Lady Gaga Sings ‘This Land Is My Land’ And People Think It is About Trump And Not Rich Hillary Brats

There is the story going around the web and many are repeating it, that Lady Gaga sang ‘This land is my land, this land is your land,’ at the Super Bowl and that ‘this song was a subtle dig at TRUMP because he wants to protect our borders.’  This is a FAKE STORY being passed like mad by the Fake Media giants and leftists and it is a lie.  I didn’t know the white man who sang this song but my oldest sister who was a folk singer back in the early 60’s did know him.  The song is all about homeless wanderer wanting to get into people’s private places because…well…he is a hippie type.


Woody Guthrie did make this song popular.  Here is the story of this familiar song: This Land Is Your Land:


Its lyrics were written by American folk singer Woody Guthrie in 1940 based on an existing melody, a Carter Family tune called “When the World’s on Fire”, in critical response to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America.” When Guthrie was tired of hearing Kate Smith sing it on the radio in the late 1930s he sarcastically wrote “God Blessed America for Me” before renaming it “This Land Is Your Land.” [1]


The original lyrics to the song included this verse:


“There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me. The sign was painted, said ‘Private Property.’ But on the backside, it didn’t say nothing. This land was made for you and me.”[1]

This verse was never released even though it was recorded by Moses Asch in 1944.


The high wall here is to keep homeless people from picking fruits, etc. on property owned by farmers. I will note here that the top anti-Trump bastards are ALL building HUGE walls round MASSIVE estates in Hawaii, Fuji Islands, California, Seattle, Manhattan, etc.  These clowns are all about building walls and arresting trespassers.  They are even trying to take over entire islands.


Pay Pal Billionaire Elon Musk may actually be serious about tunneling under L.A.  Yes, this billionaire said he wanted a tunnel to go to work with zero traffic.  And lo and behold, he is actually going to do this in Earthquake Land LA.  This is insanely stupid and I hope he does it and uses it a lot because it will crash in on his stupid head some fine day.


Back to Guthrie’s famous song: It is a DEPRESSION ERA song about being homeless due to circumstances.  It was not popular until the ‘hootenanny’ days of my youth.  Since my oldest sister was hanging out with Dylan, she lived with his girlfriend at that time and this is how I met him, Arlo Guthrie, Woody’s son, revived this song with some new verses and it was put on TV one day…memory time here…I think it was 1966?  Sounds about right, it was before I went to Europe.


Guthrie also wrote another protest verse that was never officially recorded but was celebrated by his own son, the folksinger Arlo Guthrie, as well as Pete Seeger. They even made a point to sing the more radical verses to “This Land Is Your Land,” and they also revived verses that Guthrie wrote but never officially recorded. This verse was found by, and is still in possession of, Woody Guthrie’s daughter, Nora.


“One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple, by the relief office I saw my people. As they stood hungry, I stood there wondering if God Blessed America for me.”[1]


See? This is not about illegal aliens, it is about AMERICANS driven off their Dust Bowl farms and locked out of their factories…factories that have been transferred to China now…begging for food from FDR’s welfare offices set up to keep them from starving or revolting.


“When the sun comes shining, then I was strolling, With the wheat fields waving, the dust clouds rolling, The voice come a-chanting, and the fog was lifting. This land was made for you and me.” [1]


See?  The final verse clinches the Dust Bowl business.  And the very last thing the US workers and unemployed and deposed farmers wanted was an army of millions and millions of illegal aliens taking whatever money, welfare and jobs that were left.  I was born after the Great Depression but knew and talked to lots of people who did survive it.


The very people the Hillary bots are attacking are the same people Woody was singing about, displaced workers and their wives and children, not illegal aliens taking away jobs!  Good lord.  Talk about twisting things.  This annoys me greatly.  Anyone looking at the words can clearly see this is all about the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.


My own family was all in California since before the Civil War (and Arizona) and my parents had no problems from the Great Depression for various reasons but they did see these starving US citizens and fed them and helped them, feeling bad about these poor people.


Absolutely everything on earth is being turned into an ‘anti-Trump’ mess by Fake Media.  Watching people fall for false stories pisses me off even over tiny issues like this one.



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16 responses to “Lady Gaga Sings ‘This Land Is My Land’ And People Think It is About Trump And Not Rich Hillary Brats

  1. JimmyJ

    Top tech industry personal security budgets commensurate with size of ego?

    Staggering ego:
    Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook): $4.26m
    Jeff Bezos (Amazon): $1.6m
    Larry Ellison (Oracle): $1.53m
    Marc Benioff (Salesforce): $1.45m

    And much more:

  2. SanePerson

    Is this a sarcastic blog or are you actually just a moron?


    ELAINE: Welcome to my home blog, Sane. Remember to ring the door bell and wipe your feet, dearie.

  3. floridasandy

    I thought she gave a great performance.

    seems like some disgruntled liberals who wanted her to “advance their cause” (whatever it is this time) have taken to try and fat shame her of all things,

    She looked and sounded great.

