More First World Nations Are Demanding Trump Immigration Controls


All the first world countries that want to survive are now rushing to copy Trump’s immigration orders or the populace is getting very restive and can’t wait to vote in someone who will copy Trump.  This is Trump’s biggest triumph in the teeth of raging liberals who want to bring in mass populations of people whose culture is diametrically opposed to what liberals believe in, like obvious things, women’s rights, for example.  This raging insanity on the left is invisible to them and their leaders, the Bilderberg gang.  Why liberals fell for Bilderberg schemes upsets me no end for I am what used to be called ‘a liberal’.


My family is a very mixed family.  To be frank, if more Chinese moved here, I wouldn’t mind because the ones we get are people who work very hard, are quite smart and who have experienced the horrors of total leftist rule under Mao and won’t make that mistake again.  In other words, they will be model citizens and make our country a better place to live.



The Chinese are not stupid.  Chinese Immigrants Love the U.S. Welfare System is an interview written way back in 1996 when Clinton was President.  I assure readers that my Chinese relatives hold these same views as Ida Choi and Dr. Matloff:


Ida Choi – This program has been urging listeners to write to Congress to oppose current proposals on immigration reform, saying that the proposals are bad for us Chinese. You [Dr. Matloff] have a different opinion. Please tell us your background, and what your view is.


Norman Matloff – I teach computer science at UC-Davis. I want to explain why immigration reform is good for the Chinese community. Recently we’ve had too many immigrants. No one is saying that immigrants are bad. My wife and my father are immigrants. But the current high levels of immigration are hurting the Chinese community.

Po Wong, executive director of the Chinese Newcomers Service Center in San Francisco, explained it well. He said we have too many immigrants. He really supports immigrants, and helping immigrants is his job. But he said, “There is more immigration each year than the community can absorb.” In all aspects – jobs, education, housing, health, social services, etc. – the Chinese community can’t cope with such a high rate of influx of immigrants each year.

Why is the rate so high? In 1990, Congress passed a bill increasing the yearly immigration levels by 40 percent. Even before that time, the levels were too high, but after 1990 it has been even worse. We should reduce these yearly quotas.
The first ones to feel the adverse impacts of the heavy influx are the earlier-arriving immigrants, who are negatively impacted by the later-arriving ones. …Look at the sewing factories in Chinatown. The wages are way down! They were low to begin with, but they are even lower now. Why? Because too many new immigrants are looking for this kind of work. So, of course, the employers can pay lower wages.


This is exactly why the doors were opened before WWI, too.  To drive down wages and stop the agitation for unions.  Only after WWI when the gates were closed, did unions get a foothold and then take off flying.  Note that co-inciding with opening the doors again led to nearly all unions being killed off in less than 20 years.


One thing about Chinese immigrants who were reduced to the lower forms of labor and had to use welfare is that their children are mostly successful adults and well integrated, I have been involved in the Chinese immigration community all my life for my parents and I both sponsored a number of Chinese who won citizenship by following the rules, etc.


It is very common for Chinese immigrant parents to have very well-spoken children who translate for them.  The second generation is nearly uniformly successful which means these people are prize immigrants who make things run better, not worse.  Contrast this to other continents sending ILLEGAL aliens over here and Europe.  Totally different.


Yes, cut off Federal funds to ‘sanctuary cities’ which are all DNC joints.  The DNC exploits illegal alien labor to gain power.  Period.  Illegals are TOOLS.  The Bilderberg gang can’t rape our country unless they have allies who cheer this on and that is increasingly inner city black communities which also has a high number of black illegal aliens from the Caribbean and African nations and Hispanic illegal aliens.


The Hispanic aliens openly attacked Trump supporters at Trump rallies in all the sanctuary cities.  This gangsterism was not dealt with instead, the police were ordered to stand down and let illegal aliens waving Mexican flags, attack American citizens.  The mainstream news cooperated with this scheme by refusing to report the real news which is why I call them ‘fake news’ now.


Deleting important news is also ‘fake news’ for hiding the truth is perhaps worse than lying about events so at least one can know an event happened in the first place. I have been very, very severely censored by the news over my entire life.  This is why I had to use nicknames, for example, ‘Housewife from hell’ being the most amusing of these nicknames.


Ida Choi – But why should the reduction include canceling the eligibility of siblings of naturalized citizens to immigrate?
Norman Matloff – This is a very important point. Look at the 1965 immigration act which set up this idea of family-reuni-fication-based immigration. What does “family reunification” really mean? Say a hypothetical Ms. Chan is here in the U.S., a naturalized U.S. citizen, and she has a sister in Hong Kong. Congress’ idea was that Ms. Chan’s sister might really miss Ms. Chan, and want to be with her, so Congress gave the sister the chance to immigrate.


We all know that it doesn’t work that way. Our Ms. Chan’s sister isn’t coming to the U.S. because she misses Ms. Chan – her motive is economics! She’s not coming for family reasons.


The good thing about Chinese immigration is, at least it brought over very productive people whose children are star students in school. Why is that?  What makes the Chinese a superior group to allow into the US?  I know the answer to that!  Big time!!!


The Chinese have a 6,000+ year history of respecting the elders and respecting education!  There was one period when this was not true: the Mao years.  That 30 year experiment in cultural suicide was hideous.  It was, aside from North Korea, the worse example of leftist ideology on this planet and it nearly destroyed the Chinese people.  But luckily for them, they overthrew Mao’s widow and their economy took off like a rocket, education snapped back to normal and they are now one of the biggest economies on earth.


