Astonishing News If True: Japan Will Use Giant Fund To Start 700,000 Jobs In USA

After Trump Rejects Pacific Trade Deal, Japan Fears Repeat of 1980s … so…Japan reportedly setting up package for Trump to create 700,000 US jobs today…which shows that deals can be made.  There are some things connected with this deal but the main thing is, after FOUR Presidents rolled over and played dead to Japan’s one-way trade, now Japan needs to invest back or else.  Also, Japan wants us to challenge China…


Japan, which has a consistent trade surplus with the U.S., is putting the finishing touches on a package that it claims will create 700,000 jobs in the U.S. and help create a $450-billion market, Reuters reported, citing government sources familiar with the plans.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump are expected to meet on Feb. 10. Major Japanese newspapers cited a draft of the proposal that calls for cooperation on building high-speed trains in the U.S. northeast, Texas and California. The two sides would also jointly develop artificial intelligence, robotics, space and Internet technology.


The Japanese may use money from its foreign exchange reserves to fund the package, Reuters reported.


Yes, they can do this.  I am not against high speed trains, I don’t fly so trains are far superior and I know that the proposed trains will run from where I live to NYC and DC and down to Florida which will unite much of my personal family on one line and if this happens, I will be very happy, very, very happy.


Our trains are the worst in the first world and this, after updating it a bit.  It used to be Victorian in quality just 30 years ago.

BREAKING: CHINA JUST SENT JAPAN A BOLD MESSAGE AFTER MAD DOG MATTIS DECLARES US WILL DEFEND THEM – YouTube And this is why the deal with our President was made.  Japan has exploited the US in various ways and…bribed openly our Presidents starting with $2 million for Reagan.  They aren’t bribing Trump, he is rich enough to not require bribes.


Perhaps this is the one thing that sets him different from Clintons and Bushes and Obamas: he doesn’t need money for himself.  We shall see if the Chinese, instead of threatening us all the time, will make nice.  Russia already wants to do this.


A reminder of how Obama made deals with Japan:




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9 responses to “Astonishing News If True: Japan Will Use Giant Fund To Start 700,000 Jobs In USA

  1. melponeme_k

    The high speed train network is certainly not out of the goodness of Japan’s heart. I have a feeling they want to beat the China/Russia Bering Strait project and make sure it’s their network they have to use.

    But what a shame we have to depend on foreign companies for infrastructure when we had all the technology as late as the 70s for it. But it was all sold away and our engineers thrown to the streets. What a sin.

  2. Christian W

    Invest back? Isn’t this exactly the issue Mel complained about earlier? The Japanese found a way to finally get some earning on their dollar holdings after the US slashed the interest rates to below inflation. Now Japan (the Japanese globalist elites rather) will invest and earn the profit from their investments off the back of US workers.

    But… I guess the earnings will still be in USD so no matter how the Japanese try to spin it they are trapped in the dollar system. And the US will keep printing more dollars for free, to buy resources and labour from overseas, dollars the US will then demand is reinvested in the US.

    How is this a good deal for Japan?

    Who is exploiting whom?

  3. emsnews

    It is US money COMING BACK. We can whine about this and not have it happen but I would think that would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.


  4. Christian W

    The crucial point is the only the US can print endless amounts of dollars. That is why you have a gigantic trade deficit that your rulers pretend doesn’t matter. See?

    The money coming back is no longer purely US money. It is US made money that comes back with strings attached. The whole idea of US monetary policy is to cut those strings. See?

    The problem is you cannot cut all the strings. The US elite solution to this problem is Globalization, the system where only the elites profit and the rest of mankind (INCLUDING US WORKERS) pay with their resources, their labour and by their elite imposed debt.

    This way the US doesn’t pay it’s way in the world. See?

    The only way this supposed deal will be of any use to the Japanese is if they actually OWN the new infrastructure build with THEIR money but by US labor. But then the US is selling out it’s own nation, no? In this case this is just more globalization with the US citizens losing ownership of it’s own nation. The citizens lose, but the bankers and the owners win. I thought this was a point both you and Mel hate.

  5. Lou

    The Fed is not the ‘US’–the US is in debt slavery.

  6. floridasandy

    it is better to have allies than enemies.

    Some countries get this.

    Christian, how would the US be selling out its own nation if the capital improvements stay in the US? Isn’t that what every country wants-investment and tourism? The globalists try and destroy tourism with their constant harassment of travelers, but yet people keep traveling. I am not a fan of trains, but I guess it is another mode of transportation, and would undoubtedly be better than what we have now.

    I used to ride Amtrak and there is nothing more disconcerting than being stuck in a train car with a nut. 🙂 I think that’s why Americans love their cars.


    ELAINE: What about being stuck in a car with a family member who is nutty? 🙂

  7. emsnews

    This is the ONLY WAY to bring the trade deficit money home aside from the obvious alternative: BANKRUPTCY and destruction of the currency totally.

    I am for building stuff, not destroying stuff, if at all possible.

  8. Christian W

    Christian, how would the US be selling out its own nation if the capital improvements stay in the US?

    Because the ownership is no longer in the hands of the US state (ie it’s citizens) but in the hands of Global Oligarchs. Your nation is now owned by the Saudi Royals (main sponsors of ISIS and Al Qaeda), China and Japan who use their sovereign wealth funds to buy up foreign infrastructure.

    Suddenly this is a good thing, after Elaine has railed against it for years. Very confusing I must say.

    In essence this means US Nazism. In exchange for domestic welfare and work, the US will steal resources and labour from abroad using it’s Military and Intelligence apparatus combined with the FED printing machine.

    You say it is better to have allies than enemies, but no other nation on the planet is given the option of being free. All nations must bow to the US Hegemonic system, or become a target and an enemy.

    Trump is not going to change this system.

    I am protesting againt this here because if it is true Elaine now supports this, it means that Elaine is a fascist because it is expedient.

  9. Lou

    Japan——This taught me how bad the radiation is—-

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