    They will have to move on to their next indignity.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, she sang well. I just think all the ‘overthinking’ by liberals was silly. And then I remembered when I first heard the song in the first place. Arlo Guthrie also used it for People’s Park which I was directly involved in. Too many memories of those long ago days….makes me a bit sad and reminds me I am an old bitch now. 🙂

  5. Flor






  6. ziff

    @2 comic relief !

  7. Lou

    They are even trying to take over entire islands.

    TRYING? TRYING? TRYING??? Epsteins pedo Island, Forbes greek island, Branson has Barry Obama at his Island or did have earlier this month.


  8. Lou

    driven off their Dust Bowl farms–but the farmers created the dust bowl.

  9. Lou

    The problem here in Australia is the government allowing the Chinese to come in and buy everything.
    Housing prices are far out of reach now for the locals.
    The Chinese are also buying companies and farms.
    The problem there is the Chinese employ Chinese to work on the farms. When parts are needed for, say, pumping equipment, the pumps and parts are being imported from China. Local suppliers are going broke.

  10. emsnews

    The false story is ‘farmers created the dust bowl.’ How stupid.

    THE DROUGHT WAS VERY REAL. Real as all hell. It was much, much hotter especially in summer during the 1930s a lot hotter than the hottest times of this fake ‘global warming’ era. It was the height of the previous 60 year cycle.

  11. emsnews

    Australia’s Asian business is typical. The first generation hires their own kind. But when the Chinese settle in, they do marry outside their group, I see this all the time here and I am very much part of the Chinese bigger community.

    They pay taxes, too. They tend to want work, not welfare. Many Europeans in Australia want to have fun, not work. The concept of ‘work very hard for the children’ is dying in many European communities as they embrace the Welfare State.
    Lazy Aussies just don’t want to work. Are foreigners hungrier and more eager to work than ‘entitled’ Australian-born staff?

    “Aussies don’t want to work. Or they won’t work weekends or public holidays. Or they can only work these days and not those days. Or they ring up and say they’re sick and they were drinking with me the night before. Or they have to take a week off to go to Splendour,” he says….

    “If I was starting a software company,” says an experienced software engineer, “I would employee only Indian-born coders.They just get it. They work hard, they’re polite, they get the work done, they don’t bitch and moan. They want to work, to learn, they’re not looking for excuses to do less work, which I find so many Australian-born workers do,” she says.

    “But surely Aussie IT workers are just as good?”

    “Some are,” she says, “but good doesn’t mean much if they spend half their day on the Iconic, looking for shoes, or they argue the toss on every instruction you give them.”

    “No one is happy with the job they have now, they’re always looking ahead to the next job. Indian-born IT workers understand that the way to get the next job is to do the best work possible at this job,” she says.

    At a push, she says she would employ coders with immigrant parents saying their children are “still hungry”. She admits she’s guilty of “positive racism” but “I’ve experienced this problem so many times, I just don’t know how to couch it in politically correct terms anymore,” she says.

  12. Shawntö


    Well, L. Gaga got better ratings then the game itself! Ain’t that a kick in the posterior! Ha, ha! I hate America football– especially as you have noted the evils of it.

    LG gets something like 1.3 million for every city she plays on tour and she’s laughing all the way to the bank– I agree, she is talented but over-hyped and over-paid– and who cares about her personal dramas?– It’s all just more PR to sell tickets and recordings.

    Btw, Elaine, could we view you as the wise crone? I know the word “crone” isn’t very sexy but we can just refer to you as “The Wise Woman of the Mountains”?– how’s that for a title?

    Seriously. Women (and men) who made it this far like you were regarded as precious because, of course, not many made it that far in years and the older folks, unless utterly disabled mentally and physically disabled, were the “living textbooks” and the “verbal history” of their people!

    Without “the wise elders”, a group/tribe/people were doomed and most of the group/tribe/people understood that importance because of that–

    The identity of the group, the history, and the practical processes of survival and being good stewards of the land– the elders possessed that hard won practical wisdom, which is the most important aspect of a group– and please be proud in the objective way that you are setting the examples and transmitting the teachings for the sake of future generations.

    Sure, you’re going to be a b—– some days, that’s suffering of “old age”, unfortunately, but the young are there to take their turn to do the heavy lifting because you did the heavy previously and now it’s their turn and you can be very, very proud of your legacy from the years of blogging alone.

    I just hope someone from your circle does recorded interviews with you at some point that can possibly be complied and shared– it will make a great documentary and lots of wisdom I hope that is an inspiration to the generations being born now and to arrive later…

    They are going to need all of your help and we thank for your sacrifices and sufferings achieved that are leaving a useful and practical legacy– and that’s fun for everyone– as we sometimes need some levity to oppose the sometimes heavy gravity of the situation we face collectively–

    So, may you rock on and–


  13. Lou

    ‘farmers created the dust bowl.’ –I had read it was from tractors.

  14. emsnews

    If tractors did it, we would have double the dust bowl today. Many farms back in 1930 still used mule, horse and ox power. I used horse and ox power just 10 years ago here on my mountain, by the way.

  15. Lou

    Okay, but thats the word online, checked before I posted that.

    Hate, someone mentioned hate, this is hysterical, in light of all the violent crimes done by Blacks, on Whites;

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