twitter advantage had spillover effects, helping pro-Trump and anti-Clinton stories to trend online, making them more likely to find their way into Facebook feeds or Google’s list of popular news stories, said Samuel Woolley, research director for the Computational Propaganda project at Oxford University and co-author of the study on the effectiveness of pro-Trump bots.


“The goal here is not to hack computational systems but to hack free speech and to hack public opinion,” Woolley said.


So…while leftists riot in the streets and take over campuses and terrorize everyone, this is no big deal but if a right winger uses computers to communicate over and over again…oh my oh my, we are doomed.  HAHAHA.  One is nonviolent and the other is extremely violent.  So what is the Post worried about?


The twitter users, of course.  The leftie who runs Twitter bans anyone who annoys violent left-wingers so there are fewer and fewer right-wingers getting to use Twitter and other platforms as the liberal rich ban people here, there and everywhere if they go against the propaganda stuff.


That is, we are supposed to be run by people who are very, very rich and very, very connected with each other and the media giants who lie to us all the time, etc.  Anyone daring to stop this scheme is physically attacked and banned from public platforms while people who are very violent are allowed to run rampant while the police are ordered to stand down by DEMOCRATS.


I am very angry with the entire Democratic leadership because of this.  How dare they attack citizens, not protect citizens, cynically use infantile young adults as Sturmtruppen to attack citizens.  How dare they censor anyone, left or right.


All this is now local.  For as this push to alienate citizens goes forwards, more and more people are moving towards anyone promising to stop the foreign invasion, the killing, the rioting, etc. will win.  So far, the DNC has lost ground everywhere and only is running these various enclaves and that will come to an end as the GOP enforces voting laws and stops this ‘sanctuary city’ illegal alien voting scheme.



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11 responses to “ Washington Post Is Screaming Nonstop Liberal Lies

  1. Ken

    Elaine thinks that all of the violent protests are causing the DNC to lose support with the public. I’m not so sure.

    Basic human nature is to presume that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Even if the public believes that most of the violence is uncalled for, the fact that the media continues to give it non-stop coverage and credibility will undermine Trump in the public’s eyes. We may already be seeing this in the poll numbers. No honeymoon period for Trump.

  2. KHS71

    Do you really believe poll numbers by the media? Remember the election. Remember the superbowl last night when the Falcons were predicted to win at 91%. The media does polls to push their agenda. They do a poll to prove to themselves they are right and then write and article about how smart they are. The WP is nothing but a tabloid now.

  3. emsnews

    Their polls STINK. Have stunk for years now. Fake news uses fake polls. Note their rage when the real election happened. Despite massive fraud in NY and California, they still lost. And they were certain to win based on news stories claiming Trump was going to lose very badly.

    The idea that he won outright by far in the most states still causes great rage. Note the ‘riots’ are only in NYC and California hell holes and DC, not any real cities with real citizens.

  4. Lou

    The Podestas [at least 3 of them] were or are at WaPo.

  5. Lou

    torturing a child—-

  6. Lou

    This is about Amazon as a business. I ordered a book and the seller sends me, Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your order! However, you should be aware that Amazon has now removed all condition notes for books marked “new” because they apparently think that a poorly informed customer is good business practice.

    Please read the notes that were attached to that listing before Amazon removed them, and let me know if you still want it. Here’s the description:

    “This is a well-stored, never-read brand new copy in absolute mint condition. The covers are glossy and unblemished, the pages are clean and white, and the spine is uncreased. NOT remainder marked, used, or ex-library, but from a carefully kept private collection. NOTE: Original owner’s name inside front cover.”

    Please either confirm or cancel this order. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we are reputable booksellers who do not want customers to be surprised or disappointed.

  7. Lou

    Wal Mart at war w Amazon, warns shipping companies,

  8. Lou

    I thought Bezos got 200-300? million form government after he acquired WaPo.

    and [has Bezos shown a profit?]

  9. Yes, it was somewhere around that ridiculous amount. Gads. Pisses me off, still.

  10. Lou

    10—Thanks for telling us that WaPo= deep state.

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