The General Hysteria Is Driving Bilderberg DNC Women Crazy

If I was really cruel, I would be laughing my head off, watching the general hysteria on the left.  I am a liberal, but a conservative liberal, that is, a law and order liberal.  The left has attacked me nearly nonstop much of my life because they want romantic ‘fun in the streets’ that is, chaos and crime which is why DNC run cities have higher crime rates than GOP run communities.  Trump is driving these ‘liberals’ mad for their power base lies in crime-raddled cities no one else wants to go near, much less, live nearby.


Democrat Leaders Appear To Be Suffering Brain Damage And Alzheimer’s – YouTube:  Pelosi is so rattled by Trump, she forgot he is the President and not Bush Jr.  Maxine, standing next to her, gives this funny look saying, ‘Ooooh boy, she is crazy!’  Then Maxine goes on and does something nearly exactly as stupid.


Both females blame Trump for ‘not working with us’ when all they do is fight him off at every possible turn, little or big.  Both females blame Putin for everything, too.  And whine about ‘killing innocent children’ which is rich, I though that was a Democratic Party life skill.


Maxine accuses Trump and Putin ‘invading Korea’ which is crazy, too.  These females don’t even hear what they are saying and how detached from reality they have gone at this point.  The present leaders of the DNC are so rejected by voters, the Democrats have no power in Congress, in the governor mansions, the White House and soon, the Supreme Court.  They have lost epic amounts of power, the repudiation of Obama’s systems is now virtually total.


The DNC states of NY and California have jumped off the cliff, demanding to register and let vote, an army of hostile illegal aliens who want no borders so they can invade and run around at will, for example.  Since Trump is not going to respect ‘sanctuary cities’ that openly violet immigration laws, this means the feds can go in and arrest illegal aliens like Unborn baby and father are killed in crash by DUI driver who is illegal alien stopped for drunk driving in the past.   in California, of course.


The overhead cost of an army of invaders is very high in Europe and the US and other first world nations.  It is directly the cause of the rise of the Right Wing across first world countries.  This force that is killing ‘liberalism’ is very powerful.  Wages of workers in first world countries has deteriorated and inflation has covered up this deterioration and it is causing increasing problems for families trying to cope with the crime and loss of economic power due to illegal border jumpers.


Why ‘liberals’ who supposedly love the working stiffs, want this, is the key: they are not liberals at all. They are FAKES like fake news is fake.  They pretend to be liberals but are not real liberals, they are internationalist elites looting our country and destroying our civilization so they can be billionaires.  Look at the loot Hillary collected, all of which is now drying up since she is a loser.

Europeans Reject Muslim Immigration In HUGE Numbers – YouTube


55% want all immigration from Muslim countries stopped while 20% want to continue.  This is a tidal change over the last decade.  The left is in a total muddle now.  When even ‘feminists’ do really outre things like demonstrate demanding women become Muslim and cover themselves except for the face and hands!  This is a sign of insanity.  Why on earth did they feature this in their recent retrograde march?


I cannot fathom this at all.  It was stupid, suicidal, even.  It ran counter to all the feminist things I fought so hard for, 50 years of battles for full rights, tossed into the toilet by pink kitty cat eared ‘feminists’ demanding sharia law.


Life is a pendulum.  Societies swing from left to right and back again.  There is no ‘perfect point’ and both have dangers and bad stuff and destructive impulses and both have virtues and these SHIFT over time.  The left is the part right now in Europe and the US which has self-destructed due to pursuing policies that literally are annihilating cities and destroying families at a mad rate and now it is time for conservative values like intact families and less debt.


It is presently illegal in places like Germany and Sweden to point out that aliens and especially Muslims are destroying Europe.  This is causing an open revolt of the citizens of these countries as they are being systematically destroyed by aliens.


In ‘liberal’ communities in all first world countries, police are ordered to not mention that illegal aliens and migrants commit crimes because the liberals want to hide the truth but the crimes are now so out of control, even liberals can’t help but notice who is destroying civilization which is why the number of people who are ‘liberals’ is falling and will now go off the cliff.

From last June, click on the 17 minute mark to see this:  Germans Rise Against Islamic Invasion, Reporters On Scene Of Massive Dresden March – YouTube.  This demonstration from last summer is fairly quiet and orderly.  Today, these demonstrations are much angrier and increasingly violent as Merkel tries desperately to squelch any opposition to replacing the population with aliens.


Muslim women have twice as many babies as German women who basically, like all other first world countries, has fewer and fewer children.  This, too, is a problem that is cultural.  In Japan, marriage and having children has fallen off a cliff with nearly half of the next generation coming of age, has no desire to marry or have children.  It is already one of the lowest birth rates on earth.  Soon to be annihilated by alienation as robots replace humans.

And this is why Germans are getting fed up, from a hear and a half ago:  Muslim riots in German immigration center.  Here is the solution the left gave for the riots:


The left solution in Germany was to build endless facilities all over Germany for angry Muslim males.  This is being rejected by harassed citizens but it doesn’t fix the problem of German women not having babies just as Japan’s opposite attempt at locking out aliens isn’t producing Japanese babies.  The problem of ‘how do we have a population of tax payers’ is a plague for all rulers right now.