Totally unlike Africa and Muslim nations.  The oil pumping nations are rich but their people are ignorant and poor and kept deliberately so by their own rulers who hog all the resources.  In Africa, it is back to the Darkness of pre-colonialism.  South and Central America, despite efforts by Chile and Argentina with had large European immigration, despite having civilizations before invasion, has fallen into chaos and self-destruction and hideous attempts at Maoist socialization.


Back to Trump: his ‘America first’ campaign is continuing to bear fruit.  The super rich are reading the tea leaves correctly.  They are increasingly unpopular as they decimate our economy and ship jobs overseas.  Now, these are coming home again. One victory after another for Trump.  Note that they all left with no comment from Obama.


And this news is all about Obama!  That is, he allowed the Pentagon to lie about the wars Obama and Bush Jr. illegally launched.  These wars are illegal and the military/industrial complex needs these wars to get rich and Trump, if he does meddle with this war stuff, will end up dead.  So I am not surprised to see him endorse this.


Quick: who else ran who claimed we should be friends with Russia?  Oh, it was ONLY TRUMP.  Sanders wanted WWIII with Russia and Hillary openly talked about launching nuclear missiles at Russia.  Over tweets and hacks by ‘Russian people’ with zero proof of whoever was actually hacking the Wicked Witch and her flying monkey, Podesta.


The nonstop hysteria in the Fake News media corral is deafening and disgusting and above all, really stupid.  As our mainstream media giants celebrate rioting, looting, burning and other fun stuff for leftists, the general population is getting really, really pissed off about all this especially when illegal aliens in DNC cities do this.


On the other hand, many in the hinterlands where citizens still have power are increasingly hoping that the illegal aliens rioting will destroy sanctuary cities once and forever and then be deported.  This is how far the DNC has fallen, right through the floor and into the cellar.



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59 responses to “More First World Nations Are Demanding Trump Immigration Controls

  1. Lou

    1900–Whites 30% of total world population.
    2000– Whites 15%? of total.
    As long as Whites have to be taxed for war and welfare, they will have less than replacement size families.
    Plus the rot from the jews [yes, the jews] of Feminism and abortion make for
    ‘Bye Bye Yt [whitey].

    From a blog,
    Another Jew, this time it’s Bill Kristol, the founder and editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard, talking about how “spoiled” the White working class is and how their replacement by immigrants from Mexico is a good thing.
    Aren’t those Jews a wonderful people?
    Yeah, they seem to always be working toward the racial and cultural replacement of Whites. How mighty Jewish of them!
    Here’s a transcript of Kristol’s exact words:
    “Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?

  2. Lou

    At what point is the French army ‘majority Muslim?’
    I get a sinking feeling.
    France has Nukes.

  3. Moe

    Western world immigration policies are cultural genocide by stealth. Long term intermarriage will eventually absorb or marginalize those of European descent.

    Ya think there might be a purposeful stratagem afoot?

  4. Melponeme_k

    WOW, Trump went to the edge and mentioned Israel’s wall specifically to point out that walls work.

  5. Christian W

    Why liberals fell for Bilderberg schemes upsets me no end for I am what used to be called ‘a liberal’.

    This is an interesting notion since the very core of Bilderberg neoliberalism is extreme right laissez faire capitalism, of which Donald Trump is a prime example and benefactor.

  6. Christian W

    Yeah amazing isn’t it. Genocidal concentration camps are held up as an example of how to do things.

    Seg Heil.

  7. Ken

    Following up on the discussion of inherent cultural differences which make assimilation of Muslims into western culture difficult, I would like to know if any of Elaine’s readers can confirm two items I recently read about Muslim culture.

    1. Mohammed hated dogs, and indicated that people who owned dogs would never get to heaven. So there are almost no dogs in Muslim societies. If Sharia Law goes into effect in the west, we will need to kill off “man’s best friend.”

    2. The Muslim terrorist who tried to smuggle paint bombs into the Louvre did so because Sharia Law outlaws any art showing humans or animals. Although this seems ridiculous on its face, I cannot think of any Islamic art showing humans or animals. Also, when the Taliban took power in Afghanistan they made a point of blowing up ancient statutes. On the other hand, the Egyptians have not blown up the statutes of the pharaohs.

  8. Moe

    @CW #6

    “Genocidal concentration camps are held up as an example of how to do things.”

    Held up by whom? Are you referring to the title of this article: ‘More First World Nations Are Demanding Trump Immigration Controls’ and its related content?

    At no time has Elaine ever advocated such measures, nor can I recall any poster here making such suggestions. Perhaps you could clarify your posting.

  9. emsnews

    Lou is an open racist. He hates nearly everyone, it appears. I am practical. For example, I addressed the issue of Chinese immigration in this article. Note that I support this and my own family is what happens next: many Chinese marry outside of their cultural safe zone.

    That is, they INTEGRATE over time. The top tier blacks who are successful do this, too. Obama is the result of this, for another obvious example. I am all for integration and I am against making entire cities into closed ghettoes for the same obvious reasons.

    The upper tier of Spanish people integrate well, too. They tend to be multilingual as I am multilingual. It is the working classes, again, that are being hammered to death and descending the culture/wage ladder into this burning hell of inner city rot, riot and crime.

    And this is an immense problem for all first world countries. The Muslims coming in right now are all unemployable! Poor native whites in Europe are also…UNEMPLOYABLE, TOO!

    What will happen next is classic ‘decline and fall of Rome’ stuff. My family got its start on the road to riches as the Roman empire collapsed. They loved it. It was fine times!

  10. emsnews

    Aussie article about the best schools: Cheltenham, Cherrybrook and Killara offered some of the cheapest median rents of between $700 and $850 a week for a house in the catchment zone of the highest performing schools.

