As Sunspot Activity Drops Dramatically, Global Warming Fanatics Scream We Will Roast To Death

There is this strange belief despite obvious clues that the sun DOES NOT shine the same all the time without variation even though astronomers like my father and grandfather both detailed over the last 120 years how the sun’s energy levels shifts over time, sometimes there are more sun spots and other cycles sees fewer sun spots.  These cycles are exactly the same as cold/warm cycles on earth for obvious reasons: the sun heats our planet and if it changes level of energy, the planet cools.  Yet despite the obvious, ‘scientists’ have attacked my family for saying this and pretend other things cause it to be warmer or cooler.


Sunday, even more ‘Sahara Desert’ snow this time in Saudi Arabia, lots of ice and lightning there.


Even ocean cycles are determined by solar energy levels according to my family’s studies of the sun.  My father was one of the designers of the first Solar Telescope on Kitt Peak when I was a child there.  My grandfather tracked sun spots with his private observatory in Pasadena before it became a big city, 100 years ago.  Now that we know for absolute certain that sun spot activity has cycles and these cycles are weak or strong, we are now in a very weak sunspot cycle and as per usual, the climate becomes gradually colder and colder over time.


There is this time delay, of course, for the planet stores energy in the vast oceans and this takes several years to cool so the overlap isn’t perfect, for example, this cycle saw energy levels beginning to drop over time several years ago and only now is the climate cooling down after the last el Nino.


Study: Northern Lights may disappear – shrinking protective bubble to put Earth at risk of solar blasts


Dr Mathew Owens, from the University of Reading’s Meteorology department, led the research. He said: “The magnetic activity of the sun ebbs and flows in predictable cycles, but there is also evidence that it is due to plummet, possibly by the largest amount for 300 years.


“If so, the Northern Lights phenomenon would become a natural show exclusive to the polar regions, due to a lack of solar wind forces that often make it visible at lower latitudes.


“As the sun becomes less active, sunspots and coronal ejections will become less frequent. However, if a mass ejection did hit the Earth, it could be even more damaging to the electronic devices on which society is now so dependent.”


The study, ‘Global solar wind variations over the last four centuries’, published in Scientific Reports, shows how sunspot records can be used to reconstruct what happened the last time the Earth experienced such a dramatic dip in solar activity more than three centuries ago. Combined with updated models and contemporary reports, the researchers were able to predict what could happen during a similar event, likely to occur in the next few decades.


Um, three centuries ago people didn’t worry about this because they were experiencing the Little ICE AGE. Yes, it got a lot colder. This drove many events including mass deaths, conquests due to this, starvation, etc.


I find it funny that ‘scientists’ are fretting about various things while not mentioning the primary scary thing that is going to happen: another Little Ice Age event!


Co-author Professor Mike Lockwood FRS, University of Reading, said: “If the decline in sunspots continues at this rate, and data from the past suggests that it will, we could see these changes occurring as early as the next few decades.


“The Maunder Minimum in solar activity of the 17th century is sometimes mistakenly thought to be the cause of the so-called Little Ice Age, when winter temperatures in Europe, and elsewhere in the world, were lower than average.


“But the Little Ice Age began before the Maunder Minimum and ended after it, and our previous work with the Met Office has shown that the coming solar minimum will do little to offset the far more significant global heating effects of greenhouse gas emissions.”


HAHAHA.  They are insane.  What, pray tell, heats our atmosphere?  CO2 or that giant ball of fire in the sky?  Eh?  These clowns pretend that the Little Ice Age was UNIFORMLY COLD.  It was not.  The sun didn’t go quiet all the time.  Every time it ‘woke up’ and sun spot activity increased, it warmed up rapidly.  Then after one or two solar cycles, it got very cold again.  Duh.


The observation of sun spots began with Galileo.  He marveled that the sun was not pristine at all but had black dots on it and he drew pictures of this event.  Then, after he was shut up by the Pope and gave up astronomy, others tried to replicate his work only there were no sun spots!!!  And it got really cold, too.


Undeterred, various individuals still tried to see these elusive sun spots which were very rare until the 19th century when suddenly they were all over the sun again and starting in 1895, my grandfather decided along with others like Dr. Hubble, his neighbor and friend, to track these ‘sun spots’.  In the 1930s there were lots and lots of these and they decided ‘super warm weather coincides with sun spot activity’.