Usually, wars are the solution, all wars cause baby booms, after all.  I wonder what will be the solution to this riddle especially since the people at the very top are very anxious to not have any humans working for them.  The # 1 problem with robots is, they are very expensive and the owners have to pay for them, not the State via ‘schools’ and other systems.


And a word today from Mark Dice:





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14 responses to “The General Hysteria Is Driving Bilderberg DNC Women Crazy

  1. Moe

    Ya gotta love Mark Dice.

    But the media and crones like Pelosi really are nuts. They’re not just pretending, they’re pretending to be sane!

  2. Jim R

    Is that the same Mark Dice who was offering random people an ounce of silver for $1 a few years back? And filming them as they refused it?

  3. Moe

    @ Jim R #2

    The same. I’m sure Dice edits his field interviews for shock effect, but you must acknowledge Americans in general really are under-informed. (How’s that for a charitable way of stating ‘ignorant’). And uneducated, not merely monolingual but monosyllabic.

    In retrospect, it may be unfair to single out Americans. How informed are the masses of other countries? Certainly some nations have better information systems i.e., media, e.g., Russia.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Mark Dice is a big doofball with video posts that are enlightening as well as wildly silly. I liked his lampoon videos on Black Friday shoppers last Thanksgiving. In one of them he made fun of people waiting at Bed, Bath and Beyond stating that they got lost on the way to Best Buy. LOL.

  5. Lou

    Yes–that Mark Dice.

    The left has attacked me nearly nonstop much of my life —wake up, they are your enemy.

  6. Lou

    It is presently illegal in places like Germany and Sweden to point out that aliens and especially Muslims are destroying Europe–also Canada and other places.
    Curmudgeon says,
    January 30, 2017
    I followed the Zundel trials because I was appalled at the concept that publishing a document asking – “Did Six Million Really Die?” would be taken up by the Government of Canada as publishing false news.
    I had known, for several years, that virtually all “news” was “false”, usually through a distortion of context, or omission of important facts.

    Despite of the best efforts by the media to manipulate the testimony – ironically to the point of it being false – it became clear that Vrba, Hilberg, et al were being humiliated on cross examination. Yet, the jury still found Zundel guilty. It became clear to me that the [redacted]™ narrative had so permeated the minds of ordinary people, that cognitive dissonance would have been a blessing to their denialism.

  7. Lou

    Paying the destroyers of Canada —
    The taxi stopped at the side of the I-29 interstate after cruising north for about an hour. Their $400 in the cabbie’s pocket, he dropped off Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal a two-minute drive short of the North Dakota-Manitoba line. The driver pointed the men toward a darkened prairie field and a row of red blinking lights, wind turbines in the distance. Walk toward those lights, and they could grasp freedom.
    “We didn’t feel any sign, but we could feel we are in Canada, because of the cold—very, very intense,” Mohammed recalls. By this point, they were a couple of hours into their trek through field and brush, unsure exactly where to stop. It was Christmas Eve, and fields outside Emerson, Man., were smothered in waist-high snow.
    That “Canada” moment Mohammed recalls was a nasty wind gust that overwhelmed these underdressed African migrants, whipping off their flimsy gloves and Mohammed’s ballcap. By the time they wanted to dial 911 for police to retrieve them from the Manitoba roadside, their hands were frozen claws unable to grip a phone.
    A trucker eventually rescued them, and a month later they were on a new, safer road, toward possible refugee status in Canada. But their frostbitten fingers are gone. Iyal has one thumb and a half-thumb left. Mohammed has nothing. As the 24-year-old former soccer player lies in his Winnipeg hospital bed a week after the amputation, the ends of his bandaged hands are left open to reveal the skin graft stapled over them to cover the wound. After recalling the extreme burning sensation of that night, the fear he might have died, he can’t stop staring at them in disbelief. “Look at my hands. Look, look,” Mohammed says, cheeks dripping with tears he cannot wipe away.

  8. emsnews

    Enter Saudi Arabia illegally and dying in the desert is the least that happens.

  9. Lou

    That is the least that happens.–Thanks, you worldly wise woman.

  10. Moe

    @ #7

    One can emphasize with their loss, but not lament their monumental stupidity. Darwin candidates for sure.

  11. Flor

    Nancy Pelosi is reptilian- Zion’Satanists are reptilians look at their eyes’




  12. Lou

    snake eyes? The popes meeting hall looks like a snake head.

  13. emsnews

    Welcome to the Dead Eyes of the Elites. Yes, they know they are criminals. And they know they are evil. This is why the Podesta black magic stuff exists. The elites have been using black magic for many years. SKULL AND BONES, anyone?

  14. Moe

    Here’s Pelosi doing her ‘They’re coming to take me away’ routine. To call her a moron is an insult to morons.

    “Mr. President, what do the Russians have on you?”

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