    Geoff Dean from Belle Property Killara said there had been an influx of education-focused Chinese-Australian families in the area in the past decade or more.

    “Chinese families really buy for the Killara High catchment zone. It certainly adds to purchase prices,” he said.

  11. Claudeeyah

    People are too quick to label everything, “Nazi” this, or “Fascist” that, without ever really doing the homework. Hitler’s Third Reich was a hell on earth for anyone who dared oppose them, including sympathetic German to the Jewish cause.

    What happens as a result is we get further dumbed down and by labeling everything one doesn’t like “Nazi”, it loses its original meaning as well as power. Similarly, the idea of borders is in no way a suggestion of an armed concentration camp. It is simply an effort to define and protect borders. By labeling it as “Nazi”, it makes “Nazism” seem almost palatable. What sane society wouldn’t want to have some sort of control over who crosses its borders? Yet that has been the policy in America for over thirty years now.

    Blacks have unfortunately gone down this road as well, labeling any White person who dislikes slovenly, degenerate, lifetime welfare recipients as “rayciss”. Indeed, the Chinese virtues of hard work, study, respect for elders, and personal responsibility is something whites as well as blacks should take more care to emulate.

  12. Kenogami

    “Indeed, the Chinese virtues of hard work, study, respect for elders, and personal responsibility is something whites as well as blacks should take more care to emulate.”

    Not only the Chinese, also Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese have the same virtues as a culture; they all have very strong family traditions and raise children well. All these old East Asian cultures make very good immigrants: they never cause problems or riot, and commit very few crimes in their new lands.

  13. Kenogami

    Ken writes:

    “Although this seems ridiculous on its face, I cannot think of any Islamic art showing humans or animals.”

    This is true only for religious art, not for secular arts.
    Perhaps the most famous figurative arts are Persian miniatures: beautiful paintings that influenced Ottoman miniatures and Mughal miniatures.

  14. Ken

    Kenogami @13.

    I also noticed Persian art showing figures, which is one of the things that puzzled me. Sometimes it seemed OK to do, and other times not. The religious angle certainly sounds reasonable. However, there are also some experts who think that there is a different approach to this between Sunni and Shea sects. With the Shea sect being more tolerant.

    But then there is conflicting data on that too. It is confusing.

    Presuming that the Shea are more tolerant than the Sunni, that begs the question as to why we are in conflict with some Shea (like Iran and Syria) but support other ones (like Iraq) while at the same time supporting some Sunni (like Saudi Arabia) but not others (like ISIS). We seem to have this totally backwards. Our middle eastern policy doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  15. Lou

    Lou is an open racist. He hates nearly everyone, it appears. –Thanks. Thats the funniest thing I have ever read, from you.

  16. Christian W

    @ Moe # 6

    Sorry should have attributed my comment. It was a reply to Mel’s post about Trump pointing to Israel’s wall in Palestine as some kind of example.

  17. Christian W

    @ #11 Claudeeyah

    My “Nazi” comment was shorthand for some trends such as:

    – the workers giving up on the left and moving to the right. Hitler’s national socialist party was a worker’s socialist party in the beginning
    – Hitler’s Germany had no meaningful opposition from the left since Hitler crushed the political system. Just like in the US today there simply is no meaningful alternative on the left to rampant neoliberalism, exactly as the masters want to have it. The ‘crazy’ left in the US is not a sudden phenomenon but something that has been worked on since the 80s if not earlier.
    – the use of a built up and idealized military as a means to an end to ensure the overseas resources lacking for it’s home based industries
    – the focus on the needs on the homebase overwriting any concern for other nations’ rights or interests. No respect for International or domestic law. All law is malleable to suit what is needed for the moment.
    – demonization of the enemy, internal and external (look at all the hate figures in US politics atm, hate is stirred up on both the left and the right using the same means even the same rethoric).
    – full spectrum propaganda

    etc etc you know it all well I’m sure

    The basic point is that the US will turn to a more aggressive policy of enforcing it’s needs politically and economically. More outrageous and illegal wars for US profit, more browbeating of “allies” (vassals) to serve US interests. More US military spending and action.

    And all that under increasing domestic tension over race and domestic economic troubles. Increasingly hamhanded and brutal actions to crush dissent (NoDAPL).

    And while the public is invested in all kinds of tortured logic and impossibly contorted political positions the neoliberal elite will eat you (and all of us if they can) alive.

    I said some time ago that the US will end up like Ukraine, where the Oligarchs suck the nation dry while the political process is a sham covering the naked money grabs of the politically connected servant class, the Oligarchs themselves, and foreign interests (the US, EU) meddling as much as they can. All the while the population is deluded by a deluge of propaganda and getting robbed blind in their confusion.

    You are already much far further down that road than I thought.

  18. emsnews

    I have lived all over the planet under different schemes. NO NATION led by leaders who ignore the needs of the nation lasts very long. Usually they end rather violently.

    For the last 70 years the US has invaded countries that gain us ZERO goodies. Instead, it drives up our national debt and gives us hate, headaches and trade deficits. As I patiently explained in the past, previous empires conquered places so they would exploit them for the home base, not drive them into bankruptcy!

    The US, on the other hand, the place to loot is…the US people and our nation. WTH??? Aren’t you worried about this?

    The fury directed at me for not attacking someone who is at least TRYING to think of the US first is amazing. Who else was running who did this?

    NO ONE. Not Sanders, either.