Ever since the stupid ‘CO2 global warming’ story was hatched, the ‘climatologists’ have tried desperately to eliminate sun activity as a warming agent.  This denialism has grown to the point, they censored by father for writing about the sun becoming a ‘variable star’.  No one is allowed to point out the obvious anymore.  The sun heats our planet and its output varies!


The story about Panama cutting off the Pacific from the Atlantic Oceans thus causing Ice Ages doesn’t explain why all Ice Ages end very suddenly and the greatest temperature rise always is when the Interglacial begins and all Interglacials go into gradual decline until falling off the temperature cliff into another Ice Age.  Only changes in the heating systems can cause this variation.

Leftist journal ‘Counterpunch’ has this hilarious story this week: FEBRUARY 3, 2017
Human Extinction 2026

Human Extinction by 2026, a controversial/questionable idea, is examined in some detail on the web site: Within the posted article, a bright red box highlights the hypothesis: “Will Humans Be Extinct By 2026?” Of course, simply posing the question is tantamount to endorsing the conclusion in the affirmative.


‘Liberals’ have jumped off a cliff this last decade.  They have gone insane.  They really think we are all going to roast to death.  This is why so many of these idiots moved to or live in…California and other warm places.  Why aren’t they moving to Alaska?  Or northern Canada?  Huh?  How about practicing what you are preaching?


Nope.  They love living in warm places.  Some of these idiots live in cold places like NY where I live but they live in heated homes whereas I heated with firewood for many years, so they don’t feel the cold, really, except going in and out of their cars and houses.


We had several mild winters in the last decade so they are going insane with fear.  Day after tomorrow on my mountain it will be 0 degrees F.  And it is mid-February, not January!  Good gods, this is cold.


Also of recent, but not directly related to the extinction article, scientists moved the infamous Doomsday Clock ahead by 30 seconds closer to midnight because of rising global nationalism and failure to confront both nuclear weapons and climate change, coincidentally as Trump takes over control of the big red button, which is mythological.


We have been on the edge of WWIII all of my long life.  So long as the US has massive nuclear weapons, we will be in hazard of this happening.  Ditto with Russia, China and Israel.  Europe will cease to exist after WWIII, of course.


But the ‘too warm’ stuff is hilarious.  Making fools of themselves, these ‘scientists’ who tell us we are doomed all the time.  I say, let’s have a rule: if a scientist predicts we are doomed for some reason and it turns out wrong, they are to commit suicide.  This is to please the Gods of Destruction and spare us future claims that we are doomed.


 Assuredly, submitting the interrogatory “Will Humans Be Extinct By 2026?” suggests the existence of solid evidence. But, in general, people do not, and will not, believe it. After all, how could it be true? Therein lies the major impediment to taking steps to prevent the problems of climate change. In point of fact, there are several good ideas to ameliorate climate change, if pursued in earnest.


These fake scientists go to fake news media operations to issue fake warnings and people are increasingly turned off.  I know most of the fake scientists and fake news people have mass Alzheimers and can’t remember the recent past but hell’s bells, they have been yapping that we are doomed to too much heat for the last 30 years and each time we pass their ‘year of death’ nothing happens.  Indeed, it has started to get cold again.


The probability of a human extinction event within 10 years is 50/50, a guess! But still, it is based upon extremely severe levels of planetary stress/damage that are not widely recognized as a threat to society, i.e., global warming (off the charts, and accelerating, especially in the ocean) and massive destruction of the ecosystem, e.g., acidification of the ocean, which, over time, kills off the base of the marine food chain.


Fukushima is poisoning the Pacific Ocean and is a menace to all living things.  It has nothing to do with temperatures.  It is a real danger yet few mention it anymore in the fake news.  Even this story which is howling at the moon and claiming we will roast to death, doesn’t mention Fukushima.


The following quote from the Arctic News/blog article brings this bleak issue into focus: “The situation is dire. Little or no action is taken on climate change. Earth faces a potential temperature rise of more than 10°C or 18°F by 2026.”


Without a doubt, worldwide temp increases by 18°F essentially wipes-out global agriculture.


