Trump Meets Sheriffs And Scolds Fake News Mainstream Reporters


I am posting this story about one of Trump’s early meetings with people to work on programs and to solicit opinion and information and it is most interesting watching him chat with and draw out people and get them to cooperate with him, not to mention, CHARM them, too.  On top of this, in the video, he also slaps down the Fake News media staff who are still hostile and chides them, to the laughter of the sheriffs, for being always negative and incapable of transmitting information honestly.


I hope to see how they mangle this news story.  The media giants dealt with me by pretending I didn’t exist even when I was moving mountains right under the noses.  I was a ‘non-person’.  They can’t ignore Trump so they lie about nearly everything he says and does.


This man spent the vast majority of the time with the sheriffs at this meeting, smiling and joking with them very gently.  But when he turned to the press, he did not smile, he stared at them like my cats stare at squirrels when they raid the bird feeder.


The media fawned over Obama but Trump asked the sheriffs if they ever met with Obama.  They said, ‘Yes.’  He then said, ‘Did he ask you what he can do for you?’ and they all said, ‘No.  He lectured us.’  I have seen these meetings in the past and yes, he did lecture them.  He and his staff also changed a number of rules that made life harder for sheriffs and easier for criminals.  Now, all of that is being reversed without exception.


Yes, the Democrats, the Fake News owners, California billionaires who own offshore islands with huge security, Wall Street gamblers and foreign nations will whine and howl but I note how one by one, country leaders are edging up to Trump and begging to cooperate with him after dissing Obama openly.


I remember how the Chinese treated Obama as dirt.  They were extraordinarily rude to him last time he visited.  I used to host Chinese officials who lived with me and I had to be on my toes about them ‘dissing’ me and whenever they did, we had a ‘fight’ which would end with them bowing and saying, ‘So sorry, so sorry.’  It was wonderful fun, if anyone pandered to them, they would look down on them and try to cheat them.


I see Trump as a negotiator.  True, he was pissed when I won versus his system of luring people into his casinos.  But then, I did this to anyone doing such deals with me, I did it to Disney, too.  That was much fun!  The fact is, he does play the ‘game’ unlike Obama or Bush Jr. who just wanted their own way.  That is different.  This is why Obama, instead of ignoring the birth thing, had to LIE, that is FORGE a fake birth certificate.  That was stupid.


I want him arrested for fraud, in fact.  The US public isn’t ready for that and they let the Nixon criminal off the hook, but seriously, if we don’t punish people for fraud and cheating, we end up in serious trouble.  Has Trump done fraud?  He has.  But he paid up and didn’t dispute it!  This is the opposite of pretending there was no fraud which is what Obama and the Democrats are still doing.


That pisses me off.  They must think I am stupid.  The proof of the fake ‘birth certificate’ cannot be denied now.  Yet they are still in denial hoping that ‘he is black’ will be enough to cover up the crime.  Forgery is a crime, by the way.


How can we have law and order when the people at the top do criminal things?  I asked this about Nixon.  As a hippie during the Nixon years, I was more law abiding than he and I wasn’t very law abiding.  But I didn’t kill half a million people illegally.  I did jaywalk, I did cross borders illegally, and yes, did some druggy stuff but not that often…hahaha…well, none of us are perfect.


Trump isn’t perfect, either!  He will make mistakes and do some stupid things.  But driving us deep into debt like the last two Presidents was hideous with terrible repercussions!  The illegal war against Iraq and all the other events was also horrible and people died and chaos spread and horrors…so many horrors based on total lies!  Bush Jr. and Obama are war criminals.  I want both arrested only our nation never punishes our war criminals…so on with the show.


At least Trump is making moves to stop the present crime wave.  That is something.  Oh, by the way, all the sheriffs laughed as Trump scolded the reporters. It was rather funny.