  19. Jim R

    Well put, Elaine. That is what gives me a faint glimmer of hope for Trump, as well. He’s the first guy to come along for 30 or 40 years that actually wants to put America first. And who has at least recognized that endless wars are a waste of money. They’re a waste of lots of other things as well, tangible and intangible, but real…

    ‘Left’ and ‘right’ politics don’t really mean that much any more.

  20. DeVaul

    Ummm… sorry, but every president ran on a platform of “making America first”. No president ran on platform of making some other country first. Ever! That is just downright deceptive.

    After they got elected, then their agenda started to materialize. First was the obligatory secret meetings with the Israeli lobby groups, then the phone calls to Japan and NATO countries. Then, the promise of more troops and money for these countries.

    Trump has not vetoed any of this or given orders to reverse it, which he can, and has just pledged to increase support for NATO even as our poor soldiers are stationed right on the Russian border in Estonia, where they will be destroyed instantly in any war with Russia.

    Trump cannot call Putin and make ANY deals while building up American troops on the Russian border. That is just common sense, which seems to have fallen by the way-side here.

    At this point, given the profound silence on the issue, I guess the answer to my question: can Trump fire a general is “no” for disobeying him. If Trump, who has selectively fired people left behind by Obama, cannot fire a general left behind by Obama or Bush, then he has no real power, and he might as well spend the next four years tweeting about the Apprentice.

    The excuses about him only being in office a few “days” (?) — how about weeks — overlook that on his first few days he obliterated all of the laws and regulations put in place to stop another real estate bubble, so he has no excuse for not firing his generals for provoking Russia, which would only take up about 5 minutes of his time, as in: “You’re fired!”

  21. emsnews

    Stopping a military operation that was planned and then BEGAN before a new president comes in is VERY HARD to stop. They did this deliberately!

    They the DNC and RNC painted Trump as a friend of Putin and Putin ran our stupid election system which is crap. Then they turned on Trump boxing him in saying that he better keep the warmongering going or else.

    See? It is blindingly obvious to me.

  22. DeVaul

    I realize it began before he took office, but what I don’t understand is why he could not immediately order the troops to withdraw and those that were still on the way to return to their bases, just as he immediately wiped out all the laws and regulations that Wall Street wanted gone on his first day in office.

    Are you saying he is under direct threat of assassination if he tries to stop the deployment of our troops on the Russian border? I could at least accept that as an answer to my question about whether he can or cannot fire a general or stop troop deployments.

  23. Jim R

    “under direct threat”

    I think that may well be the case, DeVaul.

  24. Christian W

    Eisenhower had to threaten some Pentagon generals with sending in an Army division against a US base where they were cooking up mischief. It was only under threat of arms that the Generals relented to the office of the President and opened up the base for inspection.

  25. emsnews

    HELLO! Ever hear of a thing called ‘NATO’? The Bilderberg EU members demanded these troop movements. Not the people of Europe, but their insane leaders who also allowed a very real invasion of several million angry Muslim males into Europe.

    I see a full uprising in the not too distant future.

  26. emsnews

    Eisenhower: hello, everyone again….Eisenhower was the #1 general during WWII and had considerable military power and even he would have been hard pressed to take over the military and totally change its direction after a handful of days in the White House.

    Unless he declared himself a dictator, it was not possible. He had to move slowly and the President who moved swiftly to change direction was a man who was assassinated, Kennedy.

  27. Christian W

    Eisenhower was one of the roots of the Bilderberg/NATO system.

  28. DeVaul

    Well, I am glad once again that I did not vote. What is the point if the man you vote for cannot change anything that matters? He is just another doormat that our real rulers will try and wipe their feet on, but he will cuss at them while they do it. I guess that will provide us some entertainment over the next four years.

    I made a copy of the front page of the Economist. They finally had a funny cover page, or outrageous depending on how you view it, but it is definitely different. I’ll mail it to you. I wish all the oligarchs…

    Oh wait, Trump is live on TV with Abe. Crap! He’s reading a speech. He just pledged to defend Japan against all enemies and protect their territorial claims. Great. I doubt he wrote that.

    Holy shit! When’s he gonna shut up? Abe has a huge smile on his face. This is not how Trump usually talks. What!!! Abe is calling Trump by his first name!!! He did not apologize for Pearl Harbor! He is insulting us.

    Now he wants us to by high speed trains from them so we can ride from NY to DC in 30 minutes or something. He has promised no jobs for us. Nothing.

    “Donald” is not smiling. His face is getting red. Oh man… he won’t let Trump speak. Trump wants to kick him in the balls. Do it!!!

    What a jackass. Is Abe a first name? He corrected Trump’s pronunciation of his name. More gibber-jabber while Trump waits. This is awful.

    The plumber’s here. I can’t watch this shit anymore.

  29. Christian W

    I have lived all over the planet under different schemes. NO NATION led by leaders who ignore the needs of the nation lasts very long. Usually they end rather violently.

    For the last 70 years the US has invaded countries that gain us ZERO goodies. Instead, it drives up our national debt and gives us hate, headaches and trade deficits. As I patiently explained in the past, previous empires conquered places so they would exploit them for the home base, not drive them into bankruptcy!

    The US, on the other hand, the place to loot is…the US people and our nation. WTH??? Aren’t you worried about this?

    The fury directed at me for not attacking someone who is at least TRYING to think of the US first is amazing. Who else was running who did this?

    NO ONE. Not Sanders, either.

    Trump cares so much about the US he pays zero taxes. Don’t you see the disconnect between your “hopes” and reality?

    Trump is going to create more jobs by privatizing everything (such as the Air Traffic controllers)

    This means LESS money in the pocket for American workers in return for longer hours and worse working conditions. The profiteers, those who own the systems and pay little to no taxes, will profit again. How is that putting American first?