However, it’s worth noting that no universal consensus of opinion by scientists comes close to this prediction, not close at all. The scientific community at large believes temps will gradually rise, slowly, and manageably with human life continuing throughout the century, not by 18°F. Obviously, the Paris Agreement calls for holding temps to 2°C above pre-industrial. Thus, 195 countries are not looking for anything above 2°C. Otherwise, why select the 2°C upper limit?


Accordingly, a temperature rise of 10°C or 18°F within a decade is lights out for the human species. That’s bad news, leaving the planet to cockroaches.


The Arctic News Blog is fake news. Their hysteria is misplaced. Alaska has never ever been covered by any glaciers, these are always only in the mountains. Canada, on the other hand, is nearly entirely under a mile of ice every Ice Age.


I harp on this fact because way too many fake scientists focus on Alaska and western Siberia when talking about hot or cold this or that. But nearly no one focuses on Hudson Bay and why it is always the epicenter of all Ice Ages. Seeing that few people want to think about this fact is most interesting to me.


It is the ‘boogey man’ thing: better to fear a fictitious event because we can then pretend we can control events for example, we can set the planet’s temperature and it will be always the same when this is obviously impossible.


Worrying about the sun doing stuff to us makes us feel helpless so doing this fake stuff will make people feel happy only the ‘solutions’ being chosen will make lives much harder for many humans so they are increasingly angry at the ‘climatologists’ whining all the time. Thus, the rise of people like Trump.



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12 responses to “As Sunspot Activity Drops Dramatically, Global Warming Fanatics Scream We Will Roast To Death

  1. Old Ari

    Solarham has a nice site to see the sunspots, as you say very few lately.

  2. Moe

    NOAA Accused of Manipulating Data

    Another example of how criminal enterprise is the US norm.

  3. Ken

    I watched the video about the 60% reduction in solar activity. At the end he somehow links the reduction in solar activity to projected increases in volcanic activity. I don’t see how there can be a connection, and he hurts his credibility by just glossing over this and not explaining the mechanism for connecting the two.

  4. Jim R

    Little bit over-the-top there, I haven’t read anyone except Elaine use the phrase “roast to death”. But I don’t pay much attention to either side of the argument. The Chicken-Littles of global warming tend to make weather forecasts that fail to materialize. There was a little thing in the 1930s called “the dust bowl”, and we haven’t seen anything like that since then. They don’t care about being wrong, wrong, wrong.

    But then the denialists get it wrong too. There really is more CO2 in the air now, and it really is because of human activity. It is changing the pH of the oceans. Mostly it is because humans are mowing down the earth’s remaining forests, which remove CO2 from the air.

    The reason I don’t pay much attention is that regardless of what you or anyone agrees to about AGW, we humans aren’t going to do a bloody thing about it. We are just going to keep on burning mineral carbon (coal, oil, gas) and keep on bulldozing forests (sometimes to plant ‘renewable’ weed crops), until there are none of those things left. Que-sera-sera.

    And, as a tree-owner, Elaine is owed a LOT of money from Al Gore and the other members of that lot…

  5. Lou

    it will be 0 degrees F. And it is mid-February, not January!

    Id note that it is early February, but mid Winter.

  6. ziff

    another similar view

  7. emsnews

    January is the coldest month, not February.

    In ‘warm’ winters it is much milder. In ‘cold’ winters even March is evil cold like when volcanic eruptions happen, we can get -30 F in March like with Pinatubo.

  8. JimmyJ

    New research on mysterious Indus culture indicates instead of large and extensively linked settlements and civilization, were actually smaller groups moving constantly into new settlements and trying new and diverse food crop and irrigation schemes to stave off collapse due to climate change.

  9. emsnews

    The Indus culture began building the early cities but the oldest ‘city’ was in Turkey, oddly enough.

    Yes, it warmed back then and they moved about sampling the wonderful things going on instead of hunting mastodons and fighting giant bears.

  10. Kenogami

    “but the oldest ‘city’ was in Turkey, oddly enough.”

    That would beöbekli_Tepe

    11000 years old.

  11. Lou

    we can get -30 F in March like with Pinatubo.–Snow in April or May?

  12. DM

    Time to get rid of Universities. Waste of space. All of them. Shut them down. It’s near the tipping point. Just how much more “scientists say” waffle can the world be expected to endure.

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