Part Time Professors Cannot Organize Union: They Teach The Scabs (Students)


Faculty demonstrators at my old school, the University of Arizona, demanding a return to professor full status.  These people were young when I had to dump my entire career when the same school eliminated the German language department leaving only part time teachers who taught simple language classes.  Not one professor in the other areas protested this elimination back then.  As I packed my bags in 1974 and left, I warned everyone that we were only the beginning of the decimation of the university systems.


Schools have greatly expanded since the elimination of most of the language programs across the entire nation.  Even as liberals let in endless numbers of illegal and legal aliens speaking many languages, the language departments were decimated at the top.  More teachers of children who didn’t speak English was  coupled with ending highly trained people who are adults and teaching languages.


In the US, everything is now in Spanish as well as English which is dividing the country into two languages and history is severe on this topic: populations that speak a different language always wants to cut off contact with the nation it is part of leading to civil wars and breakdown of social systems.


Liberal Canada is split between the French and English parts and I have been there and seen this first hand.  It is quite hostile.  Now on to why our employment is deteriorating over time: workers are being either eliminated or replaced by cheaper foreign labor or robots.  Eventually this will cause a backlash from hell and already it is brewing.


One place the Bilderberg gang has triumphed is how they have tricked supposedly ‘smart’ professors too enslave themselves!  Yes, liberal professors are incredibly naive and stupid and have no idea how economic systems really work.  Most professors today are total leftists and they are proud of this and at the same exact time, they whine incessantly that they are being exploited by the elites and…then vote to be exploited.


Note how under Obama, their situation went from bad to totally insanely bad.  Instead of kicking him in the butt, they whine about the dramatic changes Trump is trying desperately to force through.  They join forces with GOP Bilderberg gangsters of the Bush factions to howl at Trump while Trump has to rely on a number of Bilderberg gangsters to run the complex government systems.


Can one human stop all this?  Nope.  But at least he is making a loud ruckus trying to force even the Bilderberg gang to change direction and I give him tremendous credit for trying which is better than following the fools down to destruction.


Stuck on the Treadmill of Temporary Work in Europe as 50% of all jobs are temporary jobs.  So it is too, in the US.  Duh.  Both are run by the Bilderberg gang who wants everyone to be part time workers.  Here is old news:   On National Adjunct Walkout Day, Professors Call Out Poverty-Level Wages & Poor Working Conditions | Democracy Now! way back in 2015.  And since then, it got much worse for college graduates.



My very own former school that kicked me and the staff to the curb long, long, long ago, was at the forefront of this failed unionization attempt:


Today is National Adjunct Walkout Day. Adjunct professors on campuses across the country hope to draw attention to what many say are poverty-level wages, with no chance to advance to a tenured track position. We are joined by Louisa Edgerly, an adjunct instructor at Seattle University, where she will join other adjuncts and students — along with tenure-track professors — in walking out at noon today.


LOUISA EDGERLY: Yes, as a matter of fact, over the last 30 years, the proportion of faculty on the tenure track versus faculty not on the tenure track has shifted from about 75 percent who used to be on the tenure track to, today, about three-quarters of the faculty in higher education are nontenure-track, either adjunct, contingent—some are part-time, some are full-time. But across the board, we are paid less than our tenure-track colleagues. We have few, sometimes no benefits, sometimes no office space, very little time to meet with students. Many of us end up having to work multiple jobs at different campuses just in order to make ends meet.


LOUISA EDGERLY: There are a number of organizations that have begun to address the concerns of adjunct faculty. There’s the New Faculty Majority. There’s also Adjunct Action. We have been organizing on our campus with the Service Employees International Union, SEIU Local 925. So, unionizing movements for adjunct faculty across the country are really gaining steam. I would encourage people to look at organizing on their own campuses, at joining some of the other groups that support adjunct faculty.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | New Faculty Majority is their organization that can’t change much of anything.  This entire business is stupid.  Why?  Well…the part time faculty are creating their own strike breakers!!!!  Duh!!!!  How simple is this?  Obviously.  The entire point.  End of the story.  The only way they can protect their jobs is to not train replacements but their job is to do exactly that.


So…where is the answer?  There really isn’t one, in the long run.  We have a false notion about labor versus population.  During the Great Depression, fewer people had fewer children.  Then after WWII, there was this immense baby boom as everyone wanted to have big families and men had great jobs finally and mine was typical: seven children.  None of us had anywhere near that many children, it was too expensive by 1974 when I had my first child.


To fix the ‘not enough new children’ of the post-baby boom era, schools began importing students.  This went on for years and years.  Then it wasn’t enough so they invented the ‘anyone can go to college even people so low in IQ they have to have help putting on shoes’ (yes, people with below 65 IQ points are in colleges now!!!) and anyone who breathes air gets to go to university now even if they have 7th grade math or even lower.


By lowering the standards, the schools have managed to shoehorn in more students and get student loans from them but that is beginning to crash as students finally…and no thanks to mainstream media!…that it is a trap they cannot escape for the rest of their lives, paying for useless loans that didn’t create better jobs for themselves.