    What I am protesting against, is simply the fact that Trump is not going to turn things around the way you are saying he will. If you support him that is another 4/8 years lost where the US circles the drain faster and faster while you cling to “hope”. Change will most certainly come, it always does.

    And it is simply factually wrong to say US operations abroad has “given ‘us’ zero goodies”, when in fact the US has benefitted tremendously, unpresedently from the system it put up post-WWII.

    I keep pointing to this point, but you never acknowledge it. It is a fact the US has enormous profits to show for it’s global dominance. The fact is also that the average US citizen has seen little of this profit – EVER SINCE THE ELITES DECIDED TO TAKE IT ALL AWAY and went all in with their neoliberalistic system from the 70/80s onwards.

    The US has plenty of money, but it is not distributed in a manner that creates a healthy society. Trump, the tax dodging man in the Golden Tower for heaven’s sake, is not going to do that either. To pretend he will is just one step too far removed from reality however much you spin it.

    Just because you have no options within the electoral system, does not mean you have other options.

    To go with a rotten option within the rotten system is not going to fix the rot, that equation does not add up.

    A neoliberal system, which Trump promotes, is not going to benefit the US workers or citizens. It will just make things WORSE. The US needs a functional left as counter weight to the Oligarchs. Sadly there is none such in sight. The left, such as it was, INCLUDING IN EUROPE, sold out to the dollar printers.

    Now everyone, including Europe, are reaping the conseqences.

  30. Christian W

    I wanted to address this point separately:

    The fury directed at me for not attacking someone who is at least TRYING to think of the US first is amazing. Who else was running who did this?

    I am especially irritated by this point. Why? Because if you put “America First”, does that mean other nations have lesser rights?

    Do you not know how the world operates? Does other nations have rights compared to the US, or does the US always go first?

    Do other nations enjoy the same right to say “Our Nation First”? Can they say NO to the US if they so wish? We all know what happens to nations that say “no” to the US. No is not an option.

    All nations must have the freedom to pursue their own course, but US INTERFERENCE prevents them from doing that. The US is already “putting the US First” and has for centuries. The historical record over the post WWII peroid alone is crystal clear. There is NO nation on the planet that has not been a target for US interference.

    This is why I say you are a fascist if you support this. Do you now, when the chips are down, support “the end justifies the means”?

  31. Moe

    @CW #31

    “I am especially irritated by this point. Why? Because if you put “America First”, does that mean other nations have lesser rights? ”

    Not necessarily. I could also mean that the US has equal rights, no better or worse than other countries. That would entail withdrawal of the US from many world venues, in particular NATO and theaters of US instigated war.

    It will be interesting to see what meaning and intention Trump intends with his slogan “Make America Great Again”. Any thinking person would regard the US of (approximately) the past 50 years to be anything but ‘Great’, unless it was the Great Exploiter or Great Oppressor. If Trump is in concordance with past imperial US practice (which I do not perceive) then our collective ‘ass is grass’.

    Extrapolating Trump’s private practice to the public arena may be the obvious projection, but not necessarily the correct one. What if Trump really is a patriot? He genuinely appears to have some religious inclination, which could imply (but not guarantee) a moral perspective.

    We will soon know.

  32. DeVaul

    Yes, our empire is rotten to the core, and no tax-dodging billionaire is going to be able to fix that or even ameliorate it because a billionaire did not become what he is by looking out for the little guy or, in this case, an entire nation of little guys.

    But just like in ancient Rome, the closer we come to the end of our “exceptionalism”, which we have claimed over every nation since WW II, people begin to panic and grasp at any straw that blows in the wind in a vain effort to keep what is no longer possible or sustainable.

    America cannot be made “great” again, as that term has always been understood by Americans, but it can be made livable again, but that means doing away with tax-dodging billionaires, multi-millionaires, and corporations that decimate our country for a few men and women who use everything but pay for nothing. That system has sent us straight into the ground at warp speed when compared to most past empires.

  33. emsnews

    OK, everyone, list the number of liberals who fixed immigration and taxes and stopped the bleeding of jobs and stopped the empire from patrolling Europe and Japan in order to keep a trade deficit with both…NONE…NADA.

    The conservatives do have one thing and one thing only: PATRIOTISM. This is a tool like any other damn tool and a tool the liberals hate and tossed aside and told us it is a stupid tool and who needs it, anyways.

    My family lived here since the very first European set foot in North America and they have been fiercely independent of the old empire and fought the old empire.

    Don’t forget why! It is because the British empire wanted to make a PROFIT OFF of their colonies! It is the only reason the revolt happened.

    Now we let in more and more people used to how things are run in older empires and they stupidly think empires can run trade deficits. My ancestors even up to WWII, were very aware that running trade deficits is bad.

    When did this stupidity start? With two things: the Cold War where we had to build up our enemies, Japan and Germany, to resist Stalin and Mao. And oil. I remember when only odd stuff was imported.

    Now, nearly everything we use every day is imported. This is insanity. The liberal solution is nothing at all…more of the same. At least conservatives came up with some sort of attempt at a solution.

  34. DeVaul

    Yeah, yeah, we know all about your infatuation with the evil liberals, but the other side of the coin has done nothing as well (if there IS another side to that coin, which I doubt).

    Patriotism is love of one’s country, not a love of conquering other countries. You obviously no longer understand what patriotism is. How sad. Americans want our troops home now, not after they are dead in some foreign dessert or jungle.

    Trump should resign. He either broke his promise to stop the wars and bring the troops home, or he has been told that will never happen, so he must report this to the people who voted for him. Now!

