Insane Lefties Now Want To Impeach TRUMP Not Clinton, Over ‘Foreign Money’

The ‘Hill’ used to be a semi-sane online news place now it has gone stark raving mad: The House should start impeachment against Trump now.


HAHAHA. ‘A poll taken by a LIBERAL organization finds that 40% of the ‘people’ polled want Trump impeached. That is utterly hilarious because even when polling lefties in sanctuary cities, they can’t get a majority! But even so, they desperately want to impeach now that all the ten other schemes have belly-flopped badly. Remember ‘recount the votes’ that ended up with Hillary losing more votes? Well, they still haven’t done the ‘assassination’ option but I suspect it is due to lack of chances, not desire.


Not a day or hour goes by but we have howls of rage and infantile whining just because an outsider from both corrupt parties won an election.  This is the #1 reason to vote for Trump was, he isn’t owned by foreign powers or Wall Street.


As documented in depth on the website — where more than 600,000 people have already signed a petition for impeachment — the president continues to violate two “emoluments” clauses in the Constitution. One prohibits any gifts or benefits from foreign governments, and the other prohibits the same from the U.S. government or any U.S. state.


The Hill is a liberal paper that has dumbed down to the point, they don’t understand how to do polls and what polls mean (very little, in fact).  You cannot impeach someone due to low poll numbers.  Anywhere.  You can have a coup.


Who has the backing of the sheriffs, the police and the military?  Um, Trump I would say.  So the liberals can kiss coup goodbye.  They could have an insurrection.  The Pussy Girls versus the sheriffs and police sounds like a title for a hilarious movie.  Anyone want to bankroll this?


 Since that interview with Dean three weeks ago, we’ve been learning more about Trump’s unconstitutional corruption as president. The case that Trump is in flagrant violation of the Constitution gained added strength over the weekend when The Associated Press reported: “New documents confirm that President Donald Trump retains a direct tie to his business interests through a revocable trust now being overseen by one of his adult sons and a longtime executive of the Trump Organization.”


The Hill has this goofy business about ‘not accepting FOREIGN money from other governments’ which means we should, as I keep saying, arrest the Bushes, dig up Reagan’s grave and hang his corpse and arrest the Clintons and Obamas all of whom have taken millions and millions and many millions in foreign government money like say, from Japan and Saudi Arabia to name two huge bribery sources.


Trump’s money, on the other hand, unlike all the other crooks, comes from BUSINESS. We have not had a businessman or woman as President in nearly 100 years. Expecting him to beggar himself is ridiculous, untangling his affairs takes TIME. And these busy buddies want instant gratification.


That is, they are silly and insane. This childish behavior is really irritating me. No, Trump is not perfect. But as citizens, the fact that he gets zero money in bribes is an amazing event. We have gone so long with our ‘leaders’ running overseas to collect bribes, we think this is normal.


I have yelled about this for years and years and years. I will note that Trump has demanded that government ‘servants’ also be forbidden to run off for bribe jobs right after leaving office and servicing foreign powers while in the government.


This was a MAJOR REFORM and he did it the first week in office and none of the whiney babies on the left or the far right are noticing this for obvious reasons: they want more bribery to continue.


To hell with them all.  On the other hand, ‘Pussy Girl Riot’ sounds like a nifty movie still.  Maybe the makers of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy can do this.  Mandy is perfect.







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7 responses to “Insane Lefties Now Want To Impeach TRUMP Not Clinton, Over ‘Foreign Money’

  1. Petruchio

    “HAHAHA. ‘A poll taken by a LIBERAL organization finds that 40% of the ‘people’ polled want Trump impeached.” I find it kind of curious that the Leftist/Rightist MSM STILL insist on citing Polls. All we heard about during the Election were how many people “hated” Trump. The Polls predicted a Clinton win. These clearly had no effect, so the question is, why still quote fraudulent Polls? Is that all they have left? Guess so. I wonder how long it is going to take for folks as delusional as the Media Owners to figure out what they are doing is NOT working! I would love to be able to listen in the MSM’s owner meetings when they strategize what to do. I’m guessing I would hear a bunch uber spoiled rotten children whining about how unfair the World is because their control is slipping away.

  2. KHS71

    As I have said before. More fake polls to drive an agenda and write stories. They can try to impeach Trump all they want. If they do and convict him, then they get Pence, after that they get Ryan, after that they get Sessions. This is all political rhetoric. The “dummies” are eating it up and watching their favorite “news” channel who continue to spew out this trash to keep them watching. Here’s some more fake news from Zero Hedge. The original was from the Puffington Host. At least it is not from Crap News Network or Mostly Slanted News.

  3. Ken

    No sane person thinks that Trump can get impeached this early in his presidency, especially since he has not yet had enough time to do anything impeachable. I would like to put forth an alternative explanation for the protests and general craziness.

    What if its all about the money? Remember, Soros supposedly lost close to a billion dollars betting that the stock market would go down after Trump was elected. But, because of a general euphoria among the electorate the market actually went up.

    It is widely speculated that Soros is funding the protests. What if he is doing this not out of political conscience, but for the money? If he can undermine Trump to a sufficient degree, then people will lose their sense of euphoria. The stock market will cease its rally,and Soros can recoup his lost billion dollars.

    Follow the money, as the old saying goes.

  4. DM

    Yeah, sorry, but I think these fact-less what-ifs are a waste of time. Not unless you are in a position to show us a money-trail to follow.

    Notwithstanding that, most likely everything that the nogoodnik Soros does is no good! And I would still hazard a no-fact opinion that as he looks like he is at death’s door, a billion here or there is not of much concern to him.

  5. emsnews

    The reality is, Hillary supporters are throwing an immense temper tantrum and tossing everything out of the pram. The funny thing is, this is causing their own cities which is the only place they have any power left, to BURN DOWN.

    The looters aren’t going to where I live to loot, they know they would be shot dead instantly. Nearly everyone here hunts.

    No, they will fan out to the suburbs surrounding our dying cities or cities in California and NYC and loot and burn those places all of which voted for Hillary for the most part.

    The looters will avoid neighborhoods were the firemen and police congregate for the same reason they can’t come here to loot: everyone is armed and knows how to shoot and hit a target.

    Again, it will be the liberal leftists especially the poor saps who moved to renovator communities like the ones I rebuilt long ago, the ‘hip’ communities will be burned to the ground by rioters who are mainly illegal aliens and their allies on welfare.

  6. DeVaul

    Impeachment was always the route that I figured Trump’s opponents would take to get rid of him. Because Congress is a bunch of crooks, including the
    “Friends of Trump” (Elaine used to call them Congresscritters), they will just make a few changes to this or that law or procedure and then launch an impeachment based on some technicality. Mitch McConnell is an expert at this type of scheming and foul play, as he most recently demonstrated.

    Trump will then have to choose whether to resign or be the first president to be removed from office by Congress. I don’t know which he will choose. He may resign and then blame it on his enemies, which allows him to save face. On the other hand, he is a fighter, but then, so was Nixon.

  7. emsnews

    The problem is obvious: if he is popular, the ‘impeach’ lunatics would be in very serious trouble and I mean, like, killed, for example. Yes, this can happen.

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