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10 responses to “Trump Meets Sheriffs And Scolds Fake News Mainstream Reporters

  1. Claudeeyah

    Well, Obama is a negro, and anything he did was A-okay, according to the general public. He killed lotsa, lotsa,lotsa muslims, but hey, that’s okay, cause he was a black whose ancestors created flying pyramids, and only the evil white man made him kill dem folk.

    Trump, being white, is evil. He could walk across the Atlantic ocean, and liberals would complain that he cannot swim. There are so many on your blog that whose tears could fill an ocean, yet they would scream because Trump started building an ark. You literally cannot WIN with these people. Trump is far, far, far from perfect. Yet so many want to pierce him with darts on his (THREE!) weeks in office, and SCREAM he is not doing enough.

    Indeed, there lamentations get tiresome and lord knows we have heard them before. During Obama’s reign, they were mostly silent. Now, they are out in full force. Is it only negroes who are allowed to openly loot, steal, and destroy America? Obama did a pretty bang up job of destroying America. Too bad their hero, Clinton the Second, couldn’t fulfill their wile, Marxist fantasies. Color them sad. Very, very, sad. 😦

  2. ziff

    our ‘news ‘ tonight , Trumps war with the press ! again with the mind f*k , its the press war with trump , this was all around his claim that they are not reporting terrorist events , not sure what he means but it might well be all the stuff in Sweden , Germany , france. Course the reporters were outraged ! that he might suggest that. Cdn’s suck it up Reminds me of the early days of vietnam everybody was in favor of the war [ i was just a kid but the other kids opinions reflected their parents ]

  3. ziff

    bad news a @ 22 , civil forfeiture , ‘they have received a lot of pressure”’ for stealing/extorting peoples property !!! don’t travel the USA

  4. emsnews

    Don’t be a big time drug dealer. Problem solved.

  5. Moe

    Elaine said: “Trump isn’t perfect, either! He will make mistakes and do some stupid things.”

    Agreed. One mistake Trump is making, if not employing a negotiating ploy, is his belligerent pronouncements regarding Iran. Others here have mentioned it, but this would be a serious mistake. If he proceeds with any kind of attack he is either seriously misguided/misinformed or he is acting in Israeli interests.

    If a major attack is initiated by the US against Iran, I cannot see how Israel will not be attacked in return, for Iran knows who is the primary instigator. And the only viable attack is via the air: no way can even a combined Israeli/US/Saudi ground force have any chance in defeating Iran. Iran is not Iraq of the ’90’s.

    I don’t know how to interpret Trump’s pronunciations regarding Iran. Russia is a stanch ally. There is no evidence that Iran sponsors terrorism. Attacking them would be stupid beyond belief, unless there is a different motive aside from supporting Israel’s insane preoccupation with regional dominance. The goal could be interdiction and destruction of Iran’s oil producing capability, economically weakening Iran but also interrupting oil supply to China, a major client. Or, as the article below suggests, Flynn is unhinged.

    This could get ugly real fast.

  6. Jim R

    Pepe Escobar comments on the sheriff’s meeting:
    Lots of shouting, tiny stick

    To speak loudly and carry a tiny stick could not be more counter-productive. It might be a stretch to expect Trump to actually read his foreign policy dalang, but if he went through Kissinger’s World Order he would learn that “the United States and the Western democracies should be open to fostering cooperative relations with Iran. What they must not do is base such a policy on projecting their own domestic experience as inevitably or automatically relevant to other societies,’ especially Iran’s.”

  7. Lou

    Israel is a powder keg.

    Did Nostradamus allude to it being ‘a mill stone around the neck of humanity?’

  8. ziff

    ”Don’t be a big time drug dealer. Problem solved.”

    problem not solved, all sorts of innocent people get robbed

  9. emsnews

    The left wants zero law and zero order. On top of that, taxpayers have to bear the burden of police costs so they have to have some system for recouping these overhead costs.

    Of course, I am all for removing all illegals from the US and keeping them out and this would reduce welfare rolls and other overhead costs from letting the entire planet into our front yards. How about that?

    Seriously, I am a taxpayer.

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