    That’s real patriotism. Keeping the troops at home and pointing out the real enemy, but Trump has failed to do this.

    The oligarchs do not want them back because they prefer profiting off of their activities abroad, where they make tons of money in arms sales, war industries, and financing the production of war materials by forcing war loans on the American people. This is the only game left in America that brings in 10% profits or more.

    Trump stands about an inch tall compared to George Washington, and even less than that to my own ancestor who fought in the First Maryland Artillery Regiment under Washington. These men were real patriots.

  35. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Devaul, you are so funny. So…list to me all the Presidents who fulfilled all promises in just 4 fucking weeks. I am all ears.

    Talk about stupid.

  36. DeVaul


    Elaine has become a CRYBABY! I’ve never seen so many crybabies as I’ve seen here regarding Trump, but you, Elaine?

    Back in the summer of 2008, I called Obama “a gangster from Chicago”.

    Did anyone immediately jump on me for that? Months before he was elected, not to mention months before he could have signed numerous imperial decrees on his first day in office, like Trump did.

    Did anybody say anything like “give him a chance!”; “stop criticizing him before he even gets in office!”; “how the hell can he do anything in just a few days?”; “why don’t you give him a chance?”; “why do you want immediate results from his promises?”; etc. etc. and on and on?

    Nope. Not one person. Why? Because he was black? Maybe?

    But when a multi-billionaire white dude with an ego the size of New York runs for office, he must be treated with kid gloves because he is very sensitive and not used to any kind of criticism or expectations, and he must be given at least four years to fulfill only one promise because he is white and rich and has several trophy wives. And those who think otherwise must shut up and listen to how unfair life is for this mega billionaire. Wow!

    This is what I meant when I said a few years ago that the US is suffering from a spiritual crisis of epic proportions.

    To think that this wolf in sheep’s clothing will “make America great again” or even keep one promise that means anything to ordinary Americans just shows how deep the moral rot runs in this country. Believing that only super rich people can change anything is a distinctly American fallacy, and it is an immoral one, as was shown by Gandhi and others outside the US.

    Like Christian said, the US is beyond repair. Attacking Trump’s enemies is like making bets on a cock fight.

    One group of oligarchs will win and the other will lose, Elaine. Duh! Not too smart for someone who told us to vote for Trump and then throw a pity party for him. I don’t think you’re that smart anymore either, come to think of it.

  37. Jim R


    Trump has entered office with cannons blazing. Looks like he will keep going till the barrels melt down…

    No, of course Obama had some political enemies. But for the most part, he got a free pass. Just blew off the ‘birther’ thing — well it wasn’t really much of a ‘thing’ … said he was gonna close Gitmo on his first day. When did he do that? The rightards were calling him a ‘Liberal’ — big joke. He was somewhere to the right of Mussolini. He was a Chicago gangster.

    The ‘news’ media hardly noticed all the wars and Obama’s EOs, but now they are scheming to impeach Trump for the tiniest perceived infraction..

    And neither Elaine nor I are really ‘fans’ of Trump. It will not be possible for him to reverse three or four decades of ‘trade agreements’, but if he can undo a small percentage, that will be progress. If he closes one government agency, that will be progress.

  38. emsnews

    I am being attacked here because the ‘liberals’ have gone hysterical. It can’t be avoided. The Fake News built this Fake World where the US national debt and student debt didn’t matter and the looting of liberals has been severe and they are now being systematically destroyed by the liberal BILDERBERG GANG and can’t figure out that their rulers and leaders were all crooks and gangsters plotting to impoverish and enslave…LIBERALS.

    They want the liberal goodies, they imagine these goodies would go on forever and ever even as we face bankruptcy.

    This pathetic desire to keep the present status quo forever is childish and I publish graphs and spit out numbers and explain what is obvious to me and it doesn’t sink in.

    Indeed, I suspect people who attack me never read a word I write, they just react to various trigger words.

    THE US IS IN DEEP TROUBLE. Liberals have zero solutions for these troubles, nay, they want endless immigration of people who are out to destroy us, they want NUCLEAR WAR…did any sane liberal listen to Hillary???? The DNC this very week is talking nuclear war with nuclear armed Russia and China. This is fucking suicidal.

    I am not suicidal. This is why I live in the mountains now.

  39. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    First off, don’t ascribe to me anything about how Obama was treated by our rulers because I never said it was a good thing, nor did I make any excuses for him, so please don’t do that out of respect for me. I would not do that to you.

    Secondly, when someone calls you “stupid” while they throw a several month long pity party for an oligarch, a reply is necessary by any person who has any self respect.

    Thirdly, thank you for quoting me regarding Obama. Elaine has my quotes in her archives, but they are not available.

    Fourthly, Obama managed to get health insurance for my daughter and my wife, something that made Mitch McConnell livid, and he did it by borrowing the same plan used by Mitt Romney (not a liberal) when he was governor of Mass. It does favor insurance companies over anyone else, but like you keep saying, it is better than “nothing”, which is what Mitch McConnell and Bush wanted for my family.

    Fifthly, I don’t consider the gaining health insurance for my family to be worth the total destruction of Libya, the murder of Gadhafi, or the continuation of Bush’s wars.

    Finally, there is a moral question here. As Elaine has said but conveniently forgotten, it was the US that destroyed Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Trump has tacitly admitted this, but what has he done about it?

    If we destroy other countries and raze their cities to the ground, how then can we say that their survivors have no right to seek shelter away from our bombs?