Here is where the poor adjuncts after years of being trained to be very stupid, shows so clearly: they want Fair Trade in Education.  That is, ‘open borders’. Fair trade:


Fair trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming. Members of the movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards. The movement focuses in particular on commodities, or products which are typically exported from developing countries to developed countries, but also consumed in domestic markets (e.g. Brazil, India and Bangladesh) most notably handicraftscoffeecocoawine, sugar, fresh fruitchocolateflowers and gold.[1][2] The movement seeks to promote greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect. It promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.[3] Fair trade is grounded in three core beliefs; first, producers have the power to express unity with consumers. Secondly, the world trade practices that currently exist promote the unequal distribution of wealth between nations. Lastly, buying products from producers in developing countries at a fair price is a more efficient way of promoting sustainable development than traditional charity and aid.[4]


Pure leftists brain rot.  What it really means is, move jobs overseas.  Yes, they list things here that are not in the US or EU but it doesn’t stop there, that is propaganda to disguise the real goal of this belief system which is to transfer wealth to third world dictatorships (democracy isn’t very strong in the third world at all).


Specifically, fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. 


In a nutshell, it is for foreigners.


Some criticisms have been raised about fair trade systems. One 2015 study in a journal published by the MIT Pressconcluded that producer benefits were close to zero because there was an oversupply of certification, and only a fraction of produce classified as fair trade was actually sold on fair trade markets, just enough to recoup the costs of certification.[11] Some research indicates that the implementation of certain fair trade standards can cause greater inequalities in some markets where these rigid rules are inappropriate for the specific market.


The Fair Trade with professors is insane, too.  Schools bring in foreign labor there, a great deal.  They hire illegal aliens, too, as well as foreign teachers.  They claim that foreigners are better at whatever the schools want to hire because…get this…US citizens are no good at these various fields and need foreign instruction to figure out how to do things we did ourselves in the past.


That is, we are stupid.  The foreigners are smarter. And I do concede this point because the foreign labor is winning.  But it isn’t without protest, it is just that I gave up on everything without a fight because I had to survive and make money, fast, and did so.  Survival was more important than fighting the elites back then, I had children to protect.




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8 responses to “Part Time Professors Cannot Organize Union: They Teach The Scabs (Students)

  1. Ken

    Elaine points out that historically speaking, multi-lingual countries have not fared well. However, Switzerland seems to be an exception to the rule. Does anyone know what they are doing right?

  2. Petruchio

    Part time Professors? In my home State, they use what are called Teaching Assistants, or TA’s. These guys tried to Unionize and were squashed. like bugs. It is so true: Universities are HIGHLY elitist; only the top 5% get the cushy, high paying jobs. (Sound familiar?) The whole f##king System needs to be torn down. Obliterated. Then start over and return to the Original Mission of Universities: provide a affordable education to Students who are QUALIFIED to be at a University. But the System as it is now, imho has to be completely destroyed FIRST. The folks benefitting from the current system do NOT plan on tapping out. Ever. It is going to have to be rammed down their throats.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, TAs are also used a great deal for the lower classes. TENURE is very hard, nearly impossible to get today unless you are famous, for example.

  4. Sunger

    Petrucchio said- “But the System as it is now, imho has to be completely destroyed FIRST. The folks benefitting from the current system do NOT plan on tapping out. Ever. It is going to have to be rammed down their throats.”

    Petuccchio- You are full of baloney. US higher education is the envy of the world-

    Best Universities in the world sorted by global rank US News-

    University Global Ranking

    Harvard U. #1

    MIT #2

    Stanford #3

    UC/Berkeley #4

    California Inst of Technology #5

    Princeton #8

    Columbia #9

    UC/LA #10

    John’s Hopkins #11

    University of Washington #11

  5. emsnews

    Hello!!! First off: the elite universities are still able to swim…but have heavy weights on them, note Berkeley: it is barely useable as a sane school at this point with staff physically terrorizing students and smashing windows and trying to burn down the damn city.

    CIT and MIT are both STEM schools. My father once taught at CIT. These still have tenure and good teachers and are still functional.

    I could go on and on but the problem is, the handful of schools you list are based on what USED TO BE not WHAT IS HAPPENING RAPIDLY driving all of these under.

  6. Kenogami

    This global universities ranking is pure crap. It is done by Anglo-Saxons and (a miracle) it finds that small Anglo-Saxons universities, some of which are completely unknown to universities researchers, are better that the best universities in Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland….

    Japan, Germany and Korea have been export superpowers of high-technology products for years. Russia is building the best aircrafts, nuclear reactors, tanks, missiles, anti-aircrafts defense, space rockets and motors, etc… And the others countries named above have been building very high technology products for years. Are we to believe that their universities are
    manned by mediocrities, incompetents and almost morons.

    I think France, Russia, Japan Germany, Italy should make their own rankings of the best universities in the world.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, there is awful bias in that stupid list. I went to Tübingen and Berkeley, and the latter was so provincial in comparison. And the best professors in the US were from Europe including my own Professor Onchs who was forced out of the US due to departments being closed down suddenly with no warning.

    He came to my house to cry. My poor advisor! I suggested he go home again which he did, and found happiness back in Germany again.

  8. Petruchio

    US higher education is the envy of the world because they accept foreign students. A lot of Universities outside of the US do not freely accept foreign students. They have the right idea. A University should provide an affordable, quality education–to the folks who live in that country.

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