Most Likely A Jihadist Arsonist Nearly Destroys New Kuwait Opera House Before ‘Cats’ Opens

Kuwait is the door to the EU culture and goodies for Saudis and other fanatical Sunnis living in one of the most wretched but rich nations on earth which is only surpassed in nastiness by North Korea.  It is frankly a horrible place to live especially for women though I think all ‘women’s rights’ demonstrators worshipping Islam recently should move there for a year to learn what hell is like…well, I am guessing some Islamic radical is doing arson in Kuwait in order to close their brand new opera house.


Kuwait’s brand new opera house caught fire Monday, just three months after it opened its doors to the public.
The $770 million building went up in flames during maintenance work on its titanium roof, according to the Kuwait fire department…The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats was due to open at the theater on Thursday, according to the center’s website.


I built houses for a living.  I read that the ‘roof caught on fire’ but it is made of metal!  Namely, the most expensive: titanium.  How did that catch on fire?  Eh?  It can MELT if there is a fire inside the container.  But not the reverse.


Cats Musical – Memory – YouTube: this musical has many females singing and wearing skin tight clothing showing all their body parts.  So yes, radical Muslims hate it.  Here is an interesting news story I dug up after a long search with many different word combos that sheds light on this fatal opera house:  a Kuwait magazine- Connecting People Through News and this page is from November 3, 2016:


The key here is this sentence:  ‘…I remember the university project in Shadahiya particularly the continuous delay and weird problems that have been haunting this project since the beginning.’  The author goes on to say, ‘Due to fire incidents in the remarkable project people have already gotten used to the idea of fire erupting from time to time as if there is a secret behind these fires or it is the work of an arsonist.…’


Yes, it had to be an arsonist.  I have little doubt about this.  No surprise.  I doubt there will be much of an investigation unless the Sheiks running the joint are really, really pissed off.  Saudi Arabia has recently executed members of the huge royal family.  We do wonder how far up the scale the arsonist is.



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8 responses to “Most Likely A Jihadist Arsonist Nearly Destroys New Kuwait Opera House Before ‘Cats’ Opens

  1. Something hinky here.
    Titanium?Strange material to make a roof out of.More jet fighter material.
    Melts at 3000 degrees F,doesn’t burn.
    So yes ,monster fire inside ,destroying the supports for said titanium roof.?

  2. DeVaul

    I’m surprised Kuwait would even build an opera house. Pretty daring.

  3. Old Ari

    Mohammed was weird sexually, marrying young girls, 4 wives, sexually excited by womens hair. All religions are nuts but moslems and mormons can be traced back to con men.

  4. Nani

    I have been pondering a little lately on why the leftist hate Putin and Russia so much. I think there are several reasons for this. He is a patriot who puts his country first. How dare anyone put his or her country first! He is a real conservative who cares about traditional values.. uugh, nasty! He fights against radical islamists and terrorist for real, unlike the West. Bloody murderer! He has openly challenged the West at several occasions. How dare he! No wonder Putin is a thorn in the eye of the Western elites.

  5. Petruchio

    “Cats Musical – Memory – YouTube: this musical has many females singing and wearing skin tight clothing showing all their body parts. So yes, radical Muslims hate it. ” Clearly, Petruchio is not a Muslim…

  6. Jim R

    Titanium DOES burn, but you have to get it really hot. Blue-white hot. Once it is lit, it is hard to put out.

    But no, an ordinary fire will have no effect on it, maybe just tarnish it or leave smoke deposits.

    They use inert-gas rigs to weld titanium, because you have to exclude air from the process to get the parts to stick. It’s like a number of other metals that way.

  7. Claudeeyah


    Yes, nationalism, patriotism, racial pride, all must be condemned. Why, you ask? Consider the motives of the (((movers & shakers))). A wise, white, educated, disciplined, attentive, industrious populace is a lot harder to control and manipulate than the brown masses, paws outstretched “fo mo gibs muh dats”.


  8. DeVaul

    “All religions are nuts…”

    No, they are not, but all jewish ones are. They have proven this over and over again. And they have no shame. None at all.

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