    So far, Obama did something for my family despite his horrid record. Trump has done nothing and has promised to take away what Obama did for my family. This is typical oligarchic behavior, as is the fact that the MSM was totally silent on his imperial decrees that gave another boon to the rich.

    His popularity is falling hard among white Americans, and it will fall further once they get to see what a real oligarch is like instead of just a stand-in.

  40. emsnews

    PARIS IS BURNING…Muslims are destroying it tonight. They are not going to stop, either. The DNC supports this destruction of Paris and hope NYC and LA will be destroyed by illegal aliens, too.

    I once watched in horror as people on welfare tried to burn down NYC in 1977 and went on the warpath afterwards to stop it.

    Europe is going to be full right, far to the right of the US. Fascism is the only way out of the liberal mess Europe is in…this is a historical force.

    This is a direct reaction to the stupid choices liberals in Europe made for the last three decades. They will now be kicked to the curb because Europe is in a full crisis now with worse coming down the road. They may be begging Putin to save them in another three years.

  41. emsnews

    OMG…Trump in less than 20 days, had done nothing for YOU??

    HAHAHA. Good lord.

  42. emsnews

    Devaul wants the train of goodies to go on forever and ever and so do I and everyone else.

    Alas, this will not happen. This is the entire problem: the US rulers want world empire and we are to eventually pay for this via debt. We can’t afford to go to infinity.

    Screaming at anyone stopping this madness is…madness. Eventually, Reality rears its ugly head and crashes into the heart of the debt and destroys everything utterly and totally.

    Want to see cities burn? Google You Tube videos of riots going on this very week. Or look at older riots. Or visit Detroit, burned and then hollowed out and pretty much dead.

    Reality is a very evil demon female goddess who is worse than Medusa. Hating me for explaining how She operates is futile and makes me feel rather annoyed.

    There are many pity party liberal sites to whine at. Here, we talk about what will happen next and seldom am I wrong.

    Hating me for explaining this obvious election…remember how the fake news people yelled that Trump had an only 1.5% chance of winning and I said that was insane?

    It was! Attacking me for explaining the truth is stupid…I hope people who are interested in the future and make plans based on expectations will reward me for being nearly always correct if not totally correct.

  43. Lou

    I am all ears.–‘I am all eyes’ looks better.

  44. DeVaul

    ” Attacking me for explaining the truth is stupid…I hope people who are interested in the future and make plans based on expectations will reward me for being nearly always correct if not totally correct.”

    Your ego rivals that of Trump now.

    No one hates you for your opinion. That is just all in your own mind, which is beginning to sound schizophrenic. I don’t believe you grew up in Trump’s household, although you may claim it, so other people have a different opinion of Trump and they are allowed this. It does not equate to “hating” you, which you keep screaming at us.

    As for Paris, the “mobs” are white people angry at the police.

    “Protesters sang La Marseillaise and chanted slogans against police brutality.”

    Not exactly a muslim anthem, is it?

    Paris, like New York, is no longer a white suburb. I know this upsets you dearly since you have such an intense obsession with New York. It is a mixed race city and the marchers are mostly white with minorities among them. They are not muslim hordes. They are long time residents.

    But only your truth matters, right?

    “Devaul wants the train of goodies to go on forever…”

    If you think that health insurance for children is a “goodie” that children do not deserve when the Pentagon spends 600 million to train 50 men, among other trillions of dollars of total waste, then I truly feel sorry for you because you are no longer the person I once knew.

  45. emsnews

    If ANYTHING comes from the government it is a ‘train of goodies’. Who pays for whatever? Guess! Taxes don’t pay. It is mainly debt paying which means your children will reap the results as well as my grandchild.

    Your rage is understandable but History doesn’t give a hoot about feelings. It does give a hoot about ‘reality’.

    We live in this dream world where anyone gets things magically (DEBT) and no one wants to know about the Devil in the Details.

    Why is Europe burning?

    Ahem…despite running surpluses with the US, it has crafted, like Japan, a culture and world where everyone is pretending there is no future. So childbirth by productive people is falling to the basement and unproductive people it is climbing.

    The unproductive people are not building families, they are shattered socially and depend on the State to stay alive. When the State doesn’t give enough, they riot and burn down the cities.

    This is called ‘SELF DESTRUCTION.’ I talk about this because I build and rebuild stuff and I hate this destruction and if WWIII doesn’t annihilate us, letting mobs of raging people living off of welfare destroy cities that are hollowed out by free trade and open immigration…hello!

    Either way, the cities will be destroyed. As a builder, this annoys me. I have been clear about this since day one.

    Devaul, you are upset because the flow of history is running the ‘wrong way’ for you and frankly, for many people. If we didn’t let in millions of welfare/nontaxpaying illegal aliens, you might have had a better chance but no one listened to me about that issue on the left.

    Nope, the left doubled down on the illegal alien stuff and now you will be crushed by this. Blaming Trump and the right for this situation is frankly, stupid.

    The people you should hate are the liberals. They shoved you down the stairs some time ago. Now there are millions of non-English speaking aliens in front of you in the line demanding everything from taxpayers that can’t pay for all this.

  46. emsnews

    BTW, do note that both Devaul and Lou are furious with me now, one is the left and the other is the right and this proves my other main point here: I am actually in that weird place we call ‘the middle.’

    The middle in Europe and the US has moved most definitely towards the conservative now. It is inevitable and makes perfect sense. Will this pivot remain?

    Being attacked on both sides is never fun but I figure this is a game of who is king of the hill, that is, on top of things. In the best of cases, the middle holds but it is a hard place right now for emotions are very high especially since so many people think various status quos will go on forever.

    Neither the left of right can run things too long, this is ‘generational’. That is, people swing from one side to the other. The more it goes to the extreme, the greater the swing.

    Look at Maoist China: in just two generations, it has moved totally towards the opposite of Mao. Look at Russia: the exact same swing, too.

    England is rejecting Labour and the Common Market, too. Bang! Soon, France will move the same direction. Wailing and weeping won’t stop historical forces.

    One thing people in the US ignore is how the Civil War worked out afterwards….talk about violent swings in sentiment and desires! Boomerang nearly instantly…I have family memories about all that…

  47. ziff

    wow, total ignorance [it would seem ] of your countries health criminal care scam

  48. ziff

    criminal health l care scam

  49. emsnews

    Whose ignorant? And why is everything a ‘scam’ in capitalist countries? But then, ditto in spades in communist countries if anyone wants to see what that is, Venezuela is still charging downhill fast, a great lesson to everyone.

  50. ziff

    the first time i liked trump was early in the campaign when he said there should be competition in the health insurance industry, Yet to see what he does /if anything but i was shocked to even hear it mentioned.

  51. DeVaul

    Elaine is not ignorant of our country’s health care scam — both before and after RomneyCare. She just pretends it isn’t a scam because we are a capitalist country now that Trump is in office.

    I am not furious with you, Elaine, just extremely disappointed.

    How could you write tirades for years about the need for a national health care system that includes everyone — including children — and then say after an oligarch takes command that anything that goes to children of white workers is a “goodie” that these children do not deserve?

    I’m white and I work and I pay taxes, but now you tell me that my daughter is trying to get on the “gravy train” that your generation enjoyed from cradle to grave! And this is somehow wrong? Wow.

    Ok. Well, you’ve hitched your wagon to Trump, and he is not a middle ground person at all, as you will soon find out, and I am not a “leftist” for caring about children or for pointing out your double standards.

  52. Ziff

    Devaul ,I thought you seemed sanguine about your Obamacare experience , as I said Trump has been the first to even raise the issue. One that has been marginalized by MSM. Just seems that it’s not part of Elaine’s area of expertise.

  53. emsnews

    Boy, talk about putting stuff into my writing I never wrote!!! I have been very clear about this issue of health insurance: I lived in Germany that has national health insurance (which will now collapse thanks to millions of nonworking illegal aliens!).

    I have been and still am for this. Hillary wasn’t offering this nor Trump. I took no sides on this issue. Bernie was hoping to do this but he had zero…yes…ZERO support to succeed so it would not have happened under him, either.

    Our Fake News media is against this so we won’t have it due to them fighting it off so I just don’t bother about this issue right now, enough citizens have other systems running right now so they are happy.

    This may change in the future.

    I will note here that desperate readers who want excuses to hate me for telling the truth are on full blown attack and read my CIA psychic story to see why this is futile.

    I am not scared of people yelling at me ‘you are wrong’ because it is normal for humans to do this to me. Frankly, it is inevitable which is why it doesn’t make me feel bad and force me to change direction.

    This election revealed many dark and ugly things and liberals in particular have turned towards the Outerdarkness and hope that violence, hate, spreading obvious lies and utter cruelty will win them the Holy Land and not land them in Hell.

    Guess what? Hell’s doors are always open for business! I am used to standing there and warning people about this but of course, that doesn’t work too hot.

    We humans are seldom given what we hope, we can only swim in this sea of chaos and events and hope to not drown too soon but all humans drown, this is called ‘death’.

    We fear death and at the same time are lured into doing things that kill us. Why? Well…we are humans and cursed by big brains. Ask the elephants about all this.

  54. DeVaul

    “I have been and still am for this.” [Elaine]

    Really? Then how did it morph into a “train of goodies” for my daughter?

    Did you even read my comment to Jim R before you went on a three tirade rampage ranging from Paris riots to demons of the Outer Darkness?

    If a child gets something from the government, it’s “a train of goodies”?

    Did everyone hear that?

    I don’t think you even read what people write anymore. I am not filled with rage, as you claim, and I am not upset that “history is against me”. If I were, I would not have pointed out over and over again right here what happens to empires at their end, nor that our empire cannot be repaired, but I guess you never read any of my comments before the tirades pour out like a child with the Rota Virus.

    I merely pointed out to Jim R that Obama managed to redirect a few million dollars of debt or paper or whatever you want to call it from the Pentagon to healthcare for children and you go on a three page rampage claiming that everyone hates you and white people deserve nothing from their government while also screaming about “liberals”, “leftists”, and minorities in inner cities as well as muslim hordes. Did I leave anyone out?

    I don’t read most of your articles anymore, only the very few ones I think might have some inkling of information that might>/i> be useful to know, but any attempt to discuss it here and ask questions is now hopeless. It is a guaranteed invitation to be verbally whacked upside the head by a mess of verbal diarrhea ranging from Genghis Khan to lightening bolts to demons lurking under my pillow at night.

    Please, take me home to ol’ virginny!

  55. ziff

    glad to hear your healthcare is fine , Here in canada i pay 75$/mo , there are problems , a shortage of GPs , long waits for elective surgeries, emerg can get overwhelmed, but personally i have never had a problem , dire cases are dealt with.

  56. Lou

    I lived in Germany that has national health insurance (which will now collapse thanks to millions of nonworking illegal aliens!).

    Germans, White ones, have how many children?
    Blacks and ‘Asians’ [their term for towelheads] have how many children?
    That is the bigger, long term picture.

  57. emsnews

    Devaul, if you no longer read here GO AWAY. Please do so voluntarily. I let anyone rant here but you, yourself, point out how you refuse to read anything and only want your own echo chamber.

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